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Igor Cornelsen Provides Tips on Brazilian Investing for a Diverse Portfolio


Igor Cornelsen isn’t a name that a lot of people will recognize right off the bat, despite the fact that he has the experience to help you grow. He doesn’t have any books on investing that have given people like Dave Ramsey his claim to fame. There are no seminars like Suze Orman that has made Igor Cornelsen a household name. This is simply an investment banker that has managed to gain a lot of attention for his unorthodox methods to building wealth and planning for retirement in the process.


This may not sound like anything that Americans would consider, but there is a surge in the economy in Brazil that investors can really benefit from. People may never have considered just how valuable Brazil could be, but there are certainly some times when the return on investments for some index funds in Brazil like the iShares MSCI is getting better rates on returns than the S&P 500. Igor Cornelsen is the one that gives people the information that they need to be confident in their investment qualities in the United States. There are people that may have never considered the value of investments in the Brazilian market before they started listening to what Igor Cornelsen had to say about the booming economy.


There is power in knowledge, and people that are knowledgeable about Brazil have the power to make some wonderful investments. Building a portfolio for long term investments is something that a lot of people look forward to doing, but many people do not know how to get started. What most investment bankers like Cornelsen recommends is a plan to diversify. So many people that start planning go right in and look at the stocks that are on the rise. They recognize the company name and assume that it makes sense to invest in these companies that are on top. Igor recommends a different approach. He thinks that investors should be building a portfolio that will maximize their returns by spreading out the investments.


Cornelsen has become a master in picking companies in Brazil to invest in. He can steer investors in the right direction for portfolio diversity, and has a great article where he talks about Brazilian banks and what to do before investing.