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How MB2 Dental Solutions Makes Their Affiliated Dentists Lives Easier

Most dentists would like to spend most of their time in the chair helping patients and far less time running the practice. Issues such as payroll, compliance, accounting, and the like aren’t really what most dentists signed up to do when earning their dental degrees.

One company that helps dentists spend more time treating patients and less time on paperwork is MB2 Dental Solutions of Carrolton, Texas. This company, which was founded by dentists, can run as many of the facets of operating a practice as a dentist wants. This allows them to focus on providing their patients the best care and seeing more patients each day. Because MB2 Dental Solutions was founded by dentists they are well aware that the patient-dentist relationship is sacrosanct. Therefore dentists who affiliate with this company can be assured that they will maintain complete clinical autonomy at all times.

Today there are now more than 85 dental practices that are affiliated with MB2 Dental Solutions. These practices can be found in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Lousiana, Tennessee, and Alaska. Dentists like working with this company because they can have a professional staff surrounding them who can handle all of the paperwork and details they don’t want to personally manage.

In recent years MB2 Dental Solutions has been a very successful company. Seeing this growth was a private equity firm called Sentinel Capital Partners. It was announced in October that they had invested a significant sum in MB2 Dental Solutions, although exactly how much wasn’t revealed. This investment firm liked how MB2 Dental Solutions is uniquely set up to be a partner of the dentists that are affiliated with them. It was also commented that MB2 Dental Solutions bridges the gap that had existed between operating a sole practice and operating as a corporate dental office.

When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston in late August many people and businesses were devastated, including some of the dental practices affiliated with MB2 Dental Solutions. The team at this company leaped swiftly into action to support everyone that had been affected by this tragedy. They set a goal of raising $100,000 and within two months were able to meet this goal. They also accepted physical donations in their offices such as bedding, food, water, clothes, and other necessities. These items were than delivered to the communities of Houston and nearby Victoria and Beaumont.