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Wild Ark Highlights the Importance of Ecotourism

Every year, thousands of people flock to destinations all over the planet hoping to view nature’s beauty. Perhaps they will catch a glimpse of local wildlife, or see the stars in the unsullied night sky. Unfortunately more tourism often means more garbage, more consumption, and more fossil fuel usage in these destinations. Tourism has even led to damage and destruction of some of the world’s most precious places. Yellowstone National Park is one location that has seen a great deal of tourist damage. The famous Morning Glory pool has changed colors due to people throwing trash into it. That is not the only damage that has been done. For decades, people have used many of the park’s geysers as trash cans.


In response to this trend, environmentally conscious people have started dabbling in ecotourism, a type of travel that focuses on leaving the smallest human imprint possible while still enjoying the wonders of the world. Destinations that have suffered climate change and landmark destruction hope to reverse the damage by offering more environmentally conscious tourism options. Today, tourists can take advantage of sustainable accommodations and ecotourism excursions in The Galapagos Islands, Kenya, and even the Amazon Rainforest.


If you are interested in learning about more sustainable tourism options, one organization to follow is Wild Ark. Founded in 2016 by conservationists Mark and Sophie Hutchinson, the company hopes to allow people to connect with nature while simultaneously preserving it. Their team is comprised of people who share the Hutchinson’s love of the environment and deep desire to protect it. Learn more:


Their website offers information on Wild Ark Adventures, handpicked tourism options that are focused on sustainability, ecotourism, or education. Currently, there are offerings listed in Alaska, South Africa, Botswana, and Kenya. Check out the journal section on Wild Ark’s website for advice on finding nature in cities.


Engaging in conservation and eco-conscious tourism is vital to protecting our planet’s biodiversity. Wild Ark brings together the ability to enjoy nature and the importance of sustainability. They are the future of world tourism.

SahmAdrangi Weighs In On Seeking Alpha’s GNC Research

Recently, SahmAdrangi was intrigued by an article on Seeking Alpha titled, “An Ode to Those Who Wander Piece.’ The 35-year-old sent his reply to the author of the article who has since published a summary of the piece. First, the investor wrote that he was pleased with article and the writer’s outlook on GNC stock. SahmAdrangi has invested in the company’s stocks.

Over the other weekend, the two meet and discussed more about GNC Holdings, Inc. They talked about the writer’s ‘high-caliber’ and passionate GNC research. Sahm pointed out that he has been improving GNC’s composition of his portfolio. They passionately discussed their love for high conviction research. Sahm and the trader were not dissuaded by the stocks’ move against them. For the two traders, the trend that the company’s stock is currently facing provides them with an opportunity to buy more of its shares cheaply. Having vast experience in trading, the two traders know well that the stock market is filled with ups and downs. These ebbs and flows are always alternating, thus it is up to an investor to invest strategically to make the most out of them. Sahm said he was 100 percent behind the writer’s core thesis. He notes that his own research is in line with those done with Seeking Alpha. Besides Adrangi, other investors are reaching out for Seeking Alpha’s trade notes.

Sahm is a New York-based trader, entrepreneur, and financial expert. The strategic investor is known for his outstanding trading skills that have propelled him to become one of the world’s best stock traders. He has used his skills to found and grow Kerrisdale Capital Management. The company invests on behalf of its clients. Adrangi, who is also the company’s chief investment officer, founded it in 2009 with only $1 million in its trading accounts. The company has since grown its accounts to about $500 million.

Previously, Sahm worked for various financial institutions, including Deutsche Bank and Chanin Capital Partners. At Deutsche Bank, he was responsible for managing the firm’s high-yield and leveraged loan debt financing. This position provided him with vast experience. At Chanin Capital Partners, Adrangi rendered his services as a credit advisor.

Elysium Health Creates a Supplement Unlike Any Other

The company Elysium Health is one of the rising businesses in the field of biotech. Elysium health has been working for about a year on the first product which is called Basis.

Over the past few months, there has been a lot of talk around the supplement Basis. Many are speculating whether the new supplement might be the fountain of youth or at least a big step closer to one. Others analyze time and again what basis is made of and how each of the few ingredients of the pills and what is the function that each of the compounds performs in the body.

Among the discussions, however, Elysium Health has stressed many a time that the supplement Basis is not a fountain of youth, but it is, in fact, simply a supplement. Basis caters to cellular health, and it can improve the metabolic functions of the body, which means improving the metabolism, as well as help, purify and detoxify the cells.

Although the Basis pills are supplements, there are a number of factors that set them apart from other supplements on the market and put them a level above. The production of supplement as a whole has not been of the highest quality. Even tough productions aim to have a certain amount of an ingredient, every pill has different amounts of the substance. Some pills can have barely any amounts while other can be pumped full. You can never know what you are getting, especially since supplements are not viewed as treatments medications, and so they are not required to go through the FDA.

Elysium Health’s Basis, on the other hand, has a strict line of production which is monitored closely. The effectiveness of the pills relies on the amounts of the ingredients, after all. The capsules are produced in the Elysium health labs and are available only on the website of the company.

So, what does Basis contain? The main ingredient of the capsules of Basis is NAD, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. NAD occurs naturally in the body as it is present in the DNA. Cells lose NAd as thy age which is directly hooked to our metabolism. Calorie intake and metabolism are not only about losing and gaining weight. A good metabolism that functions properly also plays a huge part in the detoxification of the cells which, in turn, keeps them clean and healthy for a longer time. That is why Basis is explained as a ”cellular health” supplement and not as a pill.

Up to date, Elysium Health is preparing for the first human trials for Basis. The researchers will study the effects of the first trial participants and how the additional NAD levels affect their metabolic systems.

Talos Energy’s Quiet Rise In the Energy Markets

Talos Energy’s private well sunk into Mexican waters is the first private well in over 80 years to be dropped by a private entity. This well is being dug by Talos Oil of Houston, Premier Oil of London and Sierra Oil & Gas of Mexico. The drilling commenced on May 21, 2017. This development marked the amendments made by Mexico in a move aimed at welcoming back foreign competition into its energy market. Mexico had in 1938 nationalized the oil industry which created a monopoly for oil company Petroleos Mexicanos operated by the state. These three firms won the bid that gave those rights to prospect oil in 2015.

This well sank in Sureste Basin which borders the state of Tabasco was estimated to be holding 100-500 million barrels of crude oil during prospection. The drilling took 90 days to complete and cost $16 million to Premier Oil. This move to allow private investors in the energy industry is expected to revive the sector, which at present is not doing too well. Experts have voiced their opinions saying that the project has a high chance of success owing to the structure of the basin around which the crude oil well has been dug. Talos is operating the well with a 35% stake, and Premier holds 25% stake in the venture. The most significant stake is held by Mexico’s Sierra Oil and Gas.

Talos Energy LLC is a privately owned oil and gas company based in Houston. The company is mainly focused on exploring and acquiring oil and gas property concentrated around the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. Talos is funded by Riverstone Holdings LLC, Talos management and Apollo Global Management, LLC. Talos acquired Energy Resource Technology GOM, Inc. for $620 million. Energy Resource Technology is a subsidiary of the Helix Energy Solutions Group that dealt with oil and gas. The Helix Energy Solutions Group has its headquarters in Houston, TX. It was an offshore energy company that had made leeway into international markets. Talos Energy acquired an asset which offers it development solutions other vital services to the energy market.

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Richard Blair

Wealth Solutions is a registered global investment advisory entity based in Austin, Texas. The firm specializes in personalized and broad financial planning. Its goal is to make positive and significant change in lives of small business vendor, individuals and families through guidance in wealth preservation, tailored investment, and retirement strategies.


Richard Blair implements a three-pillar approach to achieve a detailed financial plan. The strategies enable wealth solutions to evaluate client current economic state and retirement requirements. These methods are intended to:


  • Layout financial roadmap for customers.
  • Create an effective, lasting investment strategy that is customized to client’s specific objectives and liquidity needs.
  • Review insurance requirements and assist with annuities, long-term care insurance, and life insurance.


Wealth Solutions’ Products


At Wealth Solutions, the independent investor works with prosperous individuals, and small business owners who have accumulated wealth during their productive years and unable to manage them. He provides detailed asset management approaches to assist customers to build and protect their possessions. Richard guides them in developing an investment portfolio that allows for diversification based on their goals.


The certified income and trust specialist insists on the value of using a comprehensive financial plan. Mr. Richard Blair uses the manuscript to make right decisions concerning the wealth of his customers. The financial document comprises of estate, retirement, and education planning. Richard Blair takes his customers through the retirement planning process. The renowned entrepreneur shows them how to come up with an operative retirement plan. Richard makes sure that staffs at Wealth Solution guide customers in navigating the complicated retirement issues.




About Richard Blair


Richard Blair a self-driven financial advisor and founder of Wealth Solutions. He holds a degree in Finance from the University of Houston. The finance advisor is a certified income, fund, estate, trustee, annuity, retirement income professional and tax specialist. Richard delights in helping people towards accomplishment of their individual financial targets.


Mr. Blair offers comprehensive strategies of wealth management that may assist individuals in growing and protecting their wealth. Under Richard’s tenure, local customers at Wealth Solutions enjoy employment opportunities. He has established relationships with the public through frequent communication and face-to-face meetings. Long-term interactions allow him to gain trust and respect from his clientele.

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Meet Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi The Most Sought After Banker At Bradesco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is a renowned Brazilian entrepreneur with shrewd business acumen whose insights and counsel is highly regarded by several media houses, entrepreneurs, and political representatives. He has been working at Bradesco Bank for forty-eight years thereby developing an excellent business skill set that has made it possible for the bank to offer useful business solutions to the people of Brazil. Ever since Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi joined Bradesco in 1969, he has worked in various executives posts leading up to his current job as the bank’s fourth president.

Early Life and Education

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was born in a family of finance experts in 1951 and was raised in Suriname-Bradesco. Given that his parents were bankers, it is not surprising that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi decided to join the industry despite not having a finance education background. Mr. Carlos Trabuco Cappi did his undergraduate program at the University of Sao Paulo where he graduated with top honors in Philosophy. Later on, he enrolled for his master’s degree in Psychology and Sociology at the same institution. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi also completed his post-doctorate programme in Politics and Sociology at the University of Penteado Foundation.

Career Background

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi started his career at Bradesco Bank in 1969 working as a bank clerk, a position he held for fifteen years. Bradesco is one of the biggest private banks in Brazil that has helped solve various financial complications for millions of Brazilians. Later on, he was appointed to be the firm’s new marketing director for approximately eight years. In 1992, Luiz was elected the Chief Executive Officer and the President of the Banks‘ branch situated in Providencia. This arm of the firm specifically handles the salaries and pension schemes for all of Bradesco clientele. During this time, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi developed several innovative solutions that increased the bank’s client base. His passion, determination, and hard work were profound, and the board of directors appointed him to take over the Presidency of Bradesco after Marcio Cypriano’s reign was over.

Notable Achievements

During the time Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi took over the presidency, Bradesco had lost its top rank to its rival bank Itau Unibanco which was now at the first position making Bradesco rank second. Most of the members of the board of directors felt that this was because of poor management practices and that is why they chose Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi to shape things after he had successfully excelled heading the Bradesco Seguros branch.

Ever since his appointment, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has achieved an impeccable track record increasing the profits of the institution by 30%. Furthermore, he developed a corporate University whose aim was to restore the leadership cadres, a move that helped him understand his personnel better. During his time at Bradesco, he was offered a more prestigious post by President Dilma Rousseff to be a minister of finance which he rejected as he was more interested in restoring Bradesco glory in the banking industry.

In 2015, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi made history when he managed to sign a $5.2 billion deal where he acquired HSBC and in turn made Bradesco surpassed its rival Itau Unibanco on total investments, account holders, and branch networks. Moreover, this bold move by Luiz restored Bradesco number position that Itau Unibanco had claimed back in 2009. During an interview with MONEY, Luiz Carlos Trabuco elucidated that by buying HSBC, Bradesco had managed to attain status it would have achieved in six years of continuous business improvements.

Another accomplishment by this Brazilian businessman includes being named the Entrepreneur of the Year in the finance category in 2015 as well as receiving the Corporate Personality of the year award. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi had received these awards again in 2003 and 2007, influencing him to be a top insurance executive in Brazil.

Doe Deere: Queen of Unicorns

Doe Deere, also known as the “Queen of Unicorns“, shares her love of all things rainbow and makeup through her cosmetics company LimeCrime. Her story of success is unconventional and shows others that they have the same opportunity to make their dreams a reality.


She was born in Russia and moved to the New York when she 17. Even at a young age, she was driven by her dreams. Her biggest dream was to become a musician in New York, which is exactly what she did. she met her husband through the band she played in and they became collaborators in marketing for the band.


She wasn’t exactly new to the world of entrepreneurs, as she had her first business at the age of 13. Her first business was selling temporary tattoos to her classmates and made them popular by showing that it was okay to wear them.


In a beige and natural world, it was hard for her to find bright, bold colors that she loved. So, in 2008 she became an entrepreneur when she created her cosmetic company LimeCrime. Her mission was to show women that makeup is a way to express themselves without the fear judgement and that this free expression leads to the freedom to be themselves. Learn more:


We use clothing, hairstyles and colors, and makeup to express ourselves everyday. That’s why LimeCrime’s mission is to revolutionize the way we shop for makeup and embracing the way it makes us feel. Makeup is a way to express ourselves unapologetically and helps us create looks that are as unique as our moods.


Beauty isn’t what others deem as natural or what society thinks looks good; it’s the way it we feel in the moment. Makeup isn’t used to hide imperfections, but used as a form of freedom and expression. This is the mission that Doe Deere had in mind when she created her company.


Makeup isn’t the only mission Doe Deere has, she’s an avid supporter of women owned business and entrepreneurs. Deere frequently speaks to other women entrepreneurs about finding their voice and following their ambition. She encourages them to embrace their weirdness and get in touch with who they are. This is where their full potential is reached.


Her advice to young women is to follow their hearts, because everyone has something special about them that they can share with the world. When you follow your heart and know who you are, that’s where the magic begins. Learn more:


Rodrigo Terpin Opens Up on Truths about Rallying

Before you make entry into this dreaded sport, you need to know that rallying is not all about performing tricks and stunts as a show off before your spectators. It is one of the toughest sporting activity that features breath-taking speeds, and exhilarating terrains.

Rallying is Costly

It is an expensive sporting event as it is exhibited in the costs of the vehicles alone. For instance, he opined that the T-Rex alone cost $250,000 and even when it goes to the extent having cheaper elements they are still cumulatively expensive. The cost of car repairs regarding mechanical breakdowns and even purchasing of spare parts also prove costly for maintenance. In this regard, Rodrigo Terpins also explains that any rally car is also suitable for a maximum of 20 races after which it gets worn out where the seams pop as weld also rips after just a few races. Visit LinkedIn to know more.


More than half if the Competitors Never Finish an Event

Since rally cars behave like human beings, they need minimal contact when in races and when hit, some of its part gets broken. These can be evident with broken engine parts and suspension engines and suspension arms. Whenever the rally cars undergo such ordeals and repairs do not solve a thing, it becomes difficult for the drivers to complete their races in time.

Not Any Time Does a Rally Driver Participate in Races with Safety-Engineered Tracks and Roads

Since his debut into the racing scene, Rodrigo Terpins attests that he has never participated in a well-paved ground. A dusty, muddy and gravel road has been the order of the day, as there is not a moment where you spin a soft landing spot such as grass and then get back on track to a safe hub.

As a Rally Driver, You Have to Be the Best

The rally driver has to show comfort when behind the wheel. Suffice to say, a testament to excellence in this sport is the tendency to show courage and comfort when driving through the rough Brazilian terrains. In all these endeavors, there should be no room for errors as the whole process proves risky.



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SahmAdrangi- An Intelligent Analyst

According to Reuters, the Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC owned by SahmAdrangi has raised over one hundred million dollars for a single stock bet from investors. The co-investment fund by Kerrisdale is unique and a new concept. Most of the Hedge funds managers and companies raise money for a particular investment thesis like the recovery of a troubled energy company, but for Kerrisdale, the accumulated capital is for shortening the stock of a public company to be listed soon.

Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC is a small capital management company based in New York. And the recently written email by Adrangi states that within a short time the company raised a reasonable amount of capital. Adrangi clarified that the company has taken over a group worthy ten billion dollars. Shane Wilson and SahmAdrangi are the two Kerrisdale analysts who are in charge of the upcoming campaign, and they have videos, reports, and websites to convince more investors on their thesis. They plan to unveil their target company in mid-may, and the funds have already bought stocks to give the company a stronger position on acquiring the unnamed company.

Kerrisdale is managing a portfolio of more than $500 million that includes the recently raised money, and it has a high background of betting against other companies and publically declaring their interest. The recent short positions activities include satellite company Global star and drug makers companies like Zafgen and Sage Therapeutics. Kerrisdale primary hedge fund bets against and for company stock and it has an average of 28 percent on its annual return for more than five years.

Sahm, the Chief investment officer and founder of Kerrisdale capital investment, is a Yale graduate with a degree in art economics. He formed the company in 2009 with a capital worth of fewer than one million dollars, and currently, the firm manages a portfolio of more than five hundred million dollars. Mr. Adrangi was an investment analyst at a private investment company Longacre Fund, and before that he worked Chanin Capital Partners and Deutsche Bank. Mr. Adrangi is a publishing researcher and a speaker at various conferences. Adrangi has been interviewed by Bloomberg, CNBC and featured in Wall Street Journal’s, the Washington Post, The Newyork times and other publications.


Celebrating the Achievements in the Franchising Industry with Omar Yunes

In December 2015, the world gathered in Florence Italy to celebrate the annual franchisee awards. The man whose name predominantly featured in this event was a first timer and the Mexican chapter franchisee winner, Omar Yunes. Mr. Yunes is one of the celebrated franchisee of our times and a proud franchisee of the Japanese food chain that currently owns over 100 food franchisee units in different parts of the world.

The Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) award is a big event that sees over 30 countries including the host Italy, Brazil, Hungary, Argentina, France, Mexico and Portugal countries nominate a franchisee to represent their country. Despite being the first time at the event, Omar Yunes went ahead to be named the best franchisee of the world. According to the event’s organizers, Mr. Omar was able to win the award for his efforts in improving the communications between him the franchisee and the franchiser. This executive was able to develop a system that ensured that there was proper flow of communication.

Notably, the second point that helped Omar win the award was his management of the franchise units. In addition to treating his employees right and motivating them with good remuneration and better working conditions, Omar has been very instrumental when it comes to the disseminating information about his franchise units and learn more about Omar Yunes.


About Omar Yunes

When you talk about Sushi Itto, one person you will not fail to pay mention to is Omar Yunes. Mr. Omar is a celebrated entrepreneur and franchisee with Sushi Itto. The franchisee’s journey started at a tender age of 21 years when he owned his first Sushi Itto food chain. Currently, Omar owns 13 units making him the biggest franchisee in the Sushi Itto’s brand owning at least 10% of all the franchise units. Omar Sushi Itto’s brand is spread around the three cities Puebla, Veracruz and Mexico City and Omar Yunes’s lacrosse camp.

Mr. Omar leadership abilities are one of the things that have helped him achieve the success he currently enjoys in the industry. His over 400 employees strive to match with this leadership thus bringing out the best in the business and more information click here.

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