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How Greg Secker Teaches Others To Successfully Invest

Greg Secker is an entrepreneur who made his name in the Forex trading market. His career started out in the financial industry when he got a job working for Thomas Cook Financial Services. He was quickly moved to their foreign exchange side of the company where he managed their new business unit, Virtual Trading Desk. This was the very first real-time online Forex trading system that allowed user to exchange investments in foreign currencies.

The success that George Secker had Forex trading let to him eventually joining Mellon Financial Corporation as a Vice President. He applied the trading strategies that he had developed during his professional career and soon had earned enough money that he didn’t have to work for others anymore. The first company he launched was Learn To Trade where he taught others the trading strategies he had learned.

Today, Greg Secker’s main parent company is called Knowledge to Action Group. It has a number of subsidiaries such as the aforementioned Learn to Trade, Capital Index, FX Capital, and SmartCharts Software. His companies have offices in a number of international companies such as Lond, Manila, Sydney, and Johannesburg. His businesses teach people how to make money in financial markets through seminars and publications. He is also a public speaker who has provided his financial advice to audiences in several countries.

Outside of his work Greg Secker is also a philanthropist. He established The Greg Secker Foundation which is a charitable organization dedicated to global causes. The main recipients of his donations are children and education related projects. He was recently named #151 on the Richtopia 2017 list of international philanthropists. Another awards organization named his Learn to Trade company as one of the UK’s “Philanthropic 30 Most Caring Companies”.

The main course that Greg Secker offers to teach people about investing takes place over two days. It starts out with a pre-course that takes half a day where everything is set up and configured for the participants. After that he and his team cover such as issues as money management, trading psychology, technical analysis, and the fundamentals of trading.