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Activities Behind the Success of Imran Haque

Doctor Imran Haque is a specialist in Internal Medicine in Asheboro. Due to his vast experience in Internal Medicine, Dr. Imran gets associated with many hospitals such as Hugh Chatham, Randolph Hospital, Firsthealth Montgomery Memorial Hosp, Southeastern Regional Medical Care and Lexington Memorial Hospital among many others. The experience has enabled him to treat patients with a wide range of diseases and also can execute physical examinations. When necessary, Imran Haque usually, refers the patients to other specialists. Currently, Dr. Imran serves on the Horizon Internal Medicine. This medical group is committed to delivering high-quality health care to the residents of Ramseur, Asheboro and the bordering environments.

In 1998, Imran Haque graduated with honors from the Universidad Iberoamericana where he got his medical degree. He later advanced his studies in University of Virginia Medical Roanoke-Salem. All along Imran’s goal had been to give quality medical service to each patient that he served. Led by this purpose, Imran underwent his training victoriously and later he was given a license which made him exercise his skills in medicine in North Carolina.

His idea of establishing Internal Medical emerged when he realized that there was an opportunity to enlarge the horizons of society by offering medical services that were not available locally. To bring that idea to life Imran required to be diligent, hard-working, thorough research and financial means. Patience and being organized was also very critical for the ideal practice to be actualized. Networking and building mutual relationships with other experts also ensured him that he succeeded in that idea.

As a doctor, one of the trends that excite him is the consolidation of technology in Healthcare. This integration has made invaluable and extraordinary enhancement in the field of Medicine. Through this integration, the information was centralized which enhanced the simplified data-entry, coordinated care, and hastened all fields of patient care.

For many years, Imran perfected his ability to multi-task until it became a habit for him. As a result, it has enabled him to be a more productive entrepreneur than before. He is that multi-tasking is equivalent to breathing for some to prosper as an entrepreneur.

Imran Haque- Creating His Unique Medicine Niche in North Carolina

Dr Imran Haque believes that every business has its challenge and to strive you need a golden heart that embraces everyone. He advises keeping in touch with your friends, associates and friends is one way of acquiring long-lasting clients. Haque adds that having enough capital and working hard with goes long ways to making your business thrive. Dr. Imran believes that high-tech equipment and machinery play a vital role in making patients care smooth and manageable and it gives the doctor and patient enough time to bond. He states that multitasking is one habit that has made him a productive entrepreneur and it’s integrated into his daily life.

One thing Imran is careful about is people’s motives and says being kind is crucial but keeps off those who take advantage of your generosity. He believes that as an entrepreneur it’s important to be friendly to anyone you meet regardless of their background and his golden role to success is treat everyone equally. This will go a long way to building interpersonal relationships and building benevolent makes it easy to set a strong foundation of professional connections and clients networking.

Dr Haque finished his medical studies in 1998 with high honors at Santo Domingo prestigious University Universidad Iberoamerican. He later advanced his medical training at Roanoke-Salem Program for the Internal Medicine University of Virginia. As a young doctor, he believed that every patient needs to receive high-quality medical services and he received his North Caroling medical license.

Dr. Haque realized his dream at Horizon Internal Medicine his clinic that gives his patients right to the best treatment with in-office ultrasound and laboratory. At Horizon Internal Medicine he performs routine examinations, thorough check-ups that enable him to diagnose ailments and give effective treatment. He has over 15 years of internal medicine, and offers specific therapies and severs as North Carolina primary care physician. Through his corporation with different physicians and doctors, he has provided proper and accurate referrals to various specialists when needed making him the moved loved doctor in the area.

Renown Health, a System That was Established in 1862, is Now a State Wide Medical Facility

Renown Health has 12 clinics throughout the Nevada area, Carson City, Fernley, Fallon, the Reno-Sparks area and the newly opened clinic in Caughlin Ranch area. The next clinic is now underway in South Reno in the Summit Mall and will have 10,000 square-feet of space that encompasses three store fronts. It will have a staff of 11, and the possibility of hiring another primary care doctor and a nurse practitioner.

This is a family practice clinic which will provide for primary care and have a laboratory with the very likely possibility of adding more services in the future. With space, available they will be able to add more services, which plans include, a conference room that will be used by the staff to confer with their patients on their health problems.

It seems that the people who are migrating to the area are moving into South Reno or in Spanish Springs, which makes the choice of the Summit Mall location feasible.

Renown Health is a not-for-profit and is Reno’s only locally governed not-for-profit and accountable care facility. This means that what they earn stays within the Renown Health System and is reinvested into more equipment, programs, and people so that they can serve their community better.

Renown not only has hospital and post-hospital services but they are and Institute for Heart & Vascular Health, Cancer, helping with the transition from the hospital to coming hoe which includes Physical and Speech Therapies as well as Occupational Health Services, with their own Rehabilitation Hospital. There is also a Children’s hospital with a 24/7 children’s emergency room, Pediatric Specialists, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and Neonatal ICU. They even have child-size equipment.

Renown Health was founded in 1862, as Washoe Health System during an outbreak of smallpox. When Nevada became a state in 1864 they were the first hospital in the area. The first pediatric unit was opened in 1949, the heart care unit was established in 1963. The first open heart surgery was done in 1977. They also instituted the first cancer treatment center in 1970,s in Northern Nevada.