Bernardo Chua’s Love For Direct Selling Business Model

Bernardo Chua is one of the true believers in direct selling. He has been able to achieve much success by using the model to enhance his business. Bernardo is the proprietor of Organo Gold. This corporation has been selling ganoderma products, especially coffee and tea.

Over the years, Chua has managed to develop a broad network that has helped him to penetrate different markets of the world with his product.

Because of his Chinese heritage, Bernardo was introduced to the merits of ganoderma during his formative years. This polypore mushroom can be found in any part of the globe considering that it grows on logs wood.

To ensure that people purchase the product, Bernado Chua has been incorporating the herb in coffee and tea. He is considered as the first person to successfully market the product outside the Asia. This product is popular in China and other Asian countries.

He started experimenting his idea of direct selling when he was working for Gano Excel in Philippines. Through this business model, Bernardo was able to improve the company’s sales volume and profitability margins.

This way, he was promoted to work for Gano Excel in the USA. Bernardo Chua utilized this opportunity to introduce many people to the various benefits of ganoderma. It is here that the executive incorporated Organo Gold. Within five years of operations, the company was ranked as the 55th largest company in the world in terms of direct selling.

He posits that education has been of great importance to both consumers and distributors. The corporation is based in Canada. It has more than a million distributors located in different parts of the globe.

Bernardo Chua posits that by virtue of being in Canada, the company already has a competitive edge. This is because the country is known to have strict guidelines for businesses and products. Consumers have added peace of mind, as they are sure that any perceived risk is eliminated through the various processes of testing the product before it is sold to them.

The recipient of the Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal has made significant contributions in the competitive multi-level marketing industry. Chua has Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

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