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Oncortarget the Best Journal Informing Oncologists on the best Practices to Manage Cancer

Research in the field of oncology has become easier for medical practitioners all over the world with the publication of a very resourceful medical journal Oncortarget. The journal is released weekly, and the information published is collected from researchers all over the world. This platform has helped in the management of cancer because medical practitioners all over the globe can share insights on the challenges they face in managing the disease and plan on the best strategies to employ to get a solution.

The weekly journal was founded in 2010, and it has grown over time to cover every aspect in oncology. The journal is well reviewed and approved by qualified oncologists before it is released this ensures that the information being disbursed is right. The journal can be accessed by every person interested it is not exclusive to medical practitioners only. Mikhail Blagosklonny heads the editorial board for the journal as the Chief Editor. He is a well-qualified medic, and he has a lot of experience in managing cancer his positive impact in oncology is felt all over the world. He is currently working at Roswell Cancer Institute in addition to his editorial responsibility.

All the research papers published on Oncortarget have a particular focus on oncology and all the modern ways that can be employed to make cancer manageable. Tumor development is a very sensitive issue, and to manage it a lot of research is required. The oncortarget has created an excellent platform that will help medical practitioners save more lives. Oncortarget also publishes papers that equip doctors with information on age-related illnesses, endocrinology, immunology, pathology, and physiology. View his LinkedIn profile

Oncortarget has research papers with developed therapies for cancer, which have benefited manylients by improving their quality of life. A most recent article released on Oncortarget has very great insights on how e-cigarette vapor causes harm to one’s oral health. The paper discourages people from taking e-cigarettes because they can cause mouth cancer.

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How To Find An Exceptional Cardiologist Like Edward Honig


Cardiology is a vital service provided in the world of healthcare that millions of people rely on annually. Obviously, the heart is an important part of the body. So when something goes wrong with it, the effects can be devastating and even fatal. Unfortunately, people consistently put off preventative trips to a cardiologist that could help identify and treat a potential problem before it rears its ugly head. Because when the heart stops functioning correctly, there is little to no time for response.


Fortunately, there are cardiologists like Edward Honig who are exceptional in their field in both knowledge, execution, and bedside manner. So, as someone who may be in the market for a cardiologist, what are some things you can do to make the process as simple as possible? Well, with the world at our finger tips through mobile devices and fast Wi-Fi, locating a specialist in the field of medicine is not nearly as difficult as it once was.


To begin the process of finding a cardiologist similar to Edward Honig, simply pull up your browser and begin your search. You will instantly be given a wealth of information regarding both local, and national cardiologists. From generalized descriptions of their services provided on a website, to first-hand customer reviews and experiences, you could be well on your way to making an appointment within an hour.


As you begin searching and considering different options, pay close attention to the personalized experiences. They tend to be the most accurate and can give you valuable insight that can help push you one way or the other. Now, not every option will be as good as Edward Honig, but there are a lot of good cardiologists out there if you take the time to look and properly weigh your options. So good luck in your search, and don’t forget those preventative check ups!

How Dr. Clay Siegall Is Saving Lives Through Antobody Based Therapies

Cancer Research is an ambitious project when being compared to other industries or sectors. This deadly disease has probably touched everyone’s lives in some form or another throughout the years. The good thing about living in this modern society is that we’re exposed to much more advancements in medicine than years of the past. Antibody Based Therapies are all the rage these days and it’s track record of success is a true testament of it’s progression. One of the top Biotechnology Companies in the world is Seattle Genetics of Bothell, Washington. Seattle Genetics has consistently produced many of the top cancer fighting medications in the world and the company has many more in the pipeline. This Biotech giant is run by leading doctor and scientist Clay Siegall. Seigall has been around for years in this industry and accumulated numerous awards for his great achievements. The brand’s flagship medicine (ADCETRIS) has one of the highest usage rates of any cancer fighting medication and as of 2016, it’s offered in over 60 countries worldwide.

Dr. Clay Siegall has a natural passion to help those in need and Seattle Genetics is no exception. The good doctor at present moment has the drug (ADCETRIS) in over 70 trials. This extensive testing is what he and the company is all about and it’s what set them apart from the competition. Much of the growth that’s been experienced by Seattle Genetics have come from the success of the drugs. The company has well over 700 employees to date and is one of Pugent Sound’s leading job producer. In the near future, this powerhouse is expected to release about 12 more drugs to the masses and employ up to an extra 100 people. For a more in-depth look at the growth of (SG) click

Dr. Siegall has helped the company with capital-raising activities (via) public and private financings since 2001. The good thing about it is that Seattle Genetics and Clay Siegall are on the same page, which means that that the fight against cancer will continue at full throttle.