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Pokemon Letdown: Kim Dao’s Review

Kim Dao, a YouTube personality who gained popularity for her make-up and fashion videos is also an active vlogger. She also maintains YouTube channel dedicated strictly to gaming. One of Kim Dao’s most popular videos on this channel is “Over Hyped?? #toomuchwater Pokémon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire.” This video serves as an informal review of Nintendo’s Pokémon games Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, two games in the ongoing Pokémon series. The Pokémon series is a popular franchise of video games, trading cards, cartoons and films that maintains acclaim from fans worldwide. Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are remakes of the similar games released in 2002. Kim Dao, who posts video of herself playing the game on her gaming channel, expresses her hesitation to continue playing Omega Ruby. Kim Dao even remarks how strange it is for a huge fan like herself to be unwilling to play the game. Kim Dao then begins to discuss how the remakes were a bit of a letdown. After a massive promotional campaign by Nintendo for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Kim Dao questions why the game was such a disappointment to her. Questioning further, Kim Dao wonders if it’s her previous experience with the original game, combined with an overblown marketing campaign from Nintendo that may have left the game feeling unremarkable. With a plan to finish the game in its entirety within a week and uploading the footage to YouTube, Kim Dao failed to do so out of boredom with the game.

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The Teachings of Kabbalah

Madonna’s interest in teachings of Kabbalah made many Hollywood stars to follow suit. Some of these stars include Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, The late Marilyn Monroe, the late Elizabeth Taylor, Sandra Bernhard, and the late Sammy Davis. Madonna managed to open various Kabbalah centers. It became a mystery as to why many non-Jewish celebrities were becoming more fascinated in the Jewish teachings. Sandra Bernhard said that Kabbalah was able to remove a minimum of 80% of her life chaos. Paris Hilton said that going to the Kabbalah Center helped her a lot when she broke up with Nick Carter.

The Kabbalah Center offers practical tools for the creation of joy and long-lasting fulfillment. Not all celebrities from Hollywood were interested in Kabbalah in order to cope with their personal problems. Sammy Davis stated that he was interested in becoming part of the five-thousand-year-old history. He also wanted to hold on to something that would offer him inner strength. Davis adds that he felt more emotionally connected to Judaism. He was an African American. Madonna spoke to the Time Magazine and said that one of the major Kabbalah’s precepts is that people are put on earth to help others.

The interest in Kabbalah by the late Elizabeth Taylor led to conversion to Judaism. She was part of the Genocide documentary and supported the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Elizabeth also offered herself on behalf of the one hundred Israelis who had been held hostage at the Entebbe Airport by terrorists in 1976. She said that the study of Jewish teachings significantly influenced her personality and motivated her to do everything possible within her powers to change the world. Britney Spears was introduced to the teachings of Kabbalah by Madonna who was her friend. She states that she loves the Kabbalah books. She reads and also meditates on them.

The Kabbalah Center was founded in 1965. It was started by both Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein and Rav Philip Berg. Philip together with his wife re-established the Kabbalah Center in the New York City in the United States following the death of Brandwein.

Bernardo Chua’s Love For Direct Selling Business Model

Bernardo Chua is one of the true believers in direct selling. He has been able to achieve much success by using the model to enhance his business. Bernardo is the proprietor of Organo Gold. This corporation has been selling ganoderma products, especially coffee and tea.

Over the years, Chua has managed to develop a broad network that has helped him to penetrate different markets of the world with his product.

Because of his Chinese heritage, Bernardo was introduced to the merits of ganoderma during his formative years. This polypore mushroom can be found in any part of the globe considering that it grows on logs wood.

To ensure that people purchase the product, Bernado Chua has been incorporating the herb in coffee and tea. He is considered as the first person to successfully market the product outside the Asia. This product is popular in China and other Asian countries.

He started experimenting his idea of direct selling when he was working for Gano Excel in Philippines. Through this business model, Bernardo was able to improve the company’s sales volume and profitability margins.

This way, he was promoted to work for Gano Excel in the USA. Bernardo Chua utilized this opportunity to introduce many people to the various benefits of ganoderma. It is here that the executive incorporated Organo Gold. Within five years of operations, the company was ranked as the 55th largest company in the world in terms of direct selling.

He posits that education has been of great importance to both consumers and distributors. The corporation is based in Canada. It has more than a million distributors located in different parts of the globe.

Bernardo Chua posits that by virtue of being in Canada, the company already has a competitive edge. This is because the country is known to have strict guidelines for businesses and products. Consumers have added peace of mind, as they are sure that any perceived risk is eliminated through the various processes of testing the product before it is sold to them.

The recipient of the Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal has made significant contributions in the competitive multi-level marketing industry. Chua has Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

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Jeremy Goldstein, the legal expert

Are you out to get a lawyer to take care of a criminal matter, parenting, will writing help resolve a difference of either landlord or tenant or any other issues to do with the law?

It is now convenient for New Yorkers to get a lawyer who has experience when it comes to law issues.


A new online portal has been started by the New York State Bar Association’s trusted Lawyer Referral and Information Services (LRIS) for people seeking for lawyers. The service is confidential and available 24 hours a day using the link If they wish. However, the LRIS telephone service is still available.


In times of stress, individuals often need lawyers. The services at the Lawyer Referral and Information have less pressure as people have the confidence of being linked to lawyers who have excellent credentials and have been assessed by the New York State Bar Association.


The New York State Bar Association agreed to a partner with to come up with the new online technology. The provides a marketplace and referral technology to the industry. While signing the partnership, Mr. Tony Lai the CEO of, noted that they were happy to be connected with the biggest organization of attorneys in the world.

For the last 35 years, The New York State Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral and Information Service has been matching people to lawyers. In 2016 alone, its staff responded to over 10,000 calls from the public.


Mr. Jeremy L. Goldstein is an associate at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, a law firm that is dedicated to advising committees on compensation, CEOs, and matters to do with governance. Before starting his own law firm, he was a partner at Watchwell law firm.


In the past decades, Mr. Goldstein has taken part in many of the biggest transactions in the corporate world. Among this was the acquiring of the Goodrich by United Technologies.

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How To Find An Exceptional Cardiologist Like Edward Honig


Cardiology is a vital service provided in the world of healthcare that millions of people rely on annually. Obviously, the heart is an important part of the body. So when something goes wrong with it, the effects can be devastating and even fatal. Unfortunately, people consistently put off preventative trips to a cardiologist that could help identify and treat a potential problem before it rears its ugly head. Because when the heart stops functioning correctly, there is little to no time for response.


Fortunately, there are cardiologists like Edward Honig who are exceptional in their field in both knowledge, execution, and bedside manner. So, as someone who may be in the market for a cardiologist, what are some things you can do to make the process as simple as possible? Well, with the world at our finger tips through mobile devices and fast Wi-Fi, locating a specialist in the field of medicine is not nearly as difficult as it once was.


To begin the process of finding a cardiologist similar to Edward Honig, simply pull up your browser and begin your search. You will instantly be given a wealth of information regarding both local, and national cardiologists. From generalized descriptions of their services provided on a website, to first-hand customer reviews and experiences, you could be well on your way to making an appointment within an hour.


As you begin searching and considering different options, pay close attention to the personalized experiences. They tend to be the most accurate and can give you valuable insight that can help push you one way or the other. Now, not every option will be as good as Edward Honig, but there are a lot of good cardiologists out there if you take the time to look and properly weigh your options. So good luck in your search, and don’t forget those preventative check ups!

Doe Deere: Founder of Lime Crime

Doe Deere is an entrepreneur who was born in Russia. She moved to New York in 1998 when she was 17 years and stayed there till 2012. Doe is the chief executive officer and founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics. She created the company in 2008. The idea came to her in 2004 when she did not find the bright makeup she needed when modeling her DIY fashion. Doe Deere states that she always loved bright and unusual colors.



One of Doe Deere’s belief is that the definition of true beauty is what feels right to every person. Due to this belief, she decided to be bold in her cosmetics-venture. Her line of cosmetics has gained a huge following over the years. Doe believes that to be a successful woman; one needs to follow their passion and have courage while doing it.



Doe’s life as a musician made her appreciate the efforts and support of her fans and also taught her various things such as marketing. She wanted to be a musician before she started Lime Crime. Music even made her met her husband. They were in a band together, and they did songwriting and promoting the band.



Her first business was in Russia when she was only 13 years old. She sold temporary tattoos to her classmates, which were trendy, at the time and she enjoyed it a lot. She made her tattoo business successful by wearing the tattoos herself. This popularized them and also made her classmates see that it was safe to wear them.



Lime Crime was based online. At the time, experts advised Doe against the idea because they felt that clients would want to view her products before purchasing them. However, Deere was against this idea and used the “on-lip” lipstick swatch. This was a bright idea since clients could now see her products on the skin before deciding whether or not to buy. This idea has now been replicated all over the fashion industry.



There is a mission statement of the company on its website so that every visitor can view it. Lime Crime’s intention is not only to change the whole idea behind make-up but to also revolutionize how it makes a woman feel. Deere’s always tries all the products herself to make sure that they are on par with the vision of the company. Doe Deere is a role model to many.




After Its Spectacular IPO, Snapchat Comes Under Scrutiny

The trendiest social network of the moment has a higher valuation than Delta Airlines but cannot be accessed by web browsers. Snapchat, a mobile app that has become the hottest social media outlet for the Millennial Generation, has achieved an incredible market capitalization of $31 billion.


Now that Snapchat’s parent company, which recently changed its name to Snap, is trading its shares on Wall Street, fascinating details are beginning to emerge. Online news publication Business Insider has been digging deep into Snapchat, and here are some of the most interesting details reported thus far:


Snapchat Was Always About Making Images Disappear


The main feature of Snapchat has always been its ethereal approach to social media updates. One the network’s founders thought about the concept of disappearing photos as he was sending selfies to a girl he was trying to impress. He thought about the potential of those images ending up published on the web for everyone to see, perhaps for many years. Reginald Brown talked about this issue with his Stanford University classmates, who shared his enthusiasm about making social media updates disappear.


Snapchat Started Off as Pictaboo


Naming schemes are extremely important for tech startups. The first name proposed for the mobile app was Pictaboo; it would later change to Snapchat but the cute ghost logo was there from the start.


Success Did Not Arrive Early


From 2011 to 2012, the founders of Snapchat were paying up to $5,000 a month for app hosting space even though their maximum user count was only 100. When a venture capital investor realized the potential of the network and cut a nice check, the network reached one million active users within nine months.


Even Facebook CEO felt the pinch when he saw Snapchat in action. He tried to counter with his own app, named Poke, which fizzled. The rest is history.


Emojis, Reactions and a Dislike Option Are Now Part Of Facebook Messenger

A recent tech article that I read today concerns Facebook installing emojis and a Dislike button on their messaging system. The article states that the enhancements to the system are only available to some Facebook Messenger users at this point.


Emojis are those little digital icons that are utilized to display feelings or emotions online. Often appearing as small yellow smiley-faces, these icons now also display a wide range of other emotions. On Facebook, these icons are known as Reactions.


It has been confirmed by Facebook that they are indeed testing the emoji-dislike option on a small scale for now, but if the option proves to be popular, it may become standard equipment for all Facebook Messenger users.


Although the News Feed pages on Facebook already provide users with emojis to use, there are no Dislike buttons on those pages. Apparently, a Dislike button on the News Feed pages is the most-requested feature on Facebook, but the company does not want to install one.


Interestingly, the powers that be at Facebook have decided that a Dislike button may promote negativity on the News Feed, so the pages continue to feature only a Like option.


The Reactions options on Facebook have been a hit with users so far, with more than 300 billion of them sent already.


A main point that the author of the article seems to be making is that Facebook will be better able to compete with other social media messaging systems by keeping their own system as convenient as possible.


Yanni Hufnagel: Chutzpah and Salesmanship

Yanni Hufnagel is a 30-year-old successful Jewish man. He’s an assistant basketball coach at Harvard, where the team’s record is 79-24 in his four years and won the Ivy League, for the first time, last year.
According to the Jewish Coaches Association, about 30 Division I coaches are in its ranks. Hufnagel is one of the most promising.
Hufnagel couldn’t make the high school team, so he called games for public-access television.
Hufnagel’s path to coaching began as a basketball manager at Cornell for one season and continued with an internship with the New Jersey Nets, where his job included laundry pickup. After graduation, Hufnagel’s Nets colleague Ryan Kreuger connected Hufnagel with Jeff Capel, Oklahoma basketball coach, who hired Hufnagel as a graduate assistant.
Yanni Hufnagel moved to Harvard in 2009 on Capel’s recommendation. He started as a volunteer assistant coach, working without pay. Assistant coaches are recruiters. They must be able to schmooze with coaches, know text-messaging, and like spending summer days in gyms.
According to Capel, Hufnagel has two qualities that make him one of the best recruiters: chutzpah, and salesmanship. He doesn’t fear “no,” so he doesn’t refuse to recruit players on the assumption that they won’t be interested. And he is likable, so he can sell Harvard, which does not offer athletic scholarships and has rigorous admissions requirements. Hufnagel’s goal is to recruit high school players who generally would not consider Harvard as a path to the NBA.
According to Wikipedia, Hufnagel will be a head coach, for the first time, in Israel. In the Maccabiah games, he will coach Maccabi USA’s youth team.
Hufnagel soon will have his choice of a head or an assistant coaching position of a basketball powerhouse.

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Social Media Failures

Social media IPOs raise investors’ interest. Facebook now is valued at humongous $400 billion. But not every new IPO in this area succeeds. Failure is typical when it comes to apps related to messaging, whether for text, pictures, or videos. As Techcrunch report shows, venture capital firms invested hundreds of millions in this type of companies, and most of these bets haven’t paid off. Those companies have either closed or haven’t succeeded in expanding their user base.


One example is Tango. This company develops apps for mobile messaging. So far, they have raised $360 million. But, the user growth has stopped. Tango used to be among the top 20 most downloaded apps in the United States, but now has fallen beyond top 150. Another promising app, YikYak, raised $62 billion. The company provides anonymous chat service for users locally. But, when usage decreased, the company had to fire 60 percent of its workers.


There seem to be quite many social media companies nowadays. Some will be bought out by others, a few will grow on their own, while majority will never fulfill their promises. Facebook is the giant when it comes to social media, and this company takes on its competitors successfully. Its Instagram service is going to be a tough competitor of Snapchat, a company which just went public and is presently worth tens of billions.


Even those companies which succeed in the marketplace may not bring rewards to investors. Twitter is down more than 40% off its highs. Microsoft, once a dominant company in the technology sector, hasn’t become a dominant player when it comes to social media. This business is tough, unpredictable, and its landscape changes so quickly that investors take high risks when betting on these companies.