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Troy McQuagge’s Vision Is To Spread HOPE Through USHEALTH Around The Country

A very special thing happened when Troy McQuagge joined the USHEALTH Group team in 2010. As a member of the company’s subsidiary, USHEALTH Advisors, Troy started up the HOPE initiative, which was dedicated to helping people in need throughout the communities at large. Hope literally stands for Helping Other People Everyday and this has been an ongoing mission for Troy throughout his entire career. Not only this, but HOPE drastically increased USHEALTH Group’s awareness and standing with the public. After starting up the HOPE initiative in 2010, Troy quickly took the lead of the company and today he operates as President and CEO for USHEALTH Group.

HOPE’s philanthropic efforts extend far and wide, first starting in New Orleans to provide relief to the long devasted community. After Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans many people were killed and left injured with thousands more homeless and without anything left. HOPE came in alongside Pheonix for New Orleans to rebuild the community for past residents. Read more about Troy McQuagge USHealth at

Troy McQuagge USHealth has stated that he wants HOPE’s mission to stay pure and it has never been his intention to push sales or focus on building more wealth. Troy has ensured that HOPE operates with the highest of standards in mind while staying true to helping others every day. Rather than just a way to increase awareness, HOPE is a way of life for Troy. He believes all people and companies should follow in the same footsteps for helping others and building a better community everywhere.

Despite the increased growth and success of the USHEALTH Group since Troy has taken over as President, he wants to push the envelope further and create more branches for the HOPE initiative, which he has already started doing through the like of HOPEKids Arizona. This branch of the initiative is focused on helping families with disabled children due to chronic issues and illness. The huge level of success seen by the USHEALTH Group and the impressive impact HOPE has had on the community has earned Troy several awards over the years for best CEO. Troy has big plans for the future of USHEALTH Group and HOPE to continue helping others around the globe.



How Business Can Use Video Marketing On Social Media

Video content is important on social media. If you own a business, you need to realize that a lot of people on social media are not in the mood to read things and would rather watch a video. Here is how to utilize videos on social media.

First of all, the most important thing is to make sure that your videos are interesting. Remember that people go on social media to have fun, not to watch a dry presentation. You can use humor to make your video more interesting to watch. You should also tell a story. If you want to stand out and get people to remember you, use your videos to tell the story of your brand and startup. Of course, all of your videos should not just be interesting. You are not there to create funny content without getting anything out of it. Make sure your videos inspire people to follow through on a call to action.

When creating videos, you need to make sure that they are high quality. First of all, when shooting a video, make sure you are using high quality equipment and that the camera is steady so that nothing comes out blurred. Next, make sure the audio is good so that you get your message across effectively.

Realize that videos on Facebook and other platforms do not always have sound. Therefore, consider using captions under your videos so that people who have no audio understand what is going on.

How to Perform a Social Media Audit

If you have been doing social media marketing, you may want to take a step back and start thinking about your strategy and your return on investment. It is time to do a social media audit! A social media audit will help you determine whether or not you are on the right track and what you can do to improve your performance on social media.

First, take stock of all the data. Start looking at performance metrics, such as reach and engagement. Look at the demographics of the people you are reaching and think about whether they are your target audience. In short, look at all the data the social media platforms provide you. You can also use third party tools to help you sort and figure out the data.

Next, figure out your goals. What are you trying to do on social media? Are you succeeding? Are you getting the amount of exposure you want to? Are you getting your desired ROI from your advertising campaigns? If you know your performance metrics, this is not hard to figure out.

Once you have figured out your goals, you can start focusing on what you need to do to improve. Think about which changes you can make and how they may affect your performance. You should always test out a few different changes and compare their individual effects. This is the only way to know what will work and what will not. It is known as split testing.

How To Get Your Power Needs All In One Bundle With Stream Energy

We all like bundles of things. Bundles come as money being saved, more services and greater ease of life. These bundled features are concepts Stream Energy achieves. This agency stands as a leading energy service that innovates on the power we use. Innovation with Stream Energy comes in the form of all the energy we use daily.

Stream works by consolidating power, click here. Don’t feel that you have to overextend yourself by dealing with one bill for your gas, one bill for electricity or one bill for your cell phone. These energy outlets can be consolidated along with many other options found within Stream power. There’s an energy revolution underway, and it’s all made possible through Stream.


Think About Consolidation

What does it mean for you to bring together all of the best features of life and into one access point? What if you could cut down on cost and your over-all responsibilities by having the best service in modern energy? Modern energy is growing in both how it’s used and in how we extract it. Everywhere we look, there’s an energy source being used. This is our society.

Living without the energy you need is no different from living without the progress and basic function you need. Living without energy is something you shouldn’t have to worry about. Your solution only happens through consolidation. Stream Energy has transformed how we access energy and how much you will pay for it in the long run.

Prices are dropping.


Get Connected To The Stream

The stream of power available to society is a direct result of innovation. Our past model was built from what innovators were able to do with only one power source. That structure has changed drastically. Stream Energy is the perfect example of how a modern understanding of power enables us to get everything we need through one provider.

The Stream Energy firm is customer-friendly and involved with their clients. It’s clear that energy consumption and distribution is more than a personal matter. The vision of Stream brings energy to everyone in a community, and the needs of each community dictates the service and care they get. The future is found once you connect to a real stream of power.


Some Important Info About Healthcare IT With Drew Madden

Many people tend to overlook just how important technology is in various fields. Manufacturers rely on technological innovations to track supply chains, grocers use software and handheld devices to track inventory, and – most importantly of all – entities in the healthcare field rely on technology to make their jobs easier in just about every regard imaginable.

Included below are a few trends that technology is set to follow in 2018 in respect to information technology in healthcare.

It’s difficult for physicians to keep up with information related to patients, although it’s important for hospitals and networks of practice locations to retain data only as long as necessary.

Clinical documentation will require more in-depth reviews of claim denials to inform applicants of why they didn’t get what they requested.

Telemedicine is set to become even more popular as mobile phones become more widespread in the most rural regions on planet Earth.


A Foray Into Healthcare IT Entrepreneur Drew Madden

Drew Madden has been passionate in trying his best to lead the healthcare field’s information technology movement towards superiority and unmatched security for at least the past decade.

Most people probably recognize Mr. Madden as being a member of Nordic Consulting Partners, one of the United States of America’s leaders in healthcare information technology consulting. Mr. Drew Madden was employed by Nordic Consulting Partners for the bulk of his young career, boosting total revenue per year from one million to a whopping $130 million.

Likewise, the company grew from a bonafide small business at only 10 workers to a big, booming business with 725 total employees. Madden was even able to raise the total number of clients from a paltry 3 to a more-than-respectable 150. See This Page for related information.

Drew Madden even helped Nordic Consulting Partners rack up several awards. The firm won several KLAS awards for both Consulting Excellence and being the World’s Largest Epic Consulting Company. Further, the company received a #1 ranking for Epic Implementation Services in both 2012 and 2014.

Mr. Drew Madden went to school at the University of Iowa, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in the study of industrial engineering, focusing particularly on medical systems.


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Drew Madden On Why Amazon Could Make Healthcare Very Dicey

The whole healthcare industry might get shaken up in some very important ways in the near future, and it may not play out well for all of the rest of us. You might have heard the reports that Amazon is potentially looking to creep into the pharmaceutical market. The massive company has filed for licenses to sell pharmaceuticals over the Internet in a number of states. If they are successful in winning those licenses, then they could start to disrupt the entire market as we know it.


Drew Madden is a healthcare industry entrepreneur who looks for opportunities wherever they may be. Drew is a high caliber Healthcare IT investor who is keen on nurturing solid client partnerships. Even for someone like him, the possible entry of Amazon into the space is something that is hard to quantify. There are just so many variables to consider. It is a great company at what it does at the moment, but will that be enough to enter a field that they have never been a part of before? That is the question that everyone wants the answer to.


CVS has responded to Amazon coming in to the market by purchasing Aetna. This was their way of battling back against Amazon possibly coming in to their turf. They wanted to have something that they could point investors towards to show that they were in fact doing something about Amazon. Get More Information Here.


Diversifying by purchasing a healthcare insurance company is not a bad move for them to make. It is probably a better choice than was the acquisition of a footwear company by competitor Walgreens a few years ago. At least it is more industry relevant to say the least.


It is imperative that all healthcare companies do something to protect themselves from Amazon coming in to the market. They have to buck up and admit that their only hope to remain relevant under pretty tough market conditions is to do whatever they possibly can to defend their spot in the market. Amazon is certainly not going to wait around to see what happens. They are going to take every opportunity to cash in on this particular market. We shall all wait to see what is going to happen.


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New Forms for a New Future

Talk Fusion is an email based video chat interface that is new and pretty impressive, especially when you consider what source it relies upon. Email is still used extensively by businesses as a form of communication between colleagues and those who are in management. Using Talk Fusion is an excellent solution to forming ways to communicate through meetings and other sorts of team building exercises. It’s an excellent tool for businesses to use, but also for people to use outside of the workplace as well. Instead of just emailing somebody you can use the Talk Fusion interface and put a face to the text if you need to. Bob Reina, the CEO, and founder of the company that holds the same name as this wonderful product created Talk Fusion as a way to promote market advertising in an entertaining fashion.


One of the more interesting aspects of Talk Fusion is the ability to earn money while you talk with others. Every minute that you use on the video chat interface is logged into the Talk Fusion network, and you are able to earn money through the monetization of your time and energy. You do have to pay an annual charge to use the services, but when you consider all the benefits that it provides, and the ability to earn money as you talk, there really is no downside. Talk Fusion has successfully merged an old system of communication in the form of an email with a new and impressive appearance and mode. Instead of communicating through text people now have the option to write a formal piece of writing but chat with the person they are writing it to in real time, face-to-face. This makes boring work emails exciting and fun to create and helps to remove the monotony of the humdrum of office building work. Learn more:


Why People are Using the MB2 Dental Service

As a dental professional, you have such a busy schedule that you don’t have time to worry about the inner workings of your business. However, if you ignore your business entirely and just focus on patients, you may lose customers because your financing, accounting and marketing departments are all having issues. This is why a lot of people are choosing MB2 Dental to help with the inner management of their companies. The beauty about choosing MB2 Dental compared to so many other companies on the market is that they only work with dental professionals. If you’re a dentist who wants help with the accounting, financing, IT management and marketing of your company, MB2 Dental is the choice for you.

MB2 Dental has years of experience in the field, and they employ only dentists and other dental professionals who are trained in business management. Not only are these professionals skilled when it comes to working in dental offices, but they know what it takes to properly manage the company from the ground, up. If you feel it is time to get the help that you need for your company, MB2 Dental is the agency of choice and can help out more than you ever thought possible.

You will also find that MB2 Dental is far cheaper and more budget-friendly than other management firms. They will work with just about any budget that you have to come up with a management plan that is geared to you. MB2 Dental has worked with thousands of dental offices all over the country, helping these offices to run more efficiently and get off the ground when they were struggling. If you hire MB2 Dental, you will have more time to devote to your patients and their care rather than the internal running of your office and practice.

Despite the fact that MB2 Dental has lots of experience and works with a range of experts in the dental field, they are humble in what they are able to do for their clients. You can contact MB2 Dental to learn more about their practice as well as to hire them for this specific need. Once hired, they will get to work right away on managing your company for you. This takes the work off of your own shoulders and enables you to run a company that you can feel proud of for your patients and all of your workers.

Fighter Donaire and Philanthropist Greg Secker Come Together to Give Back

Greg Secker was happy to give back to the people of Iloilo, Lemery, and Capinahan who had lost their homes to a typhoon. He was able to provide over one hundred new homes to people who lost everything. Nonito Donaire Jr. was able to be right by his side to help him with his great mission. It’s part of Greg Secker’s goal to get athletes more involved in helping people and he made a great choice in Nonito Donaire.

Donaire and Secker were introduced by a friend and the fighter was happy to fly in to be a part of such a great cause according to an article on Donaire has always been outspoken about giving back and making sure that he does his part from the platform he’s been given.

It is important for Donaire that people realize athletes are capable of giving back. He flew out with his wife to meet Secker to watch the victims being given their new home. He had to make it a short trip as he had to return to get ready for a fight against Carl Frampton.

Donaire like Greg has donated a lot of his money to help build houses for those who’ve lost them. In 2009 he donated over a million to those who lost their houses to a typhoon in Ondoy. He was able to do that again through the Greg Secker Foundation and is so happy to be a part of giving ‘athletes a voice.’

Greg Secker is an entrepreneur who is an excellent leader. He’s written and giving speeches about leadership. He’s also a great teacher. He founded FX Capital which is a service that invests in forex for people. He also came up with Smart Charts which is a way to be successful in forex by learning how to read the charts. He’s a financial expert who has become a self-made millionaire.

As a young man, Greg Secker was able to be financially successful and set out to teach other entrepreneurs to do the same thing. As the leader of Europe’s top trading coaching company, he helps others learn the Forex market so they can gain fortune like he has. His non-profit organization strives to give back as well helping improve the quality of life for those who have lost so much.

The Top Rally Driver in Latin America– Michel Terpins

Michel Terpins is one of Brazil’s top rally drivers who wins almost all the races that he participates. Born and raised in Sao Paulo, Michel Terpins’ love for the sports originated from his family who happen to be sports enthusiasts. Michel and his brother Rodrigo Terpins share the same profession where both are successful rally drivers. Their father Jack Terpins was a very talented basket-baller during his youthful days and played for a team known as Hebraica. Again, Jack Terpins was a senior official in the Jewish sports institutions and also President of the Latin American Jewish Congress.

Michel’s Career in Motorsport

Michel Terpins started his sports career in 2002 when he made his debut in the motorcycle sector. Moreover, he moved to the car category and joined his brother Rodrigo to participate under the T1 Prototypes. Also, the two brothers formed a team known as the Bull Sertoes team which participates in the Brazilian rally championships. What’s more, Michel’s skills in rally driving have made him very popular among the motorsport fans.

Michel Terpins has more than ten years experience in his racing career which has made him more competent and victorious in most of his competitions of Sertoes rally. An instance is where he participated in the 25th edition with his navigator Maykel Justo from Spain which was one of the longest off-road rally competitions. The race started from Goiânia and was a long stretch of 3300km that was marked by seven stages and two states. Further, Michel and his partner Justo were ranked fourth out of the five fastest drivers while finishing at 10th place in the overall rankings.

Furthermore, Michel Terpins partnered with his elder brother Rodrigo where the two have participated in several competitions. The brothers piloted the T-Rex car when MEM Sport organization developed it for rough terrain and have since worked as a team for the last four seasons. Again, some of the competitions that Michel and his brother participated include the Brazilian cross country and Mitsubishi cup in Brazil. Additionally, the duo is an award- winning team whom together have won numerous championships and attracted fans all over the word.