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CEO Sheldon Lavin Drives the Successful International Expansion of the OSI Group

During the past decades, the OSI Group significantly expanded operations internationally, under the clever stewardship of its CEO Sheldon Lavin. The company has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois USA. The international expansion started in 1992, with its first plant outside the USA being opened in China. Besides serving China, OSI now has facilities in Japan, India, the Philippines, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, and Hungary. The strategic global positioning of the OSI manufacturing facilities allows the company to serve Eastern Asia, India, The Middle East, Western Europe, and Eastern Europe.

Here is a summary of the OSI Group’s global operations:


China has a burgeoning consumer economy because the average Chinese person is now wealthier than before. Increased sales in China are boosting the OSI Group’s revenues. To enhance the efficiency of its operations s in China, from the 1990s onward, OSI pursued a long-term strategy of vertical integration. By 2010, the strategy was fully achieved with the opening of the OSI Weihai Poultry Company in the Shandong province of China.

OSI Weihai Poultry is a complete poultry processing operation starting with feed production through all the steps necessary for product delivery to the consumer including poultry breeding, chick hatching, feeding of the broiler chickens, slaughtering, processing, packaging, and distribution. This complete production cycle allows the company to maintain high levels of quality assurance.


The company has a joint-venture in Japan called Orange Bay Foods that runs a beef-processing plant. Products made there are sold in Japan and also exported to other countries.


In India, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Vista Processed Foods, the company markets fresh and frozen vegetables across all of India and to other countries in the Middle East.

The Philippines

During 2017, the company opened a new plant in the Philippines to process beef, chicken, and fish.

Western Europe

The OSI Group has operations in Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain. During 2017, the company expanded its existing processing plant in Toledo, Spain, which processes beef, chicken, and pork. At this plant, it now has the annual processing capacity of 45,000 tons.

Eastern Europe

During 2012, the company built a new meat-processing plant in Poland to make hamburger meat for sale to customers in the Baltic States, the Czech Republic, Finland, Poland, Sweden, and Slovakia. It also opened a chicken-processing plant in Hungary that sells locally and exports to all the Baltic States.


CEO, Sheldon Lavin plans to continue the global expansion of the CSI Group into market areas where the company perceives that there is a viable opportunity to capture significant market share and enhance overall corporate profits. For future expansions, the company sees significant growth potential in the areas of natural and organic foods.


What are some of the fantastic facts about Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello is an American philanthropist who is also the CEO of the world’s largest known extraction company, the Nabors Industries. Tony Petrello propelled this company to a level where no other industry in the world can match it. As the CEO, Tony Petrello and his family have been concerned about how to better the lives of other people leading to his involvement with Texas Children’s Hospital from 2007.

What are the educational achievements of Tony Petrello

The renowned CEO of Nabors Industries has an amazing educational history that will always inspire young minds. Regardless of him being a mathematics guru, Tony Petrello disapproved anyone else and succeeded in his ambition to be the most respected lawyer in the US. He started his schooling in a public school in Newark and after that joined high school. It is here that Tony Petrello’s extraordinary ability in Mathematics began, and this landed him a scholarship in one of the most precious Universities in the US, Yale University. However, even in the course of his education, his generous and humorous nature did not stop. He was outgoing and therefore made friends with several people on the Campus.

He turned the tables and enrolled for a Ph.D. course at Harvard University pursuing business law with specialization in arbitration and taxation. It is after this strong educational achievement that he joined Baker and McKenzie law firm as a general operational corporate lawyer concerned about tax and international arbitration in 1979. He then resigned and moved to the drilling company as a member of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee in 1991. He became the Chief Operating Officer as well as the CEO of this renowned Nabors Industries in from 2003. He became one of the highest paid CEOs in the whole of US in 2015 making him be among the world’s wealthiest people.

Tony Petrello survives through giving back to the society

The CEO of Nabors Industries has been on the forefront in dealing with health problems that children can face as they grow especially those that result into their mental wellbeing. Motivated by his eight-year-old daughter, Carena’s achievements in development process, he started supporting Texas Children’s Hospital sponsoring many research firms to conduct neurological investigations among children.

Immediately Tony Petrello realized that he daughter needed some little attention to improving on her development mentally and on psychomotor skills, they resorted to help her through this journey. Tony got happy to the extent that he decided to join the family of Texas Children’s Hospital not as just a supporter but as a member of the Board of Trustees of the foundation. He also identified an opportunity in the brain research and then made every necessary arrangement through the involvement of his friend like Dan Duncan (the chairman and the director of Enterprise Products) in the donation of funds to help in the neurological research. He single-handedly donated $7million in 2007 to assist in the same.

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Glen Wakeman a Veteran Financial Services Executive

Glen Wakeman established a SAAS company, LaunchPad Holdings in 2015 where he currently serves as the CEO. With the experience of more than 20 years in the financial industry, he rightly suits this role. Mr. Wakeman also has a vast of experience working in several major institutions including Nova Four (he was the co-founder and president), Doral Financial Corporation (served as the president and CEO). Additionally, he also worked at Doral Bank where he served as the chairman of the board, worked at GE where he held the position of CEO after he was considered a role model in Growth Leadership by the company’s board of directors. Doral Financial Corporation is the parent company of Doral Bank and is the largest lender in Puerto Rico. (Doral Financial Corporation Names Glen Wakeman President)

Wakeman is also regarded as an entrepreneur and a mentor in his lengthy career as he has transformed businesses with &15 billion in assets and more than 15,000 staff members. One of his many works has also included guidance in new market entry, M&A s, Startups, divestitures and exponential growth among others. He has a passion for building businesses by improving individual agility and the company employing the proven methodologies that assess several dimensions of performance: leadership and risk management, governance, human capital, and execution.

Wakeman also being a writer and an investor has enabled him share and provide insights in his blog posts on matters relating to strategy, emerging markets, international financial matters and more. Presently, he counsels Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded and has also assisted several C-level executives as he is a great mentor in the business world.

Glen Wakeman has lived and worked in several countries including Brazil, Mexico, United Kingdom, United States, and Argentina. He additionally controls operations in 30 different countries and is globally recognized as a mentor to many business people in the field. Glen Wakeman has mainly played in positions of increasing responsibility in business development, regional management, general management, operations, and technology as well.

Glen Wakeman Graduated from the University of Scranton with a Bachelors degree in Economics. He also holds an MBA from the University of Chicago.

Find out more about Glen Wakeman:  Twitter |

When Integrity Is Taken Into Account

The Resilience and Strength Called Betsy DeVos

There’s a great deal of controversy going around within major news sources. Much of that revolves around the powerful Trump Administration. And we’re not inviting you to join in on the rumors, small talk or to pick a political side. We want you to consider how one woman shows outstanding resilience when the world at large is left in unsurety.

The recent comments made by Elizabeth “Betsy” DeVos is clear.

Though she sees the real dangers of potential climate change, her supports rests safely with her current chief and commander. And there’s no better place to put your support than among those who support you. It’s Donald Trump who appointed Betsy DeVos as the U.S. Secretary of Education.

And Elizabeth DeVos doesn’t take her opportunity lightly. As we consider who she is, who her family is and what type of business she was involved with through Amway, it’s clear to understand. A woman like Betsy can be so supportive because support is what Betsy had dedicated her entire life to. Her husband is a great example of her supportive nature.


Dick DeVos was once the Amway President and a successful representative in the business when he was growing up. But there’s a strong person or group of people behind every successful person. Dick was clearly a great success in the same manner that he is today. Think beyond the current glory and the picture becomes clear. We look to Betsy for help.

Her actions today prove her habits that she also had n the past.

This is specifically the characteristics of someone with a great understanding in resilience and strength. In order to give either to others, the person offering these must innately know or understand what it means to be supportive. And the past work of Betsy only shows a supportive nature.

So when Betsy DeVos was confronted about what the U.S. President’s decisions were, she could only find it within herself to give utter support to his cause. It’s impossible for everyone to understand the reasons for the things we do. We couldn’t define the motives of one man entirely and without him sharing the information. Visit the website U.S. Department of Education to know more.

So when it comes to taking actions on the charitable needs we have in society today, it’s women like Betsy DeVos who doesn’t waver. And we’re likely to see her supportive nature well into the near future.

Entrepreneur Jason Hope’s 3 Major Predictions for the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things has been with us for a few decades now, and it now appears that this relatively new technology is here to stay. With the growing number of predictions for the Internet of Things (IoT), analysts are trying to figure out how this technology will change our future. After studying its trend and taking a keen look at the guesses that are already out there, here are predictions that Scottsdale, AZ, entrepreneur Jason Hope has made and believe are solid about the future of the IoT.

Jason Hope has successfully predicted in 2015 that the Internet of Things is here to stay but is set to look completely different. This technology expert wants people to note that since components of the IoT such as the browser and instant messenger program that were introduced during the early days of the Internet have changed significantly and one can hardly recognize it today, this trend will continue. New devices will continue to hit the market with their extraordinary business models and make the industry to take a completely different look.

Hope’s other major prediction is that the Internet of Things will change the way we drive. Currently, distracted driving is a major problem facing all of us. But futurist Jason Hope holds that this technology will change that once and for all. After adding connected technology in your vehicle, it will be less tempting for a stranger to grab your phone. Because of the high demand for a system that can provide such a high level of security, he considers that connected driving is going to be a normal thing within the next few years. Garter agrees with Jason Hope, who has also donated his own money to charities using technology to fight disease and provides grants to students looking to improve our future. They have predicted that about 250 million vehicles will be connected by 2020. This will make driving more enjoyable and expand alternatives to car ownership.

The other equally important prediction is that the Internet of Things will shift the battlefield for developers to application mindshare. The battlefield has been the creation of apps, but as more computing devices get connected, the value of development is going to be the most crucial element. As a result, there is going to a struggle to win the approval of consumers and businesses.

Visit Jason Hope’s website to learn more about his predictions for the future of technology.

These predictions show that visionary tech firms have no option but to start investing in the Internet of Things now. In the coming days, automation and sales and marketing teams will have to co-exist for best results.

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