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Whitney Wolfe Founder and of CEO Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is the co-founder and current CEO of Bumble a social dating app which has its headquarters in Austin Texas with over 70 employees. She was born in 1989 in Salt Lake City, Utah. She took International studies at the Southern Methodist University. While still a 19-year old student at the university she started a small business of selling bamboo carrying bags. After graduation, she left for Southeast Asia where she worked with several orphanages.

She co-founded Bumble with Andrey Andreev founder of Badoo in 2014. The app registered a high growth rate with over 80 million matches and 15 million different conversations at the end of December 2015. By April 2016 Bumble became the 4th most popular dating app. On 2017 February, it had 12.5 million registered users who spend an average of 100minutes daily on the app according to Forbes. Her main objective of founding the company was to give women some power and control that they have been denied by the society and other dating apps. She created bumble in such a way that the woman is the one who will initiate any conversation after a match has been made. This is to promote the idea of equality between men and women.

In 2016 October, the company launched Bumble BFF; this is an app to help women to find new peer friends in their area. In October 2017, the company also launched Bumble Bizz, a professional networking online site that is for people who are not interested in dating but rather networking and the app is currently competing with LinkedIn. The app borrows the idea of online matchmaking which helps people, especially women, get in touch with investors, potential clients as well as people working in their industry therefore improving careers and saving time for women with families to do networking. She is dedicated to empower working women both professionally and socially. She consequently launched Bumble Bizz to bring a feminine touch to the masculine networking space. She stated that Bumble Bizz does not include the ages of people in it because most people employ women in their 20’s and therefore, she wanted to create equal opportunity for everybody.

Whitney met her husband Michael Herd, who is in the oil, gas and restaurant business, in 2013 at Aspen. They were both vacationing there for Christmas. In June 2015, Michael proposed to Whitney when they visited his family’s ranch in Texas. Their wedding took place in the September of 2017 in Positano Italy. She was styled by Cynthia Cook Brides, and she hired Sogukii Events to plan their wedding. She was named in the Forbes’ 30 under 30 in 2017. She was also named as one of Elle’s women in tech in 2016 and Business insiders 30 under 30 most important women in 2014.

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Fabletics use Reverse Showrooming marketing strategy to take over the fashion industry

It calls for originality, intelligence, and creativity for a new brand such as Fabletics to compete in a crowded market where there are giants such as Amazon. Fabletics is not only succeeding in their online stores but also on their physical stores. The success that Fabletics is currently enjoying did not come on a silver plate. It is as a result of hard work and cutting-edge business strategy that has enabled them to win the trust of their customers.


It isn’t an easy task to succeed in reverse showrooming. In the recent past, we have witnessed a lot of fashion houses close their doors due to increased competition and lack of proper business plans. Most of the retail stores aren’t making profits since customers are visiting their physical stores to shop for outfits and then head home to order from the online stores where these outfits are cheaper. This trend has led to many fashion houses going bankrupt and ultimately closing their doors because they cannot sustain the business.


Fabletic’s genius strategy

It took Fabletics a lot of resources and numerous hours of research to come up with a marketing strategy known as ‘reverse showrooming’ that would help to reverse the trend witnessed in the clothing industry. As the name implies, the idea of reverse showrooming is simple but effective. The idea is not to let customers look for outfits in the stores and then order them from a cheaper online store. Instead, the customers look for outfits online and then visit the physical store to purchase their outfits. The main trick lies in engaging the customers and encouraging them to visit the store where they make their purchase.


Fabletics has mastered the art of reverse showrooming, and they are already experiencing a lot of success. The company utilizes various methods to woo customers to visit the physical stores where they can choose the outfit that meets their needs. A customer can take an online Lifestyle Quiz from the company’s website which helps them to choose the apparel that is best for him/her. The customer is then encouraged to visit the brick and mortar store to purchase the product.


The use reverse showrooming technique isn’t easy. It is mostly applied by companies that have excellent customer care services that give the customers utmost customer satisfaction. The strategy has successfully been implemented to top tech brands such as Apple and the Warby Parker. Fabletics has used the plan to increase the number of customers visiting their stores which has, in turn, increased their revenues. In 2017, the company reported sales revenues to the tune of $250 million. Fabletics is expanding the number of physical stores to serve the growing number of customers.

Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Dye For Playful Styles

Remember when you were a kid and there was that one toy that you just loved, because of its shiny vibrant hair? Maybe it was your Cabbage Patch doll, or a Barbie. Maybe that toy was a plastic pony with wings, or a much-loved unicorn. Was the hair pink? Blonde? Bright purple? Did you braid it, cut it, or put too many miniature rubber-bands in it?


What happened to those days? A new trend in the beauty world is, fortunately, bringing them back in all of their innocent, playful luster. Just check out Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Dye colors and you will see what I mean. Waves of nostalgia for bright Lisa Frank binders and stickers swell up but quickly fade and give way to pure, kid-like excitement. “Strawberry Jam” (yes, just what it sounds like), vibrant pink ”Pony” and for perhaps the more aquatic among us, deep green “Dirty Mermaid” are several examples of the Unicorn-inspired colors.


Unicorn Hair Dye has been three years in the making by adorable purple-haired CEO of Lime Crime, Doe Deere. It is professional grade conditioning hair dye that is specifically designed to fade gracefully over time. Can’t wait to try it out? Here’s what you need to know. For the best results, the company recommends that you start with hair that is already lightened to a blonde. If you’ve got dark locks, and aren’t ready (or don’t know how to) lighten your hair first, you can start out by trying some of the more full coverage shades, like “Gargoyle” or “Blue Smoke”. This will show up as a tint. How awesomely non-committal is that? Because, as this trend affirms, we’ve all got an inner kid and sometimes kids really stink at making choices. So try them all! Start out with a tint and if you love it (and I bet you will) move on to lightening your hair and upping the ante. Bunny, anyone?


Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Color: The Colors That Will Untame Your Mane

For people that love unicorns and would love to be like them, Lime Crime has created some hair colors for them to get them a step closer to being a unicorn. It is a series of unicorn hair dyes that come in thirteen colors and they are more creative and unique than anyone could think of. During the three-year process of creating these hair colors, they found a way to make them from vegan ingredients, give each color a creative name, and leave out the ammonia and bleach. The great assortment of colors includes gargoyle, sext, bunny, pony, dirty mermaid, chocolate cherry, strawberry jam, anime, blue smoke, neon peach, leeloo, salad, and jello. The leeloo is a tribute to Milla Jovovich’s character and her punchy hair in The Fifth Element. A person gets a jar of one individual hair color for sixteen dollars. There is a lot more benefits of Unicorn Hair Color.


Not only do these hair colors help a person look like a unicorn, it is hyper performance, is of professional quality, is a good enough for a pro and easy enough for a person that is new to hair color. Since these hair colors are only semi-permanent, it is not difficult for a person to be able to try out all of the colors. Doe Deere, the CEO of Lime Crime created these hair colors when she wanted to make a hair dye that she would wear one that is vibrant, lasts for a long time, and fades gracefully. There are also full coverage and tinted formulas.


Another benefit is that these hair colors offer the full coverage and tint formulas. Full coverage is designed to add rich and deep pigment to strands of hair. The tinted formula ought to be used to create a pastel glaze on platinum blonds. Lime Crime does recommend that people use these hair colors on medium blond or lighter colors. Just like all semi-permanent rainbow, how long the color stays in depends on how a person cares for their hair. If a person is really careful, it will last for up to six weeks. Along with all of these excellent benefits, these beautiful unicorn hair colors will help people that use it to untame their mane.