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Neurocore Is Helping People Manage Their Brain Performance

It has been noted that a lot of people undergo depression at different stages of life. Most of the people who suffer from it do not seek help for the fear of being judged by others. It is important that people know that there is nothing to be ashamed about and this condition can be treated. Whenever people think of depression, they think that it can be identified from miles away. However, this is not the case. Apart from the factors of life such as problems relating to families and finances, depression is also acquired genetically. Depression comes in many kinds, some severe others mild.

The signs of depression are not always obvious, it is therefore important that people be well monitored by their loved ones. When someone is depressed, the physical wellness can be affected. This can be in the form of tension, headaches, and difficulty in breathing among others. Depression needs to be treated before it gets to a point of death or disability depending on how much it has gone. If people realize the extent of depression, they will most likely learn the importance of funding projects that assist with such cases. Read more about Neurocore at

Neurocore is a performance center for the brain. At Neurocore, the technology used is advanced and helps to identify any kind of symptoms. These symptoms are assessed thoroughly to come up with an individual’s map of the brain. This map is used to create a program that helps train your brain accordingly to help you solve your problems. The assessment carried out at Neurocore combine the heart rate, breathing, and waves in the brain to come up with a diagnosis of your brain activity. A customized plan is then used to train your brain to work in a more efficient manner. Follow Neurocore on

The beauty of getting treatment at Neurocore is that their treatment is effective and long-lasting. In most cases, it provides a long-term solution to whatever type of symptoms one may be suffering from. Their method of treatment can be used to treat depression, anxiety, relieve one of stress, migraines, sleepless nights, ADHD and autism. Neurocore uses their expertise to help your brain function as it should be.


Talos Energy: The Future of Mexico’s Oil Industry

There has been some big news coming out of Mexico for 2017. Offshore oil well drilling is the hot topic and if everything goes as planned, Mexico’s ailing oil market will definitely come back to life. Since 1938, Mexico’s oil market has been closed to foreign entities and this will actually be the first time in 80 years since an oil well has been sunken in these waters. The Zama-1 well is being drilled by a joint-venture deal that’s comprised of three energy giants. This includes Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas,Houston’s Talos Energy and London-based Premier oil.

How important is the project? With the impending success of the drilling in the Sureste Basin, Mexico can expect a huge return on investment in the future. The drilling just so happens to be off the coast of the Tabasco State in Mexico. This specific area is expected to hold between 100 million to 500 million barrels of crude oil. With such huge amounts, the nation of Mexico could totally revamp its image on a global scale. Back in 2015, these three energy giants won the prospective rights during the bidding stage. Actual costs of the drilling project is at an estimated $16 million. Like the old saying goes, “you’ll have to spend money to make money” and this notion rings true on all levels.

The Zama-1 well is also known as a non-Pemex well, and it will go down as one of the very first to be drilled since Mexico opened up its waters for foreign trade. All of this progression falls under the country’s energy reform process. Analyst Elaine Reynolds of London-based Edison Research stated that “the project will be keenly watched.” Every measure is being taken here for the success of the project. Thanks to the structure of the basin itself, there’s a high geological chance of success.

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Think Investment Think Agora Financial

When it comes to retirement, people have to think of the aftermath. It is crucial to know when and how to invest before that time comes. Agora Financial, based in Baltimore, Maryland will help in such decisions. They understand that wealth creation can be challenging which is why they have devised ways to make it easier for people.

One of the ways Agora helps people is by assisting them to find means of protecting their wealth without the use of intermediaries. They are a financial production company which has been providing financial advice for over ten years.

Some of their resources involve online publications, documentaries, newsletters, and books. They also hold seminars aimed at helping people advance their wealth creation skills. Agora Financial has books on income generation, identifying companies that are worth investing in and so much more.

Their research is accurate and is not affected by any influence from people. The company has heavily invested in looking for lucrative unique ideas globally for their clients. They have an annual budget for their research analysts who are not only stationed in the office, but they are involved in fieldwork. The analysts are well-experienced in identifying ideas that have the potential for growth.

One of the unique strategies for Agora is that they have an eye for identifying ideas that are yet to hit the main market. This way, those who invest early enough cash in before market saturation. In 2004, they predicted a mortgage crisis which was four years early, before it happened.

Agora’s founder is Bill Bonner, and the company is a private publishing firm. It came into existence in 1979. One of its achievements is that it has provided a series on analysis for Bloomberg and Fox Business News. Agora Financial Investment Symposium is the firm’s biggest annual financial conference. The conference was started in 1999 and has been held from then on annually.


Cancer Treatment Centers of America And The NFL Are Not Playing Games With Prostate Cancer

Cancer Treatment Centers in America Global, Inc. (CTCA) which has its headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida, with an international reputation for treating patients. Five hospitals in Tulsa, Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and comprise the CTCA national network. Cancer Treatment Centers in America has advertized heart-wrenching commercials of their patients who hope to have their cancers cured.

CTCA promotes Genomic Testing, which produces a Genomic Prostate Score, that predicts the possibility of prostate cancer using genetic analysis of its patients. CTCA is said to use an integrated approach providing genetic testing along with surgery, immunotherapy, chemotherapy, use emotional counseling techniques and holistic nursing practices. CTCA thus treats the whole person using a patient-centered approach.

One of CTCA specialties is the treatment of prostate cancer. CTCA has participated in a national outreach awareness program along with LabCorp®, and the National Football League Alumni Association to inform men, from the age 40 and older of the value of prostate cancer screenings who meet .screening requirements. These men will receive, for free, free Prostate Specific Antigen screening test.

(PSA) given by LabCorp., which is located at different locations (1,750) across the United States. Following the initial screening, the PSA will be offered for $25.00, a discounted price, within six months after a man applies to be screened. Research has reported that African American men have a 70% risk of contracting prostate cancer, with a rate of 1 out of 7 of the male population, which represents, which represents an additional 161,360 prostate cancer diagnoses in 2017 alone. The other risk factors include family history.

.There are urinary symptoms of prostate cancer which include,:

1. Loss of bladder control
2. More frequent urges to urinate at night
3. Burning or pain during urination
4. Blood in urine (hematuria)
5. Difficulty urinating, or trouble starting and stopping while urinating
6. Decreased flow or velocity of urine stream

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Financial Adviser David Giertz: Millennials and Retirement

David Giertz has advice as for millennials as they start thinking about saving for retirement. He suggests that can be as early as 22 for some, but preparation is the key. If millennials are well prepared they can see a huge difference in their retirement when they are older.

Stay on Track Financially

It is important for millennials to balance savings and debt when they evaluate their income and what to spend their money on. David Giertz is suggest that saving early is the best way to go. He also advises to get rid of debt as soon as possible so that there is more to save for the future. The earlier a millennial gets out of debt and saves the better the retirement will be when they are older.

Take Advantage of a Roth IRA

A Roth IRA is not taxed at retirement because it is deposited after income is taxed. This allows for one to collect all of the money owed to them as well as compound interest year after year until retirement.

Make Money on the Side

Starting something one is passionate about such as a small business, a hobby that makes money, or a new skill set that can earn an extra income is a smart way to save for the future. If it is something that someone likes to do and an they can gain an income doing it, then retirement is just that much more successful.

David Giertz is is a financial services advisor with over 30 years of experience. He is a business coach and has served on many boards within his community.

Why Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere is Just Plain Cool

Lime Crime founder Doe Deere is, without a doubt, one of the coolest people. No matter if she’s attending a black tie gala or lounging on a blanket at a music festival, she always looks like she has just emerged from a castle where a team of singing birds (that are somehow also stylists) crafted a vibrant look just for her. You can spot her by her fascinating and ever-changing hair color. She rocks orange, blue, pink and purple – changing frequently based on her mood. She has the face of a porcelain doll and her makeup reminds me of a work of art.


Of course, that is likely the type of style you would expect from the founder of revolutionary beauty brand Lime Crime. There is nothing typical about Lime Crime and similarly, nothing typical about Doe Deere. She founded Lime Crime with the mission to revolutionize makeup. She didn’t just want to change how people shop, but to inspire them to use makeup to express themselves and to change the way they feel, both inside and out.


Fans of Lime Crime call themselves unicorns. This name came from their shared desire to stand out as a beautiful creature. Lime Crime started as a very niche company where people could find high-quality lipsticks in shades like blue and purple. Yet, the high quality of the products quickly brought Lime Crime products across the line into mainstream. The lipsticks gained a reputation for setting new standards for quality ingredients and for outlasting even the most expensive brands. Today, the beauty products are found on the top lists of beauty bloggers and celebrities around the world.


The rapid takeoff of Lime Crime is due partly to the company’s focus on making digital marketing and social media the cornerstone of their marketing strategy. Lime Crime isn’t afraid to shine its spotlight on specific fans. Through social media and its website, Lime Crime typically calls out multiple unicorns each day, complimenting them on their looks. By showcasing individual fans, Lime Crime has encouraged fans to follow and engage with each other, building a network of Unicorns who engage in the digital space.


Doe Deere recently gave some incredible advice in an article on Guest of a Guest. When asked how to make your dreams come true, she told Guest of a Guest that we should simply follow our hearts and not be afraid to follow that passion that is already burning inside of all of us. Learn more:


Talkspace makes Therapy accessible to all

Technology has greatly impacted on communication between two or more parties. With the introduction of smartphones, individuals can easily interact and connect with the world. According to a recent study, more than 10 percent of teens using the internet are at risk of depression. The immediate solution can be linked to the development of online companies offering a range of healthcare services. A good example is Talkspace which provides professional online mental-health services by connecting patients with experts.

Talkspace online therapy offer several advantages to its client .Instead of booking an appointment and trekking to a doctor’s office, one can receive the service wherever they are just by a click of a button. The therapy platforms are available via text-based chat protocol, phone calls and skype-esque video. Online therapy with Talkspace involves an on-demand asynchronous connection with the therapist thus allowing even individuals with limited time get the help they need. It is also cheaper compared to face-to face therapy.

Talkspace recently signed a deal with Magellan Health granting patients access to online therapies provided by Talkspace. This deal is expected help Talkspace boost its reputation and market-share. Scott Christnelly, a psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker who oversees the company’s therapist performance, believes that extra time between communications is beneficial as it gives the therapist and client time and space to look into their actions


Talkspace was co-founded by Oren Frank with his wife Roni Frank in 2012 with the aim of making therapy affordable and accessible to all. The company is based in New York and majors in providing health, therapeutic and consultancy services. With a mission to make a billion people happy, clients access limitless help from licensed therapists without appointments.

Users can connect with the mental-health rapists through the Talkspace app or via the web. Having launched a voice and video app in October, the company plans to launch other innovative products including a group therapy. The company is also looking forward to expanding its services geographically.

Bob Reina Taking Talk Fusion to Greater Heights

With the aim of remaining the best in its industry, Talk Fusion launched a computer program that facilitates real-time communication. The Live Meeting feature is the second software from the company that uses the WebRTC technology. Last year, Talk Fusion’s Video Chat software started to use the system. The new program that was recently launched online by the company’s founder Bob Reina is the first that supports up to five hundred participants and fifteen hosts. Mr. Reina praised the ability of WebRTC, according to him, no other system can match it. The firm is even contemplating on adding the system to all software at Talk Fusion.


The Merits

The new edition of Live Meeting gives a new user easy time to join in the video conference or meeting as there is no need for downloads and one can use any modern browser to connect. There are also no echoes or distortions in the audio thus the hosts can test them before participants listen in. Another advantage of the new edition is the interface of the Live Meeting has improved the experience hence, new users have an easy time using it. Talk Fusion is at the forefront of helping their clients maintain customers and enhancing their revenue with this top-notch technology and new promotional methods.


Bob’s Start

The consistent and persistent Bob Reina served as a police officer for a while before he resigned to fully concentrate on Talk Fusion, a company he founded in 2004. Bob says the idea of the firm came to him when he could not send a video through email to his family. He had seen a potential future residence and needed the opinion of his family, but he was unable to attach the video. At that moment Bob Reina realized he could make that possible for everyone who wants to send a video and they are unable.


Bob’s philanthropy

Bob Reina has a big heart and is always involved in charity. Over the years he has donated a tremendous amount of money to non-profit organizations that support animals, Tampa Bay’s Humane Society and an orphanage in Indonesia. Talk Fusion, Bob’s company also give free Video Suite software to charity organizations. Learn more:


Michael Terpin successful career as Brazilian rally driver

For the lovers of racing in Brazil, the name Michael Terpin is not something new because he is one of the most celebrated Brazilian rally drivers. In fact, Michael has a brother, Rodrigo, whom they race together. They have formed a terrific duo. At the age of 40, Michael still shines in the racing games all over Brazil.

With a quick glance at his background, Michael comes from a family that loves sports. His father Jack Terkin was a successful basketball player, and as we mentioned earlier, Michael has a brother who also happens to be a rally driver. Right from when he was young, Michael was thrilled by racing cars, and now we know why.

Michael Terkin started his career in racing as a motorcycle racer back in 2002. Now, he has over 15 years in the racing industry. He mostly competes in the Prototypes T1 category.

He is a member of Bull Sertoes rally team and together with his brother and navigator Justo; they have rocked most of the racing events all over Brazil including Mitsubishi cup, Brazillian cross-country rally championship, as well as Sertoes rally.

They are well-known for their racing car T-Rex manufactured by MEM motorsport. The car is fitted with a V8 engine, making it durable and extremely fast.

His driving skills have won him various accolades and recognition. He was a runner-up in Cross Country Rally back in the year 2015.

Michael is making his 10th appearance in Sertoes Rally this year aboard his T-Rex car with his navigator Justo. And together, they have conquered all the odds of racing and earned their respect in the eyes of their fellow racers and fans. In most of their races, the duo comes among the top fastest racers.

Michael Terpins has both determination and will to go on even when the odds seem to be against him. The two traits are necessary for not only the racers but also those who are working in other fields. Perhaps this reason why Michael is the darling to Brazilians.

For more information, you can visit his social accounts to get updated on his next racing events. His Facebook page, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts are under the name Michael Terkin.

The Depth and History of the American Institute of Architects

Robert Ivy is the chief executive officer and executive vice president of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), which is an American professional organization that is membership-based. The professional organization focuses on building, construction and design. Ivy has worked to ensure that each member has the ability and the background to think far beyond their field of expertise. He also believes that architecture has a deep impact in many different areas like aiding in disaster relief and offering solutions to improve health. The AIA has been providing exceptional services for many years and is evolving into a large integral position involving the public health industry. Architecture is constantly changing and the focus is solidified through different themes constructed at different times. Each generation of architects brings forth new ideas and newly renovated innovations. Many are health-focused and driven to produce solutions for healthcare and its newly presented changes. Technology is making its way through the industry, and many are taking advantage of the experience involving device apps, software upgrades enhancing the architectural design, and resilience. Robert Ivy has been with the AIA since 2011 and has continually worked to transform the profession. He works to promote the editorial and educational responses to the organization with goals and awareness.

The organization was originally founded in 1857 by more than a dozen architects. They eventually moved on to include 16 more prominent architects to the group to draft the very first constitutional bylaws in which architects would abide by. Several attempts to write the constitution developed into a revised version which was set in stone on April 15, 1857. Originally, the AIA was called the New York Society of Architects, which took on its new name shortly before the bylaws were firmly established. It was revealed in the 1880s that many cities began to write chapters and join the prestigious, sought-after group. It was reported in 2008 that more than 300 chapters had evolved throughout the regions.

The AIA is currently governed by a highly engaged and professional Board of Directors. They currently have 200 full-time employees who work to maintain and produce the ultimate quality for architectures, clients, and surrounding communities. They have expanded their services throughout the years to the United Kingdom, Europe, Japan, and Hong Kong. The AIA has also made great efforts to recognize individuals and organization for their outstanding achievements and support of the profession. They provide many different types of honor programs such as the AIA Gold Medal, Architecture Firm Award, and the AIA/ACSA Topaz Medallion for Excellence in Architectural Education award.