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Talkspace makes Therapy accessible to all

Technology has greatly impacted on communication between two or more parties. With the introduction of smartphones, individuals can easily interact and connect with the world. According to a recent study, more than 10 percent of teens using the internet are at risk of depression. The immediate solution can be linked to the development of online companies offering a range of healthcare services. A good example is Talkspace which provides professional online mental-health services by connecting patients with experts.

Talkspace online therapy offer several advantages to its client .Instead of booking an appointment and trekking to a doctor’s office, one can receive the service wherever they are just by a click of a button. The therapy platforms are available via text-based chat protocol, phone calls and skype-esque video. Online therapy with Talkspace involves an on-demand asynchronous connection with the therapist thus allowing even individuals with limited time get the help they need. It is also cheaper compared to face-to face therapy.

Talkspace recently signed a deal with Magellan Health granting patients access to online therapies provided by Talkspace. This deal is expected help Talkspace boost its reputation and market-share. Scott Christnelly, a psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker who oversees the company’s therapist performance, believes that extra time between communications is beneficial as it gives the therapist and client time and space to look into their actions


Talkspace was co-founded by Oren Frank with his wife Roni Frank in 2012 with the aim of making therapy affordable and accessible to all. The company is based in New York and majors in providing health, therapeutic and consultancy services. With a mission to make a billion people happy, clients access limitless help from licensed therapists without appointments.

Users can connect with the mental-health rapists through the Talkspace app or via the web. Having launched a voice and video app in October, the company plans to launch other innovative products including a group therapy. The company is also looking forward to expanding its services geographically.

Michael Terpin successful career as Brazilian rally driver

For the lovers of racing in Brazil, the name Michael Terpin is not something new because he is one of the most celebrated Brazilian rally drivers. In fact, Michael has a brother, Rodrigo, whom they race together. They have formed a terrific duo. At the age of 40, Michael still shines in the racing games all over Brazil.

With a quick glance at his background, Michael comes from a family that loves sports. His father Jack Terkin was a successful basketball player, and as we mentioned earlier, Michael has a brother who also happens to be a rally driver. Right from when he was young, Michael was thrilled by racing cars, and now we know why.

Michael Terkin started his career in racing as a motorcycle racer back in 2002. Now, he has over 15 years in the racing industry. He mostly competes in the Prototypes T1 category.

He is a member of Bull Sertoes rally team and together with his brother and navigator Justo; they have rocked most of the racing events all over Brazil including Mitsubishi cup, Brazillian cross-country rally championship, as well as Sertoes rally.

They are well-known for their racing car T-Rex manufactured by MEM motorsport. The car is fitted with a V8 engine, making it durable and extremely fast.

His driving skills have won him various accolades and recognition. He was a runner-up in Cross Country Rally back in the year 2015.

Michael is making his 10th appearance in Sertoes Rally this year aboard his T-Rex car with his navigator Justo. And together, they have conquered all the odds of racing and earned their respect in the eyes of their fellow racers and fans. In most of their races, the duo comes among the top fastest racers.

Michael Terpins has both determination and will to go on even when the odds seem to be against him. The two traits are necessary for not only the racers but also those who are working in other fields. Perhaps this reason why Michael is the darling to Brazilians.

For more information, you can visit his social accounts to get updated on his next racing events. His Facebook page, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts are under the name Michael Terkin.

The Depth and History of the American Institute of Architects

Robert Ivy is the chief executive officer and executive vice president of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), which is an American professional organization that is membership-based. The professional organization focuses on building, construction and design. Ivy has worked to ensure that each member has the ability and the background to think far beyond their field of expertise. He also believes that architecture has a deep impact in many different areas like aiding in disaster relief and offering solutions to improve health. The AIA has been providing exceptional services for many years and is evolving into a large integral position involving the public health industry. Architecture is constantly changing and the focus is solidified through different themes constructed at different times. Each generation of architects brings forth new ideas and newly renovated innovations. Many are health-focused and driven to produce solutions for healthcare and its newly presented changes. Technology is making its way through the industry, and many are taking advantage of the experience involving device apps, software upgrades enhancing the architectural design, and resilience. Robert Ivy has been with the AIA since 2011 and has continually worked to transform the profession. He works to promote the editorial and educational responses to the organization with goals and awareness.

The organization was originally founded in 1857 by more than a dozen architects. They eventually moved on to include 16 more prominent architects to the group to draft the very first constitutional bylaws in which architects would abide by. Several attempts to write the constitution developed into a revised version which was set in stone on April 15, 1857. Originally, the AIA was called the New York Society of Architects, which took on its new name shortly before the bylaws were firmly established. It was revealed in the 1880s that many cities began to write chapters and join the prestigious, sought-after group. It was reported in 2008 that more than 300 chapters had evolved throughout the regions.

The AIA is currently governed by a highly engaged and professional Board of Directors. They currently have 200 full-time employees who work to maintain and produce the ultimate quality for architectures, clients, and surrounding communities. They have expanded their services throughout the years to the United Kingdom, Europe, Japan, and Hong Kong. The AIA has also made great efforts to recognize individuals and organization for their outstanding achievements and support of the profession. They provide many different types of honor programs such as the AIA Gold Medal, Architecture Firm Award, and the AIA/ACSA Topaz Medallion for Excellence in Architectural Education award.

Unicorn Hair for Brunettes is Here

The wonderfully inspiring team at Lime Crime has done it again. If their fantastic Line of beautifully bright colors to create a style called Unicorn Hair was not cool enough, now the people at LimeCrime have taken their ideas to the darker side. Watch out blondes, the Brunettes are commandeering the trend setting colorful Unicorn Hair.

This fall Lime Crime will be releasing a more gothic style line of hair color for those of us who have naturally darker hair. Is this a dream? Are you curious about which colors they decided to go with? The October tenants fourth release date of this year will consist of four brand new shades to include: Chestnut, Squid, Charcoal, and Sea Witch. Chestnut is a seductively deep maroon that will leave your hair looking lush. Squid, which has been described as a spooky purple, is a royal shade that can reach to the deepest part of our hearts. Charcoal is, as you probably guessed, a dusty gray and anything but old lady hair. Lastly, Sea Witch has been inspired by an evil mermaid’s slick green tail.

But wait, there’s more! LimeCrime prides itself on not only being one hundred percent vegan friendly but their products are also all one hundred percent animal cruelty free. All the cute little animals are safe in the making of this awesome new hair product collection. Lime Crime is consistently finding new ways to bring their bright(and dark) new palettes to everyone from every walk of life. The future holds so many possibilities and I know we’re all excited to see what’s next.

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Cancer Treatment Centers in America are offering best treatment and care for cancer patients across the world.

Cancer Treatment Centers in America has partnered with NantHealth and Allscripts to implement technical solutions to enable eviti, a NantHealth clinic that provides clinical workflows in the Allscripts Sunrise electronic health records. Cancer Treatment Centers in America is a network that constitutes five hospitals that helps patients to fight cancer. CTCA offers the best solution in approaching the fight against cancer by combining advanced precision cancer treatment and genomic testing. CTCA has qualified doctors provide surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy to the cancer patients. The patients are supported with therapies that help them emotionally and physically in the process of managing side effects.

CTCA established many hospitals across the globe. Chicago, Atlanta, Tulsa, Phoenix, and Philadelphia are among the states that CTCA has established its hospitals. CTCA is the leading hospital in giving the treatment and comprehensive information to cancer patients. Cancer patients who attend CTCA are equipped with information about their treatment and how to actively participate in the treatment decisions.

NantHealth is a healthcare company that offers effective and modernized treatment to patients with critical health issues. NantHealth offers the patients treatments by applying simple diagnostic procedure based on specific molecular profiles of the patient tissues. The patient’s molecular profiles help in integrating the molecular data that helps in real-time biometric signal and phenotypic data that keeps track of the medication of the patient. NantHealth installed unique software that is adaptable in the learning system of their clinics. The hardware and middleware installed in their systems collect indexes and analyzes it to bring out an interpretation of billions of molecules, the financial data and clinical operations.

The clinical pathways and decisions are based on the data reflected on the systems.

Eviti is a support platform that helps in oncologist in making a clinical decision at the point of care. Eviti has facilitated the assessment of treatment regimens, cost, and outcomes to the oncologists to get clear evidence on the appropriate treatment to be subjected to the patients. Eviti has branched into three applications namely; eviti advisor Enterprise, eviti advisor and eviti connect. The three applications offer treatment and support to the cancer patients aligned by qualified physicians.

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Cancer Treatment Centers in America offer comprehensive analyses of strategic designs sessions that enhance and improve the chemotherapy regimen solutions to the cancer patients. The oncologists confidently prescribe appropriate treatment to specific diagnosis basing on the treatment regimens. The treatment strategies offered by the oncologists can be approved by the insurance providers in case a clinical Pathway is used. The Clinical Pathways advocates for transparency in therapeutic selection and care delivery.

Twitter Improves Advertising Campaigns through a New Video-centric Ad Format

Twitter has introduced a new video-centric ad format, Video Website Card, which uses the power of video to drive users back to a site. Users can then choose to learn more on decide on the next action they would like to take. Video Website Card is available to all users across the world. It works by first playing an auto-playing video with a customizable headline that then leads to a larger video and website preview. Finally, it directs viewers to the website running the advertising campaign when you tap on it.

Campaign Optimization

Even though there is nothing new about this given that other social media platforms have made us of this technique before, advertising campaigns can now be optimized for different objectives. You can now decide if you want to website awareness, website clicks or video views for your advertising campaign. However, you can choose to optimize video views in the first phase of the campaign then optimize web clicks later on. Consequently, using Video Website Card, a brand can attract qualified consumers, extend brand engagement, and keep consumer’s attention.

Total Control over an Advertising Campaign

Consumers have reported they would like more personalized interactions with brands. Therefore, Twitter, just like other social media platforms, is working with different brands to give consumers seamless user experiences. The brands can now reach their target audience by targeting keywords in consumer’s posts and their geography, interests, device, and gender. They can now also amplify their message with a set budget while paying for what works for your advertising campaign. This way, your advertising team has full control over your campaign.

Whitney Wolfe Founder and of CEO Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is the co-founder and current CEO of Bumble a social dating app which has its headquarters in Austin Texas with over 70 employees. She was born in 1989 in Salt Lake City, Utah. She took International studies at the Southern Methodist University. While still a 19-year old student at the university she started a small business of selling bamboo carrying bags. After graduation, she left for Southeast Asia where she worked with several orphanages.

She co-founded Bumble with Andrey Andreev founder of Badoo in 2014. The app registered a high growth rate with over 80 million matches and 15 million different conversations at the end of December 2015. By April 2016 Bumble became the 4th most popular dating app. On 2017 February, it had 12.5 million registered users who spend an average of 100minutes daily on the app according to Forbes. Her main objective of founding the company was to give women some power and control that they have been denied by the society and other dating apps. She created bumble in such a way that the woman is the one who will initiate any conversation after a match has been made. This is to promote the idea of equality between men and women.

In 2016 October, the company launched Bumble BFF; this is an app to help women to find new peer friends in their area. In October 2017, the company also launched Bumble Bizz, a professional networking online site that is for people who are not interested in dating but rather networking and the app is currently competing with LinkedIn. The app borrows the idea of online matchmaking which helps people, especially women, get in touch with investors, potential clients as well as people working in their industry therefore improving careers and saving time for women with families to do networking. She is dedicated to empower working women both professionally and socially. She consequently launched Bumble Bizz to bring a feminine touch to the masculine networking space. She stated that Bumble Bizz does not include the ages of people in it because most people employ women in their 20’s and therefore, she wanted to create equal opportunity for everybody.

Whitney met her husband Michael Herd, who is in the oil, gas and restaurant business, in 2013 at Aspen. They were both vacationing there for Christmas. In June 2015, Michael proposed to Whitney when they visited his family’s ranch in Texas. Their wedding took place in the September of 2017 in Positano Italy. She was styled by Cynthia Cook Brides, and she hired Sogukii Events to plan their wedding. She was named in the Forbes’ 30 under 30 in 2017. She was also named as one of Elle’s women in tech in 2016 and Business insiders 30 under 30 most important women in 2014.

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Greg Secker’s Professional Life

Greg Secker is one of the renowned entrepreneurs in the world. He was born on 18th February 1975. Other than being a businessperson, he is also a philanthropist, father, and even an international speaker. Greg has been invited to many forums in the international conventions to talk about both trade issues and matters on technology.

Greg Secker has been a founder of more than one organizations, some in the IT sector while others in the trade sector.

Greg Secker career life

At first, Greg Sector was an employee of Thomas Cook Financial Company. Later, he shifted to forex trading in Virtual Trading Desk Company.

The company was the first platform dealing with Forex trading by then. Due to his improvements and proper management, he became the vice president of Mellon Financial Company which is in the US.

It was in this company that he developed more skills since he worked with other best traders. After years of employment, Greg Secker founded the Learn to Trade Company.

The program educated more than 200,000 people on forex trading.

Learn to Trade Company won some world awards. Some of these awards were the Best Educator award by Word Finance Magazine, Best Forex Educator prize by Global banking among others.

Greg Secker is also a philanthropist among other professions. He was recognized by being nominated number 151 by Richtopia 2017. The list had 200 philanthropist and entrepreneurs who had been on the front line in increasing awareness of important world issues.

In the National CSR Awards, he was nominated the finalist due to his role in individual commercial leadership.

Greg Secker is a passionate guy towards technology. This is evident because of his latest technological inventions of FX capital, SmartCharts, and Capital index which is there to help more in Forex trading.

Greg’s personal life

Greg was a multibillionaire in his twenties. He is proud to be the father of forex trading to the people of Europe and the whole world.

Greg Secker organizes his schedule in a way that all matters are well-taken care off. He doesn’t need to be in the office, according to him, he deals with some issues while at home.

Greg in 2010 also came up with non-profitable foundation. The primary aim of this organization was to improve people lived all over the world.

In conclusion, Greg is the face of Forex trading. He brought light to the World by introducing a way to invest. Many people have been in this field and have reaped a lot.

Through the Learn to Trade Company and the motivational talks, many people have got the knowledge on how to undergo Forex trading.

Securing Your Finncial Future With Agora Financial

Understanding what is the best option for the financial future of any individual is not a task the majority of people look forward to exploring as the financial industry rarely enjoys revealing its secrets. Agora Financial has been revealing the secrets most large investment companies do not want their investors to know or have not identified themselves yet; as a subscription-based service, Agora Financial provides information and advice to its valued customers who gain from the experience of a team of qualified financial experts.

Among the options available to subscribers is the ability to secure their future by finding the latest ideas and investment opportunities from around the world; Agora Financial explores areas of the world many major investment companies ignore in the search for the best financial options for the future. In the view of the experts at Agora Financial, the best option for creating a successful financial future is to explore the range of possible investments yet to hit the mainstream. The issue facing most investors is the companies and investments praised by the mainstream media have already reached their peak performance level leaving little room for improvement in the future.

Established in 1979, Agora Financial has been providing newsletters and Email advice for subscribers for across four decades as the company has continued the search for the most needed and yet to reach their peak investments available. Headquartered in Baltimore, Agora Financial has been bringing success to its subscribers by bringing each individual access to the writings and advice of some of the world’s leading investment journalists.

Agora Financial does not limit its work to the release of regular newsletters as the company also publishes books on the subject of investing and achieving financial freedom. Editor-in-Chief Addison Wiggin has seen the work of Agora Financial praised by some of the world’s leading media groups, including NBC and ABC.

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Talos Energy in Partnership Venture to Drill First Private Well in Mexico Since 1938

Since Mexico nationalized its oil industry in 1938, state-run Petroleos Mexicanos has been responsible for the country’s oil exploration. In a turn of events triggered by an ailing industry, and for the first time since then, a private company has sunk a new offshore oil well in Mexican Waters. This undertaking is meant to boost recovery and aid the country’s drive in admitting foreign competitors back into the energy markets.

Located in Sureste Basin off Tabasco, the Zama-1 well holds an estimated 100 million to 500 million barrels of crude oil. The joint venture between Premier Oil Plc., Talo’s Energy LLC and the country’s Sierra Oil & Gas started drilling the well in May. This partnership is the first offshore exploration in the last almost 80 years that has not been initiated by the state monopoly.

The drilling process is expected to take 90 days at a cost or $16 million. After Mexico voted to open its oil industry to private investors in 2015, the three companies won the rights to the prospect in the first round of bidding.

Elaine Reynolds, a London-based analyst at Edison Investment Research Limited, notes that this well will be observed keenly by the industry given that it is part of the country’s energy reform process. According to a statement by Premier, Talos owns a 35 percent stake in the venture and is the operator of the oil. Premier holds 25 percent while Sierra holds 40 percent.

About Talos Oil

Talos Energy LLC is a privately held gas and oil company based in Houston. In 2013, its wholly owned subsidiary completed the acquisition of Energy Resource Technology GOM, Inc. The latter was the gas and oil subsidiary of Helix Energy Solutions Group. The Energy Resource Technology had assets in Mexico. Following this transaction, Talos became the first foreign operator to venture in Mexico since 1938.

Talos Energy focuses on acquisition and exploration of oil and gas properties. It is a portfolio company of funds affiliated with Riverstone Holdings LLC and Apollo Global Management. Their priority is in the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico.

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