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Andrew Rolfe And Ubuntu Education Fund: An unconditional funding

Jacob Lief assists helpless kids in Cape Province in South Africa through the Ubuntu Education Fund, a charity he founded and works as the chief executive. He works with Andrew Rolfe as the Chairman of the organization. He realized that, even after raising a lot of money, the lives of the beneficiaries remained the same. This vanity necessitated a change in strategy.


He has declined grants with restrictions leading to a reduction in the organization’s budget. The organization now uses Andrew Rolfe’s “Ubuntu Model” to work with families and communities thereby achieving more. Most donors are not ready to give their donations without strings attached. Some donors dictate how their money should be spent.


Some donors boycott charities due to mismanagement as the late Peter Lewis once did. Participation of experienced donors in the management of a program may bring many benefits. According to Tarnside Consulting director, Patrick Boggon, the participation of donors makes them feel more involved in the organization and enhance their contribution.


Doug Wingo of Wingo NYC notes that priority differences between the donors and the charities may cause some tension. The use of funds by charities is dictated by the restrictions created by the donors. These restrictions hinder the flexibility that charities need for innovation.


Eric Kessler of Arabella Advisors says that if discussions between the two parties are held on time, conflict can be avoided. He notes that donors are not always the decision makers in charities. Additionally, many organizations are declining donations that don’t match their objectives.


Andrew Rolfe


Jacob Lief appointed Andrew Rolfe to the post of the Chairman of Ubuntu’s Board of Governors. In that capacity, he has been putting extra effort to enhance the living standards, health, and education needs of people in Cape Town, South Africa. He has helped Ubuntu to have a positive impact on its beneficiaries.


Andrew Rolfe is known around the world for his desire to help other people throughout his life and career. Many people admire his work, and he has been working harder to encourage them to follow his footsteps. At Ubuntu, they have been carrying out long-term projects that have the strongest impact on improving the living standards of Ubuntu Fund beneficiaries.


A breakthrough for Multiple Sclerosis Patients through Stem Cells Transplant

A new breakthrough in the health industry has revealed that there is hope for patients who have multiple sclerosis. The discovery suggests that the future of treating the disease lies in the human stem cells. It also indicated that the transplant of the person’s blood cells contributes largely to the remission of MS. By the use of high dose immune suppressive therapy and autologous hematopoietic cell transplant, the results have indicated no progression of the disease. The study got conducted on people, and after receiving treatment, 69 percent of the candidates reported having no further symptoms, relapse or brain lesions.

With the breakthrough, it is now evident that one single treatment using the stem cells is far much useful than the MS drugs. The trials got conducted on 24 patients of the age 26 to 52. As a result, 70 percent of the patients responded positively to the treatment. It is, therefore, a way to go for patients who are not responsive to conventional drugs.

Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta has a major in neurology and psychiatry. He graduated from The Government College in Nagpur. Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta brings 40 years of experience to the Kennedy University Hospital. Additionally, he has knowledge and expertise on matters psychiatric disorders, trauma, and epilepsy. On several occasions, an EEG test is performed on these patients to determine the electrical brain activity. Results from this test may indicate the presence or lack of brain tumors, sleeping disorders, epilepsy among others. Patients with these disorders seek help from private doctors and are advised to seek the services of a neurologist, among whom Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta is among, for better treatment.

Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta has a specialty in Myopathy, a muscle disease that comes as a result of their genetical lineage among other factors. The diagnosis can be conducted using electrocardiography. Today, he lives in residence at Boston Hill Hospital.

The benefits that clients get from learning about their social security-David Giertz

One of the scenarios that have become common in the society is seeing pensioners still working hard to make a living. This happens when people are unable to make the right moves and save for their future. One of the renowned investors and investment advisers has been spreading the information on the importance of people knowing about their social security benefits when they are still working. David Giertz states that through proper planning, it is possible to turn around situations and get better sunset years for these workers.

A few of the things that he feels should be known about investment is that the amount of benefits that one will get by the end of the day depends on their earnings when they were working on He states that there are people who make the mistake of underreporting their earnings with the intent to pay fewer taxes. However, the end result of such a situation is getting less when the time comes to start receiving social security benefits at

The other factor that is considered is the rate of inflation and other changes that have taken place in the economic realm. For instance, in case one was making earnings of $50000 in 1994, their benefits will be calculated with a rate of about $100000 to cater for the inflation that has taken place over the years. Giertz also states that there are things that people in the white collar jobs do not realize, including the fact that they are greatly favored by the system and they stand to gain more from the system. He feels that availing this information to the public will greatly improve their lives.

David Giertz
Giertz is the Senior Vice President and one of the main advisors of the Nationwide Investment Services Corporation. He operates from his offices in Columbus, Ohio. He has decades of experience in investment banking and is well respected for it.

Avaaz Is Committed To Advocate for Human and Animal Rights

Avaaz’s new Community platform handles petitions and motivates thousands of its members to begin and win campaigns, at the neighborhood, national, and universal levels. With 30 million individuals, Avaaz is an association with aspirations to save every one of us through innovation. Avaaz’s sudden growth is only one factor of what makes it completely not at all like customary foundations or campaigning associations. Everybody is all over and everybody is moving constantly. The association has staff in 30 to 40 nations. Avaaz is both worldwide and globalized and in the event that it starts a campaign, it tosses its assets at it and a lump of its $12m spending plan a year, all given from people and there’s a reasonable shot to make the impact.
Before launching Avaaz, the founder of the organization Mr Patel had operated in war-torn nations, for example, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Liberia, and Sudan and operated with the International Crisis Group, including the US political activity group, MoveOn. Avaaz’s general needs are set through surveys of its 13 million individuals, while ideas of campaign are surveyed and polled week after week through 10,000 samples from members, before being displayed to the broad community.
Avaaz says it is accountable and independent in light of the fact that since 2009 it has been entirely been member-financed. A start-up finances, raised from different establishments allegedly they had already secured Avaaz’s staff compensations, campaign costs and office rental. The group utilizes a wide assortment of strategies in its campaigns, incorporating grouping petitions with thousands or even millions of signatures – organizing phone-ins, demonstrations, advertising and fundraising. The organization says that its achievements range from maintaining the EU prohibition on GM items, circumventing the ban of Burmese government on world help following Cyclone Nargis by storing $2m (£1.25m) to help in relief functions planned by monks.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter.


Orthopedic surgery is performed on skeletons and muscles of the human body. Surgeons sometimes also use nonsurgical ways to handle orthopedic issues. Out of all the orthopedic procedures available, there are some that seem familiar, they include;


The complete replacement of the shoulder


This process helps individuals’ getter better after o period. This is despite it sounding painful. There is a complete reduction of pain in the joints that they use regularly that includes the shoulder. The surgeons either use metal or plastic to replace damaged bones and cartilages.


Spinal cord surgery


Most people seek help for their spines due to back pains that are an obstacle to their lives going smooth. After the surgery, the pain is drastically reduced; the rate of activity increases and the overall productivity of that person improve. Spine fusion happens to be the most common surgery done. Spinal bones called vertebrae are joined and prevent the movement between bones and stop the stretching of the nerves.


Entire replacement of the joints


The patients who undergo this type of surgery are the ones that previously had arthritis. Surgeons do a thorough analysis to the damaged joints which sometimes are located deep inside the body. The normal functions of the knee are restored by replacing the broken joints with either metal or plastic.


Dr. Gregory Finch


Dr. Greg Finch practiced for two years with well-known surgeons in the US, the UK, and Germany. This was after he got his FRANCS (Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons). This is a prestigious attainment given to the doctors that have undergone some rigorous training for several years focusing on spine surgery.


Dr. Greg Finch currently works at the Sunshine Coast Hospital Health Service besides working at the Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (SMISS) a spine community in North America. Dr. Greg Finch mainly deals with Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery and the replacing the discs.


Social Media Engagement Is What Makes Businesses Want To Use The Sites

Social media is not just a place for individuals but also for the businesses that so many of us enjoy and benefit from. Those businesses go on social media in order to find a broader audience for its products and try to encourage us to check them out. They may also have a little fun on their profiles in order to encourage greater engagement.


Business Insider detailed some of the statistics about social media in a recent article. They talk about not just the raw numbers of how many people are using the various websites but also the fact that so much Internet time in general is used on social media. As it turns out, about 20% of all Internet time spent by Americans goes to social media these days, 14% of that is Facebook alone.


Obviously, if we are all spending that much time on social media we must really care about what is happening there. It is also a big amount of time that is used in a given day and therefore a place where companies need to be spending some time as well.


Engagement is the most common on some social media websites and not as common on others. Facebook remains the king of both the number of users as well as the engagement of those users. Snapchat does not have as many users as some other social media websites, but it turns out that the engagement levels on Snapchat are very high as well.


The way that a social media site works over time changes. People are posting fewer statuses on Facebook these days, but they are consuming more news and videos than they ever were in the past. Companies have to be aware of these changes and try to adapt to them as best as possible for the best results. They can make gains in user engagement if they just work with the way that people are using the site. If they are to make a move on Facebook these days it should probably be more video or news related.


These are the types of things that are shaping the corporate social media landscape today. What tomorrow brings is up to the social media users both individuals and corporate accounts.


Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Dye For Playful Styles

Remember when you were a kid and there was that one toy that you just loved, because of its shiny vibrant hair? Maybe it was your Cabbage Patch doll, or a Barbie. Maybe that toy was a plastic pony with wings, or a much-loved unicorn. Was the hair pink? Blonde? Bright purple? Did you braid it, cut it, or put too many miniature rubber-bands in it?


What happened to those days? A new trend in the beauty world is, fortunately, bringing them back in all of their innocent, playful luster. Just check out Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Dye colors and you will see what I mean. Waves of nostalgia for bright Lisa Frank binders and stickers swell up but quickly fade and give way to pure, kid-like excitement. “Strawberry Jam” (yes, just what it sounds like), vibrant pink ”Pony” and for perhaps the more aquatic among us, deep green “Dirty Mermaid” are several examples of the Unicorn-inspired colors.


Unicorn Hair Dye has been three years in the making by adorable purple-haired CEO of Lime Crime, Doe Deere. It is professional grade conditioning hair dye that is specifically designed to fade gracefully over time. Can’t wait to try it out? Here’s what you need to know. For the best results, the company recommends that you start with hair that is already lightened to a blonde. If you’ve got dark locks, and aren’t ready (or don’t know how to) lighten your hair first, you can start out by trying some of the more full coverage shades, like “Gargoyle” or “Blue Smoke”. This will show up as a tint. How awesomely non-committal is that? Because, as this trend affirms, we’ve all got an inner kid and sometimes kids really stink at making choices. So try them all! Start out with a tint and if you love it (and I bet you will) move on to lightening your hair and upping the ante. Bunny, anyone?


The Price is Right Kicks Off Socially Awesome Week

Most everyone knows how long the Price is Right has been on the air. If you aren’t aware, the Price is Right is very popular in America. As a matter of fact, the Price is Right is the longest-running television game show in existence. Eventually, every television show needs to change up a tired formula. Throughout this week, the Price is Right will be featuring personalities from the world of social media. This specially themed week will be known as Socially Awesome Week.


The producers of the Price is Right have previously stated that they love social media. This special week of the long-running game show will also feature social media related games and prizes. You might even find a few social media superstars appearing in the showcase presentations. People from all aspects of social media will be appearing on this Socially Awesome Week of the Price is Right. One cool feature is Thursday’s episode will be a direct recreation of a set from the year 1983. It remains to be seen if the Price is Right host Drew Carey will be dressing up this week.


Monday’s episode featured notable social media personality, Jake Paul. Paul was featured in the prize presentation and did a great job. In addition, Paul was even allowed to post from official social media accounts of the Price is Right. Viewers will need to tune in throughout the rest of the week to find out which other social media stars will make an appearance. If the future episodes were anything like today, expect to have a great hour of fun every day.


One reason for this specially themed Socially Awesome Week was that producers want their show to stay current. I don’t know how much more popular this week will make the Price is Right. However, it is always cool to see producers willing to try different ideas. Adding big names from the world of social media on this show is a big move. Social media has established itself as a popular aspect of prominence in the modern world.


Does WEN Cleansing Conditioner Really Work?

Emily McClure was fed up with her limp and dull hair when she finally picked up a bottle of WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner from Amazon. For years, Emily had spent money on hair products that promised to give her strands volume and shine. Unfortunately, these products never lived up to their promises. However, Wen hair Cleansing Conditioner was different.

Because of the ingredients used by commercial hair care brands, most hair care products will never live up to their promises. Hair care brands are notorious for using high amounts of ingredients like sulfates that strip hair of its natural oils and synthetic fragrances that dry out the skin on the scalp. As a result of using these products, hair will become more and more damaged over time.

However, WEN Cleansing Conditioner contains none of these harsh ingredients. Instead, the product is full of nutrient-rich botanical extracts that gently clean hair while restoring its moisture, shine and overall health.

Emily decided to see if WEN Cleansing Conditioner could really live up to its promises by testing it out daily for one week. To track the progress of her hair, she kept a diary that can be found on

On the first day, Emily applied WEN Cleansing Conditioner according to the instructions on the back of the bottle. She didn’t expect much to change after only one application. However, to her surprise, her hair was noticeably fuller and softer once it had dried.

Encouraged, Emily continued to use the product daily. After each application, the condition of her hair improved dramatically. Finally, Emily had achieved the volume and shine she had never thought was possible.

After one full week of using WEN Cleansing Conditioner daily, Emily’s hair was completely transformed. Thanks to the product’s natural, plant-based formula, damaged hair can finally be healthy once again. Wen products are available online on and on local Sephora stores.

You Need To Quit Social Media For The Sake Of Your Career

It may sound a little dramatic in today’s world to quit social media for the sake of your career, but that is exactly what some people are stepping up to do. They decide that it is better that they give up the tweeting in order to focus in better on the work that the are doing.


The idea of quitting social media runs in the face of common wisdom in today’s world says Cal Newport of the New York Times. Despite this feeling by many in the public, there may actually be a lot of value to putting down the smartphone and focusing on what you are supposed to be doing.


A lot of those who advocate for social media as part of your career say that it is a great way to get your ideas out there. That could be true, but it is far from the only way to do this. They also say that new and original ideas can spring up from social media. Once again this is true, but it is not the whole story.


The problem with social media is how much of one’s attention it demands. Every retweet, favorite, message, or other interaction on social media cries out to be responded to. It is very difficult to ignore these notifications, and many of us put aside other things that we are working on in order to pay attention to that ever present social media feed. Instead of using it as a tool, we start to surrender much of our time and creative spirit to these websites.


While many of us talk about the power of social media to generate new ideas or career opportunities, we often ignore the fact that we don’t always use it this way. If we were perfectly rational and effective users of social media then it might be a great source for good in our careers, but that is simply not often the case. We use it for looking at funny statuses and pictures of our friends and family. We can dilute ourselves into thinking we will only use it for work, but if we are honest with ourselves we know that is not the case.