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Glen Wakeman a Veteran Financial Services Executive

Glen Wakeman established a SAAS company, LaunchPad Holdings in 2015 where he currently serves as the CEO. With the experience of more than 20 years in the financial industry, he rightly suits this role. Mr. Wakeman also has a vast of experience working in several major institutions including Nova Four (he was the co-founder and president), Doral Financial Corporation (served as the president and CEO). Additionally, he also worked at Doral Bank where he served as the chairman of the board, worked at GE where he held the position of CEO after he was considered a role model in Growth Leadership by the company’s board of directors. Doral Financial Corporation is the parent company of Doral Bank and is the largest lender in Puerto Rico. (Doral Financial Corporation Names Glen Wakeman President)

Wakeman is also regarded as an entrepreneur and a mentor in his lengthy career as he has transformed businesses with &15 billion in assets and more than 15,000 staff members. One of his many works has also included guidance in new market entry, M&A s, Startups, divestitures and exponential growth among others. He has a passion for building businesses by improving individual agility and the company employing the proven methodologies that assess several dimensions of performance: leadership and risk management, governance, human capital, and execution.

Wakeman also being a writer and an investor has enabled him share and provide insights in his blog posts on matters relating to strategy, emerging markets, international financial matters and more. Presently, he counsels Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded and has also assisted several C-level executives as he is a great mentor in the business world.

Glen Wakeman has lived and worked in several countries including Brazil, Mexico, United Kingdom, United States, and Argentina. He additionally controls operations in 30 different countries and is globally recognized as a mentor to many business people in the field. Glen Wakeman has mainly played in positions of increasing responsibility in business development, regional management, general management, operations, and technology as well.

Glen Wakeman Graduated from the University of Scranton with a Bachelors degree in Economics. He also holds an MBA from the University of Chicago.

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Concessions to Private Sanitation Firms Could Improve Brazil Water Quality

During the Rio Olympics, the world had many criticisms for Brazil, including poor sanitation and low water quality. Of course, these two go hand-in-hand, since garbage dumps might leak into the population’s drinking water. Brazilians might have blamed the drought, but that is not sufficient.


Brazil Clean Water


One of the many duties of the Brazilian government is to provide clean water. If there is a drought, then the government must respond. You might have read in your Bible about Pharaoh in Egypt.


The Egyptian Pharaoh had a dream interpreted by Joseph, who said that it meant the nation would have good fertile years and then years of drought. What did Egypt do? They stored up the crops from the good years to prepare for the bad years. What is Brazil doing about its poor water quality?


Brazil Makes Concessions to Private Sanitation Firms


While public departments in Brazil account for 90% of sanitation, obviously the results have been less than spectacular. Thankfully in May 2017, Edison Carlos, president of Trata Brasil, discussed concessions made to private sanitation firms. The goal is to improve efficiency and quality for the Brazilian masses.


Consultant Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens


With a background in both Brazil and the United States, consultant Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens is working to make public works programs more efficient. The government can struggle with accountability, oversight and transparency. As an executive officer for AC Energia SA and Concessionaria Interoceanica Sur Tramo 2, Mr. Jens has developed valuable experience in running large public works projects.


His experience in the private sector can help Brazil become more efficient. Due to past mismanagement, Brazil has been forced to cut costs. Unfortunately, it also needs to improve its water quality. Concessions to private sanitation firms may be the answer.

Susan McGalla: The True Example of Business Success

To reach the pinnacle of business success, it takes a variety of talents and ambitions. For many executives, using the skills and knowledge learned in college, along with experience gained from real-world situations, all come together to create a true success story. While there are company leaders worldwide who have achieved success, Susan McGalla has done that and much more. As the former CEO of American Eagle Outfitters and the current Vice-President of Business Strategy and Creative Development with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Susan has used the skills learned from her college days at Mount Union College and from her childhood to create companies that are dynamic, profitable, and growing each and every year.


Learning the value of hard work from her football coach dad, Susan was determined to find success later on in life. Because of this, she worked tirelessly while at Mount Union College to earn her Bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing, all the while having an eye on future success. Beginning her business career with the Joseph Horne Company, she held numerous management positions with the company during her eight-year tenure. Upon leaving Horne, she joined American Eagle, where she quickly implemented numerous innovative strategies that helped the company achieve tremendous success.


Upon gaining years of invaluable business experience, Susan decided to create her own consulting firm, P3 Executive Consulting. In this endeavor, she worked closely with clients from various companies, advising them on such matters as marketing, business strategy and development, and long-term growth. Using the skills gained from her many successful business experiences, Susan was able to help her clients achieve their goals.


As she continues to move forward, Susan’s business career will no doubt contain much more success. Whether working with the Steelers or with individual clients, Susan’s skills and personality will equal success.