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How Influencer Predictions Can Guide Social Media Marketing

A new series on Forbes chronicles the shifting social media landscape. On the last episode, influencers discuss their visions of social media’s future. From not wanting to make predictions at all, to mentioning that a real-world year is five years in YouTube time, to insights on upcoming platforms, the influencers seem to agree on one thing: they will keep telling stories to anyone watching. Social media marketers can take some of their advice.


Two main ideas stood out. The first is that people will continue telling stories. One influencer said that there will always be Beyonce and there will always be that one band no one else has ever heard of. To a marketer this suggests that social media has the power to serve niche markets. Marketers are constantly advised to find out where their audience lives online and tell their story to that forum. This advice is being disrupted by new tech and audience behaviors.


Currently there are many places to live online, from Facebook to Snapchat, Instagram and others. Each of these platforms are in constant flux because they are in constant competition. For instance, when Facebook released live-streaming so did Instagram. Brands who decide to follow innovation, rather than platform, could see success because viewers are interested in new ways to receive stories. Locking into one platform isn’t the best bet for marketers in a tumultuous social media landscape. Instead, listen to the influencers. Adapt to new forms of multi-media rapidly and your audience will find you.


Andrew Rolfe’s Contribution to the Implementation and Success of the Ubuntu Education Fund

Ubuntu Education Fund is an organization that strives to change people’s lives through providing them with a quality education. This group was established by Jacob Lief to support orphans in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Ubuntu Education Fund specializes in the provision of services, such as international development, healthcare, and education.


Strategies adopted by the Ubuntu Education Fund


For years, this organization had been receiving money from donors. However, it was not meeting its objectives as expected. In the World Economic Forum meeting, Lief and his colleagues decided to adopt new strategies to ensure that the organization’s project met its intended purposes. One of the strategies they adopted involved rejecting funds from donors who gave their money with lots of restrictions. By so doing, their budget decreased, and since then they were able to achieve more with the little they had. Another strategy that was adopted was the Ubuntu model where vulnerable children are taken up by communities and families who would then educate these kids. The Ubuntu Model works alongside wealthy individuals who wish to give back to the community. According to Lief, there are some donors who like to oversee the way their money is allocated to various programs. This kind of donors makes implementation of the projects counterproductive. Andrew Rolfe is one of the executives who have been instrumental in making sure that the Ubuntu Model works efficiently.


Rolfe’s involvement in Ubuntu Education Fund


Rolfe is a businessman with interests in corporate financing, private equity, and business strategy. He is a graduate of Eton College, University of Oxford, and Harvard Business School. Rolfe served in various companies, including PepsiCo, Pret A Manger, and Gap Inc. He is the current executive director of Tower Brook Capital Partners. Rolfe holds the chair post of Ubuntu Education Fund, and he has been working with this organization since 2007. He works in collaboration with Jacob Lief to ensure that vulnerable children living in the Eastern Cape of South Africa get a quality education. As a financial officer, Rolfe is in charge of the administration of finances in the organization. He also plays a huge role in helping the organization get high-net-worth individuals who are willing to spend their money on philanthropic activities.


Richard Mishaan Designs Tells A Story Of Time That Continued


Richard Mishaan is recognized and well known in the architectural and design industry. His lavish tastes showcase beautifully with the interior designs that he creates. Richard Mishaan designs uses antiques that accentuate vintage pieces and other decor with a boldness in pattern and lush colors. Mishaan is on the A list of the Elle Decor and the AD 100. When he’s not busy creating a masterpiece interiorly, he found time to write his own book, “Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern”.

For the Kip Bay Boys and Girls Club Show House, he created this lavish grand salon and library. The inspiration and theme he used for the room came from a collection of time. He used items that were handmade so that the detail and skill could be seen in each area of the room. Mishaan used the finest of silks and velvets placing them in the right spots to accentuate the overall beauty of the room. The collection of items that was used in the room gave the essence of time as it went on. The room is more than just a library, it is a room you can entertain in. In each home that he has remodeled, there is always one room he considers the library. However, a library is much more than just a library.

He was careful in the decision on what fabrics to use and decided on the animal prints and the silk velvet textures, mixed with cords and woven tapes to create the start of the theme. He layered the backdrop so that each item flowed into the next adding a variety of cultures within the room. Each item has a historic value in it so that the person feels they are taking a journey through time.

Mishaan feels that what touches the soul and educates is both travel and culture. Designs that stem from heritages speaks volumes of the different styles and trends that exceeds the expectations of the surface. His passions are handmade pieces and porcelain objects that create a personal, intimate touch to the environment and makes it unique from the rest. When asked what inspires him to be an interior designer today, he responds with everything.

Orthopedic Surgery- Greg Finch

Orthopedic surgeries involve muscles and skeleton of a person (musculoskeletal problems). These operations are performed in a case of various conditions or injuries. The majority of these surgeries are performed on the knee, hip, elbow, ankle, shoulder and the spine.

Dr. Greg Finch, an Australian orthopedic surgeon, is one of the best in this field. He is a certified specialist in Spinal Surgery, Pediatric Orthopedics and Trauma, Trauma and Orthopedic Surgery. The doctor received his training at Auckland Medical School, Royal College Surgeons Melbourne and Australian Orthopedic Association respectively. After he had earned his Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, he spent two years working with world leaders in Spine surgery in the UK, USA, and Germany.

Dr. Greg Finch has 17 years’ experience, and throughout the years he has helped hundreds of patients in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States live healthier, better lives and back pain-free. He currently serves at Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service in Queensland, Australia.

There are several Orthopedic surgeries, but we will focus on two common procedures, starting with Spine Surgery or decompression where Dr. Greg Finch has vast knowledge.

Spine injuries are common, and it is critical for patients with this kind of problem to consider surgery. There are three types of spinal decompression procedures:

  • Laminectomy which involves complete removal of the lamina. This surgery is done on the lower spine. It is the partial removal of the lamina to create a larger opening.
  • Discectomy which involves removal of part of a disc that is compressing a nerve. This herniated disc causes back pain, muscle weakness or numbness.
  • Foraminotomy, also known as laminotomy which involves shaving off part of the lamina to create a larger opening to relieve the pinched nerve. This procedure is also done on the lower spine, unlike laminectomy, it involves complete removal of the lamina.

Laminectomy and laminotomy are mostly done to relieve spinal stenosis symptoms; including pain, numbness and weaknesses that coursed down to the arms or legs. These procedures are performed as open surgery where the doctor uses a single, larger incision to access the spine. The minimally invasive method can also be used where a smaller incision is made, and muscles are carefully separated instead of cutting them.

ACL Reconstruction (Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction) is another common orthopedic procedure. It is a surgical tissue graft replacement of the ACL. This ligament is located in the knee. In an arthroscopic procedure, the torn ligament is removed from the knee before grafting. There are two types of grafts; Autographs, which is employing a bone or tissue harvested from the patient’s body, and Allografts, where using a bone or tissue from another body, either cadaver or a live donor.

Grafts are inserted through a tunnel drifted through the shin bone and thigh bone. The graft is pulled through the tube and fixed with screws.

According to specialists, Dr. Greg Finch included, these procedures have shown success over the years with very few manageable risks.



Andrew Rocklage: Boston Businessman and Entrepreneur

After growing up in Greater Boston, getting an education there and then establishing himself in the Boston business world, it stood to reason that Andrew Rocklage would stay in the area for the foreseeable future. However, the Boston native now resides in Jupiter, Florida. Although he started out his career as an attorney, he no longer practices law. Instead, he is an ambitious entrepreneur and already owns two Sky Zone franchise locations. How in the world did these things come to pass? Anyone who knows Andrew knows that he has never been one to settle for mediocrity, and in his world, the best way to succeed is by being your own boss.


This isn’t to say that Andrew Rocklage has a problem with working for others. As the owner and operator of two Sky Zone indoor trampoline parks, he has exhibited an amazing knack for hiring the right people and training them very effectively. Indeed, his natural instinct for managing crew members has played a huge role in making his Sky Zone location in Daytona Beach a huge success. Although it’s only been open for about a year, it has quickly become one of the most popular attractions in this part of the city.


Given that he owns and runs two indoor trampoline parks despite still being very young, it’s easy to assume that Rocklage always intended to be a business owner. However, nothing could be further from the truth. As a kid, Andrew Rocklage was very involved in sports. He not only played them but he followed professional sports avidly as well. From a young age, he expressed an interest in working in that industry. When he was due to apply for college, he looked for schools that would help him to achieve this goal. He decided on the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.


Andrew Rocklage finished his undergraduate studies and graduated in 2009 with a BS in sports management plus a minor in economics. As a part of his degree program, he interned in public relations for Major League Lacrosse. Around that time, he started realizing that sports management may not be up his alley after all. He had long been intrigued by the law, and several people in his life had urged him to go to law school. He applied to and was accepted at Suffolk University Law School.


The young man graduated with a Juris Doctor degree in 2013. Given his age, it was impressive that he had already accumulated so many educational credentials. Now it was time for him to get to work. At the time, he was still interested in pursuing a career as a lawyer, so he took positions as a law clerk and as a legal consultant before taking a full-time job as corporate counsel for a firm called EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals. His work as an attorney let him work closely with numerous startups, and it afforded him many important business connections in Boston and beyond.


As promising as his law career appeared to be, Andrew Rocklage ultimately decided that it just wasn’t enough. He knew several people who owned their own businesses, and he knew that he was up for the challenge himself. After researching many business opportunities, he settled on becoming the owner of a Sky Zone franchise. The popular chain of indoor trampoline parks is headquartered in Los Angeles and boasts more than 100 locations around the country. Every location is franchised, so there are plenty of opportunities for people who want to own their own businesses.


As luck would have it, Andrew Rocklage had been frugal with his earnings and he had made some savvy investments. As a result, he was well-positioned to purchase a Sky Zone franchise. His research revealed that Daytona Beach was a promising market, even though a competing indoor trampoline park was slated to open there as well. Rocklage determined that there was more than enough business for both companies, so he went ahead and bought the location. After putting more than $1.8 million into its development, Andrew Rocklage opened the doors of his first Sky Zone in Daytona Beach in 2016.


Andrew Rocklage has quickly proven himself to be an effective and talented owner and manager. He has a natural instinct for finding the right people to work for him, and his location employs around 70 crew members and three sales managers. Thanks to the success of that location, Rocklage went ahead and purchased another Sky Zone franchise in Port St. Lucie, Florida. He has experienced great success there as well, so it appears likely that he will buy additional locations in the future. Rocklage travels back to Boston regularly to visit friends and family and to maintain the important business and legal connections that he made while attending school in the area.


Igor Cornelsen Gives Advice to People Who Want to Make Money

People who want to make some extra money are best following advice from people who have went before them. However, this begs the question as to how to get advice. The good news is that a ton of successful and financially independent people have released a ton of articles and other forms of information online for people to look at. These forms of information has a lot of information on the different aspects and methods of making money. Among the people that have advice that people could follow is Igor Cornelsen. He has a lot of experience in different markets.


Igor knows that there are a ton of different methods for investing and earning money. One good piece of advice is to take part in all of the different methods so that one will have tons of money coming from multiple sources. This will bring forth a lot of hope for people in the case one of these sources fall through. The good news is that another source could make up for the losses of one. This is one of the advantages of spreading one’s assets. One loss is not going to be so devastating. This is one of the reasons that Igor Cornelsen has not only suggested using multiple methods for earning but has also laid out ways to earn from each method.


Igor has experience in the market. He himself is an entrepreneur. This helps him identify which opportunities are worth investing in. One thing he also encourages people to do is to be bold in their decisions. After all, investing is not for the timid. One of the best ways to get rid of nervousness when it comes to investing is to gain a lot of knowledge and also gain some experience in the market so that it could work out well.

The Water and Sanitation Sector Stands to Gain From Engaging The Private Companies, Reports Felipe Montoro

Recently, the Brazilian Government divulged information about some intended concessions in the water and sanitation sector as a partnership with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (NBESD). This stirred a debate, which the water industry is willing to dive in. Felipe Montoro engaged Trata Brasil’s President, Edison Carlos in an interview where he gave his insights on the matter.


Complementary Partnership


The Initiative aims at engaging private companies in providing water and sanitation services to the public. Currently, the public sector delivers 90 percent of these services 70 percent of which comes from state organizations. According to Edison Carlos, the public sector will not be excluded when the industry comes into the picture; rather it stands a chance to benefit from the advanced technology and the many resources owned by the private companies. In the end, this initiative will benefit the water and sanitation sector in a positive way, particularly in the way it is structured and managed.


Due Diligence


Edison Carlos noted that public agencies need to do thorough inspections on the private companies that will be engaged. The companies’ operations should be able to match with the needs of the public. The goals intended should also be highlighted clearly in the contracts. The NBESD will be mandated to create strategic plans for each state that it has a presence in. Through surveys, the bank will do an analysis on the state of the water sector in every location. The bank will then roll out the project based on these findings.


About Felipe Montoro


Felipe Montoro is a renowned figure in the Brazilian infrastructure sector. He has been trained in finance and administration up to the master’s degree level at the Fundacao Getulio Vargas and the reputable Thunderbird School.

Felipe Montoro boasts unmatched experience in auditing, finance, consulting, operations management, and projects development from the real estate, oil, and gas industries.




Look Into Social Security: David Giertz Provides Some Pointers

A good financial counselor is part of all aspects of clients’ financial life, however many tend to concentrate on investing, saving and no more. It’s reasonable — these subjects are the absolute entirety of a sound financial lifestyle on Facebook. Nevertheless, exploring Social Security and different advantages is nearly as vital for the vast majority, and the situation can get extremely cloudy without appropriate direction at A genuine consultant won’t just guide his customers through these inquiries and issues, yet he ought to identify the blind sides and territories where customers may not understand the kind of help they require.

According to, the course aides ought to offer their customers about Social Security and the type of information that customers ought to get. Even though, only a couple of the financial counselors are knowledgeable in Social Security principles and furthermore prepared to prescribe particular vital frameworks to customers, if the present survey on extending basic components and retirement plan is to be trusted.

A few financial advocates utilize Social Security confirmation reports as a prospecting device for new customers. The good thing is Mr.David Giertz invented a smart digital tool that can help different potential customers in calculating their aggregate lifetime benefits. That is the reason distinctive undertakings include lead-producing devices. Different people who tend to focus on their practices on matters of retirement pay might be captivated to put more backings and time in a program that goes past attesting strategies and that works well with the present planning software.

David L. Giertz is a financial specialist at NISC – Nationwide Investment Services Corporation situated in Columbus, Ohio. He holds an industry securities enlistment subject to FINRA oversight after passing securities examinations which incorporate Series 24, 53, 63, and 7. Presently, David acts the role of the president at NFS Distributors – Nationwide Financial Services sales and distribution organization.

Greg Secker the Multimillionaire Offers Viable Investment Advice in a Crucial State of Economy

When it comes to playing the cards of entrepreneurship right, Greg Secker has mastered the art. The motivational speaker became a multimillionaire in his early twenties. Greg is a successful businessman, philanthropist, and motivational speaker. He commits himself to encouraging start-ups and averagely established companies. The owner of Capital Index, SmartCharts Software and Learn To Trade recently announced the commencement of a new program in one of his new company called Knowledge to Action. Just like the other companies he owns, Knowledge To Action was established to encourage people to invest in strong market shares. Greg is committed to improving the lives of individuals across the world. He does this by bettering their financial position through his skills in investment.




Greg’s career commenced at Thomas Cook, a financial services institution. After servicing Thomas Cook, he shifted his interests to the business of foreign exchange. In this field, he established a company called Virtual Trading Desk. Popularly known as VTD, this was the leading online platform for transactions on the foreign exchange. VTD marked the birth of a successful career for Greg Secker. He shifted to Mellon Financial Corporation as the vice president. He then left Mellon to join a Fortune 500 company in the United States of America. In that banking firm, he rubbed shoulders with the world’s leading traders.




He applied his talent on trading with their knowledge to amass more skills on trading strategies. Greg traveled around the world to experience new trading methodologies. His personal trading account had registered massive growth before he relocated to his native home for a company set up. In approximately three months, his career took an even more exciting turn. For thirteen years, Greg has given motivational talks in congresses and institutions. He has addressed more than 200,000 people since the commencement of his career. His topic of discussion is usually trading and the state of financial markets. Throughout his journey of giving preparation talks, Greg has been honest, and investors have given him positive feedback concerning his advice.




Greg Secker owns the Greg Secker Foundation. He uses this organization to reach out to the less fortunate by providing shelter, clothing, education and advice to the people. He is committed to improving people’s lives through this foundation.

The Exemplary Performance Of Don Ressler At JustFab Inc

The fashion industry is growing tremendously due to the new opportunities arising every day. Over time, technology has made marketing and selling of products in the fashion industry not only easy but also enjoyable. Innovative entrepreneurs and businessmen are taking advantage of this positive progress to venture and prosper in the dynamic fashion industry. Don Ressler, a famous businessman in the fashion industry, has excelled in the ever-growing field of online performance advertising. He currently serves as the CEO of JustFab and the famous Fabletics.

Intelligent Beauty Company launched JustFab in 2010. In 2013, the firm purchased subscription service for children, Fabkids, after realizing most of its clients were parents. Due to effective management, JustFab grew quite fast such that it acquired European e-commerce site, The Fab Shoes, which attracted about three million members from Europe by the end of the year. The idea of athletic wear came in, and Don Ressler together with his management team decided to venture into it by launching Fabletics in the same year at

JustFab received a funding of $33 million from Matrix Partners barely two years of operation due to its impressive growth. After attaining the capacity of six million members, Don Ressler secured funding of $76 million from Rho Ventures, Matrix, Crossover Ventures, and Intelligent Beauty. In 2014, the company received a total of $ 250 million funding from Passport Special Opportunity Fund, Shining Capital in addition to Matrix Partners and Crossover Ventures. Read more on

Don Ressler is in charge of Techstyle, a firm that was previously known as JustFab Inc. It is an internet-based subscription fashion outlet that supplies footwear, handbag, denim and jewelry. Besides, it is the mother firm with five major online brands under it. They include ShoeDazzle,Fabletics, JustFab and Fabkids. The reputable firm operates online and offline and has managed to set up numerous stores in Europe.

Under the able leadership of Don Ressler, the reputable company is expanding operations in Germany, UK, and Canada. Techstyle has three departments that collaborate to ensure satisfaction of the new and the existing customers. The departments mainly focus on marketing, merchandising and public relations. Fortunately, Don Ressler has what it takes to spot new trends and evolve them in the industry. Through Don Ressler has outstanding performance, he has managed to make the company a top brand known worldwide.