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Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions Provide Excellent Retirement Planning Services

Wealth Solutions is an Austin, Tx. based investment advisory firm which has a long and distinguished record of helping their clients prepare for retirement and they also offer an array of other financial services too. Richard Blair is their founder and his extensive range of experience and his many credentials enable him to provide peace of mind for clients in the confusing world of investing and retirement planning.

Retirement planning is an area in which Wealth Solutions has great expertise and can help clients determine the best path forward. The earlier one commits to retirement planning the more successful their efforts will be and Wealth Solutions urges everyone to begin today and maximize their chances for a solid retirement. They work with a range of clients including affluent individuals, small business owners, and families to help them all prepare for the future.

401K allocation can be a daunting task to those who aren’t financial experts and Wealth Solutions has the resources to help make these important decisions. The significant tax advantages of 401K’s can allow their holders to build a substantial nest egg as a result. In light of this, proper allocation becomes even more critical and Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions have timely answers for their clients.

Wealth building is another important piece of the puzzle and Wealth Solutions can help with IRA investments, mutual funds, and annuities which gives their clients the best opportunity to realize substantial growth in their portfolios.

Transitioning into retirement is a very exciting time for clients but it also brings with it potential new problems. One area of concern is when is the best time to draw Social Security to maximize the benefits? Wealth Solutions can provide their clients with the timely answers that they need to bring about the best result in this regard.

Complementing the Social Security issue are considerations like how to pay the minimum in taxes while in retirement and how to create a steady stream of income for the golden years. Retirement income planning takes a high level of skill and Richard Blair has it and a great deal of experience as well. He is able to develop a clear-cut plan based on retirement income and accurately estimating future expenses.

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions and he brings passion and a natural aptitude for all things finance to his career every day. His goal is to make a difference in the lives of individuals, families, and small business owners. He founded the company shortly after graduating from college and has been helping clients successfully for more than 20 years. Learn more:


Reasons Why Weight Loss Attempts Often Fail


People who are struggling to get in shape or lose weight are going to have to face one hard truth. Their most recent attempt at weight loss might be ineffective like their last attempt. There are many factors behind the failure of their weight loss attempts. Among the factors are following fads, not eating the right foods, and others. While the factors may differ, the effects are rather the same. People often find themselves very frustrated with their previous weight loss attempts and they despair at the idea that they have spend even more time ashamed of their bodies instead of being proud of their dream bodies.


One reason behind the failure of their weight loss attempts is that they try to lose weight through deprivation. There are many forms of this. One of the most common forms of deprivation involve eating the same types of foods, but only eating less. If a diet consists of junk food mostly, then it is not going to be a very effective approach. For one thing, it is not the amount of calories and fat that is being consumed. The real issue is a lack in nutrients. This explains other issues such as fatigue, depression, and low energy levels as it depends on the set of issues that go with it.


One way to correct this issue is to replace the junk food with some of the more beneficial items. For one thing, the best way to drop a bad habit is by replacing it with better habit. One of the reasons people have a hard time fighting temptation to eat the junk that they are trying to avoid is because they have not thought about what they are going to eat in its place. People who find a good replacement often succeed in not only breaking free from their addiction, but also helps them lose weight and get healthier.


Another factor in weight loss is meal planning. A lot of people who want to lose weight may find themselves stuck with the types of meals that they are looking for. After all, a lot of the meals that people who struggle with their weight consume might have a combination of too many calories and very little nutrients. Therefore, they might need the help of an expert meal planner so that they can get some really good ideas for weight loss.


One example of a good meal planner is Nutrisystem for men (, which is designed as food men typically like, is designed for their calorie needs, and for an active lifestyle. This company has been in business for more than 40 years and has helped millions lose weight. One of the reasons they are so effective is that they come up with plenty of meal plans that are not only healthier, but are also very tasty and interesting to eat. One of the issues that come with healthy eating is that the taste is very different from what they are used to and are probably not as appealing when it comes to what others are used to.


The most important factor in weight loss is in knowledge. When people lose weight, the goal is to become healthier overall. Some people who manage to lose weight tend to find themselves with new issues because of the method used for weight loss. For people who go to extremes to lose weight, they may deal with issues with their blood sugar and other problems such as low energy. Fortunately, this can be corrected with the right types of foods and drinks. As long as all of the nutrients and fluids are replenished, people will have a better chance of retaining their health as they are losing weight.

OneLogin And Envoy Provide SCIM Technology For Smooth And Automated Employee Records

The customers of Envoy are in for a treat. Their software now eliminates logbooks, and visitors can sign in with an iPad. The registration process has been fully automated with technology more productive, and secure. The IT departments had a difficult time constantly updating all the access for each user. Envoy’s work with OneLogin implemented SCIM protocol, making the experience smooth, and providing relief to the IT department. All the customers are required to do is simply use OneLogin’s catalogue, and select the provisioning connector.

SCIM applications allow the attributes of the user to be synced into the application of their choice. All the employee’s pertinent information can be automatically provisioned from the OneLogin directory. User profiles are updated automatically, and any changes are noted. This eliminates the duplication of work by IT, and business teams, and the employee records are automatically kept current. This effectively maximizes productivity. The experience of visitors is enhanced, employee records are a delight to manage, and non-existent employees are eliminated from the system, saving valuable time.

Any changes made in a business’s directory are received by Envoy automatically. Office security sees improvements, employees save time, and when a visitor signs in, only the current employees are available. The format of user data is consistent, and the available data provides a better understanding of the product. This provides confidence resulting in an improvement of providing an exceptional experience for the visitors. OneLogin supports standards for access management, and offers free toolkits for the developers. The result is IAM functionality with increased security, and reliability.

Integrating with Envoy becomes simple due to the clarity of the API documentation provided by OneLogin. Partner support is timely, and the experience in the workplace is effortless. This software is exciting, and the work between the partners of Envoy, and OneLogin creates a shared vision. The growth of the partnership is expected to continue to grow. The enabling of the SCIM user provisioning uses technology to improve the customer experience. SCIM is the perfect solution for businesses, and IT teams who need an effective solution for managing their employee records.


Aloha Construction has evolved over the years from a small firm into an industry leader in general contracting. Excellent quality installation of windows, gutters, siding, and roofing go without saying when speaking about Aloha Construction, although I would be neglectful not to mention the 9-step inspection process and extensive craftsmanship warranties Aloha Construction offers, what’s more impressive is what you find when you look beyond their services. Aloha Construction is way more than what meets the eye and read full article.

The way Aloha construction conducts business is remarkable. Most people wouldn’t equate an industry leader with a family owned and operated establishment in this day and age, with Aloha Construction that’s exactly what you get. In their 84 years of operation Aloha Construction has maintained integrity and professionalism in it’s incredibly personal relationships. Aloha Construction’s attention to detail and quality when dealing with suppliers, customers and everyone in between is unsurpassed. The employees of Aloha Construction, far more than an afterthought, are required to be well trained and completely knowledgeable of products and services thus ensuring a quality finish and more importantly giving you an overall enjoyable experience and what Aloha Construction knows.

let’s talk community! Dave Farbaky is the owner and CEO of Aloha Construction. Mr. Farbaky’s dedication to the community notable. As if hosting an annual charity event and his namesake foundation, Dave Farbaky Foundation, weren’t enough he also provides a local role model in early success for young business owners. Although the head, Mr. Farbaky is only one in a company packed with noteworthy individuals. The next time you are considering an construction company for your commercial or residential needs I invite you to allow the Aloha Construction family to protect your most important investment and Aloha’s lacrosse camp.

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Bob Reina: The Man You Have Been Waiting For

One of the most interesting things about Bob Reina and trust me, there are many, is the fact he is a former police officer. Police officers are known for being empathetic, kind, and generous to other people. They have seen a lot, heard a lot, and they carry a lot with them. Because of this, they have a unique set of skills that separates them from most people. In the case of Bob Reina, founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, it makes him uniquely qualified for his job. He knows what to expect out of life. He has seen the very best of it and the very worst of it.


It is why he is such a champion for the little guy. Now, keep in mind, in Bob Reina’s eyes and my eyes, they are not the little guys. Other people see them as the underdog or the little guy. They have big hearts, big goals, and big dreams. They want to go out there and make them happen without anything standing in their way such as a job they hate along with a rude boss. They want to overcome all of that. In fact, in many ways, they can use it as a chip on their shoulder.


I recently heard a great expression, “If you let other people define your worth, you’ll end up on the clearance rack.” It is true. Bob Reina has always allowed his co-workers and the people that use Talk Fusion, the video communications provider, to be themselves. After all, why should they try to be anyone else? Bob Reina is himself and Bob Reina is a great person. Now, he would never come out and say that because he is humble, kind, and generous. However, he is more than willing to help out in any way that he can.


As a matter of fact, right now, Talk Fusion has 30-day free trials for new customers that are looking to try out the product for the very first time. They will be amazed and in awe at what they discover when they use the product. It is that good.

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Susan McGalla; How Work Ethics Can Help Women Realize Their Goals

Susan McGalla is one of the few business leaders who are all about inspiring other women to be successful in career and business. Susan has taken part in initiatives that advocate for the rights of women at the workplace. As a successful executive, Susan believes that women stand the same chance as men to excel in administrative positions. According to Susan the following strategies can help ladies scale up the corporate ladder;

Graduate and Postgraduate Studies

According to Susan, women need to keep pursuing greater opportunities in higher education. Susan posits that better academic qualifications can help women compete effectively with their male counterparts for the few executive positions that are available. Women need to exploit the opportunities provided by organizations that offer scholarships to advance their studies.

Working on Their Self-Esteem and Confidence

Women need to understand that management tasks are not as intimidating as they are made to look. Most ladies still think that they cannot be able to handle demanding itineraries. For women to take their rightful positions in the corporate world, they need to develop a constant urge to lead.

Disregarding the Glass Ceiling

According to Susan McGalla, there is a lot of prejudice around women and management positions. The only thing that counts when one wants to rise in their career is their work ethic. Women should not be bound by prejudices and what they see happening around them. Instead, they should focus on “Shattering the glass ceiling” and striving for excellence in their professions.

Susan McGalla has impacted on the communities around. She is a mentor to other women who are working to become successful in their careers. Susan is passionate about nurturing other women who can take up after her in business. In many of her forums, she tries to enumerate on the challenges that women need to overcome so that they can remain on track in endeavors.

White Shark Media Review

White Shark Media: Getting Top Notch Advertising Service


Are you wondering why White Shark Media is highly regarded in the advertising industry? Want to find out how White Shark Media can help you generate targeted traffic to your website and increase sales and profits? White Shark Media is a clear choice for any business owner or company manager looking for a trusted ad agency to handle their PPC management.

If you are looking for a reliable PPC management team or company to handle your advertising project for you, you need to choose wisely. It is imperative to choose a company that has a proven track record. There are many advertising agencies and advertising professionals out there but not all of them deliver on their promise.

White Shark Media is a renowned company and has been in business for years, delivering high quality advertising solutions to marketers and enterprises around the globe. The company has a great reputations and is well known for ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

When running a PPC campaign you decide where and when your advertisement will appear. The flexibility that it offers you enables you to segment your market and present your products and services to the right audience.

Companies and business owners that want to get the best results possible, turn to White Shark Media for help. The advertising specialists at White Shark take the time to examine their clients’ business and marketing in order to help them reach a larger number of prospects effectively and efficiently.

As a leading company in PPC management, White Shark Media has excellent resources and top talent, which enable the company to render outstanding services to clients. These experts can use PPC advertising to target keywords or search phrases related to your industry or product so that people entering those keywords in search engines will constantly see your advertisements.

Although general keywords and search phrases will not generate more sales for you, indirectly they help you in increasing your brand awareness and establishing your business as a leader and an authority in your industry.

When it comes to pay per click advertising you have no budget restrictions. In other words, you choose how much money to spend.

White Shark Media comes highly recommended and numerous clients rave about the fabulous results they have been getting. For the best returns on investment, contact White Shark Media right away to set up your campaign and start generating traffic to your website quickly.


Vincent Parascandola has offered investment revelation to the youthful entrepreneurs with the hope of coming victorious in the ever challenging business environments. His experimental success story cannot be narrated vividly, since he has had a long admirable profile, having been associated with offering administration to numerous entrepreneurial firms. To be honest, Vincent Parascandola’s education qualification has offered a strong base, putting into account his specialization in computer science at the Lubin business school, which is a branch of pace university. He has widely been accredited for his professionalism, having worked for more than 20 years in different firms while holding different supervisory roles.



From the year 1986 to 1988, Vincent Parasacandola worked as an analyst at Irving trust, working as the operator of the company’s systems. Currently, Parascandola offers services to AXA Advisors, LLC, which is a business firm known for their investment abilities. The company’s pride has relied in their ability to create employment opportunities which has currently stood at more than 5000 personnel around the United States of America. His leadership has been important in the progression of AXA. According to crunchbase, the company was listed among top financial firms in the United States thanks to his superb supervision. In strong regards to the future of AXA Advisors, it is considered that the company can reach a satisfactory milestone but most importantly with Vincent Parascandola as the deputy president and senior employee of the firm.



Vincent Parascandola ventured into finance industry as from the year 1988, working as the sales personnel to the insurance firm called Prudential. After very brief association with the company, he was hired to work for MONY Group for nearly 3 years as the manager in charge of the company’s sales. Due to his hard work, promotion was always at stake, where he was promoted, rising to be the managing director and later moving up to be the deputy president in charge of activities in the field. In the year 2005, Vincent Parascandola agreed employment terms with AXA Equitable, reveals At the company, Vincent Parascandola operated in numerous administrative roles among involves serving as the president of continental division. Subscribe Vincent’s to Vimeo channel.



Now and Forever with Market America Inc.

What do you want from life? Market America Inc. wants to make it happen for you, but first you have to make it happen within yourself. People like you are always waiting for their life to turn around, but Market America wants you to turn it around and bring it out for everyone to see. This is the secret to real lasting success, learning to make it come from within you and being able to share it with everyone you meet. Now is the time to get your party started, because Market America is coordinating events in your area and we hope to see you at one soon.

People love the vibe that Market America inspires in everyone it touches. As a business building opportunities organization, Market America cannot wait to get you going on the path to real success in life. Once upon a time is for people who don’t dream big enough, and Market America dreams really, really big. We can’t wait to see you in person and let you in on the secrets that have made many members lasting successful careers with financial independence. Putting down roots isn’t hard, when you are grounded in something that is lasting. Just like now and forever with Market America Inc.

A/B Testing is Here to Stay

According to, having been around for a long time, A/B testing couldn’t be fading away, thanks to the advances made in the artificial intelligence, it could be going to back of the line. Recently, at the eTail East conference that occurs annually and exhibition in Boston, the hall for exhibition was packed with companies that were promoting numerous versions of customer targeting, data analytics, plus most prominently, different AI-driven promises results. interviewed Sentient AI’s marketing director, Jeremy Miller to kick around the potential future and current status of the A/B testing old world concerning the AI new world. Miller said that in traditional formats of A/B testing, you have your control Versus an experiment. You run the experiment on your traffic; whichever design that’s going to perform better is the one you’ll use, which is the true and tried practice.

People have discovered six out of seven tests do not end in a positive result, so one has to put a lot of resources and energy trying to determine how you could increase conversions by the use of A/B testing. The conversion-focused product of Sentient known as Ascend allows marketers to test all their ideas at the same time instead of in a sequential, linear way. It’s having evolutionary algorithms and mimics the evolution process, taking all ideas plus does continuous optimization.

Two to three years, people started taking advantage of AI to help with testing methods and Miller says A/B testing would not go away anytime soon. He’s confident A/B testing is affirmatory. If you are looking for confirmation of a hypothesis, Miller said an A/B test could still provide certain values. You could be having a strong hypothesis that you need to check it it’s accurate, then A/B is a process of doing that. It is already decided what you think is right and you are just invalidating or validating.

When you are exploring, you are navigating toward the greatest possible conversion. You are exploring without limit or reservation to the mountain top to reach the highest peak versus only this local peak. An A/B test will get you that. You could be lucky with an A/B testing, but you did not make room for the probability that something else might have allowed it become better; the Sentient’s AI will eliminate the issue of wishing to get lucky.