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Donald Trump Uses Twitter to Propel His Campaign

Love him or hate him, it is very hard to deny the enormous impact that Twitter has had on the presidential campaign of real estate mogul Donald Trump. The Republican nominee has used the social media platform to share his opinions and vent his frustrations on a wide variety of issues throughout the course of his campaign. Trump has developed a reputation for sending out tweets very early in the morning. What makes Trump’s tweets so interesting is that they are done by him. He does not use members of his staff to send out very carefully constructed tweets like the vast majority of other politicians. Trump has embraced social media in a way that no other candidate for a major American political office has done before.


Trump’s tweets have often caused a stir in the media. However, the social media platform has enabled Trump to immediately chime in on various topics instead of having to wait for his next campaign speech. Members of Trump’s own party have frequently criticized Trump for the tweets he sends out. Many fellow Republicans believe that Trump should learn to censor himself and be more careful about what he says on social media. However, their advice does not seem to have taken hold.  Will he be able to win the presidency?


Why Makari is Just Right for You

Have you ever noticed someone with just great skin and felt a positive glow from them? That beauty for most does not come without an effective skin care routine. This is where Makari comes into help bring out the very best whiter and lighter skin.

Makari understands that not everyone is the same.  They have also made extraordinary improvements with products for men and women of color a demographic that long has been ignored in the industry. To show the extent they are committed to finding you the right products you can contact them directly on their website and they will assist you to get the proper product for you. Talk about customer service!

The commitment to excellence that Makari shows is highlighted in their excellent line of skin whitening creams. This excellent line has been developed to create a brighter skin with an even tone. No more dark spots that bother you every time you look in the mirror just an even lighter tone. Now won’t that give you an extra bounce in your step in the morning?

Makari in their search for proper ingredients with their products has gone to natural products such as caviar, argan oil, and carrot oil.

Makari is out to set the standard of excellence with natural products in the skincare world. With customer service representatives, ready to answer your every question and guide you to the best product for you, what are you waiting for?

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How The Midas Legacy Is Impacting Business And The Society At Large

The Midas Legacy is a well-established company that deals with investment advisory and wealth management services. As part of their program, they also support clients in the process of embracing retirement by offering them information that may be useful to prevent making the wrong choices for their retirement.

They work with renowned business professionals and successful entrepreneurs to offer clients advice on managing their businesses and wealth. The Midas Legacy is about enhancing the overall well-being of individuals and businesses, so they also invest in offering health related advice and recommendations that are useful when picking a diet.

Expert advice
The company invites some of the most trusted experts in the business world to offer advice to clients on a number of issues. One of the persons selected for this duty is Sean Bower, who offers readers useful information about the real estate industry and the way insurance firms are controlling business. He edifies his readers on matters about the Federal Reserve and how the body may affect their businesses according to the trends in the market.

Bower has contributed many articles to the Wall Street Informers touching on international economies and the effect of interest rates on insurance firms when making decisions. At The Midas Legacy, Bower publishes articles on the column Unlock Your Secrets, which is hosted on the company’s website.

Fueling success among customers
The main goal that drives The Midas Legacy is enhancing the achievement of success among its customers. Through The Midas Code, clients are able to learn about different fields and are equipped with a unique experience that allows them to understand how to better plan and manage their lives.

Social responsibility
These charities include the Give Hope Foundation, which was established to help Central Florida families in the battle against childhood cancer. The Midas Legacy is a regular contributor and they also offer technical support that is necessary in running the organization.

Also in their list of foundations they support is the Florida Sheriffs Association, which has given The Midas Legacy Gold membership status for the huge donations the company has been offering to the association. Other organizations that benefit from The Midas Legacy include The Salvation Army, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the Wounded Warrior Project.

Seattle Genetics to Increase its Therapies

Clay Siegall is currently the Chief Executive Officer and President of Seattle Genetics. Clay co-founded Seattle Genetics in the year 1998, and since then, he has also served as the Chairman of the board of directors. The company has worked under the leadership of Dr. Siegall to develop a diverse portfolio of preclinical and clinical products that target several cancers and other autoimmune indications.
Seattle Genetics is now leading in the antibody technologies. The first drug from the firm is known as Adcetris. The antibody conjugate from the institution is doing quite well in the market, and it is also helping many people in more than sixty countries in dealing with cancer.

Clay Siegall is also responsible for raising capital for Seattle Genetics. He has led several capital raising operations for the institutions, managing to secure over three hundred and thirty million dollars in both private and public financing.

Apart from raising capital for the company, Clay Siegall has led the company to enter into several strategic collaborations such as the exclusive international partnerships agreement with the Genentech got SGN-40 that was valued at over eight hundred and sixty million dollars and the progenies that have brought over sixty million dollars.

Joe Biden, the Vice President of the United States visited the Seattle Genetics region to recognize the efforts of the company. The visit brought the company into the limelight, and several projects of the company came up. The institution issued a statement concerning its future plans.

The CEO of the biotechnology company announced that Seattle Genetics was going to develop twelve therapies that would be used to treat different types of cancers affecting consumers in the modern times. Clay Siegall revealed that his company was testing its first drug first, and it the tests is positive, and the rest will be introduced soon.

Seattle Genetics will also be increasing its employees in the recent future to ensure that the production of the new drugs is successful.

Order Food Right From Your Facebook!

Just when you think Facebook can’t come out with any new features, they surprise us all. Their newest feature involves food. People can now have a quick and easy way to order food right from their Facebook. This is a genius idea because so many people are already on Facebook anyway.


According to Reddit, people in forty cities are able to utilize this feature. All they have to do is browse Facebook pages of restaurants that they like. The new feature allows restaurants to show their menus and people can order directly from their page. This is great for businesses for a variety of reasons. For one, it will lead to more views and likes on their page. It will also lead to more revenue because existing fans will start ordering food right from the page! They might not even realize they’re hungry but once they see the ease of ordering, they’ll do it.


This is a great partnership between Facebook and local businesses. After this, it’s interesting to see what Facebook will come out with next. Perhaps clothing and retail pages will follow suit and people can order right from their pages. Either way, this is truly a great idea. It’s something that will generate a lot of revenue and help people out who want to quickly order food. If successful, it’s likely that other cities will implement this as well. Who knows, maybe this will become the way of the future.


I’m Proud To Call Myself A FreedomPop Customer

I was experiencing a major crisis when my phone company shut off my cell phone plan. I made my payments every month on time for years, and the one time when things went wrong, they cut off my service. I had made arrangements to make a payment within two days, but it looks as if the person who cut off my phone didn’t get the memo, and they left me without service. I just had a death in the family and needed to make phone calls, and they couldn’t have cut off my phone at a worse time. I decided that I would never go back to that company again.

I chose FreedomPop as my service provider because I read a great FreedomPop review that gave me all the ammunition I needed to switch. Even though my previous company was asking me to come back after I paid my final bill, I explained to them how they had emotionally crippled me at the worst time by shutting off my phone and not communicating with their staff, so I never looked back and left them for good.

I have a phone that takes a very small sim card, so I was wondering how they would accommodate me when I ordered a sim card online. It turns out that their sim card is 3-in-1 and only has to be fit properly into the phone, so their sim card will fit any phone. I received the sim card within a matter of days and was able to start using my plan, which was the unlimited plan for $19.99.

I get to talk to anyone at any time, I can text anyone that I want, and my data is unlimited as well, even though I have only one gigabyte of 4G LTE data. The only thing I really use my data for is to operate the GPS that’s on my phone, and I only need the GPS once in a while, so the data I get from FreedomPop is good enough. I can’t believe I was paying three times as much money to another company, but FreedomPop is able to offer me the same great services for a fraction of what I used to pay.

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Facebook Workplace Brings Organizations Closer Together

Just about everyone who has ever used the internet has been on the social media site Facebook. This social media giant is now helping co-workers stay more connected at their place of work. With Facebook Workplace, companies can stay more connected by giving their employees access to what is essentially their own company’s private Facebook. This separate Facebook account allows employees to stay up to date on all of the important updates at work without being distracted by their fast-paced social life. This new version of Facebook also solves the problem of employees constantly wasting time on this addictive social media site.


BuzzFeed reports that you do not need an existing Facebook account in order to sign up for a Facebook Workplace account. This opens up a whole new userbase for this already popular social media platform. The main feature of this app is to help employees stay connected. With video and voice calls, employees will be able to adhere more closely to workplace policies that frown upon cellphone use.


Facebook Workplace has also developed a highly advanced app that will allow employees who are on the run to stay in touch with everything that is happening at the office. This new social media is an ad-free platform that is very affordable for organizations. At only a few dollars per active user, this makes investing in Workplace a no-brainer.


France Is Gearing Up To Tax Social Media Platforms: A New “YouTube Tax” Passed The National Assembly

A so-called “YouTube tax” could soon become law in the French Republic. Members of France’s National Assembly recently passed a law that would slap a 2 percent levy on all streaming videos from the social media video-sharing giant. While this law passed the National Assembly, it still has a ways to go before becoming the law of the land.


Since this tax would apply to all streaming videos, the 2 percent levy would also be applied to videos on Vimeo and Netflix. Lawmakers went even further and said they would levy a 10 percent tax on any video deemed either pornographic or excessively violent. However, French authorities did say they would give a break to smaller YouTube channels.


The most recent example is the tech company Apple, which many EU countries believe is cheating on their taxes. France is now trying to get Apple to pay $14.5 billion in back taxes. The USA, however, is standing behind Apple and refusing to pay Europe.


French lawmakers said the new law would make the tax system more just. They believe this measure can help collect the right amount of taxes from tech companies that often get off the hook. In addition to YouTube, lawmakers are keen on creating measures to collect taxes more efficiently from Facebook, Google, and Amazon.


As of today, the specifics of this law are still murky. Lawmakers say that all of the taxes will go into either the French Ministry of Culture or the National Center for Cinema, but they do not yet know how exactly the taxes will be enforced and collected.


The law has to pass the European Council, and the last time France sent them a proposal like this (which was in 2010) it was shot down.



Social Media Can Help You Sell Your Products

Today, social media rules the world. There are so many ways to use it that for some, it is essential to daily life. For businesses, this is definitely true. If you haven’t been using social media to sell your products, you’ve been missing out.


  1. Know who your customers are.

This can be a challenge when many companies and businesses don’t even know how many customers they have, let alone who they are or what they’re like. Send out feelers, ask for emails, request surveys and see how often you can get feedback.


  1. Speak directly to those customers with your content.

This is the vital part. When creating customers, have the customer base from part one in mind at all times. If your customers are young twenty-somethings who are single and love to go out on the weekends, don’t try to make them laugh with sports gags or lure them in with coupons to fast food. You need to play to their likes and preferences, which means that you’ll definitely need to focus a lot of time on step one.


  1. Present a call to action.

Now that you know you must know who your customers are and speak directly to your customers, you must also keep in mind that you can’t just leave them hanging right here. Instead, deliver a crisp call to action that directly asks them to buy your product.


No One Size Fits All Model When It Comes To Businesses And Social Media

Anyone who runs a business knows how crucial social media is to the overall success of it. That’s because social media is a big factor and people’s everyday lives. It’s how they get information, the good and bad, about a place. This can be overwhelming for a lot of businesses especially the ones just starting out. A business can be overwhelmed with all the different platforms that are out there and will try too hard to be on all of them. This will cause them to spread themselves too thin which isn’t good for business.


According to the Huffington Post, a business should instead choose one social media platform and get really good at utilizing it. There are many to choose from such as Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram to just name a few. According to the article, the platform a business chooses depends entirely on their target audience. If they have a service that is geared towards an older crowd then it might be wise for them to choose Facebook. Millenials tend to congregate towards Snapchat. It all comes down to demographics and figuring out which platform your target audience uses.


The type of service offered also needs to play a role. A hair salon would do awesome on Instagram because then the business can show off all of the hairstyles that they’ve accomplished.


Overall, every business will have a different social media strategy because no two businesses are the same. Yes, it is true that all businesses need to get on social media but there is truly no one size fits all model. What social media a platform a person chooses depends entirely on who their target clientele is and what kind of services that they offer. It’s important to zone in on one platform and really develop a following there. This well help your overall business be successful and reach as many people as possible.