Amazon Debuts New Program for Social Media Influencers

The Amazon Influencer Program has arrived and it could become the next wave in social media income generation. The Amazon Affiliate program has long been used by bloggers and website publishers to generate additional income by facilitating the sale of products on Amazon’s retail site. The internet has changed quite a bit over the past few years as social media is becoming the primary hub for information and interactions. Video sharing sites such as Instagram and YouTube further boost the profiles of people who become celebrities on the internet.


In addition to joining the ranks of celebrityhood, online personalities may become “social media influencers“. Such persons have some sway with their followers. An Instagram or YouTube fitness star likely has a lot of credibility with his or her followers. Few would care about what such a person has to say if he/she did not impart faith in followers.


Would not this fitness star be the perfect person to push and promote fitness products on Amazon?


Amazon sees the potential in all the many social media influencers known for their strong following. Home improvement, beauty, fashion, outdoor life, sporting goods, and more are all popular topics on social media. Numerous personalities discuss these topics on social media every day. Again, Amazon sees all this.


The new Amazon Influencer Program is currently in the Beta testing phase. A larger rollout is sure to occur once the testing is completed and all bugs are worked out. Amazon certainly won’t release the program on a large scale until the endeavor has the greatest chance for success. Amazon surely won’t appreciate bad reports that would diminish interest in signing up for the program. This is why Beta testing exists.


As social media continues to expand the ability for the “average person” to become a celebrity, more and more strategies to monetize an online presence are going to emerge. News of this nature should be met with a lot of praise and enthusiasm. Anything that allows those who truly have something to entertaining or informative to offer on social media should be able to reap the rewards of their talents.