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Seattle Genetics Is Headed For a Bright Future Under The Guidance of Dr. Clay Siegall

Once again news from Puget Sound and Seattle Genetics stirs excitement in cancer research, and it isn’t all due to a recent visit from Vice President Joe Biden either. Bothell-based Seattle Genetics is a very busy place these days as they work to spread the use of their first drug Adcetris, and make room for 12 more in their inventory. Plus, adding another 100 jobs to cover all that extra work can only be good for local economy.

To date, Adcetris is Seattle Genetics only commercialized drug, but one is sometimes all it takes. It is currently being tested in over 70 trials against different types of lymphomas and is considered a frontline treatment for this type of cancer. These trials are expected to have a huge impact on the company, and it is to be hoped that they will eventually take the word “scary” out of the conversation when it comes to having cancer of any kind.

One could call Adcetris a peek at the future where cancer doesn’t kill people anymore and they would be right, but Seattle Genetics isn’t stopping with just one. Among the 12 new drugs mentioned is 33A, meant to target myeloid leukemia, which they hope to have ready for clinical trials soon.

Dr. Clay Siegall’s desire to change the face of cancer and options for dealing with it are gaining him a world-wide reputation. However, there is more to the man than even that noteworthy ambition. Even now he finds time to serve on the boards of Alder BioPharmaceuticals as well Mirna Therapeutics, both private biotechnology companies. Dr. Seigall’s ground-breaking success in the field of oncology has not gone unnoticed by the rest of the medical community and his influence is valued by others.

As the author of over 70 publication and the owner of 15 patents, Dr. Siegall is blazing a path for others to follow. Sooner or later, thanks to his efforts and those of others like him, cancer will fade into medical history. So many lives have been lost to cancer, but with Dr. Siegall, and Seattle Genetics involvement, one hopes to see the death toll lowered to zero in the not too distant future.