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Mighty Fortress Church Winning Souls for Christ

Minnesota is a region that is richly blessed with endowed and beautiful churches that have appealed and attracted many to worship there. The churches are magnificently built and are uniquely architecturally designed. Besides the beautifully built structures, the most important part is when you step inside the churches. You will be welcomed with the feel of God’s presence it is as if God resides in Minnesota. The men of God are also richly blessed with the knowledge and power of understanding and teaching the word of God. Among the top, uniquely inspiring churches that are positively impacting Christians is the Mighty Fortress Church which is under the leadership of Bishop Thomas Williams.

Mighty Fortress Church is among the stirring sanctuaries in Minnesota whose foundation is on the biblical teachings. The church is one safe place that provides a conducive environment to worshippers who want to have a personal relationship with Christ. The church mission and vision are that of developing a multidimensional ministry the focuses on the power of worship and victorious Christian living. Visit Yelp to write a review about Mighty Fortress Church.

Mighty Fortress is one church that does not discriminate people based on their color, race, gender or origin. Because of this the church accepts all and believes that every individual has a role to play in the church. The church is renowned for its amazing worship team whose songs and praises makes the angels in heaven sing along. Visit to know more.

Bishop Thomas Williams is the founder of the Church and serves as the senior pastor. Bishop Williams for over three decades has been actively involved in the ministry serving in various capacities in the body of Christ. Bishop Williams, a highly respected man of God, emphasizes the applicability of the treasures wisdom and knowledge that is anchored in the word of God. Bishop Williams believes that the word of God is the solution to world problems of sin, sickness, poverty, racism and moral decay among others.

Bishop Williams is a well-schooled man and has deep knowledge and understanding of the bible. Bishop Williams is a graduate of Rhema Bible Training School which is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Besides Bishop Williams holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communication and a Masters of Arts Degree in Organizational Leadership.


Bob Reina: The Man You Have Been Waiting For

One of the most interesting things about Bob Reina and trust me, there are many, is the fact he is a former police officer. Police officers are known for being empathetic, kind, and generous to other people. They have seen a lot, heard a lot, and they carry a lot with them. Because of this, they have a unique set of skills that separates them from most people. In the case of Bob Reina, founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, it makes him uniquely qualified for his job. He knows what to expect out of life. He has seen the very best of it and the very worst of it.


It is why he is such a champion for the little guy. Now, keep in mind, in Bob Reina’s eyes and my eyes, they are not the little guys. Other people see them as the underdog or the little guy. They have big hearts, big goals, and big dreams. They want to go out there and make them happen without anything standing in their way such as a job they hate along with a rude boss. They want to overcome all of that. In fact, in many ways, they can use it as a chip on their shoulder.


I recently heard a great expression, “If you let other people define your worth, you’ll end up on the clearance rack.” It is true. Bob Reina has always allowed his co-workers and the people that use Talk Fusion, the video communications provider, to be themselves. After all, why should they try to be anyone else? Bob Reina is himself and Bob Reina is a great person. Now, he would never come out and say that because he is humble, kind, and generous. However, he is more than willing to help out in any way that he can.


As a matter of fact, right now, Talk Fusion has 30-day free trials for new customers that are looking to try out the product for the very first time. They will be amazed and in awe at what they discover when they use the product. It is that good.

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