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Social Listening Firm Talkwalker Acquired by Private Equity Group Marlin Equity Partners

In the world of social listening, major player Talkwalker has just been acquired by private equity firm, Marlin Equity Partners. In a letter, CEO Robert Glaesner made the announcement of the acquisition.

With the new backing, Talkwalker looks to cement its long-term success and growth thanks to the “capital base, industry relationships, and extensive network of operational resources” Marlin will bring. Previously the social media listening platform raised $4 million in equity with it’s most recent round of fundraising ending up at close to $6 million.

The acquisition comes at a time when social media analytics and listening is taking off in a major way with a majority of the planet’s population visiting sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat every day with ad spend on the platforms at an all-time high for both desktop and mobile reach. As a result, companies like Talkwalker that employ AI-powered cloud-based resources to measure engagement and “analyze images and text in 187 languages” have become in demand for brands obsessed with measuring the success of their social media campaigns. Current clients of Talkwalker include major brands like Merk, Microsoft, and Deloitte.

Founded in Luxembourg in 2009, Talkwalker boasts 1000 clients and currently has 170 employees located across the globe in Luxembourg, New York, San Francisco, and Frankfurt. The major employees will stay on after the deal to continue running the company.

OneLogin: Highlights of 2017

2017 came to an end with mixed reviews, but OneLogin certainly had quite a year. This San Francisco native IAM provider services several high end clients such as popular home/lifestyle website Pinterest, furniture company Steelcase, and Berklee College of Music to name a few. OneLogin provides their clients with resources such as Mobile Identity Management, Cloud Directory, Desktop Authentication, and more. The co-founders (and brothers) Thomas and Christian Pedersen pride themselves on providing security for web-users across the country.

One way that OneLogin promotes a sense of pride and satisfaction in the work of their employees is creating a list of their top moments of the year. This past year accumulated to seven points that really stood out in the tech security industry, and OneLogin will continue to use these moments to keep making their company better and better. Their top moments are as follows and can also be found on their website.

  1. They hired a new CEO. Brad Brooks brings tons of professional experience to the table and OneLogin seems to be excited about where he will take the company in the years to come.
  2. OneLogin was named on of the best workplaces of 2017. And this was no small feat; they earned a spot in the Top Ten Best Places to Work in the Bay Area by Fortune Magazine. However, they’re used to the limelight; OneLogin has been consistently recognized by other credible organizations as a fantastic place to make a career.
  3. In 2017, OneLogin welcomed Airbus (an astronautics and space manufacturer)to their list of customers. You could say that when it comes to their clients, they really reach for the stars.
  4. Happy people, happy company. Positive reviews and testimonials abounded in 2017 for OneLogin.
  5. They strengthened their security even further by unveiling a new authentication functionality.
  6. Zoom zoom. OneLogin’s app access got a speedy upgrade to the delight of their customers. Not only is it faster, but it’s smarter to customize individual needs.
  7. Finally, access is easier than ever. OneLogin’s clients are the priority, as they should be.

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Greg Secker – Business and Latest Project in Philanthropy

Greg Secker, an English entrepreneur and online trader, has built up his career on knowledge and teaching other people to trade online and move forward. He is the founder of online trading programs such as Learn to Trade and businesses in the trading industry such as FX Capital, and Smart Charts Software, to name a few.

The trading businesses established by Greg Secker are united under the Knowledge to Action group. From them, Learn to Trade has been the most successful venture, as the firm has expanded globally with offices in a number of major cities around the world such as New York, London, Singapore, and many others. Learn to Trade teaches people how to put the theory to practice instead of hammering away at the textbook material. The teachers and trainer are online traders which enables them to provide an accurate description of the business today and an updated hands-on experience.

Other than online trading, Greg Secker has worked in finance, investments, e-commerce, and real estate, to name a few. One of his latest projects is the Iloilo project in Capinahan, Lemery which is in the Philippines. The English businessman is getting to work in the area to help the devastated population that has suffered through the recent typhoon. More than a hundred homes were demolished, and it is up to people such as Greg Secker to help out.

The entrepreneur and philanthropist were joined by the athlete Nonito Donaire, Jr who met with Greg Secker in Las Vegas and together they will be traveling to the Philippines. The boxing star is adamant that athletes need to involve themselves more in philanthropic efforts. Nonito Donaire, Jr said that athletes need to learn that their influence can be used for more than sports and help improve and save lives.

By joining Greg Secker in his efforts to help the devastated Iloilo, boxing star Nonito Donaire Jr is hoping to light the way for others n his line fo work and inspire them to take action and show that they are good for a lot more than their designated fields.

Agora Financials- Continuously Helping People Attain Financial Independence

With its headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland, Agora Financials is a publishing company that produces publications mainly dealing with financial issues. They produce this information in a variety of ways-in print, books, email, and conferences, with the aim of educating the American citizen on matters finance.

Foundation and Leadership

The company was founded by Bill Bonner in 1979and has continued to carry on its business successfully since then. Bill is good at his art as he is a financial writer and essayist, having written the books Empire of Debt and Financial Reckoning Day. He has since led the company in publishing newsletters that provides sound financial advice to investors in various industries including metals, technology, the stock market, and energy. Agora Financial has eventually birthed Richebacher Society. Kurt Richebacher was an economist, and the society carries out a continuation of the work he did in his lifetime.

Acquisition of Laissez Faire Books

The company in 2011 acquired New York’s Laissez Faire Books, expanding its portfolio. Through Laissez Faire Books, Agora financials is now able to distribute libertarian books focusing on their niche. Under Laissez Faire, they have other qualified personalities such as Jeffrey Tucker working for them. This has increased their credibility, and they have been able to earn the trust of the public, enabling them to stay afloat for all those years .

The Mission

With their continuous advice and presence, Agora Financial has been able to provide sound financial advice to the public. They have various platforms through which they can be reached, ranging from a website to a social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. Here, they can interact with people who may need their help one on one. Through their services, many people have been able to navigate the murky waters in different market areas. With such a ruthless focus, the company can only continue to reach out and help the family.

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Nick Vertucci Is Changing the Real Estate Industry through Training

The Nick Vertucci real Estate academy was launched in 2014 with the main aim of providing valuable training in real estate to the interested groups. The academy is located at Chapman Avenue Orange in California. The academy provides solutions to the real estate investing challenges and helps people embark on a career journey towards becoming real estate experts. The academy complements other companies run by Nick by acting as the flagship of education and training resources.

Ever since its inception, the academy has been instrumental in building Vertucci’s trademark fortunes and promotes his flipping system, which is now assessable and available to people who are interested in making a fortune in the real estate industry. The Nick Vertucci real academy currently has locations in various towns such as the Nevada and California and ranks as the most successful outlet in real estate training and advisory all over the United States of America. Through this real estate academy,Vertucci has a platform to pass his real estate idea to people around him and those with passion in the real estate investing.

Nick Vertucci grew in a family full of love and in a stable environment where he received everything he wanted from the family members. Things drastically changed when his father died when he was only ten years old. Nick Vertucci‘s life changed as they could no longer afford the life they were used to in the past. Things became even worse when he reached the age of 18 and he was no longer living in their home but out in his van. The struggle became extremely difficult and Nick knew he had to make changes before things escalated to a point of no return.

With this new determination, Nick started a business a few years later focusing on the selling of the computer accessories. The business was good until 2000 when the dotcom crash happened and Nick found himself deep in debts forcing him to leave the business. An invitation from his friend to attend a real estate seminar changed his life and since then, his life never remained the same. He went on to become a successful real estate investment guru in the whole of the United States of America.

Mr. And Mrs DeVos: Bringing About Changes

Back around 1991, there were plans in the Grand Rapids area for a new building to be started that was going to be a sports arena and a convention center for multi-purposes. Around the same time, Mr. DeVos was working his way up his family’s company rather quickly. The family owned the Amway Corporation and he was already in the position to become CEO of the company when he was ready. As it happens, Dick DeVos was greatly against the project of building the new sports and convention center. As soon as he heard about the plans for it, he started to lobby against it.


Worries Over New Center


There were many reasons why Dick was against this new proposed convention center and sports arena. He was a firm believer that its construction would be harmful to the area of downtown Grand Rapids. Because of his campaigning against the proposed plans, he formed the group called Grand Action. This was a group of top local business leaders in the area that were also behind the project. These leaders were also some of the major driving forces behind some other large construction projects that were completed in the area such as the MSU medical school and the Dick DeVos Performance Hall.


Both Dick and Betsy DeVos were heirs to their respective family fortunes. However, they didn’t use that to live a life of luxury. They both spent a majority of their adult years trying to change both institutions and policies in their hometown. They are also both mega donors for the Grand Old Party. Their influences in the political world have caused many of the state laws concerning education and labor to be changed.


In addition to their local influences, they have also been known to have their influences extend much farther than their conservative and Republican views and policies in which they are avid supporters of. Together, they have given away multi-millions in scholarships for things such as leadership programs in both health and human services. The couple had also spent millions of their dollars donating towards the construction of the children’s hospital in the area back in 2006.


Growth Of Dick DeVos Charter School In Michigan


In Michigan, Mr. DeVos had started a charter school for high school students back in 2010. It was very small when it first opened and there were only around 80 students enrolled. Today, there are over 600 students who are enrolled and some come from over seven different counties in the state to attend. This charter school is based around Dick’s love for aviation and was fully supported by his wife. Some of the students that are enrolled travel very far to attend this great school.


In order to get into this aviation charter school, students need to apply and will get entered into a lottery for possible acceptance. This happens when the amount of applications exceeds the amount of student openings. The lottery will give everyone a fair chance of getting in. The school fits his wife’s philosophy about how important education is for our youth. Learn more:

A Brief Biography of James Larkin

This article is a short biography put together about James Larkin. He also was commonly known as Big Jim. His occupation was as a unionist. He was born in slums of Liverpool, England on January 21, 1876. His parents were actually Irish. Also, he was not given a whole lot of education.

However, the lack of education did not stop Larkin from all the accomplishments he has made. He received a job as a foreman of the Liverpool docks, and completed many physical jobs.

He was a socialist and believed on giving the workers conditions that were fairer. Later, in 1905 he became a trade union organizer who worked full time.

However, the NUDL (National Union of Dock Laborers) was not in favor of Larkin’s methods of strike action and got moved in 1907 to Dublin. This is where, he established the (ITGWU) Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union (ITGWU).

His main aim was for Industrial workers who were without skill and with skills to form under one union which would work best for their welfare. In the year 1908, a political program would be outlined for the ITGWU. It would give pensions for every worker at sixty years of age, provide work for the jobless, and give a legal eight-hour day.

In 1914, Larkin traveled to the United States to go to a lecture tour. He was also there to raise enough money to fight the British. While there, Larkin had joined America’s Socialist Party. He also joined the (IWW) Industrial Workers of the World. Later, in 1920, Larkin had been convicted of communism and criminal anarchy. However, in 1923 he was pardoned and then went back to Ireland.

It was in Ireland where Larkin set up the Workers’ Union of Ireland. Not only that, but he also saved recognition from Communist International in 1924. It was that year where Larkin established the (WUI) the Workers’ Union of Ireland.

Then twenty-one years later he became in the membership of the Irish Labor Party. He would keep on working for workers benefits until he died in 1947 on January 30.

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Troy McQuagge Embodies Aspiration Through HOPE

In 2010, Troy McQuagge created the Helping Other People Everyday (HOPE) initiative. The message is spread across to promote positivity in other people’s lives. For HOPE’s initial project, Troy McQuagge US Health joined other company leaders to partner with the Phoenix of New Orleans organization. The partnership was done to aid those impacted by Hurricane Katrina. The effort saw homes rebuilt and restoration to ensure the safety of residents.

The efforts from HOPE did not stop there. The following year, company leaders provided thousands of dollars in necessities to The Crisis Nursery. It’s a non-profit shelter for children. It serves the Phoenix and Scottsdale area. Read more on about Troy McQuagge US Health

In 2012, USHealth Advisors made their return to Phoenix. This time, the organization wrote a check for over $25,000 to HOPEkids Arizona. The non-profit support group aides families of children dealing with life threatening illnesses. In 2013, another $45,000 was donated to HOPEkids Arizona following the opening of a new chapter near its North Texas headquarters.

McQuagge has made it clear that his goal was to make sure that HOPE always operated in a noble fashion. The motto for HOPE has been to aid those in need no matter the timing or the location. McQuagge believes it’s more than just a way to carry yourself doing business, but rather a way of life.

In order to understand the success of HOPE, it’s crucial that one knows of McQuagge’s past successes. When McQuagge became the president and CEO of the USHEALTH Advisors, he was in charge of managing profit sales of health insurance. McQuagge has over 30 years of sales experience. The USHEALTH Group saw a significant growth in profitability with McQuagge running the show. In fact, the company has grown 10 times larger since he’s been on board. It’s no wonder why McQuagge took home the gold award for CEO of the Year in 2017.

That wasn’t McQuagge’s first award. In 2016, he received a gold award from One Planet. Like his award the following year, this one was for CEO of the Year. As humble as he can be, McQuagge said the award should be shared with everyone at the USHealth Group

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Whitney Wolfe Herd, CEO of Bumble

Yes, it is true that the founder and owner of the dating site Bumble got marked in Positano, Italy in October 2017. Whitney Wolfe is now happily married Whitney Wolfe Herd. Whitney met and wed Michael Herd who is a successful restauranteur and is a millionaire through his family’s involvement in the oil and gas industry. Mrs. Herd has not built a great enterprise for herself, but now she and her husband will be making great strides as entrepreneurs and philanthropist.

Whitney attended private schools in Salt Lake City, Utah, had a loving family, and she attended the Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. While she was attending college, she displayed her business savvy by designing tote bags which she also marketed on her own. She used the money she earned with the totes to fund the cleanup efforts from the BP oil spill. After college she learned more about the business industry through management positions she earned working in the technology inspired Silicon Valley environment.

Whitney’s Bumble start was fortuitous because of the publicity she received to start something new and different in dating web sites and dating apps. Her idea of setting up a dating platform just for women who have control of who they are contacted by went viral. The growth of Bumble’s membership soon caught the attention of another popular European dating app founded by Andrey Andreev, a young Russian tech entrepreneur.

Mr. Andreev’s dating app was called Badoo and its premise was also geared toward women. It was not long before he contacted Whitney Wolfe about joining him. However, Whitney told him that it was always her desire to start her own company, even though she stayed in touch with Andrey and they exchanged ideas. Andreev’s Badoo dating app had amassed millions of followers and was used in over 190 countries. Andrey Andreev loved the Bumble concept and invested in Whitney’s dating app by acquiring 70% of her company leaving 20% ownership with Whitney.

Bumble is estimated at over a billion dollars with its buyout bid making Whitney Wolfe Herd worth over one hundred million dollars. Bumble continues to be one of the most popular dating app due to the positive feedback from its users and because Mrs. Herd continues to keep its features new and safe for women.

One of Mrs. Herd’s new app ideas was for women to find more of their female friends and thus the Bumble BFF was created. The Bumble BFF app is similar to the LinkedIn platform where women can contact other professional women for networking. Whitney Wolfe Herd has a unique talent for developing app technology that helps to make people’s lives better, so we are excited to see what Whitney Wolf Herd’s new ventures will be.

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George Soros, A Capitalist Who Believes In The Unparalleled Benefits Of Open Societies

The world consists of two types of visionaries, the first group believes in the power of oppression, while the second group, believes in the immense benefits of living in a humanist world that consists of open societies. While the term, open societies hasn’t quite caught on with many, the benefits of these societal structures are recognized by many leaders who are also humanitarians. One such humanitarian is George Soros, who is part of the Open Society Foundation and has donated $18 Billion in the attempt of creating a better society that promotes a consistent humanistic approach.

Open societies are built on the ideology, that no one has a right to monopolize the truth and that people are different in many ways, societies should be built around allowing people and various communities to live together in harmony. The dire need for an open society in today’s world arises due to governments and other social structures acting like dictators where they believe in an ultimate truth, and aren’t afraid to use the weapon of oppression to achieve their goals.

George Soros understands first hand about these concepts, as he had a modest beginning. He was born to a family that did not have much in the means of wealth but had more important things such as compassion. He completed his education by paying for it through working as a railroad porter and a waiter, soon after that, he worked as a hedge fund manager who was responsible for handling the accounts of various clients who were essential to the success of the financial sector. When George Soros was in a position to start contributing to the welfare of people, this philanthropist actively began providing funds to various causes, such as the end poverty cause in Africa. For this particular noble mission, he donated $75 million, as this project was geared mainly at aiding the efforts of the Millennium Promise and Millennium Villages Project which was aimed at bringing in essentials such as food, water, and electricity to that country.

George Soros has also positively influenced policy changes, promoted education in minorities while ensuring that minorities gain their rights to live a dignified life. His primary purpose in aiding minorities is to protect people from acts of police brutality all while empowering these humans to be able to live a life that is free from harassment due to profiling, segregation, and discrimination.

At the age of 87, George Soros continues on his path to free people from oppression, through the work done by his Open Society Foundation. He has created an article called, The Capitalists Threat which was published on The Atlantic, and this article elaborates on the need for Open Societies that let people of different standings live together without being oppressed.

Like all visionaries, George Soros has been targeted by conspiracy groups on various occasions especially because of all the good work he has done in his lifetime. He has been accused of undermining the American way of life, along with other baseless allegations. Ironically, these falsified claims only stand to prove the urgent need for an open society where philanthropists and humanitarians are the deserving leaders that guide the rest of the world with utmost compassion and kindness.

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