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Dick DeVos: A Man Driven to Change the People’s Path

Dick DeVos has worn several hats throughout his life. Some know him as the man who helped make Grand Rapids the cool and culturally Michigan town that it is today. He was able to accomplish that by fighting the construction of a sports arena in the town, which he was certain would hurt the town just as Detroit was hurt by its stadium. Beating the construction that was rumored back in 1991 was one of his first victories, but it was definitely not the only one. Some know Dick as the CEO of his family’s Amway company from 1993 to 2002.


There are others who know Dick for his political efforts, such as his driven goal to destroy the power of organized labor that, he believed, hurt business growth. Yes, Michigan is the state where organized labor was born, which was a badge the state wore proudly, but that did not matter to Dick. Mr. DeVos wanted the state to be known as the place where right-to-work was born.


It did not take long before he was able to turn his belief into law in 2012. A person no longer had to be part of a union in order to work. This gave people the ability to leave unions without giving up good job opportunities, but it also destroyed the power of the worker. Dick believes that employers will do right by their workers and will never mistreat them, making union protection unnecessary.


Some know Dick because of his wife, Betsy, who has become a bit of celebrity since Donald Trump chose her to be the Secretary of Education for the United States. Betsy made the headlines when she was chosen and interviewed. Many people across the United States watched her give nonsensical answers, which was ironic since she was being interviewed for a major job in education.


Betsy spoke about the live interview and took the entire moment as a learning experience. Most people who know Betsy know that she is devoted to the causes she believes in just like her husband. Learn more:


Dick is no stranger to defeat. Back in 2006, the man invested a fortune to a governor state run that he lost against a democrat. He truly believed that he was ready to run the state and hoped that the people of Michigan would see that. This turned out not to be the case, but that did not stop him from pursuing additional goals. There is no doubt that Dick sees a path forward, and he continues to use his passion and revenue to further his cause.

Greg Secker: Be a “Why Not” Guy

Greg Secker is the founder of Learn To Trade. It is one of the most popular training programs for forex trading in the world. It includes the top coaching program for trading in the United Kingdom. He is also the founder of FX Capital, Smart Charts, and more.

Greg Secker started out at Thomas Cook Financial Services, but he eventually moved on to doing forex trading from his home full time. His friends and family saw how successful he was, and they came to him to ask him how he did it. Essentially, Greg explains, those were his first customers. It later expanded into what is now Learn To Trade.

Greg explained that he is truly grateful for the support he gets from his family, his friends, and his business partners. He says that he would not have been able to do it without them. He says that whenever he meets new people, he will learn new things and ask them questions. After every conversation, he says, he will ask himself what new information or advice he gained from it.

Greg Secker is not a guy who asks why, but a guy who asks why not. His most satisfying moment in life was when he founded Learn To Trade and was able to help others turn their lives around. Greg Secker says that there is no limit to what you can do. If you never try, you will never get anywhere. That is why you do not have to ask yourself why, but you have to ask yourself why not.

Greg said that his worst job was when he was working at a bar. The pay was not worth it, customers were rude, and some acted poorly when they were drunk. He did learn, however, how to read a person by using body language.

Greg Secker started the Greg Secker Foundation. It focuses on youth programs and education. After a typhoon in the Philippines, it contributed towards the rebuilding of 100 homes. He also wrote several books and gives speeches around the world.

The connection between Michel Terpin and Rallying.

Michel terpins is a competitive rally driver in Brazil. Most people may recognize him more as the former cross country champion as one of his many achievements. He has been able to capture the imagination of the Brazilian rallying community and the rest of the country through his achievements and contribution to sports. He is also an organizer and chairman of the Cross-country championship as well as the co-founder of the Bull Sertões Rally Team.

The Bull Sertões Rally Team was founded in conjunction with his brother and has been able to grow to great heights. Today the Bull Sertões Rally Team is one of the most followed teams in the Sertoes rally championship. Since the start of the team it first consisted of Rodrigo Terpins and Michel Terpins it competed as that in the initial stages and early editions of the competition but today it has the ability to sponsor two teams at every event.

The Bull Sertões Rally Team ensured that in the early years the Terpin brothers were always partnered and this brought out the best as both a driver and a navigator. The team would later expand so as to give the brothers an opportunity to be what they excelled in most, driving.

The navigational skills of both were also well developed but driving better suited them this is when MEM came in and developed the T-Rex a T1 category prototype which would be fully developed to be there car of choice in future competitions.

The T-rex has been so reliable for the Bull Sertões Rally Team that they have now fully endorsed it and even during the 25th edition of the Sertoes rally where Michel Terpins took on Maykel Justo as his new navigator for the new route it was the car of choice. The 25TH edition of the rally would include a staggering two thousand kilometers of special route terrain. This was one of the challenging editions the Bull Sertões Rally Team had to encounter but they were still able to perform well.

Michel terpins still ensures he balances his rally career with other commitments that he has.

Neurocore Saves the Day!

Dr. Tim Royer, a former neuropsychologist founded Neuorocore therapy. Neurocore is a safe way to treat ADHD, depression, and anxiety. The treatment is non-invasive and without side effects. The clinic is one of few companies that offer neurofeedback therapy.

The Neurocore Clinic treats ADHD, anxiety, and depression. It involves training the brain to focus without medicine. The treatments are in a quiet space in a cubicle. The patient is asked to put on a set of headphones. Electrodes are attached to their head and ears. The patient’s breathing and heart rate are monitored. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

The patient is given a video to watch on a screen. When the brain is calm the movie, the screen becomes enlarged. It acts as a reward for the calm mind. If the mind is not in a calm state the screen decreases in size. The small screen is a signal to correct the mind’s behavior. The mind than calms down to see the large screen again. Read more about Neurocore at

This process is repeated during the brain treatment. However, 75% of the Neurocore patients either eliminate or decrease their medicines. The treatments help patients with anxiety, depression, and ADHD. Neurocore clinic patients say that the treatments help them.

Denise Kooiker interviewed with Fox17 and told them about her son’s success. She said her son no longer bites his nails after 2 years of treatment. The treatments are a natural alternative to taking medicine. Tiffany Pojeski told Fox17 that Neurocore clinic helped her son. Her son is 8 years old and he struggles with focus. He received 40 Neurocore sessions in hopes to help him. She said he is happy now and sleeps at night.

Some people questioned if the paste used during the Neurocore treatments are toxic. However, Ten20 EEG paste used during the Neurocore sessions are non-toxic if ingested. Possible side effects of the paste are skin irritation. There are no other known side effects reported.


Dr. Mark McKenna, Physician, Entrepreneur & Community Advocate

Over the past few decades we see some significant changes in many areas of our economy, through consumer demand as well as regulatory bodies that govern industries. The ever changing markets of economy allow for those with the entrepreneurial spirit to attempt endeavors to follow through with their dreams.

One of the best examples of this scenario playing out with success is Dr. Mark McKenna, both a medical doctor as well as a real estate investor. Dr. McKenna is from New Orleans, Louisiana and graduated from the Tulane University Medical School. Dr. Mark McKenna’s father is also a physician and once he completed his own medical training he then began to practice medicine alongside his father.

Dr. McKenna is a very avid reader, always keeping his mind open to other information and avenues and this led Dr. McKenna to also launch a boutique real estate investment firm. A new passion was ignited for Mark McKenna in the world of real estate development. He would go on to acquire and launch Uptown Title Inc., as well as Universal Mortgage Lending. Although his initial portfolio was small, he would grow it to over 50 staff members and offered services in financing, real-estate closing services as well as turnkey design-build projects.

When hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans in August of 2005, it would cause many people to lose their homes and businesses. Many people lost everything they had, Dr. Mark McKenna was one of them. Most of his real estate projects were either destroyed or unworkable and he began to start again.

Dr. Mark McKenna has always been a dedicated community advocate and helping to rebuild New Orleans with building affordable housing for those with a low to a moderate income in the area was the natural path given the means he still had. With a varied range of factors in play, the real estate market was changing and he saw people without income were getting homes at full financing.

Dr. Mark McKenna then relocated to Atlanta, Georgia where he then launched a successful chain of health facilities, offering both non-surgical aesthetic options to patients in addition to highly comprehensive nutrition and weight loss/management programs for patients. Dr. McKenna has always held patient satisfaction at the highest priority throughout his career.

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Dr. Mark McKenna’s Strides In Business And Medicine

When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, Dr. Mark McKenna was one of the people who helped residents get back on their feet and return to the lives they had before the tragedy. He did this by providing those who had been hit hard with cheap houses which they could afford. Most of these people’s things had been either swept away or damaged by the hurricane leaving them with little to hold onto. This meant that they were left with any homes and belongings and it was impossible for them to continue living the life that they had before the hurricane. When Dr. Mark McKenna came up with low income housing, he was like a saviour to them.

Dr. Mark McKenna, who is both a doctor and an entrepreneur studied at Tulane University, where he was in the Medical School. He has been certified by the Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners and the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners to be a qualified medic who is capable of handling complex medical procedures. Dr. Mark McKenna practised medicine with his father after completing school and later joined the real estate industry. Over the years, he has been bringing many business ideas to the table and had some of them come to life. He is the founder of ShapeMed, which offers procedures like Laser hair removal, weight-loss remedies, Botox injections as well as nutrition counselling. ShapeMed was established in 2007 and now has several chain offices.

Through the leadership of Dr. Mark McKenna, ShapeMed has being so well, and it is no surprise that the chain was awarded the Black Diamond Certification award which is presented to institutions that focus on innovating things that better the experience of patients suffering from different illnesses. Mark was recently asked to feature in the Doctorpreneur show that airs on CBS TV. The hosts of the show were impressed with his track record of innovations and contributions to medical sector and saw it fit to have him on the show. It is likely that he is going to come up with more innovations in future and that the world is yet to see the last of him.

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Jeremy Goldstein Is Helping Companies Offer More Options To Their Employees

The last few years have brought big changes for the employees of many big corporations. It has changed in the way that it provides options for its employees as far as stock options are considered. For many firms, they opted to drop the stock options due to the money they were saving however there is usually a number of other reasons as well. The majority of these problems are the instability of the stock market, employees are leary of the compensation method concerning stocks and the burden of accounts surrounding stocks.


None the less, this form of wage compensation could still be the method of choice for additional compensations and higher insurance coverages. For the employees, the stock options presented to them can be quite simple to understand and overall the corporation is providing value to its employees.


You should also know that if the corporation has stock rises, the earnings of the employees rises as well. This helps employees to prioritize success for the company. For corporations, they found that employees who have the stock options open to their wage compensation, will work harder to satisfy the customers they already have. This will help to develop better services for their customers.


What you might not know is that the IRS places rules over things like equity when it comes to employees. This can be especially difficult for those who are executives within the corporations. A business that offers shares to their executives are enduring higher tax burdens than if they simply provided options to their employees.


With the right strategy in place, the firms and companies can avoid these kinds of problems by putting the right steps in motion. It can avoid the over expense by considering the initial expense and any further expense. When a major corporation needs to obtain legal advice surrounding the different benefits that can be awarded to employee’s, they turn to Jeremy Goldstein to help them make the right, informed decision.


Jeremy Goldstein has more than 15 years in experience as being an business attorney with a very well established law firm in New York. Learn more:

George Soros’ Challenges as a Philanthropist

George Soros is a very busy man, especially if you ask most conspiracy theorist with ring-wing political philosophies. Over the last year, Soros has been the significant financial backing behind the Antifa and Black Lives Matter movements, and is known for bankrolling the Charlottesville rally organized by white nationalists –an event that both of the former groups protested against. It has also been said that Soros is the mastermind behind the Women’s March and Colin Kaepernick’s protest against the NFL. Some are also saying that Soros worked with H.R. McMaster to fire right wing staffers from Donald Trump’s administration. Supporters for Roy Moore, Alabama State Senate candidate, also claim that George Soros paid women to accuse Moore of sexual harassment and assault.

Despite these accusations, Soros remains pretty unfazed. He has been scrutinized in this fashion for many years, ever since he shorted the British pound in 1992 and made $1 billion. Around a decade later, Soros became one of the main individuals to fund the Democratic party. This can after he shares that he’d be willing to trade who fortune to keep President George W. Bush from being reelected.

Even still, George Soros’ philanthropy has been the main reason for the scrutiny he has received. He’s been giving to many progressive initiatives in the U.S. for quite sometime, and generously supports organizations that promote democracy. And he doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. A few months ago, Soros shared that in the past few years, he has given nearly $18 billion to the organizations where he has channeled his philanthropic efforts, also known as the Open Society Foundations (OSF). His extremely generous gift served as a way to confirm that fears that his “enemies” have long embraced. The donations mean that Soros’ foundation is the second largest next to the Gates Foundation. The OSF has even been referred to as the Death Star.

It’s also interesting to note that philanthropists have endured heavy criticism for hundreds of years. However, the U.S. economy has long been very welcoming to those who want to donate their money to a worthy cause. This same generous has also caused some people to be skeptical, especially when it comes to giving to political organizations or candidates. Both right and left wing members have formed their own philosophies about a philanthropist’s reasons for given, and these mindsets are based on the connection that money has to power and influence. Soros, however, has never been one run from controversy. The power and attention that is now coming his way has both a national and international effect, but that likely won’t stop Soros from giving to causes that he feels passionately about.

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Highland Capital Management – Your Greatest Alternative Investment Company

The alternative investment advisory giant, Highland Capital Management, over the years, have successfully accomplished $15.4 billion of assets since its creation in 1993 under the management of its founders, James Dondero and Mark Okada. With the help of Highland Capital Management’s affiliates: Nexpoint Advisior, Nexpoint Capital, Nexpoint Residential Trust and Acis, the assets accumulated was possible. Highland Capital Management is one of the largest and most successful global alternative investment companies in the world, offering highly effective credit strategies for hedge funds, long-only funds, separate accounts, distressed private equity, CLOs and more in which are related to alternative investing. Read more at Biz Journals about Highland Capital.

Highland Capital’s client base includes but not limited to: corporations, endowments, foundations, pension plans, financial institutes and government. With the 30 years of experience in related fields from James Dondero, an additional 30 years from Mark Okada, the high-powered company affiliates and the carefully chosen staff, Highland Capital management prevails, making it a steadily alternative investing go-to company around the world, consistently adding to their list of clientele by large rates on a daily basis. Through hard-work and satisfactory clients, Highland Capital has managed to win many prestigious awards over the years, including the 2014 Morning Star’s 5 star designation for Global Allocation. Read this article at PR Newswire.

Headquarter in Dallas Texas, with offices also in New York, Sao Paolo, Singapore and Seoul, Highland Capital Management donates to many organizations and institutes abroad, Dallas Zoo in which they donate $1million; the social services organization, The Family Place, in which they also donate $1million and the Southern Methodist University in which $2 million is donated..

Highland Capital has always been recognized as a contributor to the advancement of communities and steadily continues to plan in accordance for future arrangements. Since 2005, Highland Capital Management has contributed to over $10 million to organizations around the world. Not only do they provide community advancement through monetary contribution, but through volunteering efforts and advisory board involvement as well.


Highland Capital Management is a community contributor and a business success that does not in any way whatsoever plan to stop at their current position. The founders James Dondero and Mark Okada have hit a home-run with this company and with $15.4 billion worth of assets, who knows what’s next for these two power-houses. We can rest assure that it will be remarkable.