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Social Media Campaigns That Made Tons Of Money

The Coca Cola Remove Labels was a social media campaign that was spread around Youtube in 2015 in the UAE. The commercial featured a heavy metal rock star, a tattooed scientist and other interesting characters dining at a dinner table. The message of the commercial was to label food products, but not people.


The Scoot social matrix was a social media campaign by Singapore Airlines on Youtube and Facebook. They researched the demographics of different types of travelers in Australia and made videos advertising certain niche destinations. The campaign was a success and their flight sales were boosted by over 157 percent.


The Toy Testers campaign was promoted by Tesco in the United Kingdom. They promoted their toy selection in their videos during the holiday season. The series of videos successfully raised their toy sales during the holiday season.


The UK Bank made multiple videos that were spread via social media. The videos explained the various financial products that the bank had to offer and why they were a better choice over the competition. The bank boosted their overall sales for that year.


The UAE financial institution, Emirates NBD, made Facebook campaigns promoting saving for newly married couples. They spread image manipulation applications that showed what couples may look like in 30 years. The company had a significant increase in sales after their campaign.


Pepsi launched the Longthroat campaign in Nigeria through social media sites. The campaign took the term longthroat, which means the longing for success in the country, and related it to their new long bottle shape. The campaign boosted sales by more than 60 percent.

Social Media No-Nos For Business Owners

These days, most people are using social media to promote their business. While social media can help you boost your business, you may be doing things that are hurting your business. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is setting up a page and not putting anything on it.


Inconsistent posting is another mistake that business owners make. It will be easier for your audience to find and follow you if you have a regular posting schedule. Posting another user’s content without permission is something else that you should not do. Make sure that you respond to comments in a timely manner. You show your customers that their input matters when you respond to them.


You want to publish more than just your promotions and sales. It is estimated that 57.5 percent of people are turned off by promotions on social media. Your social media page should focus on building the trust of your customers.


You should not treat your business page the same way that you treat your personal page. Buying fake followers is another bad idea. You also want to avoid using too many hashtags. If the hashtags are irrelevant, then this can also work against you. Additionally, you should not auto direct-message your followers on Twitter. Most people do not like to be spammed. Send someone a personal note if you want to thank them.


Don Ressler And Adam Goldenberg’s Eagerness To Bring Excitement To Fashion


There seems to be some kind of renaissance in the fashion industry. For one thing, more people are taking an interest in fashion. Some of it has to do with the new designs that are coming forth. However, there are the people that seem to believe that the right clothes can influence their moods and their sense of self. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg seem to be some of the people that are involved in this renaissance. They are bringing forth new styles even to areas that have been stagnant about style. This is one of the reasons that there seems to be an increase in sales.


One thing that Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler seem to be doing is building brands for areas that need a breath of life in them. Among the areas of fashion they have touched is athletic wear for women. While women generally have a wide diversity of styles available to them, this seems to stop with athletic wear. As a matter of fact, Don told Brandettes that athletic wear for women is comparable to fashion for men. The clothes are all design based on function with little to no attention paid to the aesthetic of the clothing.


Adam and Don are very interested in reaching every customer they can. While they have started with women, they have also expanded to men. For one thing, more men have started to take an interest in fashion. Some men are even anxious for new designs. Therefore, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have even done what they can to reach the market. One thing they have done was expand Fabletics to include a line for men.


Fashion and style is in a state of change. Athleisure is the sign of the type of growth that is needed in fashion. Even plus sized women are able to enjoy some of the styles that Fabletics offers. After all, everyone has a right to find something that is unique in which they like. This is part of the reason that fashion has become exciting for people to take part in. People will find a new and exciting self image with fashion.  Read more about Don Ressler via his CrunchBase page here:

Creating Personalized Experiences Gets Easier

For social media-reliant businesses, getting an edge with online customers is imperative. One of the leaders in the field of personalized marketing technologies is Dynamic Yield. TechCrunch reports that the organization received $22 million in series C funding. The company already works with high caliber clients like Rolling Stone magazine, Sephora and Under Armour. What makes the technology so compelling, and relevant, is its ability to place multiple tools at marketers’ fingertips. Dynamic Yield’s suite includes the ability to run A/B tests, and to pull personalized data information from mobile apps, web and online advertising. This information is then used to create personalized ad campaigns.


Researchers have found that certain images work better for female customers versus male customers and this kind of information can help marketers create banners and imagery that best appeals to their target demographic. Studies have shown that personalized marketing campaigns improve a company’s ROI.


Dynamic Yield is not the only company looking to data mining technologies to leverage ad campaign creationa, but so far it is the biggest and one of the best funded. Small business owners looking to create personalized experiences for their customers might not be in the position to make use of Dynamic Yield’s platform but can turn to free tools like Optimizely or Hubspot, which are highly flexible. Although these platforms and services don’t offer the same level of detail that Dynamic Yield promises, they are free. Free makes for a good return on investment, no matter your business’ size.


Why You Should Consider Refinancing Your Car

It may seem beneficial to refinance the loan of your car at times. One of the reasons that a person might decide to refinance their automobile is because the interests rates are low, and they may try to take advantage of that. I might reconsider refinancing my car loan if I bought the car a few years back when the interest rates were higher. This is for purposes of acquiring a better rate and slash my payments. My payment will be reduced by doing so although the most important thing is that the amount of interest I had to pay for the loan will be reduced.


It is important to evaluate whether your credit situation has substantially improved compared to the time you purchased the car before you choose to refinance your car. It is likely that your interest rate will go down if your credit has improved. This means that the monthly payment will be lower and you will have to pay less in interest.


You may also consider refinancing your car in order to get a shorter loan term. This suits drivers who have experienced significant changes in their finances. It might be wise to refinance your car loan to shorten the repayment term if you got a promotion or a new job with better pay compared to before. It is important to note that you should inform your lender the moment you decide to refinance your car loan. Your current bank may also agree to lower your interest rate or make your term short. You can begin the process of shopping for a new lender by checking with different lenders either in person or online.


An example of such lenders is Ignition Financial which is a refinance loan provider. The loan advisors at the firm have the knowledge on how to match clients with best solutions in auto loan financing. Ignition Financial will help you refinance your car among other services depending on the type of auto loan you need.


Refinancing your car may be very helpful in case you are in a tight economy and require cutting your monthly bills. The finance experts at Ignition Financial know the lenders that are giving interest rates that are competitive and loan terms that are flexible. The firm also has a car loan calculator that enables you to adjust terms together with down payment so as to determine the payment that fits your budget.

Capital Group’s New CEO: A Man of Extraordinary Talents

Finding the perfect career is hard for most people. Many jump around from one job to another. There are the rare few that find what they love right off the bat. Timothy Armour is one of those individuals. He has spent over three decades working in the finance industry. All thirty-three years of Timothy Armour’s career have been spent at Capital Group. Shortly after receiving his bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College, Timothy was accepted into Capital’s Associates Program.

After completing the program, Timothy Armour began working as an equity investment analyst. His job was covering global telecommunications and U.S. service businesses. Spending so many years at Capital Group has made Timothy one of the most venerated employees Capital has ever had. Timothy started from the bottom of Capital’s totem and worked his way to the very top. One of the greatest highlights in Armour’s career was being named Chairman of Capital Group’s Management Committee. But Timothy’s career would quickly rise to new heights.

Recently, Capital’s Board of Directors had a difficult decision to make. Promoting someone to Chairman of the whole company is not an easy task. There are many things to consider besides picking the best resume. The board needed someone that it knew could accept all the responsibilities that come along with being Chairman. The person chosen as the new chairman was Timothy Armour. Tim would not be leaving his duties as chairman of the Management Committee.

Tim, along with several other senior members, has been given new responsibilities to test his worth. The board chose Tim from a list of possible candidates, none of who have what Tim has. Aside from Timothy Amour’s outstanding record at Capital, he also worked very closely with the former chairman, Jim Rothenberg. Jim’s passing shocked the company to its foundation. The board hoped that electing Armour would return the company to its former glory.

After accepting the chairman position, Tim spoke about how affected the company was, having lost Jim Rothenberg. Rothenberg was a big part of Capital’s former glory. Rothenberg taught Tim how to think about the clients’ long-term interests. Although Tim is still mourning the loss of a dear friend, he has begun looking to the future. Using his management committee talents, he began making moves that would continue Capital Group’s 84-year legacy.

German Government Seeks to Fine Away Fake News on Social Media

Germany’s coalition is seeking to legislate the trend of proliferating lies and propaganda through social media. Should the measure, planned for a vote in early 2017, pass, the government would fine Facebook and other major social media platforms up to €500,000.


Social Democratic Party chair Thomas Opperman commented that each major platform would be required to build a legal protection office within its country. The office would also necessitate accessibility every hour of every day. He went on to state that should Facebook fail to remove the offensive message after 24 hours, then individual fines would be issued. Additionally, the subject of any fake news could seek a correction to be published at the same degree of importance.


In light of its commitment to outsource fact checking efforts, Facebook commented that it took the proliferation of false information seriously. Representatives for the media platform went on to say that they were working with politicians and experts to refine the process and that Facebook already offered several new applications to combat false information.


Other German politicians have commented that, being outside the umbrella of free speech, defamation and malicious gossip should be thoroughly prosecuted. Germany’s libel laws can incarcerate perpetrators for up to half a decade. Martin Schulz, president of the European Parliament, has called for stronger legislation that would allow the entire EU to fine offenders. Germany’s worries over false news may be partly driven by fears that it could detrimentally affect its upcoming election similarly to the United States.


Troy McQuagge Gets Rewarded for His Exemplary Work

Troy McQuagge is the CEO of USHEALTH Group. He has been termed as the Gold Winner “CEO of the Year” at the One Planet Awards. The prestigious One Planet Awards is an international premier awards program. It honors both professional and business excellence across all industries in the whole world. The awards program allows organizations from every part of the world to submit their nominations including small or big, private or public, profit or non-profits, and new start-ups. It was in 2010 that Troy began working at USHEALTH where he immediately began the work of transforming the company by re-building the company’s distribution agency first. He successfully managed to re-tool Advisors of the enterprise. This is what led to his election in 2014 as the CEO and President of USHEALTH Group, Inc.

Troy has registered incredible growth, success, and profitability in the health insurance industry while working at USHEALTH Group which is highly competitive. Troy said that it was a tremendous honor for him to be recognized by One Planet Awards and to receive the coveted price and esteemed peer recognition according to the article released by PRNewswire. He added that the award was not for him but for everyone who serves at USHEALTH Group, Inc. Troy said that the award came as a testament to the ongoing commitment by USHEALTH Group to solve the affordability healthcare for customers by offering them new coverage that can grow together with their healthcare needs. The One Planet Awards program currently recognizes categories in sections such as Marketing, Executives, PR, new products and services, corporate communications, teams, and all organizations in the entire world. USHEALTH Group, Inc. is based in Ft. Worth, Texas. It is an insurance holding company that is committed to offering new health coverage for small business owners and individuals who are self-employed.

Troy McQuagge holds a Bachelor’s degree which he earned from the University of Central Florida. He has acquired extensive experience and expertise during the many years he has been in practice. Troy has more than 30 years of work experience. He is termed as a driven and dynamic sales and insurance expert. He is known to achieve exceptional results in environments which are highly competitive including turnarounds, start-ups, and high-growth companies. Troy can offer decisive motivation and leadership to cross-cultural and multi-functional teams. Troy has world-class communication skills. He has been able to put this into practice at USHEALTH Group, Inc. Troy’s hard work and commitment have earned him a reputation as a very reliable and efficient sales and insurance professional with worldwide recognition. He continues to steer USHEALTH Advisors to greater heights by continuing to implement the company’s strategic plans.

The Charity Activities of Jason Halpern and JMH Development

Jason Halpern is a highly experienced expert in the development of real estates. He has been offering his services through his company, JMH Development, which is based in Brooklyn, New York. He currently serves the firm as its managing director. Mr. Halpern’s has a long history in the real estate industry since his family has been involved in the sector for more than five decades. They owned a third generation firm that that has built and owned property in New York. Their record is outstanding in the construction of residential premises in both the Westchester County and New York. JMH Development has significantly large business spaces that it has constructed in the Westchester County. Jason’s long service in the industry has enabled him to acquire sufficient skills in developing revolutionary buildings in various cities. He is a highly focused individual and has strived to make his enterprise successful.

Mr. Halpern is an acknowledged Guru in the real estate business. He has built himself and excellent reputation and a niche in the industry due to the passion that he has developed for his career. Jason has constructed buildings in various regions, and he creates healthy relationships with the people of those areas. This has done his work to be considered as outstanding. JMH appreciates and supports the communities that work with it. JMH Development‘s construction solutions are comprehensive, and they focus on the building of both commercial and residential property in the United States. The firm has been using creativity to construct lavish housing that mainly targets the high-end markets in Miami, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. Jason is knowledgeable about various real estate markets.

Mr. Halpern is not only focused on business, but he has also been giving back to the community in different ways. He has donated significant resources that have been facilitating the operations of the Westchester Medical Center-based Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center. The organization runs a well-equipped Level 1 Trauma Facility that is served by highly trained doctors. The primary services that the hospital offers to the community are complex emergency neurosurgery, fixing dislocated limbs, open-heart surgery, and orthopedic surgery. It also cares for pregnant women, burn victims, children, and individuals who suffer from internal injuries.

Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern’s company, JMH Development, is also involved in charity activities across the world. It recently collaborated with the global water non-profit company to offer clean water to locals in Ethiopia and Nepal. Its project is constructed by the Splash and Relief Society of Tigray. The company committed itself to donating $20,000 for every tender that it wins to build in the Miami’s Three Hundred Collins. The project has currently benefited more than 650 households in the two countries, and its will keep growing.

Social Media Business Etiquette for 2017

Predictions are being made about the significant role that social media will continue to play within the enterprise world in 2017, and many analysts are urging business owners to learn from mistakes made in 2016 to ensure they never happen again.


The most obvious example of the need for proper social media etiquette is the Twitter account of President-elect Donald Trump, who is infamous for being combative, quirky and less than refined when posting new updates. Such was the case on December 17, when he sent an early morning tweet that embarrassingly misspelled “unprecedented” as “unpresidented.”


According to a December article published by, business owners will have to be extra careful about their use of social media in 2017. Proper spelling and grammar is just one of the important rules in this regard; other rules worth mentioning include:


– Establishing social media accounts that are never used. Business owners should not place their companies on social media unless they can commit to being active.


– Using content created by others without their permission. This does not include sharing updates originally posted by those who are in the same social circles; it refers to copyrighted content.


– Treating social media accounts like echo chambers. This means ignoring direct messages and not responding to comments. If a retailer only posts advertisements and promotions, followers will quickly ignore the company.


– Not adhering to a plan or editorial calendar. Social media should be approached with a strategy that has been formulated according to market conditions, industry and consumer profile.