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Talk Fusion Launches Two New Websites To Help It With Its Direct Selling Campaigns

Talk Fusion is one of the leading marketing companies we have in the economy today. With marketing being one of the most crucial factors to the success of any business, Talk Fusion has been on the forefront of helping a lot of businesses reach out to their market. One of the many strategies this company has used over the past few years has been through its product launches. Talk Fusion has recently carried out this quest by launching two websites under their brand; the and


Speaking during the launch of these two websites on the 13th of September 2017, Bob Reina, the company’s current CEO and Founder on the their Facebook page announced that these websites will help business and people share independently their business opportunities and top-notch video products in more than 140 countries. Mr. Bob who is an award winning direct selling veteran went further to illustrate on their Live Facebook page the different features, benefits and concepts that come with the new websites. As a boost of confidence, the CEO went further to note that the two websites were so far the most straightforward marketing websites he had ever come across in his 25 years direct selling career.


Through the websites, visitors and potential customers can get to learn about the Talk Fusion business in four easy and direct steps. The first step is a one minute video featuring Talk Fusion Video email products. Second is a video by the CEO, Bob which is 5 minutes in length. The third step is visiting and getting to learn more about the business and the final step entails signing up. Explaining the simplicity of the websites, Bob Reina notes that it is meant to provide everybody with the same opportunity to grow their business.


About Talk Fusion


Talk Fusion is a leading direct video marketing Solutions Company with a commitment of helping businesses stand out of their competition. Bob Reina Talk Fusion’s CEO founded the company in 2007 and has gone ahead to grow the business to a market presence in 140 countries. In addition to marketing services, Talk Fusion is also known for its strong commitment to its society through the many charitable activities it involves itself in. Learn more:

Details Of Equity First Holding, LLC

Equity First Holding, LLC is a company that gives out loans to people based on the risks that the company finds with each particular case for every business or individual seeking the loan.

Equity First Holding, LLC was founded in Indianapolis, Indiana in 2002 and later started up a new office in New York to extend their business relationships with more clients.

There are 5 total key executives to the company who make sure that everything runs as it should within the company as well as helping businesses people with their needs every single day.

There have been no recent private transactions with the company within the past year.

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Talos Energy: The Future of Mexico’s Oil Industry

There has been some big news coming out of Mexico for 2017. Offshore oil well drilling is the hot topic and if everything goes as planned, Mexico’s ailing oil market will definitely come back to life. Since 1938, Mexico’s oil market has been closed to foreign entities and this will actually be the first time in 80 years since an oil well has been sunken in these waters. The Zama-1 well is being drilled by a joint-venture deal that’s comprised of three energy giants. This includes Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas,Houston’s Talos Energy and London-based Premier oil.

How important is the project? With the impending success of the drilling in the Sureste Basin, Mexico can expect a huge return on investment in the future. The drilling just so happens to be off the coast of the Tabasco State in Mexico. This specific area is expected to hold between 100 million to 500 million barrels of crude oil. With such huge amounts, the nation of Mexico could totally revamp its image on a global scale. Back in 2015, these three energy giants won the prospective rights during the bidding stage. Actual costs of the drilling project is at an estimated $16 million. Like the old saying goes, “you’ll have to spend money to make money” and this notion rings true on all levels.

The Zama-1 well is also known as a non-Pemex well, and it will go down as one of the very first to be drilled since Mexico opened up its waters for foreign trade. All of this progression falls under the country’s energy reform process. Analyst Elaine Reynolds of London-based Edison Research stated that “the project will be keenly watched.” Every measure is being taken here for the success of the project. Thanks to the structure of the basin itself, there’s a high geological chance of success.

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Bob Reina Taking Talk Fusion to Greater Heights

With the aim of remaining the best in its industry, Talk Fusion launched a computer program that facilitates real-time communication. The Live Meeting feature is the second software from the company that uses the WebRTC technology. Last year, Talk Fusion’s Video Chat software started to use the system. The new program that was recently launched online by the company’s founder Bob Reina is the first that supports up to five hundred participants and fifteen hosts. Mr. Reina praised the ability of WebRTC, according to him, no other system can match it. The firm is even contemplating on adding the system to all software at Talk Fusion.


The Merits

The new edition of Live Meeting gives a new user easy time to join in the video conference or meeting as there is no need for downloads and one can use any modern browser to connect. There are also no echoes or distortions in the audio thus the hosts can test them before participants listen in. Another advantage of the new edition is the interface of the Live Meeting has improved the experience hence, new users have an easy time using it. Talk Fusion is at the forefront of helping their clients maintain customers and enhancing their revenue with this top-notch technology and new promotional methods.


Bob’s Start

The consistent and persistent Bob Reina served as a police officer for a while before he resigned to fully concentrate on Talk Fusion, a company he founded in 2004. Bob says the idea of the firm came to him when he could not send a video through email to his family. He had seen a potential future residence and needed the opinion of his family, but he was unable to attach the video. At that moment Bob Reina realized he could make that possible for everyone who wants to send a video and they are unable.


Bob’s philanthropy

Bob Reina has a big heart and is always involved in charity. Over the years he has donated a tremendous amount of money to non-profit organizations that support animals, Tampa Bay’s Humane Society and an orphanage in Indonesia. Talk Fusion, Bob’s company also give free Video Suite software to charity organizations. Learn more:


Securing Your Finncial Future With Agora Financial

Understanding what is the best option for the financial future of any individual is not a task the majority of people look forward to exploring as the financial industry rarely enjoys revealing its secrets. Agora Financial has been revealing the secrets most large investment companies do not want their investors to know or have not identified themselves yet; as a subscription-based service, Agora Financial provides information and advice to its valued customers who gain from the experience of a team of qualified financial experts.

Among the options available to subscribers is the ability to secure their future by finding the latest ideas and investment opportunities from around the world; Agora Financial explores areas of the world many major investment companies ignore in the search for the best financial options for the future. In the view of the experts at Agora Financial, the best option for creating a successful financial future is to explore the range of possible investments yet to hit the mainstream. The issue facing most investors is the companies and investments praised by the mainstream media have already reached their peak performance level leaving little room for improvement in the future.

Established in 1979, Agora Financial has been providing newsletters and Email advice for subscribers for across four decades as the company has continued the search for the most needed and yet to reach their peak investments available. Headquartered in Baltimore, Agora Financial has been bringing success to its subscribers by bringing each individual access to the writings and advice of some of the world’s leading investment journalists.

Agora Financial does not limit its work to the release of regular newsletters as the company also publishes books on the subject of investing and achieving financial freedom. Editor-in-Chief Addison Wiggin has seen the work of Agora Financial praised by some of the world’s leading media groups, including NBC and ABC.

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Talos Energy in Partnership Venture to Drill First Private Well in Mexico Since 1938

Since Mexico nationalized its oil industry in 1938, state-run Petroleos Mexicanos has been responsible for the country’s oil exploration. In a turn of events triggered by an ailing industry, and for the first time since then, a private company has sunk a new offshore oil well in Mexican Waters. This undertaking is meant to boost recovery and aid the country’s drive in admitting foreign competitors back into the energy markets.

Located in Sureste Basin off Tabasco, the Zama-1 well holds an estimated 100 million to 500 million barrels of crude oil. The joint venture between Premier Oil Plc., Talo’s Energy LLC and the country’s Sierra Oil & Gas started drilling the well in May. This partnership is the first offshore exploration in the last almost 80 years that has not been initiated by the state monopoly.

The drilling process is expected to take 90 days at a cost or $16 million. After Mexico voted to open its oil industry to private investors in 2015, the three companies won the rights to the prospect in the first round of bidding.

Elaine Reynolds, a London-based analyst at Edison Investment Research Limited, notes that this well will be observed keenly by the industry given that it is part of the country’s energy reform process. According to a statement by Premier, Talos owns a 35 percent stake in the venture and is the operator of the oil. Premier holds 25 percent while Sierra holds 40 percent.

About Talos Oil

Talos Energy LLC is a privately held gas and oil company based in Houston. In 2013, its wholly owned subsidiary completed the acquisition of Energy Resource Technology GOM, Inc. The latter was the gas and oil subsidiary of Helix Energy Solutions Group. The Energy Resource Technology had assets in Mexico. Following this transaction, Talos became the first foreign operator to venture in Mexico since 1938.

Talos Energy focuses on acquisition and exploration of oil and gas properties. It is a portfolio company of funds affiliated with Riverstone Holdings LLC and Apollo Global Management. Their priority is in the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico.

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Bob Reina: The Product Really Works

So often in life, people have been beaten down and they don’t believe in anything anymore. Bob Reina finds it sad that people have come to that place in their life, but he understands it. He knows life has beaten them down and they feel like they have no answers to the problems that life has presented them. They don’t know where to turn or what to do in their life. They have simply run out of choices and run out of options. There is one out there they might have missed or they might have overlooked along the way. The company that I’m referring to is Talk Fusion, the video communications company. It has been around for a decade and it has made a world of difference in that time.


It is a company with video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. All of these video products are going to truly change the world and change it for the better. After all, Bob Reina, the former police officer, knows people are struggling and suffering. He wants to step in and do something about it for people. He wants to change their situation and change their lot in life. He wants to give them that second chance they have been craving.


He knows people are hungry for more out of life and they want to be the person they envisioned themselves being when they were growing up. However, they got lost along the way, but it is never too late for someone to forge a new path. Maybe they have always had a dream and a desire to accomplish something, but they thought it was unrealistic. Bob Reina does not believe in that line of thinking. He believes the world is there for the taking if someone wants it. With Talk Fusion, they can take it for themselves and they can run with it. Learn more:


Bob Reina and Talk Fusion are all about making their mark on people’s lives in the best possible way. People are incredibly grateful that Bob Reina has come into their lives with this product.