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Whitney Wolfe Founder and of CEO Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is the co-founder and current CEO of Bumble a social dating app which has its headquarters in Austin Texas with over 70 employees. She was born in 1989 in Salt Lake City, Utah. She took International studies at the Southern Methodist University. While still a 19-year old student at the university she started a small business of selling bamboo carrying bags. After graduation, she left for Southeast Asia where she worked with several orphanages.

She co-founded Bumble with Andrey Andreev founder of Badoo in 2014. The app registered a high growth rate with over 80 million matches and 15 million different conversations at the end of December 2015. By April 2016 Bumble became the 4th most popular dating app. On 2017 February, it had 12.5 million registered users who spend an average of 100minutes daily on the app according to Forbes. Her main objective of founding the company was to give women some power and control that they have been denied by the society and other dating apps. She created bumble in such a way that the woman is the one who will initiate any conversation after a match has been made. This is to promote the idea of equality between men and women.

In 2016 October, the company launched Bumble BFF; this is an app to help women to find new peer friends in their area. In October 2017, the company also launched Bumble Bizz, a professional networking online site that is for people who are not interested in dating but rather networking and the app is currently competing with LinkedIn. The app borrows the idea of online matchmaking which helps people, especially women, get in touch with investors, potential clients as well as people working in their industry therefore improving careers and saving time for women with families to do networking. She is dedicated to empower working women both professionally and socially. She consequently launched Bumble Bizz to bring a feminine touch to the masculine networking space. She stated that Bumble Bizz does not include the ages of people in it because most people employ women in their 20’s and therefore, she wanted to create equal opportunity for everybody.

Whitney met her husband Michael Herd, who is in the oil, gas and restaurant business, in 2013 at Aspen. They were both vacationing there for Christmas. In June 2015, Michael proposed to Whitney when they visited his family’s ranch in Texas. Their wedding took place in the September of 2017 in Positano Italy. She was styled by Cynthia Cook Brides, and she hired Sogukii Events to plan their wedding. She was named in the Forbes’ 30 under 30 in 2017. She was also named as one of Elle’s women in tech in 2016 and Business insiders 30 under 30 most important women in 2014.

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The Identity and Management Solution for Manufacturers

OneLogin is a more efficient, and a secure platform that offers simplified identity and access management (IAM) systems. It utilizes cloud technology and is trusted by thousands of customers. OneLogin identity management software streamlines IAM through single sign-on (SSO) across all device types.

Businesses use OneLogin to secure their data, increase IT administration and end users efficiencies. OneLogin provides two-factor authentication for one-click access on smartphones and tablets. Moreover, real-time directory synchronization provides the extra layer of protection.

Once logged in, you’ll receive instant access to your favorite apps such as Office 365, AWS, G Suite, and Workday and over 5,000 pre-integrated applications, all in a secure and straightforward one-click access.

Manufacturers are turning to Cloud-Based IAM

Modern manufacturing organizations continue to look towards cloud technologies to make their businesses efficient and further drive the organization to success. To be precise, they seek to enhance or incorporate speed and agility across their supply chains, improve network and data security, and simplify identity management at the lowest possible cost.

However, most manufacturers still use on-premises identity management systems that have sufficed as solutions for 20 years. These systems, presently, create challenges for organizations today that need to be swiftly addressed. Some of the challenges include:

  1. Inefficiency in the Supply Chain

Manufacturers work with many vendors across the complex supply chain, and the manual interaction is slow translating to low productivity and furthermore, lost competitive advantage.

  1. Risky Sensitive Data

Phishing attacks on manufacturers’ data are frequent with the old systems. Sensitive data like blueprints, schematics, financials, business plans, partner agreements, M&A data and NPI documentation are often the targets.

  1. High Costs and Lost Productivity

As mentioned earlier, manufacturers face low productivity with these old systems and moreover, are under pressure to reduce operating costs. This form of attrition slows down IT operations and user productivity with consistent password-reset support tickets.

Each of the aforementioned challenges is easily addressed with a cloud-based IAM solutions, and OneLogin is the answer to this predicament. OneLogin provides secure, faster and efficient access management with the use of a single log in information.

OneLogin And Envoy Provide SCIM Technology For Smooth And Automated Employee Records

The customers of Envoy are in for a treat. Their software now eliminates logbooks, and visitors can sign in with an iPad. The registration process has been fully automated with technology more productive, and secure. The IT departments had a difficult time constantly updating all the access for each user. Envoy’s work with OneLogin implemented SCIM protocol, making the experience smooth, and providing relief to the IT department. All the customers are required to do is simply use OneLogin’s catalogue, and select the provisioning connector.

SCIM applications allow the attributes of the user to be synced into the application of their choice. All the employee’s pertinent information can be automatically provisioned from the OneLogin directory. User profiles are updated automatically, and any changes are noted. This eliminates the duplication of work by IT, and business teams, and the employee records are automatically kept current. This effectively maximizes productivity. The experience of visitors is enhanced, employee records are a delight to manage, and non-existent employees are eliminated from the system, saving valuable time.

Any changes made in a business’s directory are received by Envoy automatically. Office security sees improvements, employees save time, and when a visitor signs in, only the current employees are available. The format of user data is consistent, and the available data provides a better understanding of the product. This provides confidence resulting in an improvement of providing an exceptional experience for the visitors. OneLogin supports standards for access management, and offers free toolkits for the developers. The result is IAM functionality with increased security, and reliability.

Integrating with Envoy becomes simple due to the clarity of the API documentation provided by OneLogin. Partner support is timely, and the experience in the workplace is effortless. This software is exciting, and the work between the partners of Envoy, and OneLogin creates a shared vision. The growth of the partnership is expected to continue to grow. The enabling of the SCIM user provisioning uses technology to improve the customer experience. SCIM is the perfect solution for businesses, and IT teams who need an effective solution for managing their employee records.