Andrew Rolfe’s Contribution to the Implementation and Success of the Ubuntu Education Fund

Ubuntu Education Fund is an organization that strives to change people’s lives through providing them with a quality education. This group was established by Jacob Lief to support orphans in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Ubuntu Education Fund specializes in the provision of services, such as international development, healthcare, and education.


Strategies adopted by the Ubuntu Education Fund


For years, this organization had been receiving money from donors. However, it was not meeting its objectives as expected. In the World Economic Forum meeting, Lief and his colleagues decided to adopt new strategies to ensure that the organization’s project met its intended purposes. One of the strategies they adopted involved rejecting funds from donors who gave their money with lots of restrictions. By so doing, their budget decreased, and since then they were able to achieve more with the little they had. Another strategy that was adopted was the Ubuntu model where vulnerable children are taken up by communities and families who would then educate these kids. The Ubuntu Model works alongside wealthy individuals who wish to give back to the community. According to Lief, there are some donors who like to oversee the way their money is allocated to various programs. This kind of donors makes implementation of the projects counterproductive. Andrew Rolfe is one of the executives who have been instrumental in making sure that the Ubuntu Model works efficiently.


Rolfe’s involvement in Ubuntu Education Fund


Rolfe is a businessman with interests in corporate financing, private equity, and business strategy. He is a graduate of Eton College, University of Oxford, and Harvard Business School. Rolfe served in various companies, including PepsiCo, Pret A Manger, and Gap Inc. He is the current executive director of Tower Brook Capital Partners. Rolfe holds the chair post of Ubuntu Education Fund, and he has been working with this organization since 2007. He works in collaboration with Jacob Lief to ensure that vulnerable children living in the Eastern Cape of South Africa get a quality education. As a financial officer, Rolfe is in charge of the administration of finances in the organization. He also plays a huge role in helping the organization get high-net-worth individuals who are willing to spend their money on philanthropic activities.