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Vincent Parascandola has offered investment revelation to the youthful entrepreneurs with the hope of coming victorious in the ever challenging business environments. His experimental success story cannot be narrated vividly, since he has had a long admirable profile, having been associated with offering administration to numerous entrepreneurial firms. To be honest, Vincent Parascandola’s education qualification has offered a strong base, putting into account his specialization in computer science at the Lubin business school, which is a branch of pace university. He has widely been accredited for his professionalism, having worked for more than 20 years in different firms while holding different supervisory roles.



From the year 1986 to 1988, Vincent Parasacandola worked as an analyst at Irving trust, working as the operator of the company’s systems. Currently, Parascandola offers services to AXA Advisors, LLC, which is a business firm known for their investment abilities. The company’s pride has relied in their ability to create employment opportunities which has currently stood at more than 5000 personnel around the United States of America. His leadership has been important in the progression of AXA. According to crunchbase, the company was listed among top financial firms in the United States thanks to his superb supervision. In strong regards to the future of AXA Advisors, it is considered that the company can reach a satisfactory milestone but most importantly with Vincent Parascandola as the deputy president and senior employee of the firm.



Vincent Parascandola ventured into finance industry as from the year 1988, working as the sales personnel to the insurance firm called Prudential. After very brief association with the company, he was hired to work for MONY Group for nearly 3 years as the manager in charge of the company’s sales. Due to his hard work, promotion was always at stake, where he was promoted, rising to be the managing director and later moving up to be the deputy president in charge of activities in the field. In the year 2005, Vincent Parascandola agreed employment terms with AXA Equitable, reveals At the company, Vincent Parascandola operated in numerous administrative roles among involves serving as the president of continental division. Subscribe Vincent’s to Vimeo channel.



Martin Lustgarten: Duties of an Investment Banker

Investment bankers offer capital markets advisory services to institutions and governments. They help their customers to generate funds in the financial markets, offer comprehensive financial advisory services, and supervise the process of mergers and acquisitions. Therefore, investment bankers tend to generate immense profits when the financial markets are faring well.


Duties of investment bankers

  1. Arranging finance

Investment bankers help companies and governments with the process of raising capital. If a company is planning to issue bonds, the banker will orchestrate the bond issuance, set the price of the bond, work in close collaboration with the issuer to fill all the required U.S. SEC’s documents, and sell the bonds on behalf of the issuer. Bankers can also arrange equity financing for companies.

  1. Mergers and acquisitions

If a firm wants to purchase another firm, an investment banker will provide advice on how to approach the acquisition process. The banker will value the targeted company and set a price that matches to its value.

  1. Underwriting of Securities

Investment bankers can sell securities to the public or corporate buyers after buying them from issuers. They purchase the securities at a given price and eventually include markup in the sale price and, hence, realize a profit that reimburses the underwriting risk they take on.


Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten is an established investor residing in Florida. He has heavily invested in the sector of investment banking. Lustgarten, Martin Investment Bank is a brainchild of Martin. He created the firm to provide investment solutions to both small and large business in the United States. He has strengthened the financial muscle of his company by investing in different countries across the globe. Martin is a passionate advocate of portfolio diversification and global investment.


Makinz a difference

Martin Lustgarten leverages his cumulative experience in the arena of investment banking to help people succeed in business and all aspects of their life. He offers wealth planning and financial advisory services. Martin guides both young and experienced investors in making profits in the competitive investment-banking world. He uses his active Facebook and Twitter accounts to share innovative business ideas with his followers.

Martin Lustgarten Stands Tall in The Investment Banking Industry

One of the most interesting types of banks in the banking industry is the investment bank. While the investment bank has a high profile in the banking industry, the typical person does not use an investment bank for banking services. The reason is because investment banks have a specific type of client that usually utilizes the banking services provided by investment banks.

The type of client that typically banks at an investment bank has a substantial net worth and earns a significant amount of money. This is usually the type of client that banks at an investment bank because the type of banking services provided by investment banks are for high end banking. The deals and money involved in investment banking usually cover six or seven figures. Some of the banking services provided by investment banks include assistance with mergers, acquisitions, and finding funding for business deals.

The way that investment banks are able to provide the various services that are offered is through the banking structure that investment banks contain. The banking structure of investment banks has three primary areas. Each area covers a particular type of banking area in investment banking. Under the three primary areas, the investment bank has numerous banking services that fall under the primary area that is similar to the banking services.

While there are many banking positions in the investment bank, one of the most important is the investment banker. This position has a lot to do with the success of investment banks because it plays a key role in many major aspects and operations regarding investment banking.

One of the investment bankers in the investment banking sector that has accomplished a lot is Martin Lustgarten. As an investment banker, Martin Lustgarten has helped many clients with major business deals. He is known in the investment banking community as a professional who can get the job done.

Beyond being a respected investment banker, Martin Lustgarten is the founder and CEO of his own investment banking firm, which is Lustgarten Martin. With his many years of experience and success in the banking industry, Martin Lustgarten used it to start his own investment banking firm that he runs successfully on a daily basis.

Equities First Holdings Is an Affordable Finance Strategy

Equities First Holdings, LLC, is a financial services provider that offers commercial and non-financial solutions to both enterprises and individuals. Their lending is security-based and provides risk evaluation. The performances linked to stocks, treasuries and bonds also assist in their loan approval.

They similarly offer non-financial based capital to individuals who are considered high net worth. They specialize in products that are cleverly crafted to provide liquidity at affordable rates. They are fast and offer attractive terms using a secure and well-evaluated technique.

The non-financial branch of the business has managed to get over 625 transactions from its inception. Its way of doing business ensures that customers get to enjoy cheap financing with better terms than the traditional methods.

The firm started its operations at its headquarter offices in Indianapolis, United States, at 10 West Market Street. It also has satellite offices in New York City and has spread its wings and opened offices in other countries like London, Sydney, Singapore, Perth and Hong Kong.

Their trick to success is the ability to create custom-made products for the clients who come from various backgrounds. This company specializes in financial solutions, capital allocations and other fiscal and non-financial services.

The firm, founded in 2002, has a staff of about 10 to 50 employees. They are knowledgeable and have broad and varied skills that enable them to handle the large and small portfolios with ease. Each staff member has the required experience and capacity to dispense information regarding the financial and non-financial services of the company. Their dedication and loyalty to the customers is the key aspect that makes them the most sought-after commercial provider. They are keen on understanding the needs of the client and then come up with the solutions that will solve the problems.

Equities First Holdings, LLC, took over the Meridian Equity Partners Limited based in London. The takeover seems to have brought the company to greater financial heights considering the stakes the bought company had in the market. AL Christy, the president, hailed the move as one that would make the company more profitable. The acquisition makes the company stronger and more capable of offering its services to a wider clientele at low rates.