Capital Group’s New CEO: A Man of Extraordinary Talents

Finding the perfect career is hard for most people. Many jump around from one job to another. There are the rare few that find what they love right off the bat. Timothy Armour is one of those individuals. He has spent over three decades working in the finance industry. All thirty-three years of Timothy Armour’s career have been spent at Capital Group. Shortly after receiving his bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College, Timothy was accepted into Capital’s Associates Program.

After completing the program, Timothy Armour began working as an equity investment analyst. His job was covering global telecommunications and U.S. service businesses. Spending so many years at Capital Group has made Timothy one of the most venerated employees Capital has ever had. Timothy started from the bottom of Capital’s totem and worked his way to the very top. One of the greatest highlights in Armour’s career was being named Chairman of Capital Group’s Management Committee. But Timothy’s career would quickly rise to new heights.

Recently, Capital’s Board of Directors had a difficult decision to make. Promoting someone to Chairman of the whole company is not an easy task. There are many things to consider besides picking the best resume. The board needed someone that it knew could accept all the responsibilities that come along with being Chairman. The person chosen as the new chairman was Timothy Armour. Tim would not be leaving his duties as chairman of the Management Committee.

Tim, along with several other senior members, has been given new responsibilities to test his worth. The board chose Tim from a list of possible candidates, none of who have what Tim has. Aside from Timothy Amour’s outstanding record at Capital, he also worked very closely with the former chairman, Jim Rothenberg. Jim’s passing shocked the company to its foundation. The board hoped that electing Armour would return the company to its former glory.

After accepting the chairman position, Tim spoke about how affected the company was, having lost Jim Rothenberg. Rothenberg was a big part of Capital’s former glory. Rothenberg taught Tim how to think about the clients’ long-term interests. Although Tim is still mourning the loss of a dear friend, he has begun looking to the future. Using his management committee talents, he began making moves that would continue Capital Group’s 84-year legacy.