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Felipe Montoro Jens Praises New Brazilian Initiative

Felipe Montoro Jens says that concessions made by the Brazilian government can help improve the country. The government recently announced that they are making these concessions in partnership with BNDES. Edison Carlos recently gave an interview in which he talked about the initiative. He pointed out the good results that are likely to happen as a result of this. Felipe was an interviewee as well. He pointed out that besides the benefits brought up by Carlos, such as additional resources and an improved system for sanitation, there will also be less waste.


Right now, said Carlos, ninety percent of the sanitation systems in Brazil are operated by the government. Now that there will be private initiative involved, it means that they will be able to work together with the government to provide a better experience for all civilians.


What BNDES will do is conduct surveys for each state that they will service. Then they will develop plans according to the needs of each state. Private enterprise has more resources and will probably be more profitable. This will also help resources from being wasted. The private companies have better technology that they can put to their disposal. Therefore, Edison and Felipe praised these partnerships with the concessions involved in them. Of course, great care must be taken when planning these partnerships so that everything works out the best way and so that the sanitation system is operated in the best possible manner.


Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens is a well known businessman from Brazil. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Energia Captação S.A. He is a chairman at Concessionária do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal S.A. He was the director of Braskem S.A., Concesionaria Trasvase Olmos S.A., and Santo Antônio Energia S.A. He is headquartered in Rio De Janeiro.

Marc Sparks: The Iconic Philanthropist and Entrepreneur

Marc Sparks is not only a business visionary but rather a serial business visionary and donor situated in Dallas, Texas. He has helped begin numerous effective organizations and is as of now the head of Timber Creek Capital, LP. When he completed secondary school over 42 years back he demonstrated a remarkable fitness for business. His state of mind towards business has dependably been exceptionally basic from the earliest starting point. What’s more, that is to discover new item thoughts that are hard to grow, at that point locate a proficient approach to deliver it. Through Timber Creek Capital, Mr.Sparks listens attentively striving for representatives and ladies and work with them to help see their thoughts develop to realization. He does this by cultivating a positive business condition.


After years in the funding business, Mr. Flashes has a reasonable thought with respect to what will work and what won’t, amid the arranging stage. He puts stock in clench hand thinking of a great marketable strategy, demonstrating confirmation of idea, usage methodologies, and confidence in the achievement of the item. Truth be told, to work better with imminent customers, he as of late rolled out the extreme improvement of moving his office to an alternate area. He feels the new area will better encourage communications with new clients looking for fund. This is a case of his tender loving care. Learn more:


Does this all imply Marc Sparks business life has been effective from the very begin. Obviously not, and he is not timid about discussing those either. Not with standing, what makes him diverse is that he will consider inability to be an instructive ordeal and apply it towards future endeavors. This originates from the understanding that only one out of every odd business wander will be effective.




It’s not just about business and its prosperity Mr. Sparkles is keen on. He is likewise applying the greater part of his insight and experience for altruistic causes additionally, through an activity known as Spark Tank.

The procedure in which associations look for assistance from Spark Tank is very little not quite the same as what potential organizations experience. They should show a draft clarifying what the reason remains for, and how the money related help will be utilized. The introduction should be done in 10 minutes, after which the candidates will answer any inquiries Spark Tank may have. Other criteria’s incorporates having been in presence for no less than two years and be 501c3 consistent. The individuals who win will get up to $ 5000 for their motivation.


Dick DeVos and Giving Back to Others

Giving back to others should be in the center of any community. Nobody knows it better than Dick DeVos and his wife, Betsy. Their philanthropy has reached 139 million dollars donated to charity over their lives.


In 2015 DeVos family donated more than 11 million dollars to charity. They have set up a foundation that helps others. There are political donations, but the couple isn’t focusing on that. It is important for the Dick DeVos family to give back.


Education is a Must


They understand that education is one of the most important aspects for the future of next generations, so their charity work is extensive. For education purposes, the foundation has donated more than 3 million dollars.


There is an understanding that one size fits all doesn’t work. People learn differently and need individual approach. There are plenty of talented teachers who might not fit into the traditional teaching model. DeVos family and the Foundation want to help recognize their extraordinary work with the youth.


Dick DeVos was born in Michigan. He has three siblings who also have foundations set up to give back to the society and communities. He graduated from a public school in Forest Hills. Later he graduated from Northwood University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He started his master’s at Harvard Business School, but his career went down a different path.


When Dick DeVos was younger, he was involved in his family’s business helping out where it was necessary. After graduation, he began his career with Amway Corporation in the seventies. He applied his knowledge and understanding to grow the company and left the business booming.


He later worked for Orlando Magic before re-joining Amway as the President of the enterprise. He took over from his father Rich and was able to grow the company to operations overseas. It started out with 5% in foreign sales, but under Dick DeVos, Amway reached new possibilities. They trade in fifty countries and territories over six continents.


As Long as the Heart Beats


Although his family is wealthy, Dick DeVos understands what it means to earn everything himself. It is a particular work ethic his father instilled in him by example. Dick DeVos is one of the most capable business men on the international stage, and his philanthropy is a way he encourages future generations to be brave. He leads by example in proving that hard work pays off sooner than you might think.


The recognition and social standing do not derive from the people you know or the restaurants you enjoy visiting. It comes from giving back and is an unspoken rule between the wealthy Michigan societies.


The DeVos foundation is not planning on stopping anytime soon. Their plan is to continue their work in education and charity as long as it is possible.


Susan McGalla – One of the Most Successful Women Business Executives Based in Ohio

Susan McGalla has played a very vital role in the success of two of the most prominent consumer products companies in the United States, American Eagle Outfitters Inc, and Wet Seal Inc. Susan McGalla served as the President at American Eagle Outfitters Inc and was the CEO of Wet Seal Inc. Under her leadership, both these firms were able to achieve tremendous success and were also able to enhance their image among the target audience through the many marketing techniques implemented by Susan McGalla.

Susan McGalla is also on the board of directors of Allegheny Conference on Community Development and HFF Inc. Due to her numerous accomplishments in the field of branding and marketing, she is often consulted by various companies and top executives in the corporate world. Susan McGalla is also the founder of one of the most successful branding and marketing firms in the United States, P3 Executive Consulting LLC.

One of the topics that Susan McGalla is very sensitive about is women empowerment, and for which, she often speaks about as well. In an interview she gave recently, Susan McGalla was seen giving a few tips on what the women should do to plan and advance their career to achieve guaranteed success in the future. One of the first advice she gave in this regard was for the women to focus on education and make it their top priority.

Susan McGalla says that it is essential for anyone and not only women to focus on education as that would guarantee a good position in the corporate world. She said it is also important for the women to get good grades, and pursue higher education as well. To fund higher education, women must start saving early, so that there are no financial hassles later on that can potentially jeopardize entire career.

Susan McGalla also talked about how women must build a good support system in the workplace of friends and colleagues, who would help women, stay emotionally charged and strong during tough times. She says that following these tips would help women achieve their dreams of making it big in the corporate sector.

Sweetgreen Restaurants Offering Health Quality Foods

Sweetgreen is a renowned restaurant. Sweetgreen started from a humble beginning, and it has so far grown a great deal. Nathaniel Ru who is a co-founder said that he wants Sweetgreen to be a renowned brand in the market, being recognizable and also outstanding. The aim of Sweetgreen is to offer quality health foods to people at an affordable price.

Sweetgreen foods were founded by three co-founders who happened to be classmates at Georgetown University. The trio hatched the idea that a lot of people needed quality food which tastes great and it is healthy, and thus they began Sweetgreen.

The three co-founders have integrated technology into their business with approximately 30 percent of their transaction being done through their mobile app which is found free on App Store, or by using their website platform.

Sweetgreen uses a unique strategy to get close to its customers. One of the ways it uses is through closing its corporate office at least five times a year so that everyone can work in their restaurants.

Fortune reveals that Sweetgreen recently opened offices in the city of Los Angeles, and it operates without a main headquarter.

The co-founders aim at decentralizing services of Sweetgreen and growing it nationally. The three co-founders Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman, and Nicolas Jammet, had taken an entrepreneurship class back in college, Georgetown University. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: and

Coincidentally the trio has immigrant parents who have started and grown their businesses. After completion of their course, they implemented their idea of starting a healthy eating restaurant around Georgetown University since there wasn’t any at that period.

The trio raised their initial start-up which was 375,000 United States Dollars from investors and other from their parents. Their first restaurant was opened in August back in the year 2007, but it has grown largely opening more and more outlets.

In October 2016, it is important to note that the company had opened over 60 stores which were fully operational across the United States in many states which include Massachusetts, New York, California, Illinois, and Maryland. Other locations include Pennsylvania, Virginia, and also at the District of Columbia where they have grown and spread its business.

Their first business setback was during vacations because of most of their customers who were mainly students had gone home, though they survived this and thus they knew their business was going to make it.

Nathaniel Ru who is one of the co-founders is a focused and determined person. His entrepreneurship skills have greatly helped grow their business. Nathaniel Ru was born back on May 3, 1985, and he is currently 32 years.

Social Media Changes Marketing

Snapchat is expanding with a news show.
No one would have ever expected Snapchat to become a company that would connect people with news. For the longest time this has been the company that people were looking forward to if they wanted text messages that would not stay on their phone.

So many people have used this over the years to create snaps that allowed them to post videos that fade away. This is just the thing that lured users in the beginning. Now that snap is a business that has an IPO there has to be a desire for more executives to look at the overall business aspect of Snapchat. It is a company that is connected to a wider crowd of shareholders that are looking for a profit. In order to do this SnapChat had to expand.

This is essentially what all the social media sites will eventually have to do. Twitter has been struggling to become a social media site that can actually provide a significant marketing platform for businesses. Facebook, on the other hand, has become a marketing giant. This has become the company that everyone is talking about when it comes to successfully creating a marketing space for your business. Snapchat is a company that is trying to follow in the footsteps of Facebook when it comes to marketing and building a social media business platform. That is what consumers are going to expect to see as the social media environment changes. There are a ton of people that are looking for a way to build a better business structure, and Facebook is definitely giving consumers access to this.

Social media has become such a popular marketing outlet that it is almost difficult for people to even market a business without a social media platform.

Amazon Launches Social Shopping App

Have you ever scrolled through your Instagram feed and wanted to buy an item that caught your fancy right then and there? If that is you, Amazon has you covered. Sort of.

The online retail giant has recently launched Spark, an Instagram-type feed that can be accessed through the Amazon app. If you are a Prime member, you can see glossy photos of items that Amazon has for sale and purchase them right through the app.

These must-have items will be based on your preferences. When you install the app you will be asked to choose between a number of interests like men’s fashion or health & wellness.

Once you have made your selections, your feed will be populated with items that Amazon thinks you will like. The app will show you exactly which items are for sale through Amazon. Not all items will be available.

You can even follow other Prime members who share your interests and see what they are buying and sharing. The app s still fairly new so there may not be too many users to follow at the moment.

There is also another reason that the pool of users might be small as well. Not only do you have to be a paid Prime member, but you also must have made a “minimum amount” of purchases on Amazon. At the moment, Spark looks like it is being marketed to the hardcore Amazon shopper. However, if Amazon really wants this service to take off, they will certainly have to open it up to a wider audience.

The Social Media Marketing Tool

Tons of entrepreneurs are utilizing social media to market their businesses. This has become the norm for so many companies because there is a growing demand for more social media apps. There are already huge companies like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, but it appears that there is room for even more because this is where all of the marketing is starting to evolve from.

Fewer people have a need for television commercials these days because fewer people are watching traditional television programs. Social media is simply the best way for entrepreneurs to stay wired into potential customers. The reality of the social media game is that there is more online for people to see without actually utilizing any television.

Netflix is creating shows, and Amazon is doing the same thing as well. For some people it is not even worth your time to subscribe to cable because there are so many alternatives to cable television. This means that entrepreneurs have to find the alternative way to connect with potential customers. Social media has proven to be that platform for all of those that need that alternative method for acquiring customers.

The need for people to look outside of traditional marketing allows social media companies like Facebook and Snapchat to endeavor into other aspects of business. These are companies that can actually gain the attention of customers through marketing, but these companies can also provide things like news coverage as well.

It will allow people to get all of their information from a singular platform. There will not be a need to go anywhere else and engage in anything else. Everything can be done from a computer or smartphone. With this social media has also allowed entertainers to promote movies, albums and any other type of entertainment outlet to fans.

Facebook Stock Could Surge

Ever since the company was founded in 2005, Facebook has been one of the leading technology and social media companies in the world. While it started with modest roots, the company has grown substantially over the past decade and is now considered one of the most valuable companies in the world. The company has continued to impress investors as it has continued to increase revenue, find new users, and increase streams of income. Because of this, the Facebook stock has been among the best performing stocks on the open market (

While the Facebook stock has continued to surge over the past few years, some investment professionals think there is still a lot of potential for further gains. One of the main reasons for this is that the stock analysts suddenly do not have as high of expectations for growth. While this may not seem like a positive, the stock has continue to perform well even with reduced expectations. In a situation in which a Facebook continues to beat these expectations, there could be a substantial amount of value increase in the stock price.

One of the biggest dates coming up for Facebook is next Wednesday. On this date, the company will release their second-quarter earnings. For the past few quarters, Facebook has managed to greatly exceed the expectations set forth by investment managers. If they are able to do this again, there is a very good chance that the stock could see another sizable increase in share value. With a share price that is already nearly $165 per share, the chance for it to reach $200 per share by the end of the year suddenly seems reasonable. This is a great improvement for the company as just a few years ago it was struggling to stay above $50 per share and looks like it could be a bust after its IPO.

The New Social Media Business Platform

A number of people are going to take the social media to promote their businesses. This is something that has become the norm because the apps that were initially just used for building friendships and connecting with friends are now business oriented apps that are luring more people to companies that are utilizing Facebook and Twitter for marketing purposes.

Social media has always had the ability to be a part of the business world, but it was just a time-consuming process to sort out the ways that entrepreneurs could actually utilize it for
marketing. Some of the apps are still in a growth stage, and there is still no clear-cut way to bring for any real revenue from advertising. Twitter is one such app. It’s a very popular app, but it has not been easy for entrepreneurs to actually get a lot of things done in terms of marketing products. With Facebook, by contrast, there has been a lot more growth.

People have been a lot more inclined to connect with users through Facebook because this is the app that has made the process of advertising so much more convenient.
People are able to connect with their friends and actually find out what someone may be interested in based on the likes and interest of their other Facebook friends. Twitter has not been able to cross into this territory as well because most of these users for Twitter are simply expressing opinions. They are not building pages where they really discuss their favorite things. The business world is definitely changing for the better thanks to technology, and social media is going to be the driving force for people that are trying to keep up with real-time marketing process. Entrepreneurs can get instant results from people about certain products or services.