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The Larkin Frontera Fund Has Inspired Hope

There are many organizations that seek to do good here on this Earth. Because of their presence, this world becomes a better place with all the good deeds that they do. One such organization that has made this world a more wonderful place is the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

Founded by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, their goal is to fund other’s who advocate for civil, human, and migrant rights. They are very prominent in the areas of free speech and civic participation throughout all the State of Arizona along the Mexican border.

The funds that they used to support all these other nonprofits came from the time when their own rights were trampled upon. This occurred on the evening of October 18th 2007 when police officers from the Maricopa County forcibly remove them from their phoenix-area home underneath the authority of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

That night, they were stuffed into unmarked SUVs which had dark tinted windows and unknown license plates. They were then taken and booked in the different jails which were both managed by Sheriff Arpaio. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

This man had dubbed himself America’s Toughest Sheriff. He had long been outraged by the articles he would see in the Phoenix New Times which were written by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. They reported on his rampant mismanagement within the police office, his vengeful spirit which sought to abuse his power against his critics, and how all of Arpaio’s jails had substandard health conditions.

It became clear very soon that Sheriff Arpaio’s persecution and racial profiling of Mexicans would not just stop with that country, but would be focused on even American citizens who spoke out against him. Because he was so angry that they used their right of free speech, he had them illegally arrested and illegally detained.

These illegal maneuvers led to a national outcry which saw the release of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin within 24 hours. However, the fight was not yet over. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin would soon take Sheriff Arpaio to court and eventually win a settlement of 3.75 million dollars.

It was from the money that they won in the settlement that they began funding all the other nonprofits so that they could continue to do good things in this sad world. The moral is clear, it is when you stand against evil that you can make a difference.

Don Ressler & Adam Goldenberg: Write an article about these entrepreneurs

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg both have a passion for the entrepreneurial life. It shows through their business experience and their drive to succeed. Their experience allowed them to be able to establish Techstyle Fashion Group, despite little experience in the fashion industry.

Adam Goldenberg started his first company when he was 15 years old. The company was an advertising platform for gaming websites and was named Gamers Alliance. It was acquired by Intermix Media in 1999. Goldenberg joined their organization after the acquisition. He eventually became the Vice President of Strategic Planning at the age of 20. This commitment forced him to drop out of high school.

Don Ressler took a similar path to join Intermix Media. He created his own company called, which was eventually acquired by Intermix Media in 2011. During his entrepreneurial endeavor with, Ressler also developed valuable skills in gathering investment capital for businesses. This experience would provide him with the confidence to launch Techstyle Fashion Group with Adam Goldenberg.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg became friends while they worked at Intermix Media. This friendship would eventually lead to a business partnership. In 2006 the two business partners created an e-commerce company named Intelligent Beauty. They created other successful brands as well. Eventually, they began to develop an idea that would meet the consumer demand for trendy clothes and a system that eased the task of finding personalized fashion. This lead to the creation of Techstyle Fashion Group.

The first company created under the group was named JustFab. It’s a membership-based clothing company that specializes in providing personalized athletic clothes and accessories. JustFab also gives their clients the option to mix and match their clothing and accessories.

Techstyles headquarters reminds the visitor of a typical Silicon Valley headquarters, due to its use of bright colors open workspaces. It was given the description of where “Fashion Avenue meets Silicon Valley”. Despite being based in Silicon Valley, the fashion influence is obvious.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg want Techstyles to represent a company that is profitable and beneficial to the community. They’ve contributed to multiple charity events, such as contributing dresses to female high school students who may struggle to afford prom dresses. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg entrepreneurial journey have allowed them established an organization that’s not only innovative and profitable but impactful at the community level.

Adam Goldenberg And Don Ressler Are The Fashion And Technology Team At The Pinnacle Of Success

Technology and fashion have been reinvented by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. The team founded the Techstyle Fashion Group and based the business on clothing, beauty, and accessories available by membership. The success of the company was amazing considering neither one of them knew much about fashion. What they had was the desire for success, intelligence, and the knowledge of what consumers wanted.


Adam Goldenberg was only fifteen when he stepped into the world of business. He designed an advertisement network meant for gaming websites called Gamers Alliance. In 1999 Intermix Media purchased the company and Adam Goldberg left high school to take on the Presidency of Strategic Planning. He continued to work for Intermix as the Chief Operating Officer until he reached twenty. In 2011 Don Ressler sold a website called to Intermix. He had additionally raised the required capital for numerous online companies. This was where Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler met and established a friendship.


They created Intelligent Beauty in 2006 which was an e-commerce company and continued to create a variety of brands resulting in success. This was when they had the idea to create a modern way to shop online. They both realized there was no way for consumers to find personalized and trendy clothing easily. One Techstyle became a reality the first company created was JustFab. Their members received athletic clothing that was personalized and were shown the right way to combine different pieces. As the members confidence grew so did the company.


Since the two men were experts at combining fashion and technology, JustFab was rebranded and became Techstyle in 2016. The company was established in California since they had already been described as fashion meeting Silicon Valley. The company is dedicated to social responsibility and wants to improve lives. They give women confidence whether they are running, going to the gym, or dancing. The idea is when someone is healthy and has confidence their contributions to society increase.


There is no doubt Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler have an incredible potential as entrepreneurs. The possibility of the pair creating more businesses in the future is real but for now they are focusing on Techstyle. They want women all over the world to wear their quality and fashionable clothing and accessories. Their statement is women should be able to wear activewear that looks fantastic, makes women feel wonderful, and does not drain their bank accounts.

How Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Built a Digital Fashion Empire

There are many startups that come along and change the face of how we make purchase decisions. These startups set the gold standard for all who follow in their footsteps and change the landscape of tech forever. The people behind these startups are often serial entrepreneurs. This type of entrepreneurs are not afraid of failure, instead they consistently seek to bring change and to put their ideas into tangible action.


I always like to think about what we all did before Uber graced our streets with their innovative smartphone first ride sharing service. We rode in overpriced taxis, many of which frankly smelled horribly, and many people wanted to avoid the charge that was typically upwards of $40 by “risking it” driving on the streets. Then, Uber entered and we all have access to affordable, safe ride sharing.


In the fashion world, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler have been building these types of innovative game changing startups since the mid 1990s. They are best known for their startup JustFab. JustFab offered discounts from designers across the globe. Each day an email went out that was full of fun fashion trends and purchases. I must admit, I have spent countless work hours browsing through JustFab’s daily featured deals, learning about new designers and then browsing those sites. JustFab helped us all stay abreast of trends while also creating daily incentives to make purchases and to try new styles that we may not have ventured out to try without the wonderful daily email.


Other than the content it provided, JustFab changed the game by offering an incredibly sleek email that was actually fun for people to read and browse. Since JustFab, the bar was ultimately raised for any other company. Companies had to be just as sleek and efficient. In fact, many people dropped their previous subscriptions to multiple e-commerce emails to just focus on the offerings provided by JustFab – something that had never been done before.


Ressler and Goldenberg saw the power of JustFab and went on to create several more successful e-commerce solutions. They consolidated these businesses under one parent company as their offerings continued to grow. That company is now TechStyle Fashion Group. Ressler and Goldenberg rebranded their company in 2016 to literally put Tech first in their name. While they focus on fashion, the technology and e-commerce aspect has always come first for them and the rebranding represents that within their new name.

Social Media Changes Marketing

Snapchat is expanding with a news show.
No one would have ever expected Snapchat to become a company that would connect people with news. For the longest time this has been the company that people were looking forward to if they wanted text messages that would not stay on their phone.

So many people have used this over the years to create snaps that allowed them to post videos that fade away. This is just the thing that lured users in the beginning. Now that snap is a business that has an IPO there has to be a desire for more executives to look at the overall business aspect of Snapchat. It is a company that is connected to a wider crowd of shareholders that are looking for a profit. In order to do this SnapChat had to expand.

This is essentially what all the social media sites will eventually have to do. Twitter has been struggling to become a social media site that can actually provide a significant marketing platform for businesses. Facebook, on the other hand, has become a marketing giant. This has become the company that everyone is talking about when it comes to successfully creating a marketing space for your business. Snapchat is a company that is trying to follow in the footsteps of Facebook when it comes to marketing and building a social media business platform. That is what consumers are going to expect to see as the social media environment changes. There are a ton of people that are looking for a way to build a better business structure, and Facebook is definitely giving consumers access to this.

Social media has become such a popular marketing outlet that it is almost difficult for people to even market a business without a social media platform.

The Social Media Marketing Tool

Tons of entrepreneurs are utilizing social media to market their businesses. This has become the norm for so many companies because there is a growing demand for more social media apps. There are already huge companies like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, but it appears that there is room for even more because this is where all of the marketing is starting to evolve from.

Fewer people have a need for television commercials these days because fewer people are watching traditional television programs. Social media is simply the best way for entrepreneurs to stay wired into potential customers. The reality of the social media game is that there is more online for people to see without actually utilizing any television.

Netflix is creating shows, and Amazon is doing the same thing as well. For some people it is not even worth your time to subscribe to cable because there are so many alternatives to cable television. This means that entrepreneurs have to find the alternative way to connect with potential customers. Social media has proven to be that platform for all of those that need that alternative method for acquiring customers.

The need for people to look outside of traditional marketing allows social media companies like Facebook and Snapchat to endeavor into other aspects of business. These are companies that can actually gain the attention of customers through marketing, but these companies can also provide things like news coverage as well.

It will allow people to get all of their information from a singular platform. There will not be a need to go anywhere else and engage in anything else. Everything can be done from a computer or smartphone. With this social media has also allowed entertainers to promote movies, albums and any other type of entertainment outlet to fans.

Facebook Stock Could Surge

Ever since the company was founded in 2005, Facebook has been one of the leading technology and social media companies in the world. While it started with modest roots, the company has grown substantially over the past decade and is now considered one of the most valuable companies in the world. The company has continued to impress investors as it has continued to increase revenue, find new users, and increase streams of income. Because of this, the Facebook stock has been among the best performing stocks on the open market (

While the Facebook stock has continued to surge over the past few years, some investment professionals think there is still a lot of potential for further gains. One of the main reasons for this is that the stock analysts suddenly do not have as high of expectations for growth. While this may not seem like a positive, the stock has continue to perform well even with reduced expectations. In a situation in which a Facebook continues to beat these expectations, there could be a substantial amount of value increase in the stock price.

One of the biggest dates coming up for Facebook is next Wednesday. On this date, the company will release their second-quarter earnings. For the past few quarters, Facebook has managed to greatly exceed the expectations set forth by investment managers. If they are able to do this again, there is a very good chance that the stock could see another sizable increase in share value. With a share price that is already nearly $165 per share, the chance for it to reach $200 per share by the end of the year suddenly seems reasonable. This is a great improvement for the company as just a few years ago it was struggling to stay above $50 per share and looks like it could be a bust after its IPO.

The New Social Media Business Platform

A number of people are going to take the social media to promote their businesses. This is something that has become the norm because the apps that were initially just used for building friendships and connecting with friends are now business oriented apps that are luring more people to companies that are utilizing Facebook and Twitter for marketing purposes.

Social media has always had the ability to be a part of the business world, but it was just a time-consuming process to sort out the ways that entrepreneurs could actually utilize it for
marketing. Some of the apps are still in a growth stage, and there is still no clear-cut way to bring for any real revenue from advertising. Twitter is one such app. It’s a very popular app, but it has not been easy for entrepreneurs to actually get a lot of things done in terms of marketing products. With Facebook, by contrast, there has been a lot more growth.

People have been a lot more inclined to connect with users through Facebook because this is the app that has made the process of advertising so much more convenient.
People are able to connect with their friends and actually find out what someone may be interested in based on the likes and interest of their other Facebook friends. Twitter has not been able to cross into this territory as well because most of these users for Twitter are simply expressing opinions. They are not building pages where they really discuss their favorite things. The business world is definitely changing for the better thanks to technology, and social media is going to be the driving force for people that are trying to keep up with real-time marketing process. Entrepreneurs can get instant results from people about certain products or services.

The Rise of Social Media as a Business

Social media is changing the way that people do business. There is a great need for social media in the business world, but most people would have never guessed that companies like Facebook would be as profitable as it is because of the need for marketing.

The real reason that social media has become big business is that there is a need for an alternative method to marketing. Now that so many people are moving away from traditional forms of entertainment there has to be a way to reach these customers that look at traditional entertainment outlet. That is the thing that has caused the most amount of appeal to a social media outlet of business opportunities.

Social media is something that has allowed many people to totally transform the way that they market their companies. So many people have become accustomed to marketing through a platform where people find their products or services through magazines or some type of television commercial. Today there are a lot of people that do not even have TVs in their homes because they are getting everything through the internet.

The shift in the business world for social media is huge. There is also a great increase in bandwidth for people that have the ability to stream. That is why it is easier to get people to acknowledge new artists in the music world when it comes to streaming music in the business world.

YouTube has TV shows. Netflix users have access to shows that are created by Netflix. There are a ton of different opportunities for people to be entertained without any type of television in the home. That is why social media maybe the best thing for people that want to connect with those customers that do not value traditional entertainment programming.

Facebook Plans News Subscription Service

The social media site Facebook has been in the early stages of developing a subscription news service that will integrate with many of the largest publishers in the world and create easy to access news for their users. While the site is still in the early stages of development it may be rolled out in a trial basis with some publishers gaining access to selling subscriptions through the site.

This service would operate in the following manner, similar to that of other paid news sites. Users who log in to Facebook would be able to read a certain number of free articles per month but would be locked from reading more until they signed up for the subscription service and began to make payments for the subscription. Users would not be actually visiting the publisher news site, but rather staying in Facebook while reading these articles which would leave Facebook with the ability of providing advertisements to users during this time period as a way of monetizing their site users. There is no indication of whether or not Facebook would be sharing in the revenue generated from the news subscriptions that are signed up through this program.

This subscription news platform would be built on top of the site’s current Instant Articles platform which provides viewers with access to news articles through the site. Users on Facebook interact with other users with these news articles and provide commentary on the articles after liking and sharing them with other users.

This initiative by Facebook would represent the first time that they are initiating a paywall on their site and working with publishing news sites to block content for non-payers. There is also no indication of how the pricing of this program and how it will compare to the news memberships sold directly through the news sites.