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Glen Wakeman a Veteran Financial Services Executive

Glen Wakeman established a SAAS company, LaunchPad Holdings in 2015 where he currently serves as the CEO. With the experience of more than 20 years in the financial industry, he rightly suits this role. Mr. Wakeman also has a vast of experience working in several major institutions including Nova Four (he was the co-founder and president), Doral Financial Corporation (served as the president and CEO). Additionally, he also worked at Doral Bank where he served as the chairman of the board, worked at GE where he held the position of CEO after he was considered a role model in Growth Leadership by the company’s board of directors. Doral Financial Corporation is the parent company of Doral Bank and is the largest lender in Puerto Rico. (Doral Financial Corporation Names Glen Wakeman President)

Wakeman is also regarded as an entrepreneur and a mentor in his lengthy career as he has transformed businesses with &15 billion in assets and more than 15,000 staff members. One of his many works has also included guidance in new market entry, M&A s, Startups, divestitures and exponential growth among others. He has a passion for building businesses by improving individual agility and the company employing the proven methodologies that assess several dimensions of performance: leadership and risk management, governance, human capital, and execution.

Wakeman also being a writer and an investor has enabled him share and provide insights in his blog posts on matters relating to strategy, emerging markets, international financial matters and more. Presently, he counsels Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded and has also assisted several C-level executives as he is a great mentor in the business world.

Glen Wakeman has lived and worked in several countries including Brazil, Mexico, United Kingdom, United States, and Argentina. He additionally controls operations in 30 different countries and is globally recognized as a mentor to many business people in the field. Glen Wakeman has mainly played in positions of increasing responsibility in business development, regional management, general management, operations, and technology as well.

Glen Wakeman Graduated from the University of Scranton with a Bachelors degree in Economics. He also holds an MBA from the University of Chicago.

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Look Into Social Security: David Giertz Provides Some Pointers

A good financial counselor is part of all aspects of clients’ financial life, however many tend to concentrate on investing, saving and no more. It’s reasonable — these subjects are the absolute entirety of a sound financial lifestyle on Facebook. Nevertheless, exploring Social Security and different advantages is nearly as vital for the vast majority, and the situation can get extremely cloudy without appropriate direction at A genuine consultant won’t just guide his customers through these inquiries and issues, yet he ought to identify the blind sides and territories where customers may not understand the kind of help they require.

According to, the course aides ought to offer their customers about Social Security and the type of information that customers ought to get. Even though, only a couple of the financial counselors are knowledgeable in Social Security principles and furthermore prepared to prescribe particular vital frameworks to customers, if the present survey on extending basic components and retirement plan is to be trusted.

A few financial advocates utilize Social Security confirmation reports as a prospecting device for new customers. The good thing is Mr.David Giertz invented a smart digital tool that can help different potential customers in calculating their aggregate lifetime benefits. That is the reason distinctive undertakings include lead-producing devices. Different people who tend to focus on their practices on matters of retirement pay might be captivated to put more backings and time in a program that goes past attesting strategies and that works well with the present planning software.

David L. Giertz is a financial specialist at NISC – Nationwide Investment Services Corporation situated in Columbus, Ohio. He holds an industry securities enlistment subject to FINRA oversight after passing securities examinations which incorporate Series 24, 53, 63, and 7. Presently, David acts the role of the president at NFS Distributors – Nationwide Financial Services sales and distribution organization.

The benefits that clients get from learning about their social security-David Giertz

One of the scenarios that have become common in the society is seeing pensioners still working hard to make a living. This happens when people are unable to make the right moves and save for their future. One of the renowned investors and investment advisers has been spreading the information on the importance of people knowing about their social security benefits when they are still working. David Giertz states that through proper planning, it is possible to turn around situations and get better sunset years for these workers.

A few of the things that he feels should be known about investment is that the amount of benefits that one will get by the end of the day depends on their earnings when they were working on He states that there are people who make the mistake of underreporting their earnings with the intent to pay fewer taxes. However, the end result of such a situation is getting less when the time comes to start receiving social security benefits at

The other factor that is considered is the rate of inflation and other changes that have taken place in the economic realm. For instance, in case one was making earnings of $50000 in 1994, their benefits will be calculated with a rate of about $100000 to cater for the inflation that has taken place over the years. Giertz also states that there are things that people in the white collar jobs do not realize, including the fact that they are greatly favored by the system and they stand to gain more from the system. He feels that availing this information to the public will greatly improve their lives.

David Giertz
Giertz is the Senior Vice President and one of the main advisors of the Nationwide Investment Services Corporation. He operates from his offices in Columbus, Ohio. He has decades of experience in investment banking and is well respected for it.

Financial Advisors are Creating Business Opportunities With Social Media

In 2016, Putnam Investments conducted a survey of 1,000 financial advisors about their sentiments on the use of social media. The survey revealed that 85 percent of financial advisors have a social media presence, and that 80 percent of them found new clients in 2016 through this communications and marketing channel.


The Putnam survey makes it clear to financial advisors that they should be using social media in 2017. This is not an option; it is a must since prospective clients are using social media, and many existing clients would probably enjoy getting communications from their financial advisors in this regard.


Before financial advisors set out to do business in social media, they should keep in mind that their line of work requires them to be very compliant with certain codes of rules, regulations and ethics. The first step is to become familiar with social media policies set forth by their employers. Once these policies are known and understood, financial advisors must define their target audiences. It is worth mentioning that advisors who specialize in specific audiences such as IT professionals or affluent families tend to do better.


It is also important for financial advisors to define a personal brand that will appeal to prospective and existing clients. This personal brand can be crafted through hobbies, activities and interests; however, topics related to politics and religion should be largely avoided.


Marketing on multiple social networks is not necessary. LinkedIn is mandatory for financial advisors; other networks should be added with the audience in mind. Twitter, for example, is a good choice for IT professionals while Instagram is better for those who work in the fashion, culinary and hospitality industries.


Finally, financial advisors should not use social media as a very large echo chamber. If they follow others, they must engage with them with active dialogue.