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Sam Tabar Launches a Flourishing Career as a Capital Strategist

Updated 12/12/2016: Sam has been making waves with his Huffington Post authorship, tackling major topics like corporate financing, and the future of the US economy under President-Elect Donald Trump. Make sure you check out his informative, but easy to read brand of writing on Sam’s Huff Post page here.

Updated 10/25/2016: Sam Tabar is now the Chief Financial Officer of Awearable Apparel. Sam takes over as CFO of the tech giant, to manage their internal financial strategy, as well as fundraising strategies. Follow where Sam’s career goes from here on his page.

Sam Tabar is a distinguished capital strategist and attorney based in New York City. He started out as an Associate at Skadden LLP before switching to capital strategy and business development. In just a few years, Tabar has established a flourishing career in the corporate world. Recently, he secured two high-profile positions. He is the COO of New York-based Full Cycle Energy Fund. Tabar is also the current CFO of prominent Awearable Apparel.

When a new generation emerges, it must have innovative leaders who have the ability to ascend to greater heights. Leaders across different sectors make a difference in the corporate world in their unique ways. As a Capital Strategists, Sam Tabar has helped small to middle-sized firms in raising capital and succeeding in the ever-competitive business world.

A recent article published on named Sam Tabar as one of the talented and ambitious young entrepreneurs setting high standards of excellence in the corporate world. As an alumnus of two prestigious universities (Oxford and Columbia Law School), Tabar has used his academic knowledge, creativity, and unrivaled experience to set himself apart from the rest of the leaders.

He has confirmed his commitment to addressing the needs and demands of clients both as a legal counsel and as capital strategist. With an unending passion for investment and financial market, Sam Tabar started his career in the law industry. As an associate of Skadden, LLP, he offered unparalleled representation and advised clients on how to establish and structure hedge funds. Additionally, he advised them on the fundamentals of compliance and regulatory matters associated with hedge funds and employment matters. Originally published on Bitsy Link:

Despite establishing an incredible career as an Associate, Tabar noted that there were greater challenges he was yet to face in the corporate world. In 2004, he ventured into the investing and capital strategy specialty. After relinquishing his job at Skadden, he started a new career as a PMA Investment Advisers’ financial strategist. In his new role, Tabar was tasked with the responsibility of overseeing matters of the $2 billion hedge fund. He focused on devising a revolutionary marketing plan, which would position PMA Investment Advisers at the top of hedge fund industry. Under Tabar’s leadership, the firm increased its assets by over $1.2 billion.

How Instagram Became the Best Social Network for Branding and Marketing

Social media marketing is something that business owners should not overlook these days; however, not all social networks offer the same advantages when it comes to branding opportunities.


For many years, Facebook and Twitter stood as the best networks for marketing and advertising. By 2015, photo and video sharing network Instagram overtook Twitter in terms of active followers; this announcement prompted parent company Facebook to improve the account options for business users.


These days, Instagram offers the best branding experience for business owners and managers, particularly for those that operate in the retail sector. Business accounts get a full set of analytics and insights that allow them to see how their posts are performing, and the Sponsored Stories option works even better than on Facebook due to the greater amount of engagement.


One of the reasons Instagram has become a great network for branding is that users have transformed the hashtag system into a powerful directory of interests that is fully searchable and dynamic. Another reason is that the network decided to extend the length of its video sharing option from 15 seconds to one minute. Some brands are already taking advantage of this new length by creating a long Facebook Live video and editing it down to 60 seconds to share on Instagram.


In terms of competition, the youth-oriented social network Snapchat has been quickly gaining greater market share, and this is something that Instagram has reacted to with the launch of Instagram Stories. Similar to Snapchat, Instagram Stories allow brands to put together a slideshow that combines photos with video to create a more engaging advertisement.



Will Donald Trump Curtail US Imports from Asia?

Frustration with the effects of globalization and a trade imbalance between the US and some Asian countries helped propel Donald Trump’s election to the presidency, according to a recent report in Forbes.


His victory has ignited fears that it will indeed translate into a real decrease in trade, and may explain the widespread fall of the shares of Asian exporters. This is not very surprising, considering Mr. Trump’s strong opposition to the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement. However, some Asian traders are skeptical that the US will actually decrease imports, saying that globalization is simply too entrenched to reverse with protectionist policies. For one thing, paying higher prices would be very unpopular with American consumers.


Mr. Trump’s plans to stop outsourcing also may run into problems. Narayana Murthy, founder of Indian IT firm Infosys, says that outsourcing helps America’s corporations to succeed, and thereby create more jobs.


The author of the article says he is skeptical that a president who wants to double growth would be able to do this by carrying out the policies that Mr. Trump has promoted on the campaign trail. As a matter of practicality, he will likely have to moderate his previous stance significantly. As evidence of this, the author points to Mr. Trump’s recent reassurance to South Korea’s president that America’s alliance with his country will remain strong during his administration. The negative reaction of Asian markets is seen as a short term reaction to a surprising outcome, and not a long term change in the assessment of future trade relations with the US.


NBA provides sports bettors with big profit opportunities

The vast majority of people who bet on sports approach it with the mindset of a hobbyist. Even those fans who are extremely knowledgeable about a given sport will rarely be able to win over the long term. Without the discipline and professional tools for conducting advanced research and analysis, the average sports bettor doesn’t stand a chance.

On the other hand, professional sports bettors approach wagering not as a form of entertainment, but as a business. In this sense they aren’t so much different from investors. Many of the tools and concepts that professional sports bettors use are very similar to those used by businessmen and investors in markets. In fact, most sharp bettors will tell you that sports betting itself is a market.

Finding an edge then “banging it out”

Like investors, professional sports handicappers look for situations that generate positive returns. People are sometimes surprised to learn how small sports bettors’ edges can be. This is partially due to the “juice”, also known as “vig”, or the money that sports books charge for their services. Typically, if a professional sports bettor wagers $1 they will expect to get back between $1.01 and $1.02. This may not look like much, but when considering that many bets for large sums can be placed every day it adds up fast. The hard part is finding an edge that provides positive returns. To find out more about how sports pros gain an edge, check out

Seasoned pros will be highly knowledgeable in many different sports. However, a new player must choose where to start. NBA basketball is an excellent first choice.

NBA basketball – lots of games mean lots of opportunities

NBA basketball has one of the longest seasons of any sport in United States. Including the playoffs, a typical NBA team plays around 90 games per year. This translates to over 3 games per week per team, on average. With 30 NBA teams, that’s a lot of games. Having so many games provides many opportunities to find incorrect odds and spreads. NBA fans are also particularly enthusiastic. This makes for great action in the sports books with lots of low-information bettors wagering on bad lines.

Become an expert handicapper at is the internet’s best source to learn about NBA odds. Founded in 1995 by legendary handicapper Teddy Covers, has the best writers, handicappers and analysts in the industry. To learn more about turning a your passion for sports into a steady income stream, please visit

SnapChat Is Believed To Have Signed SEC Filing For IPO

The initial public offering (IPO) for the popular social media company Snapchat is getting closer by the day. Wall Street reporters believe Snapchat executives have just officially filed for an IPO with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This was apparently done in strict secrecy on November 15th.


Snapchat is expected to be one of the biggest IPOs of next year. With news of this latest SEC filing, many Wall Street experts believe the IPO will come out in March of 2017. They also believe this company could have a value anywhere between $20-$25 billion.


When asked if rumors of this secret SEC filing were true, SnapChat executives declined to comment. New SEC rules allow companies with a revenue over $1 billion to legally file for an IPO with privacy.


SnapChat is a huge hit with younger social media users, with over 60 percent of their member base between the ages of 13-24. Currently, this social media company has over 100 million active users.


Although this is a very popular company, some Wall Street investors are concerned that the only source of income for the company comes from advertising. To combat this worry, SnapChat has been actively promoting itself as a camera company.


Besides their social media platform, SnapChat has also begun to sell their sunglasses this month. These glasses are able to connect to the Internet and to directly send various pictures to SnapChat. About 100 people lined up to check these sunglasses out in a vending machine the company set up near its headquarters in Venice, CA.



Chris Burch Discusses the Founding of His New Company

Chris Burch has recently participated in an interview where he discussed the launch of his new investment company, Burch Creative Capital. During his interview, the businessman explained the concept of Birch Creative Capital and how it was different than other venture capital companies. He also expressed his enthusiasm about working with new companies and individuals to develop global brands and explained the process he uses to determine whether or not to work with a start up. The businessman discussed the likelihood that he will return to a career of fashion design and ended the interview by inviting the general public to watch Birch Creative Capital’s new advertisement on social media platforms.


Birch Creative Capital’s Original Concept

Chris Burch stated that he was extremely excited about the concept of Birch Creative Capital and believed that it was a truly distinctive concept in the venture capital industry. Birch described his background as one that was steeped with hard work and discipline because his father taught him to work in construction at the age of thirteen. The businessman also revealed that he struggled through school because of his multiple learning disabilities. Through his trials, he developed the ability to look beyond difficult circumstances and see potential in any situation. Birch believes his background granted him the ability to focus on multiple aspects of business at one time and is largely responsible for his current success. The businessman developed the concept for Birch Creative Capital from his unique experiences in the business arena. Birch Creative Capital is a venture capital company that seeks to invest in individuals as well as companies. Chris Birch believes that his company should invest in the emotional, physical, and business health of the individuals who choose to work with his company. The businessman hopes to create a new culture of venture capitalism that caters to the changing breed of entrepreneurs in a swiftly changing country.


New Companies and Individuals Included in Business Platform

During his interview, Chris Birch announced his excitement to work with a few notable companies and individuals. Ellen Degeneres, for example, is set to release a line of household goods with the help of Birch Creative Capital. The line is expected to be insightful and innovative. Chris Burch briefly discussed his future plans with reporters at the close of the interview. The businessman stated that he planned to work in the venture capital industry for as long as he had the ability to do so. Natural Cleanses Promoting Health


With health becoming a top priority for individuals around the globe, one company has managed to produce a safe and healthy cleanse. offers a wide variety of all natural body cleanses for those seeking long term health benefits. Considered the best available products on the market, Dherbs is quickly becoming regarded as the most healthy and natural cleanse providers.

You may wonder just how can these cleanses be beneficial to you or your loved ones. Well state very clearly the aim of their cleanses. The company admits that our body has its very own self cleansing system. Biology has granted us with the benefits of pushing out harmful substances. However, explains how the ingredients used to make processed food contains a large amount of ingredients which have a long shelf life. These products stay within our body much longer than biology intended it to.

The herbal cleansers assist our natural body cleansing system. The cleanses help push these toxins out of the body at a much faster rate than our body could’ve done naturally. The vegan herbs provide a coupled support system with our body.

Even the most clean person will encounter some amount of toxins. Things as simple as hair care products can contain chemicals which overtime becomes a toxin. The key to ultimate health is to rid the body of excessive amounts of toxins.

The vegan herbal cleanses serve a purpose of purifying the system. As the popularity of Dherbs increases, many individuals are flocking to the company. Unlike other cleanses available in department or grocery stores, the Dherbs company uses real and beneficial ingredients. The herbs used are completely safe and 100% natural.  Find all that they have to offer on, as well as their storefront.


How Dr. Clay Siegall Is Saving Lives Through Antobody Based Therapies

Cancer Research is an ambitious project when being compared to other industries or sectors. This deadly disease has probably touched everyone’s lives in some form or another throughout the years. The good thing about living in this modern society is that we’re exposed to much more advancements in medicine than years of the past. Antibody Based Therapies are all the rage these days and it’s track record of success is a true testament of it’s progression. One of the top Biotechnology Companies in the world is Seattle Genetics of Bothell, Washington. Seattle Genetics has consistently produced many of the top cancer fighting medications in the world and the company has many more in the pipeline. This Biotech giant is run by leading doctor and scientist Clay Siegall. Seigall has been around for years in this industry and accumulated numerous awards for his great achievements. The brand’s flagship medicine (ADCETRIS) has one of the highest usage rates of any cancer fighting medication and as of 2016, it’s offered in over 60 countries worldwide.

Dr. Clay Siegall has a natural passion to help those in need and Seattle Genetics is no exception. The good doctor at present moment has the drug (ADCETRIS) in over 70 trials. This extensive testing is what he and the company is all about and it’s what set them apart from the competition. Much of the growth that’s been experienced by Seattle Genetics have come from the success of the drugs. The company has well over 700 employees to date and is one of Pugent Sound’s leading job producer. In the near future, this powerhouse is expected to release about 12 more drugs to the masses and employ up to an extra 100 people. For a more in-depth look at the growth of (SG) click

Dr. Siegall has helped the company with capital-raising activities (via) public and private financings since 2001. The good thing about it is that Seattle Genetics and Clay Siegall are on the same page, which means that that the fight against cancer will continue at full throttle.

Hike Introduces New Social Media App

Indian social media company Hike has announced that it will be introducing a new app that is very similar to Snapchat. The Hike messaging app will give users the ability to post pictures with live filters and is aimed primarily at the Indian market where Snapchat has not had a major impact. Hike acknowledges that their product is similar to Snapchat’s, but they maintain that there are many important differences. TechCrunch has an excellent article about the situation on its website.


The story shows how once a technology company introduces a marketable concept – in this case Snapchat’s winning combination of images and text – other companies quickly start doing the same thing with only subtle differences. Perhaps the most famous case of this is Microsoft using the basic concept of the Netscape web browser in developing their own Explorer web browser.


Of course, a major factor in who ends up profiting from a good technology concept is who has the money to get it on the marketplace on a massive scale. In this case, Snapchat is doing fine making money from their own concept, but Instagram and other companies are as well. Sadly, as in the case of the Netscape browser, the company that introduces the basic idea sometimes loses out entirely. Of course, patent laws exist to protect intellectual property, but in an increasingly globalized and unregulated marketplace, these laws are not as powerful as they perhaps once were.


Jason Hope Wants Arizona To Have Better Businesses

Jason Hope InvestorJason Hope is a very successful entrepreneur. At a young age, he was able to focus on business principles and the proper way to use and invest money. Hope had great mentors along the way. These mentors were presented to him during his time at Arizona State University. Jason Hope also found mentors during his time at Carey School of Business.

Upon becoming financially successful through start-up businesses and more, Jason Hope wanted to start helping local businesses within his community. He wanted to help businesses that really sought to make a change within his community. He immediately has his eyes set on SENS.

SENS is a company that specializes in the sciences of face cream. This company has hired wonderful scientists and other individuals in this particular field. SENS has developed a cream to make people look younger. They have allowed many people to experiment with it. All of these individuals reported looking young in a speedy amount of time.

Jason Hope financially helped SENS. He wants SENS to make this cream available to all people within the community and eventually in the world. Hope also wants SENS to hire even better scientists and better workers. The reason why Hope chose SENS is because he believes too many people are worried about money today and not enough people know that looking younger will help them feel better.

Keep Reading:—d2KObnZ36N51A/

Jason Hope has also financially helped several different organizations that are fighting the Alzheimer’s disease. Hope loves the fact that there are still companies that care more about the well-being of people than about profits. He has vowed to help as many companies as possible, as long as these companies vow to make their community a better place.

When Jason Hope is not helping businesses financially, he spends his time helping business owners make their business shine. Hope knows the financial market inside and out, which he writes about extensively on his blog. He knows exactly what products will sell and what products will sit on the shelf. At a very low price, business owners and future business owners can learn what it is to succeed like the best. Hope does both one-on-one sessions and group sessions, too.

Jason Hope plans to expand his business even more. Hope has observed the fact that more and more college students a choosing to study business. He believes this is exciting, and has created a grant program to help the next generation of business people.