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Using Basic Science to Beat Cancer in Its Own Game: The Story of Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny

Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny is a brilliant professor of oncology who has dedicated his life to pursuing the cure for cancer. He has applied his expertise in basic science to come up with different ways to attack cancer by exploiting drug-resisting nature of cancer cells to do so. Medical interests also expand to anti-aging drugs. His research on the science behind the process of cell cycle has led to knowledge in how to preserve perfectly healthy human cells and apply them to combat cancer and the aging process.

His two medical fields, aging, and cancer, have a lot in common characteristics hence they complement each other. He has used his knowledge from cancer research to advance his knowledge in the mechanism behind the aging process and vice versa on Research Reputable researchers, himself included have proposed on multiple times the use of the drug rapamycin in the fight against cancer. Rapamycin is an anti-aging drug he helped create.

Scientific Contributions

Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny contributions in the oncology field, as well as the larger scientific research field, cannot be ignored. He has written countless oncology research papers as well as scientific articles to share his infinite knowledge on the subject. His scientific publications are spread over a myriad of oncology and scientific journals including Oncotarget, a peer-reviewed medical journal covering oncology research and is published on a weekly basis by Impact Journals.

Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny founded Oncotarget in 2010. Other publications consist of Aging Journals and Oncoscience. Some of his major achievements towards the discovery of a cure for cancer is his chemotherapeutic and cyclotherapy reverse engineering approaches in cancer treatment at He is an associate editor and chief co-editor for several reputable medical journals in the world of scientific medical research.

Education and Current Position

Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny has an M.D in internal medicine which he earned from First Pavlov State Medical University, based in St. Petersburg’s where he also got his Ph.D. in cardiology and experimental medicine. He has worked as an associate professor at the New York Medical College in the early 2000s.

At the moment, Mikhail Blagosklonny is an oncology professor at the renowned Roswell Park Cancer Institute, NY. He spends most of his time in the lab trying to come up with ways to improve the lives of cancer patients and increasing its longevity at the same time. His latest project, Oncotarget has seen tremendous success of late and is on the verge of expanding to other medical disciplines.

Joe Biden Visits Clay Siegall’s Seattle Genetics

Clay B. Siegall is a successful biotechnologist in the world. He is the founder and chief executive officer of Seattle Genetics, a biotechnology company that specializes in cancer therapies. Siegall also serves as the president and chairman of the company too. He is in charge of the company operations, and he also organizes the capital raising activities of the institution.

The first drug from Seattle Genetics is called Adcetris. Since it was introduced in the market, the cancer drug has done quite well, and it has been used to cure more than fifteen thousand lymphoma patients in the globe. The company is planning to increase its therapies very soon, and more patients will be able to get treatment.

Seattle Genetics recently got a rare visit from Joe Biden, the Vice President of the US. During the tour, Seattle Genetics and its founder were put in the limelight, and many people were able to recognize the institution as one of the fastest growing biotechnology companies in the United States. The products from the company are already being used in more than sixty nations around the globe, and more people are getting cured thanks to the therapies from the enterprise.

During the visit by the vice president, Seattle Genetics announced its plans of introducing more employees in the next five years. These employees will help the company in developing more drugs for different types of cancers. To make this dream a reality, Seattle Genetics managed to raise more capital, and Clay says that the money raised will be used in making sure that the company achieves its goals.

Mirna Therapeutics, one of the leading biotechnology companies in the world decided to introduce Clay Siegall in its board of directors. The institution recently announced that Clay Siegall would be serving Mirna Therapeutics as an outside director. The biotechnology company hired the successful Siegall because he has a lot of experience in cancer treatments, and he will play a crucial role in advancing the therapeutics from Mirna. The management of the company is excited to work with Siegall because they know that he is the right person for the job.