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Does WEN Cleansing Conditioner Really Work?

Emily McClure was fed up with her limp and dull hair when she finally picked up a bottle of WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner from Amazon. For years, Emily had spent money on hair products that promised to give her strands volume and shine. Unfortunately, these products never lived up to their promises. However, Wen hair Cleansing Conditioner was different.

Because of the ingredients used by commercial hair care brands, most hair care products will never live up to their promises. Hair care brands are notorious for using high amounts of ingredients like sulfates that strip hair of its natural oils and synthetic fragrances that dry out the skin on the scalp. As a result of using these products, hair will become more and more damaged over time.

However, WEN Cleansing Conditioner contains none of these harsh ingredients. Instead, the product is full of nutrient-rich botanical extracts that gently clean hair while restoring its moisture, shine and overall health.

Emily decided to see if WEN Cleansing Conditioner could really live up to its promises by testing it out daily for one week. To track the progress of her hair, she kept a diary that can be found on

On the first day, Emily applied WEN Cleansing Conditioner according to the instructions on the back of the bottle. She didn’t expect much to change after only one application. However, to her surprise, her hair was noticeably fuller and softer once it had dried.

Encouraged, Emily continued to use the product daily. After each application, the condition of her hair improved dramatically. Finally, Emily had achieved the volume and shine she had never thought was possible.

After one full week of using WEN Cleansing Conditioner daily, Emily’s hair was completely transformed. Thanks to the product’s natural, plant-based formula, damaged hair can finally be healthy once again. Wen products are available online on and on local Sephora stores.

Wen by Chaz Dean Passes the Pro Stylist Test

Wen Cleansing ConditionerWen, by renown stylist and hair care system creator Chaz Dean has been around for quite some time now and there’s a reason. Wen by Chaz is an exclusive hair care system. It’s only available online. If you’re fortunate to have the Wen experience, it would be at a beauty salon that chooses to use it directly on the client. Wen is a full hair-care system that’s comprised of a non-lathering shampoo and conditioner in one. In case you’re wondering what makes Wen hair care unique, it doesn’t lather because it’s powerful enough not to have to. In fact, it’s devoid of the chemicals that lather the typical shampoo.

The Pro-Stylist Acid Test

There was an in-depth review in Bustle Magazine, by Emily McClure, a pro-stylist, with hair-care issues of her own. Emily decided to review this product due to all the hype out there about Wen hair by Chaz Dean.

Emily has to use a lot of Wen Cleansing Conditioner to keep her hair up and bouncy. She admits that it lacks bounce and is very fine. She often sees it break and fall into the tub which makes matters worse. She also has oily hair and the styling product just doesn’t help matters.

Before her first use, Emily had a lot of questions regarding Wen hair care and was admittedly pretty skeptical. The amount of product instructed for use and the fact that it didn’t lather made her even more curious.

So, what happened? She used the exact amount of product. As she washed her hair, she saw maybe a strand or two in the bottom of the tub. She also felt a vast difference in the thorough cleaning of her hair.

As far as the verdict of her week-long experiment, this is what she came up with. It did pass. It washed away styling product and passed the test with flying colors; highly recommended.

For more information, find Wen Hair Care on Facebook and Twitter.