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The Arizona Native, Jason Hope, Introduces Internet of Things Technology to the Hospitality Industry

Jason Hope is an avid entrepreneur from Scottsdale, Arizona. According to him, the hospitality industry is prepared to benefit from the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things commonly known as IoT is a technology that heavily relies on the internet and satellite to facilitate communication between two computing devices. Furthermore, the benefits of IoT include improved internet connectivity and enhanced reliability and speed of operations in the hotel.

Jason cited that as IoT becomes more pervasive and as consumers get more accustomed to these amenities, they end up demanding for similar amenities while traveling. He added that consumers would be expecting an amenity like an A/C units in their rooms.

Internet of Things can be used in the facial recognition software. This software alerts the front desk receptionist of a returning visitor. Moreover, the hotel is able to deliver personalized service based on the visitor’s preferences.

The Future Projection of Internet of Things

Information technology and advisory company Gartner, Inc. reported that the installation of over 26 billion units was expected by 2020. Further, IoT products and services were projected to generate over $300 billion in revenue. As a result, the global economic value would be $1.9 trillion.

Philanthropist Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an Arizona native who grew up in Tempe. He got his degree in finance from Arizona University. Jason later graduated from ASU’s W.P. Carey with an MBA (Masters in Business Administration). Jason Hope is passionate in donating time and money to different field. For instance, scientific research, education, biotechnology, and disease cure. He has contributed to organizations such as the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation, the Tony Hawk Foundation, Family Health International, T Gen Foundation, Arizona Science Center, the Andre Agassi Foundation, and Boys & Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix.

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Anthony Petrello Is Living The American Dream

Anthony Petrello is the personification of the American Dream. Raised in a working-class Newark, New Jersey neighborhood, through talent, hard work and making the most of his opportunities, he’s now one of America’s highest paid chief executives.

Tony Petrello was known as a math whiz in high school. No one was surprised when he received a scholarship to Yale and got the chance to study under world-renowned mathematician Serge Lang. Most expected Petrello to go on to do great things in mathematics after earning his degree. Instead, he attended Harvard Law School and took his life into an entirely different direction.

After graduating with his juris doctor, Petrello was hired by the internationally respected New York law firm Baker & McKenzie. His stellar work there was noticed by one of the law firm’s most important clients, Nabors Industries, the oil and gas giant. In 1991 Nabors Industries hired Anthony Petrello as president and COO. He was promoted to deputy chairman in 2003 and has been president and CEO of the company since 2012. In 2015 the Dallas, Texas based company made the one-time Newark math whiz the highest paid CEO at over $68 million a year.

In addition to his work at Nabors Industries, Petrello is also a husband, father and committed philanthropist. He married his college sweetheart, actress Cynthia Carrafa, and has a daughter named Carena. When Carena was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Anthony donated $7 million to help Texas Children’s Hospital to build a neurological research center. Petrello also lends his time and resources to a number of other charitable causes and is on the board of a number of other companies.

Anthony Petrello has been rewarded not only for the operating functions he performs at Nabors Industries. Petrello’s direction and strategic planning initiatives have also been invaluable.

George Soros – Far More Than Just Another Financial Success Story

A story about an 86-year old, Hungarian of Jewish ancestry, who became a citizen of the United States after the horrific experience of World War II would be compelling if it were nothing more than a narrative about human survival.

However, the account of the life of George Soros steps beyond being just a tale of human fortitude in the face of oppression. Soros transformed himself into one of the most financially successful men in the world, but he never forgot where he came from and the hardships he endured.

Developing an Ideology

George Soros escaped the rigid scrutiny of a communistic post-war Hungry to study at the London School of Economics. There he would begin building an intricate understanding of the complicated world of business and finance, but also formulate his vision of a Utopian society where people lived in peaceful harmony.

For Soros, this ideology on quickly met with drastically conflicting views of how a perfect society could ever be realized, while culturally we lived within the spectrum of so many differing political aspirations.

An Investment Icon

From his first hedge fund, the Double Eagle, established in 1969, Soros built one of the most successful investment strategies ever in the world of business. The Double Eagle became what is now the Quantum Group, where Soros amassed a multi-billion worth that ranks him as one of the 30 wealthiest men in the world.

His most significant financial endeavor may have been when he became known as ‘the man who broke the Bank of England‘, in 1992. On Wednesday, September 16, Soros cleared over a billion dollars, cementing his name as the foremost currency speculator in the world.

Giving it Back

A number of self-made billionaires retreat into seclusion, hoarding their wealth like squirrels horde a bevy of acorns. That has not been the ideological theory of George Soros. In 1979, long before he turned a speculative hunch into a billion dollar windfall, Soros created the Open Society Foundation to be true to his sense of commitment to the world. This was written on

Giving back to a world that Soros felt compelled to repay in no small measure, with gratitude because of his financial good fortune, has marked the life of this self-made man. Funneling a great deal of his fortune into the Open Society, Soros has been able influence a network of worldly humane causes in more than a 100 countries.

From a man whose father once had to change their family name to escape the tyranny of an oppressive governmental regime, Soros has financially supported hundreds of endeavors to promote the ideal of democratic freedom around the world. When someone uses the old adage, “put your money where your mouth is”, George Soros has lived his life doing just that. Some deatils was reported on Forbes.

The Success in Vijay Eswaran’s Career

The Q.I Group of Companys’ executive chairperson and co-founder, Vijay Eswaran, was named as the CEO of the Year in 2013. The recognition was offered during the Malaysian Business Awards (MBA), which was sponsored by the Asean Business Advisory Council Malaysia. The award was presented to Mr. Vijay Eswaran by Dato Sri Mustapa Mohamad, who then served the Malaysian government as the minister of global trade and industry. The 5th MBA Gala Dinner took place on November 8 2013 at in Kuala Lumpur. These features are highly considered to be the primary basis of great companies and individuals in Malaysia.

Vijay Eswaran has been gained recognition for participating in philanthropic undertakings. He co-founded the QI Group in 1998. The company consists of wide range of businesses, and they include retail, e-commerce, hospitality, travel, luxury products, telecommunications, media, wellness, corporate investment, and financial services. In 2011, the entrepreneur founded the Quest International University, which is based in Perak at He offers his donations in both Malaysia and abroad. According to him, he is humbled by the awards that he had been given in the past including some that had been extended to his role models. He believes that it is highly respectful to be appreciated by his peers in Malaysia. Vijay thanked all the executive and employees of the QI Group who supported him to grow the firm to more than 1000 businesses on that are based in different parts of the globe.

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Vijay Eswaran studied at the London School of Economic, and he graduated in 1984 with a degree in socio-economics. He also attended the Southern Illinois University where he was awarded an MBA in 1986. While he was still in the United Kingdom, he learned about the binary system marketing and got involved in multilevel marketing (MLM) during his part time. He was also employed the Synaptics, which is an American company. When he returned to Malaysia, he was contacted by the Cosway Group, which needed guidance on MLM to use in its Philippines business.

Don Ressler And Adam Goldenberg’s Eagerness To Bring Excitement To Fashion


There seems to be some kind of renaissance in the fashion industry. For one thing, more people are taking an interest in fashion. Some of it has to do with the new designs that are coming forth. However, there are the people that seem to believe that the right clothes can influence their moods and their sense of self. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg seem to be some of the people that are involved in this renaissance. They are bringing forth new styles even to areas that have been stagnant about style. This is one of the reasons that there seems to be an increase in sales.


One thing that Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler seem to be doing is building brands for areas that need a breath of life in them. Among the areas of fashion they have touched is athletic wear for women. While women generally have a wide diversity of styles available to them, this seems to stop with athletic wear. As a matter of fact, Don told Brandettes that athletic wear for women is comparable to fashion for men. The clothes are all design based on function with little to no attention paid to the aesthetic of the clothing.


Adam and Don are very interested in reaching every customer they can. While they have started with women, they have also expanded to men. For one thing, more men have started to take an interest in fashion. Some men are even anxious for new designs. Therefore, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have even done what they can to reach the market. One thing they have done was expand Fabletics to include a line for men.


Fashion and style is in a state of change. Athleisure is the sign of the type of growth that is needed in fashion. Even plus sized women are able to enjoy some of the styles that Fabletics offers. After all, everyone has a right to find something that is unique in which they like. This is part of the reason that fashion has become exciting for people to take part in. People will find a new and exciting self image with fashion.  Read more about Don Ressler via his CrunchBase page here:

Josh Verne and His Marketing Philosophy

To be successful as a sailor, one must “catch the wind” so the sailboat will move along. Of course, it is better to go sailing on a windy day to maintain any movement on the water.


Josh Verne has established that very thing with his early 2016 startup called FlockU, a venue for college students to relate, discuss, ask questions and expound on anything and everything akin to their lifestyle in school.


The students, who would also be classified as millennials, are put in charge of the content, as it is assumed that millennials don’t listen much to anyone but themselves. The subject matter ranges from anything to everything, with no holds barred. One student put this way, “No one knows what it is like to be a college student, except for another college student.”


Verne is no stranger to successful online business startups, as he and a childhood friend started a company in 2012 called Workpaysme, where people could purchase merchandise online and then arrange to have payments made from their paychecks. The company was sold in 2014.


FlockU, acting as a peer to peer exchange for college students looks as though it is taking off with monthly impressions of well over 3.8 million and a click through rate of over 35 percent. It has also been very helpful to be able to exploit social media and to have syndicated Huffington Post partnership.


Verne has handpicked some 400 writers that he has affectionately named Flockers, and their breadth of subject matter covers the gamut of just about anything a college student would be curious about or would want to know. Everything from how to study, work while in school, sex, drugs, living together with other students, and crazy professors are among some of the topics discussed.


Verne claims that there is not any real profit to speak of yet, but that will soon be forthcoming. He currently has contacts from lots of potential advertisers, and he usually tests products with the Flockers, just to get a feel for acceptance.


By having the students handle the entire content and direction of FlockU, Verne seems to have hit a winner. As the concept matures, the future looks bright as the trust factor has been solved with his audience.