Adam Goldenberg And Don Ressler Are The Fashion And Technology Team At The Pinnacle Of Success

Technology and fashion have been reinvented by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. The team founded the Techstyle Fashion Group and based the business on clothing, beauty, and accessories available by membership. The success of the company was amazing considering neither one of them knew much about fashion. What they had was the desire for success, intelligence, and the knowledge of what consumers wanted.


Adam Goldenberg was only fifteen when he stepped into the world of business. He designed an advertisement network meant for gaming websites called Gamers Alliance. In 1999 Intermix Media purchased the company and Adam Goldberg left high school to take on the Presidency of Strategic Planning. He continued to work for Intermix as the Chief Operating Officer until he reached twenty. In 2011 Don Ressler sold a website called to Intermix. He had additionally raised the required capital for numerous online companies. This was where Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler met and established a friendship.


They created Intelligent Beauty in 2006 which was an e-commerce company and continued to create a variety of brands resulting in success. This was when they had the idea to create a modern way to shop online. They both realized there was no way for consumers to find personalized and trendy clothing easily. One Techstyle became a reality the first company created was JustFab. Their members received athletic clothing that was personalized and were shown the right way to combine different pieces. As the members confidence grew so did the company.


Since the two men were experts at combining fashion and technology, JustFab was rebranded and became Techstyle in 2016. The company was established in California since they had already been described as fashion meeting Silicon Valley. The company is dedicated to social responsibility and wants to improve lives. They give women confidence whether they are running, going to the gym, or dancing. The idea is when someone is healthy and has confidence their contributions to society increase.


There is no doubt Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler have an incredible potential as entrepreneurs. The possibility of the pair creating more businesses in the future is real but for now they are focusing on Techstyle. They want women all over the world to wear their quality and fashionable clothing and accessories. Their statement is women should be able to wear activewear that looks fantastic, makes women feel wonderful, and does not drain their bank accounts.