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Goal-driven Metrics are the Key to Social Media Marketing

For a decade now, company managers have talked about the importance of having a social media presence. Given the recent growth social networks, the focus seems prescient. However, companies have not done a good job of using social networks for business purposes. If they are honest with themselves, though, most corporate leaders still cannot measure the impact of their social media campaigns.

Forbes has published the results of a study conducted by two Duke University MBA students, which recommends a strategy for evaluating social media campaigns. Recognizing that only 15% of marketers report being able to quantify the impact of social media, the students urge marketers to employ “goal-driven metrics” that are tightly connected to desired outcomes.

Like so many best practices in business, this approach requires discipline and strategic thinking. It is not enough for a company to simply gain a social media presence. To be successful online, companies must transition from social dabbling to strategic development of social assets. They must use social media to accomplish goals that matter, while carefully tracking the results.

What goals can social media accomplish for a business, though? There are many answers to this question, including creating awareness of new products and service, building customer loyalty through engagement, and evaluating products and services by obtaining customer feedback. Managers must decide which social media goals are most valuable and most easily obtained.

The days of hiring a social media person or two to manage a company’s Twitter and Facebook accounts are gone. Today, corporate social media engagement requires a coherent business strategy that relates to goals that matter to the company. It is not easy, but it can be valuable if done right.


Facebook Has Launched Workplace, a Private Social Network for Enterprises

Facebook has recently launched Workplace, a private social network for businesses. Contrary to the conventional reasons for using Facebook at work (distractions), Workplace is different—it aims to provide employees with a platform to professionally chat with their colleagues in a bid to get work done.


Unlike the normal version of Facebook, the platform isn’t connected to users’ existing accounts and is ads-free. Instead, organizations sign up and pay a monthly fee, which is based on the number of its users. It is free for educational institutions and non-profit organizations.


New Corporate Features


Besides the normal features found in the regular version of Facebook such as groups chats, video calls, news feeds, and live video among others, Workplace has a few new corporate extras such as single sign-on, dashboard analytics, better IT integration, and separate Work Chat app for Android and iOS to enable employees keep in touch when they are out of office.


New Offers


Workplace is entering a market where a number of players—Yammer, Slack, Chatter, Jive and Hipchat among others—have picked up remarkable tractions. Nonetheless, the platform is hoping to woo people with a plethora of new twists.


To begin with, Facebook has thrown most of the pricing models used by its competitors out of the window and plans to follow its own book of metrics. For 1-1,000 active users, the platform will charge $3 per user monthly; for 1,001-10,000, the cost declines to $2 per user; and even less for more than 10,000 monthly active users. Additionally, Facebook will be more accountable for its service. It will only charge for active users and how engaging it manages to make the service.


For now Facebook has managed to send a clear message to the market: It is still the leading platform for billions of users to connect to one another in the digital sphere, and is now aggressively entering the corporate world.



Why Businesses are Flocking to Social Media

An estimated 81% of small and medium-sized companies are using social media to improve sales and marketing. The world of social media is more than chatting with friends, sharing with family and playing colorful apps. Businesses utilize social media to their immediate advantage because it helps to bring about an increase in client flow (source). Paying for sponsored or paid posts will ensure your company’s advertisements are on their front page. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have created a platform where companies can come to flourish over time.


For business owners, it is imperative to join forces with social media to increase marketing potential. In this day and age, owning a website is virtually useless if you don’t have a social media page to back you up. A Facebook or Twitter page engages your clientele, allowing them to provide you with valuable feedback in the form of reviews, comments and messages. This constructive feedback can help transform and improve your company to fit the needs of your customers.


Creating a business page on some of the more popular social media websites is often free, unless you plan on doing some advertising. These sites charge a relatively substantial fee if you wish to publicize your account on their main page. However, considering millions of people utilize social media on a daily basis, the price you pay for front-page advertising can be highly advantageous. Keeping your page updated regularly is vital to the overall success and longevity of your position on sites like Facebook and Twitter. If your page is not kept updated, this causes it to rank lower on search engine results, preventing clients from finding you. Keeping the page up-to-date also ensures better customer support, as you will be able to answer inquiries as soon as you receive them.


Twitter To Release Earnings Report at Unfamiliar Time

The earnings release for giant social media platform, Twitter Inc. will be on Thursday, this week. To be precise, the time for the release of the report will be 4.00 a.m. PST. According to the company, the timing for the report has largely been influenced by analysts who said that other tech companies have slated their releases on the same day. They include Google, Amazon and Atlassian.


Break From Tradition


According to, the early morning time has, however, not gone down well with some analysts who accuse the company of breaking from tradition. This is because most tech companies are used to reporting an hour or so after mid-day at the end of day trading. Analysts have been accustomed to that time and Twitter’s time is a little uncomfortable for some of them.


Job Cuts Announcement


There is high anticipation of the company’s earnings reports for several reasons. However, the main one is driven by speculation that the company may announce around 300 job cuts. According to unnamed insiders, the job cut announcement may come even before the release of the earnings report.


Last year, Twitter cut the same number of jobs it’s expected to cut this week. If it happens, the move will be widely considered as an attempt to relieve some of the financial pressures from the company’s recent losses and the fall of its share price for the last one year. There were expectations of the company’s acquisition but the companies that were expected to bid abandoned the process.




Jeanmarie Guenot Displays Scientific Expertise in the Development of Drugs to Combat Blood Cancer


Jeanmarie Guenot is a longtime professional in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, with over 20 years of experience. Her working experience includes working in public and private firms, R & D, corporate and commercial development sector, venture capital, business development, and project, alliance management, and company building and rebuilding. Presently, she is the president and chief executive officer of Amphivena Therapeutics Incorporation.


Amphivena Therapeutics has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. The corporation develops progressive autoimmune therapy techniques to combat hematologic health conditions. In July 2013, the company received 14 million dollars from a funding sponsored by MPM Capital. Later that year, Amphivena signed an agreement with Janssen Biotech Incorporation to allow Janssen the right to acquire Amphivena in the case of an IND approval. In 2015, Amphivena and Janssen announced its achievement in selecting a medical candidate to help in further development of treatment of hematologic malignancies and the hidden tumor antigen. Amphivena then received an undisclosed payment, following an agreement with Johnson & Johnson Innovation.


According to her website, Jeanmarie Guenot graduated from the University of California with a PhD from the University of Pennsylvania and with an MBA from the Wharton school. She then trained for quantum mechanical and semi-empirical methodologies for molecular dynamics, and X-Ray, protein built prediction, drug design, and NMR refinement. Jeanmarie began her career at the Atlas Venture and was responsible for managing the venture capital investments and building the life science firms. She then moved on to specialize in science by working for Preclinical R & D as a chief scientist. Jeanmarie developed and discovered drugs to treat metabolic illnesses, autoimmune complications, inflammation, and oncology.


Dr. Guenot’s notable career achievements include building and operating the SKS Ocular that managed glaucoma therapeutics, ocular inflammation, and macular degeneration. She served Hoffmann-La Roche as a business advisor in their Basel and Shanghai offices before moving on to work for PDL BioPharma as the vice president of the firm and corporate development division.

Jeanmarie Guenot aims to eliminate blood cancers by developing innovative therapies that adapt to a patient’s immune system. The treatment is set to destroy tumor cells and their causative agents. The treatment will treat blood cancer by rebalancing the cellular environment needed for healthy blood creation, functioning, and circulation.

New Trends in Social Media Use by Business Entities

The year 2016 was a momentous period for social media in relation to business marketing and promotion. Everything suggests that 2017 will be an even bigger year for the intersection of social media and business marketing, particularly because of the 10-year anniversary of Facebook Pages.


There was a time when business marketing was not allowed on Facebook. Until 2007, only individual profiles were allowed, and the promotion of business activities by individuals was looked down upon. Once Facebook announced that companies were allowed to create profiles, more than 100,000 brands quickly signed up on the first day.


Some of the social media trends developing in 2017 include proposals to no longer embrace this communications channel; such was the call by Geoff Lewis of the Founder Fund, a firm dedicated to funding major digital media enterprises. Lewis believes that social media platform lend themselves to the creation of “scripted reality,” which may have contributed to the election of New York billionaire Donald Trump as President of the United States.


A lot has changed for the social media and business marketing sphere since 2007. Years ago, promoting brands on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter was extremely effective; the same cannot be said in 2017 due to the higher levels of competition.


One trend that is certain to develop in 2017 is that companies will no longer use social media channels exclusively to drive traffic to their websites. The idea is to deliver tangible messages. For example, a fashion boutique can offer discounts solely on Twitter or Facebook without advertising on its physical store or on its website.


Another trend for 2017 with relation to social media will be mobile advertising. It is time for business owners to invest in sponsored updates and other strategies that allow them to reach beyond their existing followers.



Karl Heideck Kicks Into High Gear! Visions From A Mind That Matters!

Inside the mind of Karl HeideckAchieving his Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in English Language and Literature/Letters back in 2003 before going on to Temple University – James E. Beasley School of Law from 2006 till 2009 when he achieved his J.D., Law and was accomplished in appearing in making the Dean’s List, Karl Heideck has always been destined for greatness.

In January of 2010, Heideck stepped up to Conrad O’Brien where he became an associate for less than a year, before deciding to make a change and pursue a job at Pepper Hamilton LLP where he soon made a career out of being their Project Attorney. He spent three years and seven months working for the company Pepper Hamilton LLP before changing again to find his place as part of the team at Hire Counsel where he currently works as their Contract Attorney at Grant & Eisenhower in Pennsylvania.

In his current position, Karl Heideck makes a living out of helping along progress against complex security fraud as well as banking litigation through his research and review of discovery materials. He makes it his business to consider acquisitions, liquidity positions, transactions, and risk management in response to the 2008 banking crisis. Karl Heideck is a man of great tact and exceptional valor in the business world and it shows through in everything he does in his ever growing career.

Karl Heideck is not only a phenomenal business mind with outstanding expertise in his area, but he is also going strong as a leading member in both heart and spirit for the community. Taking part in e-Legal, Law Jobs Network – #1 Legal Careers Group, Afro-IP African Intellectual Property, and Temple Rome Alumni, Heideck is taking great strides in the business world to help better society as a whole to the best of his ability.


New Changes For Edited Facebook Posts

If you’re the type of person who creates lots of posts on Facebook, a recent change in the website’s editing process may be important to you. A recent online article that I just finished reading tells how Facebook will no longer be clearly identifying edited posts.


Up until now, if you posted something on Facebook, then realized after the post was up that you wanted to change it, a little “Edited” label would appear next to the post after you made changes.


With the new editing policy, you can make changes to something you’ve posted, but the “Edited” label is not openly displayed for the world to see.


Even though edited posts may no longer be openly labeled as such, it is still possible for other Facebook users to know if you edited a post.


All you have to do now to see if a Facebook post has been edited, is click-on the little drop-down menu that is situated at the upper right side of the post. If a post has been edited, one of the options in the drop-down menu will be “View edit history”.


When I first saw this article, I didn’t really think there was much significance to this editing change. The author of the article, however, brings up the issue of transparency in today’s world.


It is mentioned how government officials, celebrities, and brands all post on Facebook. The author makes the point that just allowing people to alter previously posted information in today’s world can raise some eyebrows. The article also mentions how edited comments on posts are not affected by the editing change.

Timehop CEO Replaced By Its Lead Designer

Social media application Timehop has recently undergone a major shake-up in its corporate structure. For the uninitiated, Timehop is a reminder service for content people have posted to various social media outlets. Jon Wegener, co-founder and CEO of the company, has descended from the corporate position in order for the application’s lead designer to take over. This shake-up also has Rick Webb, an early investor with the company, ascending to COO. Wegener commented that these changes reflect a long-term plan to step away from his corporate role, rather than any calculated measure to jump ship.


Timehop was established back in 2011 in an extension of its founders’ coding during a Foursquare hacking event. After working at Techstars for a while, the two decided to turn their hack into a business after discovering how well it was received. After integrating Facebook and Instagram, Timehop became a social media reality. The app has missions of users that have turned to it as an alternative to Snapchat’s fleeting offerings.


In March of 2015, right as Timehop had reached 12 million downloads and a daily userbase half as large, Facebook installed its own version of the app via the “On This Day.” Furthermore, Timehop’s mobile userbase has continued to dwindle at a steady pace, reflecting a nearly-40 percent drop between the fourth quarters of 2015 and 2016. This seems to indicate that Timehop had been more reliant on loyalty and engagement than other apps, with the decline endemic of new users having bad experiences and leading to a ripple effect of disuse and abandonment.


With its new executive team in place, Timehop is working to raise profitability at a slow but sure pace. One year after Facebook’s introduction of On This Day, it maintained 60 million daily users and more than 150 million subscribers.


Facebook’s Drone Endeavor Falters

Facebook is a company that took a simple concept — social media — and turned the form of online communications into a global phenomenon. Facebook achieved its tremendous levels of success by constantly innovating and coming up with new innovations. Recent decisions to explore the presentation of original programming via online streaming content show the company’s talent base is always hard at work. Not all the work yields success though. Facebook’s attempts at developing an “internet drone” have proven, well, disastrous.


Facebook attempted to make history with the Aquila drone, a massive drone powered by solar energy. The drone truly was massive as it was the size of a plane. The grand visions of those hoping to make history with the drone entered a rather undesirable history book. The Aquila drone is listed among many great corporate research and development failures. The drone famously crashed during a ballyhooed test run. Confidence in the drone was shattered. This is to say nothing of the bad publicity that followed.


Facebook’s drone was intended to be highly inspiring. The solar energy powered drone truly embodied “the future is now” sentiment so many find emotionally uplifting. Unfortunately, as far as this drone is concerned, the future is still a long ways away.


No guarantees exist when developing something completely new and radical. A lot of trial and error is involved. Failures, costly ones, do occur. The Aquila drone may still fly once again. The date in which this occurs has to wait.


A huge drawback to the flop of the Aquila for Facebook is the company loses the publicity and added branding benefits another successful venture yields. Facebook was denied its glory with the drone project. The company is going to move on and come up with new plans. Hits and misses are both expected.