Agora Financials- Continuously Helping People Attain Financial Independence

With its headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland, Agora Financials is a publishing company that produces publications mainly dealing with financial issues. They produce this information in a variety of ways-in print, books, email, and conferences, with the aim of educating the American citizen on matters finance.

Foundation and Leadership

The company was founded by Bill Bonner in 1979and has continued to carry on its business successfully since then. Bill is good at his art as he is a financial writer and essayist, having written the books Empire of Debt and Financial Reckoning Day. He has since led the company in publishing newsletters that provides sound financial advice to investors in various industries including metals, technology, the stock market, and energy. Agora Financial has eventually birthed Richebacher Society. Kurt Richebacher was an economist, and the society carries out a continuation of the work he did in his lifetime.

Acquisition of Laissez Faire Books

The company in 2011 acquired New York’s Laissez Faire Books, expanding its portfolio. Through Laissez Faire Books, Agora financials is now able to distribute libertarian books focusing on their niche. Under Laissez Faire, they have other qualified personalities such as Jeffrey Tucker working for them. This has increased their credibility, and they have been able to earn the trust of the public, enabling them to stay afloat for all those years .

The Mission

With their continuous advice and presence, Agora Financial has been able to provide sound financial advice to the public. They have various platforms through which they can be reached, ranging from a website to a social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. Here, they can interact with people who may need their help one on one. Through their services, many people have been able to navigate the murky waters in different market areas. With such a ruthless focus, the company can only continue to reach out and help the family.

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