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Imran Haque- Creating His Unique Medicine Niche in North Carolina

Dr Imran Haque believes that every business has its challenge and to strive you need a golden heart that embraces everyone. He advises keeping in touch with your friends, associates and friends is one way of acquiring long-lasting clients. Haque adds that having enough capital and working hard with goes long ways to making your business thrive. Dr. Imran believes that high-tech equipment and machinery play a vital role in making patients care smooth and manageable and it gives the doctor and patient enough time to bond. He states that multitasking is one habit that has made him a productive entrepreneur and it’s integrated into his daily life.

One thing Imran is careful about is people’s motives and says being kind is crucial but keeps off those who take advantage of your generosity. He believes that as an entrepreneur it’s important to be friendly to anyone you meet regardless of their background and his golden role to success is treat everyone equally. This will go a long way to building interpersonal relationships and building benevolent makes it easy to set a strong foundation of professional connections and clients networking.

Dr Haque finished his medical studies in 1998 with high honors at Santo Domingo prestigious University Universidad Iberoamerican. He later advanced his medical training at Roanoke-Salem Program for the Internal Medicine University of Virginia. As a young doctor, he believed that every patient needs to receive high-quality medical services and he received his North Caroling medical license.

Dr. Haque realized his dream at Horizon Internal Medicine his clinic that gives his patients right to the best treatment with in-office ultrasound and laboratory. At Horizon Internal Medicine he performs routine examinations, thorough check-ups that enable him to diagnose ailments and give effective treatment. He has over 15 years of internal medicine, and offers specific therapies and severs as North Carolina primary care physician. Through his corporation with different physicians and doctors, he has provided proper and accurate referrals to various specialists when needed making him the moved loved doctor in the area.

Bob Reina: The Product Really Works

So often in life, people have been beaten down and they don’t believe in anything anymore. Bob Reina finds it sad that people have come to that place in their life, but he understands it. He knows life has beaten them down and they feel like they have no answers to the problems that life has presented them. They don’t know where to turn or what to do in their life. They have simply run out of choices and run out of options. There is one out there they might have missed or they might have overlooked along the way. The company that I’m referring to is Talk Fusion, the video communications company. It has been around for a decade and it has made a world of difference in that time.


It is a company with video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. All of these video products are going to truly change the world and change it for the better. After all, Bob Reina, the former police officer, knows people are struggling and suffering. He wants to step in and do something about it for people. He wants to change their situation and change their lot in life. He wants to give them that second chance they have been craving.


He knows people are hungry for more out of life and they want to be the person they envisioned themselves being when they were growing up. However, they got lost along the way, but it is never too late for someone to forge a new path. Maybe they have always had a dream and a desire to accomplish something, but they thought it was unrealistic. Bob Reina does not believe in that line of thinking. He believes the world is there for the taking if someone wants it. With Talk Fusion, they can take it for themselves and they can run with it. Learn more:


Bob Reina and Talk Fusion are all about making their mark on people’s lives in the best possible way. People are incredibly grateful that Bob Reina has come into their lives with this product.


Talos Energy leading Mexicos first Non- Premex Exploration

Founded in 2012, Talos energy is an oil and gas firm that specializes in offshore hydro-carborn exploration and production in the United States gulf of Mexico region and also in offshore Mexico. Talos energy’s headquartered in Dallas, Texas and has between 51to 200 employees.


Talos is a partnership of two firms(Riverstone Holdings and Apollo global management), with an objective of buying oil and gas assets in the Mexican gulf and gulf coast in order to exploit, explore and optimize oil and gas assets in these areas. The firm also has a business development arm.

Mexican oil Expropriation of 1938

In 1938, the Mexican government issued a decree,creating a national oil company named Premex, it was given exclusivity concerning extraction, exploration and refining plus commercialization rights of all Mexican oil. This was after the foreign oil companies that were in operation at that time had wrangles and legal conflicts with various oil workers unions, resulting in workers going on strike, resulting in national oil shortages lasting upto over a week and more


The expropriation announcement declared that any oil or mineral reserves within Mexico, was property of the Mexican nation, thus resulted in nationalization of the private oil companies belong to the United States and Netherlands. The resulting backlash was a call by the companies for international boycott of all Mexican products, especially in the US, UK and Dutch.

First non – Pemex Exploration

Talos LLC. has become among the first privately owned companies to explore oil off the shores of Mexico since a joint venture with Premier oil (from London) and Mexico’s own Sierra oil and Gas, they began drilling of a well, named Zama-1 on May 21st, the first ever such exploration since 1938. Zama -1 is situated in TabascoState, at Sureste Basin, with an estimation of between 100-500 million barrels of crude oil. It is expected to cost $16 million and last about 90 days.


This exploration has gone to show how Talos is a leader in the oil and gas industry, it also operates the well and holds a 35% stake in the exploration venture.


Fabletics use Reverse Showrooming marketing strategy to take over the fashion industry

It calls for originality, intelligence, and creativity for a new brand such as Fabletics to compete in a crowded market where there are giants such as Amazon. Fabletics is not only succeeding in their online stores but also on their physical stores. The success that Fabletics is currently enjoying did not come on a silver plate. It is as a result of hard work and cutting-edge business strategy that has enabled them to win the trust of their customers.


It isn’t an easy task to succeed in reverse showrooming. In the recent past, we have witnessed a lot of fashion houses close their doors due to increased competition and lack of proper business plans. Most of the retail stores aren’t making profits since customers are visiting their physical stores to shop for outfits and then head home to order from the online stores where these outfits are cheaper. This trend has led to many fashion houses going bankrupt and ultimately closing their doors because they cannot sustain the business.


Fabletic’s genius strategy

It took Fabletics a lot of resources and numerous hours of research to come up with a marketing strategy known as ‘reverse showrooming’ that would help to reverse the trend witnessed in the clothing industry. As the name implies, the idea of reverse showrooming is simple but effective. The idea is not to let customers look for outfits in the stores and then order them from a cheaper online store. Instead, the customers look for outfits online and then visit the physical store to purchase their outfits. The main trick lies in engaging the customers and encouraging them to visit the store where they make their purchase.


Fabletics has mastered the art of reverse showrooming, and they are already experiencing a lot of success. The company utilizes various methods to woo customers to visit the physical stores where they can choose the outfit that meets their needs. A customer can take an online Lifestyle Quiz from the company’s website which helps them to choose the apparel that is best for him/her. The customer is then encouraged to visit the brick and mortar store to purchase the product.


The use reverse showrooming technique isn’t easy. It is mostly applied by companies that have excellent customer care services that give the customers utmost customer satisfaction. The strategy has successfully been implemented to top tech brands such as Apple and the Warby Parker. Fabletics has used the plan to increase the number of customers visiting their stores which has, in turn, increased their revenues. In 2017, the company reported sales revenues to the tune of $250 million. Fabletics is expanding the number of physical stores to serve the growing number of customers.

The Identity and Management Solution for Manufacturers

OneLogin is a more efficient, and a secure platform that offers simplified identity and access management (IAM) systems. It utilizes cloud technology and is trusted by thousands of customers. OneLogin identity management software streamlines IAM through single sign-on (SSO) across all device types.

Businesses use OneLogin to secure their data, increase IT administration and end users efficiencies. OneLogin provides two-factor authentication for one-click access on smartphones and tablets. Moreover, real-time directory synchronization provides the extra layer of protection.

Once logged in, you’ll receive instant access to your favorite apps such as Office 365, AWS, G Suite, and Workday and over 5,000 pre-integrated applications, all in a secure and straightforward one-click access.

Manufacturers are turning to Cloud-Based IAM

Modern manufacturing organizations continue to look towards cloud technologies to make their businesses efficient and further drive the organization to success. To be precise, they seek to enhance or incorporate speed and agility across their supply chains, improve network and data security, and simplify identity management at the lowest possible cost.

However, most manufacturers still use on-premises identity management systems that have sufficed as solutions for 20 years. These systems, presently, create challenges for organizations today that need to be swiftly addressed. Some of the challenges include:

  1. Inefficiency in the Supply Chain

Manufacturers work with many vendors across the complex supply chain, and the manual interaction is slow translating to low productivity and furthermore, lost competitive advantage.

  1. Risky Sensitive Data

Phishing attacks on manufacturers’ data are frequent with the old systems. Sensitive data like blueprints, schematics, financials, business plans, partner agreements, M&A data and NPI documentation are often the targets.

  1. High Costs and Lost Productivity

As mentioned earlier, manufacturers face low productivity with these old systems and moreover, are under pressure to reduce operating costs. This form of attrition slows down IT operations and user productivity with consistent password-reset support tickets.

Each of the aforementioned challenges is easily addressed with a cloud-based IAM solutions, and OneLogin is the answer to this predicament. OneLogin provides secure, faster and efficient access management with the use of a single log in information.

Susan McGalla Is Evidence That Women Can Be Leaders

Research indicates that those businesses which consider gender-diversity have a 15 percent likelihood of outcompeting other firms. Besides, there is a 35 percent probability of ethnically-diverse institutions to outdo their peers. The reason behind the exceptional performance lies in the idea that those companies will be open to new and multiple perspectives. Nevertheless, women hold a small percentage of positions in companies.

There exist numerous ladies that fight for the top positions within companies. Also, there are other women such as McGalla, who assists in leading the way for women leaders. Susan McGalla credits her background as the only daughter in a family of two brothers with a football coach father. She was not favored as a girl but had to work for whatever she yearned. The experience of going for whatever she could want is what makes her attain success in life with her holding many leadership positions. She managed to climb the ranks of a male-dominated company, the American Eagle Outfitters.

The many women initiatives and networks in existence try to offer a platform for planning and strategizing women’s businesses. The actions also allow women leaders to meet and share ideas. However, the networks alone are not enough to solve the issue of few women in leadership. One of the solutions that can solve the problem is executive sponsorship.

Business Strategy and Creative Development has the privilege of working with Susan P. McGalla as their VP. McGalla is also the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC which offers advisory services to the financial community. Susan provides expert consultation on marketing, branding, operational efficiencies and talent management.

Susan is a woman and leader with autonomy over her career. She works hard, maintains flexibility, and relentlessly pursues her passions. McGalla maintains that her gender was not a factor in the goals of her career. She encourages more women to take up the mantle of leadership.

Equites First Holding- News

Equities First Holding is a successful company to help you gain access to capital. It’s a financial institution that specialize in loans and for businesses to meet their money goals. This global company also offer marginal loans at affordable rates.

Equities First Holdings mission is to help company’s recover from any financial crisis and to invest for their future. The loan process is fast and easy to apply for. If your company is at risk or facing any financial woes, Equities First Holdings experts are there to serve every client from start to finish. It is important to the success of any company to continue to strive for financial growth.

Market America Convention 2017 Recognizes Great Achievements and Supports Entrepreneurs

Market America Convention 2017 allowed a fantastic way for entrepreneurs to learn and grow within the online sales market. The convention was available to thousands of independent partners who have a passion for business and a desire to take their life to a higher level. Independent partners succeed with a self-determining attitude and self-driven mindset, which is a great way for them to stay motivated and produce effective results. However, they have an enormous amount of committed support from the company to accomplish their personal business goals and reach as high as they choose. Market America Convention 2017 empowered independent partners to remain focused and determined with their individual goals.

From the moment thousands of attendees arrived at the convention, there was an abundance of enthusiasm in the atmosphere that was exciting and captivating. Team members arrived with the same color tee-shirts with huge smiles and anticipation to support one another. The convention provided a perfect opportunity for independent partners to engage with individuals from all over the world and walk away with new business contacts and even new friends. There was an award ceremony, which recognized the achievements done by several of those who attended the convention; presenting them with gifts and plaques for their extraordinary accomplishments. The ceremony was also a reminder to everyone to stay hopeful, stay encouraged and above all else to never give up and more

Market America Inc. has been in the retail industry since 1992. The company has created the type of supportive environment that encourages entrepreneurs to dream big and to fulfill their destiny with a can-do attitude. With a big belief system that everything is within a person’s personal power to achieve, and 25 years of entrepreneurial success, the company gives independent partners the



Role of rights groups in the society

The role of human rights groups in the society has been very important for a very long time now. Since the era of the great northern trade when slaves were taken from Africa to the United States, the issue of human rights took root.

Human rights movements who were against this discriminatory move wanted to change the situation by condemning the various acts of torture that the slaves were being taken through. Since then human rights groups in the United States have been part of the society.

These are organizations which ensure that the government does not enact laws that are discriminatory to the people.

Almost every country in the world has organizations that check the government against excesses that may happen. These groups have a responsibility of bringing the issues to the attention of the international community. It is only through the acts of speaking out against human rights violations that such issues can be handled. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Human right organizations can be found at various level, from the community level to international. Community base human rights groups work alongside the international groups to ensure that the fight against human rights is universal. The groups then come together to condemn issues that may be happening in any part of the world.

The fight against human rights have no boundary, human rights are universal, and no none should be denied his or her rights due to cases of difference in nationality, color, gender age or any other reason. Even if one is an immigrant, the rights must apply. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Human rights know no boundary. According to the UN charter of 1948, every person in the world has a right to be protected by the human rights. In many countries, human rights are included as part of the law of the land. For instance, for anyone on the U.S soil, he or she is protected by the constitution.

Different approaches are taken by rights groups in the quest for justice. Some will deal with investigating and highlighting the issues that are wrong while others will go the extra step of taking legal action against groups that violate the rights of others.

Some rights groups, especially in the United States, offer pro bono services to victims of discrimination.

Most people whose human rights are violated are the poor and the vulnerable in the society.

These are people who cannot afford to hire or pay for a lawyer on their own. With the rigid and complex legal system that exists today, it is almost impossible to win a case in a court of law without a lawyer.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

When Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were jailed by a jury decision, they never thought that was to be the turning point in their lives as human rights activities. They had been arrested and jailed for writing about Sheriff Arpaio.

They appealed the case, and the courts found them not guilty. The state was asked to compensate them with a total of $3.75 million. After this settlement, they vowed to give back to the community by supporting activities of migrant rights groups that are active in the state of Arizona.

Wild Ark Highlights the Importance of Ecotourism

Every year, thousands of people flock to destinations all over the planet hoping to view nature’s beauty. Perhaps they will catch a glimpse of local wildlife, or see the stars in the unsullied night sky. Unfortunately more tourism often means more garbage, more consumption, and more fossil fuel usage in these destinations. Tourism has even led to damage and destruction of some of the world’s most precious places. Yellowstone National Park is one location that has seen a great deal of tourist damage. The famous Morning Glory pool has changed colors due to people throwing trash into it. That is not the only damage that has been done. For decades, people have used many of the park’s geysers as trash cans.


In response to this trend, environmentally conscious people have started dabbling in ecotourism, a type of travel that focuses on leaving the smallest human imprint possible while still enjoying the wonders of the world. Destinations that have suffered climate change and landmark destruction hope to reverse the damage by offering more environmentally conscious tourism options. Today, tourists can take advantage of sustainable accommodations and ecotourism excursions in The Galapagos Islands, Kenya, and even the Amazon Rainforest.


If you are interested in learning about more sustainable tourism options, one organization to follow is Wild Ark. Founded in 2016 by conservationists Mark and Sophie Hutchinson, the company hopes to allow people to connect with nature while simultaneously preserving it. Their team is comprised of people who share the Hutchinson’s love of the environment and deep desire to protect it. Learn more:


Their website offers information on Wild Ark Adventures, handpicked tourism options that are focused on sustainability, ecotourism, or education. Currently, there are offerings listed in Alaska, South Africa, Botswana, and Kenya. Check out the journal section on Wild Ark’s website for advice on finding nature in cities.


Engaging in conservation and eco-conscious tourism is vital to protecting our planet’s biodiversity. Wild Ark brings together the ability to enjoy nature and the importance of sustainability. They are the future of world tourism.