Cancer Treatment Centers in America are offering best treatment and care for cancer patients across the world.

Cancer Treatment Centers in America has partnered with NantHealth and Allscripts to implement technical solutions to enable eviti, a NantHealth clinic that provides clinical workflows in the Allscripts Sunrise electronic health records. Cancer Treatment Centers in America is a network that constitutes five hospitals that helps patients to fight cancer. CTCA offers the best solution in approaching the fight against cancer by combining advanced precision cancer treatment and genomic testing. CTCA has qualified doctors provide surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy to the cancer patients. The patients are supported with therapies that help them emotionally and physically in the process of managing side effects.

CTCA established many hospitals across the globe. Chicago, Atlanta, Tulsa, Phoenix, and Philadelphia are among the states that CTCA has established its hospitals. CTCA is the leading hospital in giving the treatment and comprehensive information to cancer patients. Cancer patients who attend CTCA are equipped with information about their treatment and how to actively participate in the treatment decisions.

NantHealth is a healthcare company that offers effective and modernized treatment to patients with critical health issues. NantHealth offers the patients treatments by applying simple diagnostic procedure based on specific molecular profiles of the patient tissues. The patient’s molecular profiles help in integrating the molecular data that helps in real-time biometric signal and phenotypic data that keeps track of the medication of the patient. NantHealth installed unique software that is adaptable in the learning system of their clinics. The hardware and middleware installed in their systems collect indexes and analyzes it to bring out an interpretation of billions of molecules, the financial data and clinical operations.

The clinical pathways and decisions are based on the data reflected on the systems.

Eviti is a support platform that helps in oncologist in making a clinical decision at the point of care. Eviti has facilitated the assessment of treatment regimens, cost, and outcomes to the oncologists to get clear evidence on the appropriate treatment to be subjected to the patients. Eviti has branched into three applications namely; eviti advisor Enterprise, eviti advisor and eviti connect. The three applications offer treatment and support to the cancer patients aligned by qualified physicians.

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Cancer Treatment Centers in America offer comprehensive analyses of strategic designs sessions that enhance and improve the chemotherapy regimen solutions to the cancer patients. The oncologists confidently prescribe appropriate treatment to specific diagnosis basing on the treatment regimens. The treatment strategies offered by the oncologists can be approved by the insurance providers in case a clinical Pathway is used. The Clinical Pathways advocates for transparency in therapeutic selection and care delivery.