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How MB2 Dental Solutions Makes Their Affiliated Dentists Lives Easier

Most dentists would like to spend most of their time in the chair helping patients and far less time running the practice. Issues such as payroll, compliance, accounting, and the like aren’t really what most dentists signed up to do when earning their dental degrees.

One company that helps dentists spend more time treating patients and less time on paperwork is MB2 Dental Solutions of Carrolton, Texas. This company, which was founded by dentists, can run as many of the facets of operating a practice as a dentist wants. This allows them to focus on providing their patients the best care and seeing more patients each day. Because MB2 Dental Solutions was founded by dentists they are well aware that the patient-dentist relationship is sacrosanct. Therefore dentists who affiliate with this company can be assured that they will maintain complete clinical autonomy at all times.

Today there are now more than 85 dental practices that are affiliated with MB2 Dental Solutions. These practices can be found in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Lousiana, Tennessee, and Alaska. Dentists like working with this company because they can have a professional staff surrounding them who can handle all of the paperwork and details they don’t want to personally manage.

In recent years MB2 Dental Solutions has been a very successful company. Seeing this growth was a private equity firm called Sentinel Capital Partners. It was announced in October that they had invested a significant sum in MB2 Dental Solutions, although exactly how much wasn’t revealed. This investment firm liked how MB2 Dental Solutions is uniquely set up to be a partner of the dentists that are affiliated with them. It was also commented that MB2 Dental Solutions bridges the gap that had existed between operating a sole practice and operating as a corporate dental office.

When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston in late August many people and businesses were devastated, including some of the dental practices affiliated with MB2 Dental Solutions. The team at this company leaped swiftly into action to support everyone that had been affected by this tragedy. They set a goal of raising $100,000 and within two months were able to meet this goal. They also accepted physical donations in their offices such as bedding, food, water, clothes, and other necessities. These items were than delivered to the communities of Houston and nearby Victoria and Beaumont.

How Brands Can Tell a Story on Social Media

Are you trying to build your brand on social media? The problem many brands face is finding the right tone for their social media branding efforts. Of course, you want to tell a story. That much you know. However, how you go about doing that is another story, pardon the pun.

Story marketing is one thing. It is easy for a story to go viral. However, if you want to tell the story of your brand, you need to make sure that you develop the story properly.

Of course, it helps if you are a good storyteller. There are many books and articles on how to tell better stories. However, brand storytelling is more than that.

There are three things that make stories interesting. Actually, there are three things that make stories into stories. The first is the protagonist of the story. Without a protagonist, the story is not a story. When it comes to brand storytelling, you have to position your brand and your company as the protagonist.

The protagonist needs to have a goal. Your brand should have a goal, too. This can be to make an impact in your industry. It can be to provide consumers with a solution that solves a pressing problem. There can be a number of goals that you are pursuing. You have to integrate these goals into the story.

Finally, you have to develop your story. You have to connect your protagonist, your brand, to the goal. That is the essence of storytelling.

How Your Business Can Become Popular On Social Media

Influencer marketing is a very effective form of social media marketing. Brands are able to get media mentions from popular social media profiles to increase their exposure. However, have you ever thought of becoming an influencer yourself? Instead of relying on other influencers to promote your business, consider becoming popular yourself. Here are a few ways to make your business popular on social media or to become an influencer, according to Forbes.

First of all, and perhaps this is the most important tip, you need to be unique. If you do not stand out, nobody will want to follow you. You must offer something that your competitors do not offer.

You have to create a strategy as well. Without a strategy, you will not get very far. When creating a strategy, think about what you are going to post, who you are going to target, and when you are going to post.

It is a good idea to focus on only one social media channel. Whether it is Facebook, Youtube, or Instagram, it is hard to become popular on many channels at once.

You have to promote your content as well. If you do not promote your content, then fewer people will see it. Promoting your content will increase your following.

Finally, make sure to collaborate with other influencers. For example, you can promote them by giving them an interview and an opportunity to promote anything. They can share your article in return.

Dr. Villanueva Encourages Professional Dentistry

If you’re facing dental challenges, Dr. Villanueva a MB2 Dental professional encourages you to come in for a free consultation. Their prepared to give you personalized care to maintenance or upkeep the only smile you’ll ever have in your lifetime. More people are being influenced in appearance driven society. Celebrities everywhere are concerned with the brightness of their teeth and are opting for teeth whitening. Whiter teeth helps them stand out on the camera or in their endless photo shoots. Why trust your smile to anything less than a professional when you can rely on MB2?

Did you know your teeth can effect your nutritional health? Unfortunately, poor teeth can make it hard to chew and properly digest your food. They can also encourage your child to want to brush and floss after meal. Their professionals will also teach your child how to properly brush their teeth with an oral care fact sheet after a job well done. Dr. Chris Villanueva says, they never tempt your child with sugary candy. Pediatric dentistry is important to your childs future smile and can save them huge dental bills in the future. Seeing a dentist early can also help avoid uncomfortable procedures as an adult.

MB2 Dental Services

– most insurance is accepted
– dental x-rays
– oral care screening
– specialty dentistry
– emergency services
– braces traditional/clear
– alternative sedation
– spa dental
– early childhood pediatrics
– expert technicians
– crowded/space teeth
– jaw realignment

MB2 Dental believes you should never have to worry about limited resources when you need routine or emergency care. There are thousands of people who neglect their dental health because of inability to pay, but MB2 has in-house financing options allowing you you make bi-weekly or monthly payments for dental care.

You can take a tour of their spa dental and ease the anxiety of your child getting dental care for the first time. They’ll love our spa dental environment with or without treatment. You can get the award winning smile you admire from your favorite celebrity. Dr. Villanueva says, MB2 Dental is a family dentist welcoming your entire family for treatment. You can speak to one of their friendly customer service professionals about scheduling a tour of their spa dental. Enhance your smile with the leaders in the industry today.

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How to Get Your Employees Help You Out On Social Media

If you own a small business and you are on social media, it is a good idea to get your employees involved in your social media marketing strategy. It is always good to have humans interacting with your audience. This will increase their trust and help them connect with you. Here are some tips for getting your employees involved in your social media efforts.

You can give your employees incentives to share your posts and articles. This will increase your reach, of course. However, it will also ensure that your employees will become experts in their own right.

You should also encourage your employees to communicate with each other about what they are doing on social media. They can help each other come up with new ideas about what to share and what to say on social media.

Of course, if all of your employees are on social media, it is easy to get confused. You do not want them to share the same things all the time, as that can appear spammy. Consider setting up a posting schedule that lets them assign different tasks to each other. Have a calendar that they can use and collaborate on.

Finally, come up with an agreement about which content they should share that is not your own. Nobody wants to be overly promotional. Give them a list of blogs and news sources that they can use to find interesting third party content to share with their followers.

How Businesses Can Improve Their Video Marketing On Social Media

On social media, it is important to start posting video content. Video content will lead to more engagement and more success. Here are tips you can use for improving your video marketing strategy on social media.

First, keep in mind that not everyone will be able to hear what you say. In fact, eighty five percent of all videos on Facebook are played without sound. People have to manually activate the sound if they want to hear what you are saying. Therefore, make sure that your videos can be played without sound as well. You can use charts and presentations in order to create a video that works without sound as well.

Another idea is to keep to the point. Nobody has the patience to sit around for ten minutes on social media as you lead to your main point with introductions. Shorter videos often do better on social media. You want to make sure that your audience gets your most important messages. To do that, only include your most important messages. Do not include content and information that is not crucial. Perhaps you can break up one long video into shorter videos that focus on one sub-topic at a time. Remember that people have very short attention spans on social media.

Finally, make sure you take your revenue into account. You will have costs associated with producing video content, and make sure that you fit those costs into your marketing strategy.

How Startups Can Succeed On Social Media

If you have a startup, then you can use social media to get more people to find out about you. Here are some tips for doing so, according to the Huffington Post.

First of all, develop an influencer marketing strategy. Influencer marketing is when you connect with influencers who give you a shout out to their followers. This can help increase your exposure and improve your brand recognition.

You also have to test each social media platform that you are using. If you are a startup business, not every social media platform will produce results, simply because every platform has a different target audience. Make sure you are getting the performance you are looking for on each platform.

Make sure that everyone on your team knows what your goals are in regards to your social media marketing strategy. This way, they can work together to reach those goals.

If you want to learn new trends, then attend a social media conference. New startups who do not have a large following and need to build up their brand need to be in tune with what young people are doing on social media.

If you are a new startup, you can not sell to your followers all the time. Most of the time, you should simply provide value. You can sell to them once in awhile, though. Finally, make sure that your opinion is clear about certain topics and that you stand out.

Simple and Effective Tips for Businesses On Social Media

If you own a business, you need to start concentrating on inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is also known as content marketing. Blogging and email marketing are all forms of inbound marketing, as opposed to advertising, which is outbound marketing.

Social media marketing is another effective form of inbound marketing. Here are five tips for being effective on social media.

First of all, make sure that you create a profile that represents your brand. You have to pay attention to the details here. It is not enough to set up a profile. You have to optimize it as well.

You also have to use the right social media channels. This will depend on the industry you are in and who your target audience is.

You also have to make sure to put a focus on time management. You do not want to spend too much time on social media. A good idea is to use a scheduling tool that can help you schedule your posts in advance, so that you post at the right times.

You should also mix up your posts. Not all posts should be your own content. Not all posts should even be about your industry. You can post funny and humorous posts as well. You should also use various post types, such as images, videos, and memes.

Finally, do not forget paid advertising. You can reach a lot more people that way.

Why Businesses Need to Keep Testing Their Social Media Strategy

On social media, businesses often need to change their strategy. What may have been working one month may not work the next. What you thought would work may end up being a terrible strategy. That is why you always need to keep testing your social media strategy.

The first thing you need to do is listen to your audience. Hear what they are saying. By listening to them, you can figure out what they want and plan your strategy accordingly.

You also want to find out when your audience is active on social media. You should post at different times and test the results. When you get more engagement, then it is a sign that your audience is more active. Fortunately, there are tools that do this for you as well.

Of course, not everything comes down to when you post. What you post is even more important. Take a look at your past posts. Which posts got the most engagement? Which ones seemed to be ignored by your followers? Look at your competitors. What are they posting? Do they have more engagement than you? What are they doing differently? How can you catch up to them?

Besides looking at your previous posts, test out new ideas. For example, if you only posted text-based posts, consider trying out image-based posts. If you only posted images, consider posting videos. Testing out new ideas will give you a feel for what works.

Why Less Can Be Better On Social Media

You probably are active on social media if you know anything about marketing. However, the truth is that some people post too much on social media. Remember, your primary objective on social media is to generate sales. It is not to post dozens of posts each day, even if you get more likes.

Sometimes, less is better when it comes to social media. Keep in mind that posting too much all day can annoy your followers. They might not want to see so many of your posts in their newsfeeds. Perhaps they will get annoyed and feel that you are selling too hard. Some may end up unfollowing you.

If you have been doing a lot of social media, Entrepreneur Magazine advises that you should consider taking a minimalist approach. This way, you will have time to evaluate your social media strategy and come up with one that works. You will also have more time for other marketing channels, such as emailing and PPC.

Your first step is to create a schedule. The last thing you want to do is waste your time and become distracted. That is extremely easy to do on social media. You should set aside a certain time for social media and not spend more time than what you set aside.

You should also choose your channels. You can spread yourself too thin easily. It is sometimes better to put in a lot of effort on one or two channels, rather than putting in a little effort in a lot of channels.