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Twitter Improves Advertising Campaigns through a New Video-centric Ad Format

Twitter has introduced a new video-centric ad format, Video Website Card, which uses the power of video to drive users back to a site. Users can then choose to learn more on decide on the next action they would like to take. Video Website Card is available to all users across the world. It works by first playing an auto-playing video with a customizable headline that then leads to a larger video and website preview. Finally, it directs viewers to the website running the advertising campaign when you tap on it.

Campaign Optimization

Even though there is nothing new about this given that other social media platforms have made us of this technique before, advertising campaigns can now be optimized for different objectives. You can now decide if you want to website awareness, website clicks or video views for your advertising campaign. However, you can choose to optimize video views in the first phase of the campaign then optimize web clicks later on. Consequently, using Video Website Card, a brand can attract qualified consumers, extend brand engagement, and keep consumer’s attention.

Total Control over an Advertising Campaign

Consumers have reported they would like more personalized interactions with brands. Therefore, Twitter, just like other social media platforms, is working with different brands to give consumers seamless user experiences. The brands can now reach their target audience by targeting keywords in consumer’s posts and their geography, interests, device, and gender. They can now also amplify their message with a set budget while paying for what works for your advertising campaign. This way, your advertising team has full control over your campaign.

Whitney Wolfe Founder and of CEO Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is the co-founder and current CEO of Bumble a social dating app which has its headquarters in Austin Texas with over 70 employees. She was born in 1989 in Salt Lake City, Utah. She took International studies at the Southern Methodist University. While still a 19-year old student at the university she started a small business of selling bamboo carrying bags. After graduation, she left for Southeast Asia where she worked with several orphanages.

She co-founded Bumble with Andrey Andreev founder of Badoo in 2014. The app registered a high growth rate with over 80 million matches and 15 million different conversations at the end of December 2015. By April 2016 Bumble became the 4th most popular dating app. On 2017 February, it had 12.5 million registered users who spend an average of 100minutes daily on the app according to Forbes. Her main objective of founding the company was to give women some power and control that they have been denied by the society and other dating apps. She created bumble in such a way that the woman is the one who will initiate any conversation after a match has been made. This is to promote the idea of equality between men and women.

In 2016 October, the company launched Bumble BFF; this is an app to help women to find new peer friends in their area. In October 2017, the company also launched Bumble Bizz, a professional networking online site that is for people who are not interested in dating but rather networking and the app is currently competing with LinkedIn. The app borrows the idea of online matchmaking which helps people, especially women, get in touch with investors, potential clients as well as people working in their industry therefore improving careers and saving time for women with families to do networking. She is dedicated to empower working women both professionally and socially. She consequently launched Bumble Bizz to bring a feminine touch to the masculine networking space. She stated that Bumble Bizz does not include the ages of people in it because most people employ women in their 20’s and therefore, she wanted to create equal opportunity for everybody.

Whitney met her husband Michael Herd, who is in the oil, gas and restaurant business, in 2013 at Aspen. They were both vacationing there for Christmas. In June 2015, Michael proposed to Whitney when they visited his family’s ranch in Texas. Their wedding took place in the September of 2017 in Positano Italy. She was styled by Cynthia Cook Brides, and she hired Sogukii Events to plan their wedding. She was named in the Forbes’ 30 under 30 in 2017. She was also named as one of Elle’s women in tech in 2016 and Business insiders 30 under 30 most important women in 2014.

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Greg Secker’s Professional Life

Greg Secker is one of the renowned entrepreneurs in the world. He was born on 18th February 1975. Other than being a businessperson, he is also a philanthropist, father, and even an international speaker. Greg has been invited to many forums in the international conventions to talk about both trade issues and matters on technology.

Greg Secker has been a founder of more than one organizations, some in the IT sector while others in the trade sector.

Greg Secker career life

At first, Greg Sector was an employee of Thomas Cook Financial Company. Later, he shifted to forex trading in Virtual Trading Desk Company.

The company was the first platform dealing with Forex trading by then. Due to his improvements and proper management, he became the vice president of Mellon Financial Company which is in the US.

It was in this company that he developed more skills since he worked with other best traders. After years of employment, Greg Secker founded the Learn to Trade Company.

The program educated more than 200,000 people on forex trading.

Learn to Trade Company won some world awards. Some of these awards were the Best Educator award by Word Finance Magazine, Best Forex Educator prize by Global banking among others.

Greg Secker is also a philanthropist among other professions. He was recognized by being nominated number 151 by Richtopia 2017. The list had 200 philanthropist and entrepreneurs who had been on the front line in increasing awareness of important world issues.

In the National CSR Awards, he was nominated the finalist due to his role in individual commercial leadership.

Greg Secker is a passionate guy towards technology. This is evident because of his latest technological inventions of FX capital, SmartCharts, and Capital index which is there to help more in Forex trading.

Greg’s personal life

Greg was a multibillionaire in his twenties. He is proud to be the father of forex trading to the people of Europe and the whole world.

Greg Secker organizes his schedule in a way that all matters are well-taken care off. He doesn’t need to be in the office, according to him, he deals with some issues while at home.

Greg in 2010 also came up with non-profitable foundation. The primary aim of this organization was to improve people lived all over the world.

In conclusion, Greg is the face of Forex trading. He brought light to the World by introducing a way to invest. Many people have been in this field and have reaped a lot.

Through the Learn to Trade Company and the motivational talks, many people have got the knowledge on how to undergo Forex trading.

Securing Your Finncial Future With Agora Financial

Understanding what is the best option for the financial future of any individual is not a task the majority of people look forward to exploring as the financial industry rarely enjoys revealing its secrets. Agora Financial has been revealing the secrets most large investment companies do not want their investors to know or have not identified themselves yet; as a subscription-based service, Agora Financial provides information and advice to its valued customers who gain from the experience of a team of qualified financial experts.

Among the options available to subscribers is the ability to secure their future by finding the latest ideas and investment opportunities from around the world; Agora Financial explores areas of the world many major investment companies ignore in the search for the best financial options for the future. In the view of the experts at Agora Financial, the best option for creating a successful financial future is to explore the range of possible investments yet to hit the mainstream. The issue facing most investors is the companies and investments praised by the mainstream media have already reached their peak performance level leaving little room for improvement in the future.

Established in 1979, Agora Financial has been providing newsletters and Email advice for subscribers for across four decades as the company has continued the search for the most needed and yet to reach their peak investments available. Headquartered in Baltimore, Agora Financial has been bringing success to its subscribers by bringing each individual access to the writings and advice of some of the world’s leading investment journalists.

Agora Financial does not limit its work to the release of regular newsletters as the company also publishes books on the subject of investing and achieving financial freedom. Editor-in-Chief Addison Wiggin has seen the work of Agora Financial praised by some of the world’s leading media groups, including NBC and ABC.

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Talos Energy in Partnership Venture to Drill First Private Well in Mexico Since 1938

Since Mexico nationalized its oil industry in 1938, state-run Petroleos Mexicanos has been responsible for the country’s oil exploration. In a turn of events triggered by an ailing industry, and for the first time since then, a private company has sunk a new offshore oil well in Mexican Waters. This undertaking is meant to boost recovery and aid the country’s drive in admitting foreign competitors back into the energy markets.

Located in Sureste Basin off Tabasco, the Zama-1 well holds an estimated 100 million to 500 million barrels of crude oil. The joint venture between Premier Oil Plc., Talo’s Energy LLC and the country’s Sierra Oil & Gas started drilling the well in May. This partnership is the first offshore exploration in the last almost 80 years that has not been initiated by the state monopoly.

The drilling process is expected to take 90 days at a cost or $16 million. After Mexico voted to open its oil industry to private investors in 2015, the three companies won the rights to the prospect in the first round of bidding.

Elaine Reynolds, a London-based analyst at Edison Investment Research Limited, notes that this well will be observed keenly by the industry given that it is part of the country’s energy reform process. According to a statement by Premier, Talos owns a 35 percent stake in the venture and is the operator of the oil. Premier holds 25 percent while Sierra holds 40 percent.

About Talos Oil

Talos Energy LLC is a privately held gas and oil company based in Houston. In 2013, its wholly owned subsidiary completed the acquisition of Energy Resource Technology GOM, Inc. The latter was the gas and oil subsidiary of Helix Energy Solutions Group. The Energy Resource Technology had assets in Mexico. Following this transaction, Talos became the first foreign operator to venture in Mexico since 1938.

Talos Energy focuses on acquisition and exploration of oil and gas properties. It is a portfolio company of funds affiliated with Riverstone Holdings LLC and Apollo Global Management. Their priority is in the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico.

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Can Pimax Challenge Facebook with New VR Headset?

Oculus Go reveals Facebook’s desire to tap into the growing virtual reality market. Social media advertisements alone won’t sustain the company forever. By venturing into other business endeavors, Facebook can expand its bottom line. The standalone Oculus VR headset just might be a great seller for the social media giant. Or, the headset may be facing serious competition from Pimax.

Based in China, the startup Pimax wants to make a huge mark on the virtual reality industry. Tackling giants such as Facebook won’t be easy for sure, but Pimax does maintain a proverbial ace in the hole. The Pimax 8K headset doesn’t employ a field-of-view of 90 or 110 degrees like other headsets. The Pimax device hopes to deliver a 200-degree field-of-view, which makes for one revolutionary VR headset.

Fans of VR headsets are, of course, techies. Consumers enthralled by innovative technology commonly gravitate to the newest and best releases. They also maintain a loyalty to major names. A product associated with Facebook won’t exactly bring about fears of weak quality.

Startups cannot simply deliver an alternative to a top name’s product. Yes, a cheaper version of a major company’s product might sell to the budget conscious, but the growth potential won’t exactly be too high. A small startup has to deliver something better than what a big company offers.

Pimax’s innovative new VR headset could give Facebook some competition. Questions remain how serious the competition actually will be. No matter how great Pimax’s VR headset could turn out to be, the headset won’t bear any name associated with Facebook. That can be a hurdle.

4 Ways to Use Facebook For Online Marketing

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the business world. According to data from eMarketer, 41% of small businesses in the U.S. use Facebook as part of their marketing strategy. In this post, we’ll be discussing four ways you can use Facebook for marketing.

1. Make Use of Your Facebook Business Page

A Facebook business page allows a business to build a strong relationship with its customers; not just by listing product offerings or services, but also by sharing images, posts, and links. Ensure that your Facebook page truly reflects your brand. Use your company’s logo as the profile image for your Page. Additionally, choose a cover image that is striking and showcases what your business does.

2. Host Facebook Contests

Hosting Facebook contests is another marketing tactic that can increase brand awareness and potential customers. There are different types of contests including sweepstakes, promotions, and video contests.

When running a Facebook contest, have in mind that you will need a third-party app to create the Facebook contest. Your users will then be directed to the app from their Facebook page.

3. Facebook Advertising: Classic Ads

You can advertise your business with Facebook ads (MarketPlace Ads). These classic ads appear in the side column of the Facebook website. The ads include an image, a headline and a click-through link to an app, Facebook page or any other website.

4. Sponsored Stories

Sponsored Stories is a form of “word of mouth” online marketing concept. They are a form of Facebook ad that shows a user’s interactions to their friends. For instance, when a user sees that two or three of his/her friends like a certain page, the user will be more inclined to pay attention.

Facebook has it that Sponsored Stories have 20 percent lower Cost Per Click and 46 percent higher Click-Through Rate than ordinary Facebook ads.

Social Media Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Social media is one of the best things and worst things to happen to business in a long time. It essentially levels the playing field and allows small businesses to compete with global corporations.

It can also hurt a business quicker than anything else. One wrong tweet can really sink a company’s reputation. In order to avoid any negative results from your social media efforts, you should avoid these social media marketing mistakes at all costs.

1- No Consistency
If you are going to make social media work, you need to be consistent with your efforts. Pick a posting schedule and stick to it. Even if it just once a week. Your followers need to know when to expect new content.

For the most part, posting once a day seems to be enough for most businesses. And the good thing is that you don’t necessarily have to post your own content. Share articles that your followers will find valuable. Post inspirational quotes. Ask questions and set up polls to find out what your customers want.

2- No Community Engagement
The majority of consumers want to engage with brands through social media. If you are not engaging with your audience you are missing out on a golden opportunity to build your business.

Search for your business name and see what people are saying about you. If there are any issues you can take care of them before they become PR problems. Smart businesses are using social media as an extension of their customer service department.

3- Substandard Graphics
Social media has become a very visual platform. With sites like Instagram and Snapchat being so popular, it is imperative that your graphics be high quality.

There are a number of free or low-cost graphic design programs out there so there is no excuse for having cheap looking graphics on your social media feed. Creating these graphics does not have to be a difficult task. Use templates to keep the design time to a minimum. Set aside an hour or two a week and create graphics for the entire coming week.

Israeli Philanthropist Adam Milstein

Born in Haifa, Israel in 1952, Adam Milstein is a real estate investor and a Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties, which is a company that acquires and rehabilitates multi-family homes and owns around 100 properties within the U.S. Milstein has worked in real estate since 1983, when he became a commercial real estate sales agent shortly after graduating from the University of Southern California, where he received an MBA degree.

Currently, Adam Milstein and his wife Gila live in Encino, California, and in 2011, they started the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, an organization that works to promote Jewish pride by educating students and young entrepreneurs on how to stay connected to their Jewish heritage. Milstein also co-founded and was named the Chairman of the Israeli-American Council.

Adam Milstein tries to help entrepreneurs by encouraging them to be diligent when looking for solutions to business problems, and to practice being consistent. Although he feels that criticism cannot be avoided in the business world, he advises entrepreneurs not to allow themselves to become discouraged by it, but rather to learn from it and continue to do what needs to be done to advance their business, and more information click here.

His organization, the Israeli-American Council, is the largest organization in the U.S. that is geared toward the interests of the American Jewish population, which is around 1 million. Not only is he involved with the IAC, but he and his wife also have a hand in non-profit organizations, such as, The Israeli Project, Stand With Us and Project Interchange, just to name a few, and his Website.

Adam Milstein has accomplished quite a lot since he and his family moved to the U.S. back in the early 1980s. Adam Milstein is both a successful businessman and a family man who has always been passionate about and focused on helping his community advance. For his efforts, he was named one of the Top Ten 100 People Positively Influencing Jewish Life in 2016, and learn more about Adam.

Adam Milstein has said that his success in business is due to the fact that he relies on himself to get things done more than he relies on others to do it for him.

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Business side of Social Media

Social media is now an integral factor of any business growth strategy. It offers cheap marketing platform for businesses to push both their products and brands to drive sales. Like a double edged sword, social media can build or destroy your business. A simple viral hashtag on twitter might just be what is needed to give your business global marketing you desire or a dissatisfied customers popular Facebook post that gets shared by the legion of Facebook users can drive away your customer base. IT goes without say that social media is serious business for most companies, which has forced them to incorporate social media experts in their marketing departments.

The numbers don’t lie, a June 2017 report by techcrunch shows the kind of following commanded by social media apps, Facebook led with 2 billion users, You tube had 1.5b,whatsapp 1.2billion, the same as Facebook messenger. Instagram had 700m, Wechat had 889 million and lastly twitter with 328m. In business sense, these staggering figures are a representation of the market your business will be looking to target anytime you log into any of the mentioned social media sites.


It is therefore a matter of balancing usage of these accounts, photos are better shared on Instagram than Facebook, long posts are better on Facebook than twitter which has limited characters but can push brands by viral hash tags. These platforms offer an easy way of cheap brand activation. An example of how social media has disrupted market dynamics can be seen in the real estate sector, where most real estate companies are using Facebook to market houses, Facebook is the most used in US with 86% of users as per a PEW research finding. This tells you just how powerful the Facebook ‘share post’ option can be as a marketing tool. Does your business use social media? If not then you are wasting opportunities.