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Pinterest Wants To Revolutionize Digital Marketing

Since 2017, Pinterest has announced new innovative tools, such as its virtual reality reader “Lens”, which analyzes objects in real time just by observing them, and then linking to websites. Now, the company has officially launched “Propel”, a tool to advertise new brands.

Propel is a personalized support program of advertising experts that help brands create smart budgets for digital marketing. They also offer advice to create effective campaigns, get more customers, traffic analysis , among others. The marketing agencies that have used Propel claim that ads receive 3 times more clicks with the new tool.

Pinterest’s logistics program is designed for brands and marketing agencies in the United States and Canada, so that in addition to creating a marketing plan, they are announced at Pinterest. The support consists of 30 days of individual telephone assistance by social networking experts, as well as custom pins, in-house marketing, as well as a guide to ideas and best practices in the marketing industry.

Likewise, Pinterest wants to give personalized advice to three clients per agency. According to the company, its Pinterest Ads Manager area had a 60 percent increase in results with ads.

Weeks before launching, Propel was launched in test mode and yielded some results, as companies that use the tool already have 3 times more clicks and a 38 percent decrease in their CPCs. Among the agencies and brands that note this success include: Agency Within, Beachbody, Chocolate Ghirardelli, Farm Fresh To You, McBeard, ROI Revolution, Resolute and Juice and Too Faced Cosmetics.

Such tools could increase brand value, as Pinterest is currently valued at 11 billion dollars when the company didn’t make any previous announcements for new features, according to 2016 figures. With this change of direction, in addition to its classic red pins, Pinterest might experience faster growth over the next months.

White Shark Media Makes Chum Out of Their Competition

White Shark Media is a cutting-edge AdWords management company. They are a premier partner with Google Adwords and this is not something that just any agency gets to be. Google handpicks their Premier partner agencies; and only allows people or agencies that meet their tough eligibility and training requirements.


White Shark Media offers a risk-free evaluation by one of their specialists for your company. They will evaluate your company’s strengths and weaknesses in order to help you to get the best performance from your Google AdWords campaign. They are upfront about cost and there are no surprises once you start with them.


The cost per month will depend on your company needs. Specialized management for your AdWords campaigns will depend on what your company requires. But White Shark Media will be more than upfront about it. They offer the ability to communicate via email and phone with any of their certified staff. They are quick to answer any questions or concerns that their clients have.


Check in to their website and you will see that they have numerous client testimonials. So it is easy to see how respected and trusted they are as an AdWords campaign agency. Navigating the minefield of Google AdWords is not an easy task so it helps to have an agency that is a force to be reckoned with in this arena.


White Shark Media will tailor any companies online marketing campaign for whatever size business they have, small, medium or large. This agency has been fast growing due to their expertise and loyal following as well as their cost-effective campaigns for any business. Add to that customer service that is above grade and you have a winning combination.


White Shark Media makes sure that they track all of their clients marketing efforts in extreme detail. They have keyword level tracking and reporting software as well. They make sure that they give a full accounting to their clients every month on exactly what is happening with their companies marketing campaigns.


White Shark Media is committed to their clients and they offer full transparency of their innovative and cost effective marketing campaigns. They also do not require that the businesses that they work with have contracts. They are secure enough in their performance to go month-to-month without forcing clients into a contract. They show the dedication and experience and customer service that it takes to be competitive in digital marketing.


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The Top Qualities And Successes Of White Shark Media

White Shark Media has office in the United States as well as Central America. This firm specializes in search marketing and is able to offer AdWords and Bing Ads to businesses of both small and mid-size capacity.


White Shark focuses their attention on earning money for their clients. Product Listing Ads are supplied for their ecommerce clients. They also provide these clients with plans for management, tracking capabilities for conversion and Google Analytics.


White Shark’s experience is unbelievably extensive when it comes to the Shopify platform. All of their existing clientele are referred to this platform. The very first client they had in 2010 who signed up with the company was in fact a website for ecommerce. This client was so satisfied with the service provided, they still remain with the company. White Shark Media now retains one-hundred-forty-four employees on a full time basis and has more than six-hundred clients.


Full management is offered by White Shark for the AdWords campaign from the start up to optimization to their monthly goals.


The reviews for White Shark Media are phenomenal. Their service has been referred to as outstanding and a terrific experience. Praise for the way they accommodate their client’s is rampant in the way they have updated as well as revised entire marketing campaigns. Their project manager has been referred to as personable, professional and quite thorough. The consensus of opinion is that their services are worth so much more than what they actually cost. Another review proclaims that they have had sales totaling more than $1.5 million dollars because of White Shark. They also specifically commented that a dental office who is new to the market usually needs a minimum of ten years just to hit the $1 million dollar mark in sales.


The reviews for White Shark Media say everything. This company is experienced, knowledgeable and easy to work with. It is obvious they know exactly what they are doing. Their marketing capabilities are on target and their clients are pleased with the results they are receiving.