Andrew Rolfe And Ubuntu Education Fund: An unconditional funding

Jacob Lief assists helpless kids in Cape Province in South Africa through the Ubuntu Education Fund, a charity he founded and works as the chief executive. He works with Andrew Rolfe as the Chairman of the organization. He realized that, even after raising a lot of money, the lives of the beneficiaries remained the same. This vanity necessitated a change in strategy.


He has declined grants with restrictions leading to a reduction in the organization’s budget. The organization now uses Andrew Rolfe’s “Ubuntu Model” to work with families and communities thereby achieving more. Most donors are not ready to give their donations without strings attached. Some donors dictate how their money should be spent.


Some donors boycott charities due to mismanagement as the late Peter Lewis once did. Participation of experienced donors in the management of a program may bring many benefits. According to Tarnside Consulting director, Patrick Boggon, the participation of donors makes them feel more involved in the organization and enhance their contribution.


Doug Wingo of Wingo NYC notes that priority differences between the donors and the charities may cause some tension. The use of funds by charities is dictated by the restrictions created by the donors. These restrictions hinder the flexibility that charities need for innovation.


Eric Kessler of Arabella Advisors says that if discussions between the two parties are held on time, conflict can be avoided. He notes that donors are not always the decision makers in charities. Additionally, many organizations are declining donations that don’t match their objectives.


Andrew Rolfe


Jacob Lief appointed Andrew Rolfe to the post of the Chairman of Ubuntu’s Board of Governors. In that capacity, he has been putting extra effort to enhance the living standards, health, and education needs of people in Cape Town, South Africa. He has helped Ubuntu to have a positive impact on its beneficiaries.


Andrew Rolfe is known around the world for his desire to help other people throughout his life and career. Many people admire his work, and he has been working harder to encourage them to follow his footsteps. At Ubuntu, they have been carrying out long-term projects that have the strongest impact on improving the living standards of Ubuntu Fund beneficiaries.