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Using Social Media for Business

In the past few years, social media has become an important tool for many businesses especially concerning marketing. With social media, it’s possible to answer customer’s questions and ensure that they remain happy. At the same time, social media acts as a platform where customers can express their satisfaction and dissatisfaction. This is the reason why a business should be active on social media accounts to address these issues. A recent article by revealed some ways that businesses can use to engage social media followers.


Use listening rooms

Social media has become an important part of the business world such that it has been integrated into school curriculum. Universities and colleges are now teaching how social media can be used to market a business. A good example of a university teaching such course is the University of Georgia. To ensure that a business is aware of trending issues, it should open up listening rooms and forums. A good example of a company using a war room is the Coca-Cola and uses these rooms to acknowledge complaints and address them thoroughly.


Join all media accounts into one platform

There are platforms being sold in the market that allow you to integrate all accounts into one. This means that you can address Facebook issues together with Instagram and Twitter issues. Not only does this make things easier but it ensures that nothing goes unnoticed. A good example of such a platform is the Google Alerts. Also, make it your habit to monitor your followers to know what they are up to.


Lime Crime’s Doe Deere

Doe Deere, the founder of the hot cosmetic brand Lime Crime, has recently given an interview speaking about her successes and how she made her dream become a reality. Deere tells Guest of a Guest that she moved to the United States of America when she was 17 years old, as she was born and grew up in Russia. As a child, Doe Deere expressed her intense passion for wanting to be a musician, so she did just that when arriving in the United States, specifically New York City. Throughout Doe Deere’s musical experience, she learned important skills such as entrepreneurship and the fundamentals of business. Applying these learned skills to her passion for makeup, Doe Deere became an entrepreneur herself.

Lime Crime is also run by Doe Deere’s husband, as she reports that he and she learned to work well together when they were both in the same band earlier in their lives. As for making her creative business successful, Doe contributes the company’s accomplishments to her strong ambition. She also communicated that young women with this same ambition should channel their energy and time towards making their own dreams come true. “Go where you love,” is one of Doe Deere’s favorite things to tell herself, and she wishes to spread this message to other determined women who want to love the life they live. Doe Deere also reported that she believes each person has a skill that is unique and able to better the world we live in, and she wishes for people to recognize and utilize that skill, regardless of if that talent might be different or out of the typical social norm.

Doe Deere herself loves many things that are atypical from the social norm, as her company is known for their bright and colorful aesthetic. As she calls herself the “Queen of Unicorns,” while sporting bright and colorful hair, Doe Deere proudly proclaimed that she could rarely find the bright, funky colors that she was looking for in cosmetics; this sparked her attention, and she decided to make her own! Many women must have been searching for the innovative cosmetics shades that Doe Deere had created, because her business sales soared. With passion and determination, Doe Deere made her ultimate, colorful dream come true. Doe Deere is a shining example of how our unique interests and talents can be appreciated by others and spark inspiration.

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Pinterest Acquires Twitter Cofounder’s Social Media Flop, Jelly

During this past week, Pinterest announced that they acquired Jelly Industries. This is one of the most prominent question-to-answer mobile application. Biz Stone is the co-founder of Twitter. According to Pinterest, this move will propel them to greater heights of success through recommendation and visual charge technology.


Biz Stone is the Chief Executive Officer of Jelly. For him, business is what defines success and failure in life, for this reason, he has worked to achieve the best through business and stability. Eva Sharp is the CEO and Founder of Pinterest. Together, the two will unite and provide the most brutal force for good and profitability in the social media platforms. Ben Frankel, CTO of Jelly, is also expected to become part of the common force for good.


Jelly also said that it would benefit from Pinterest due to their advancement in search technology and artificial intelligence. For this reason, they will be paired with professionals who will answer all the client questions. According to Biz, he founded Jelly with the main aim of developing a human-powered search engine. Jelly has, therefore, been designed to help all their users search most of their questions with sound and visual effects. However, this application was not adopted on a massive scale by users.


According to the Pinterest spokesperson, Jelly lacked enough technology to provide the most sophisticated services to their clients. However, their unity with Pinterest will offer the best way to achieve better business through capacity development. The company has helped numerous people around the world build their future.

Yik-Yak Is Finished, Basically Ending Anonymous Social Media

Recently, the anonymous social network called Yik Yak announced it was shutting down.

The announcement was made by Yik Yak’s original founders, Tyler Droll and Brooks Buffington. The fast rise and precipitous fall of Yik Yak is an instructive story in just how difficult the social media business can truly be.


Yik Yak represented a bold experiment in social media. As they tried to build a new kind of social media audience, the developers of Yik Yak exemplified originality and a sense of purpose. Despite their best efforts, these stalwart professionals were not able to succeed in making Yik Yak commercially viable for the long term. This is one more demonstration of the fact that the business of social media is all too often unforgiving. I hope that the designers behind Yik Yak are able to succeed in whatever new jobs they ultimately find. Without doubt, people of this caliber offer a lot for the global economy.


When social media first became a big part of the modern economy, many people assumed that this type of online activity was a passing fad. As subsequent events demonstrated, this couldn’t have been further from the truth. The business of social media is creating wealth for thousands of entrepreneurs with vision and dedication. When it comes to social media apps, you can’t expect to succeed without great business skills. The people who ran Yik Yak need to hone their business skills if they hope to succeed in the future. Only time will tell if another social network will successfully monetize anonymous online socializing.

Social Media Matters in Marketing for More Reasons Than You Think

If you have an idea of modern marketing, then social media is the best way to market your products and brand. This is the first time in the history of the world when people get interconnected like a global village. For this reason, people have an increased capability to communicate in a matter of seconds.


Social media can also be a career if you have an audience. You can create more impression if you are an influencer in social media. For the branded programming, media outlets do more business than creating a better business capability in a manner that is not depicted in the industry. More than 80 percent of millennials have a thing for social media marketing development. People also trust the endorsements and influencers more than their endorsements.


For effective social media marketing, you must have an active account. In reality, people engage in marketing all their businesses in a manner that is not depicted in the industry. For this reason, they end up working to attain better business through animated market research. Most media outlets manage their social media accounts or hire professionals to manage these accounts. For the sake of social media, diverse careers have risen to attain better business capabilities in a manner that is not paralleled din the industry. As social media continues to evolve, more people will be inclined towards the creation of productive businesses.


Even if you are on social media with the main reason of marketing, you may not be getting the best results through that platform.



10 Secrets to Instagram Millions

The first step to success is always setting a clear goal in business. For this reason, you can engage in marketing your goal to have the best attention in social media. If you are not dedicated to companies and strategies, you cannot have a clear goal. Some of the top social media profiles started by the desire to be famous. For those who are the top followers of the high-end media profiles, they have seen them succeed at what they do and much more.


Let’s look at some of the top tips that have been followed by the top media entities. For this reason, you can emulate to have your profile elevated in Instagram and other social media platforms.


  1. Recognize an opportunity

Social media started by accident. For this reason, you must see what makes you better in business and capabilities. Some people start social media through doing simple photographs that get an adoption on a massive scale. This is because they chose to post what people want to see. Moreover, concentrate on what will make them happy.


  1. Work by Planning

For some, they have always concentrated in hiring the most experienced people in their social media circle. Some travel to far places to seek the best photographer services. Ensure you are at the best place.


  1. Learn for other people

You can use this point to enrich your potential. If other people follow others to be followed, you can also do that to get more followers. This is the best way to achieve success.



Entrepreneurs, Beware This Terrible Way of Networking on Social Media

A new trend is on the watch out in all social media platforms. You might get a friend request from someone you have no idea about your business. In the end, you realize that that person is connected to other people who might be interested in your products and services. Shortly after sending you a friend request, they tell you what they want through a short message or email.


Every day you will get these friend requests as an entrepreneur. The first thing they want is to have you write them a list of what you do or offer in the business platform. They also want to know more information about your company or business. In short, they want to book a consultation or speaking gigs. In the end, they only want to know what can benefit them. They want to get it right in the end. When it comes to networking, you must understand some things.


Lead with Value

For you to be a better leader, you must focus on what you want. Networking is right for those who seek to benefit from you. If they see no value in you, they will throw you up. For you to make good use of your time, ensure you have a wide range or articles or links to your website that you will send them to have their questions answered. You must not engage in taking phone calls from them before sending them a link of what can answer their questions. After that, you can engage in calls.

Laws of Social Media Marketing

Leveraging the power of social media marketing and the power of content can offer the necessary assistance to help you have your business elevated towards achieving the optimum customer base and audience base in a dramatic manner. However, it can be very daunting to start this survey without the necessary experience.


For you to succeed, you must first understand the necessities in social media marketing. You must also strive to increase your online entry points and maximizing quality. Moreover, you will have your customers served by building these foundations. You and your brand will benefit greatly through social media marketing.


  1. The Law of Listening

Success with content marketing and social media requires less speaking and more listening. Your online content will be read and listened to by the awareness capability. You must also join brand discussions and attain their insight. Be sure to know what people thing about you and your business.


  1. The Focus Law

For you to succeed, you must specialize in few products. For this reason, clients will ascertain that your business is ideal. A highly-focused content marketing and social media strategy to develop the most sophisticated brand.


  1. The Quality Law

It’s better to have quality than quantity. Most people prefer quality to quantity. It is better to have more than 1,000 online connections that talk and share your content. Ensure you also connect to all those who disappear after connecting with you for the first time. Business in Social Media is also a great benefit to most.

LinkedIn Rolls Out Matched Audiences

LinkedIn has introduced numerous sets of capabilities in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. For this reason, you will get a unique capability to unite the power of profession in LinkedIn with the information provided in the platform. While you are equipped with the most impending audience, members will also engage in audiences, prospects, and key accounts. For this reason, it will offer the best solution to your business and capacities. Some of these LinkedIn capabilities include Contact Targeting that allows you to engage in numerous prospects on your list.


The next best strategy developed by LinkedIn was the Website Targeting that allows you to market your businesses in online campaigns. They have also reached the ultimate way to make decisions through the Account Targeting capability by LinkedIn. Facebook has also developed numerous wording that allows you to experience their ultimate capability in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. The company is also claiming ads that are targeted towards the adoption of marketing strategies in the business. The company is also working towards gaining better business through channeling the money gained from the adverts in the social media platform.


In addition to the rightful manner of claiming the revenue generated from special ads in social media, content owners will also set the rules to infringe uploads and views through their ads. Matched views can also be allowed by the content owners concerning their business revenue. These updates will be rolled down to the management team at LinkedIn.



Twitter Fixes Advertising Measurement Reports

Twitter can be dubbed an embattled social media enterprise. Although untold millions of people use Twitter daily and the company has pulled in over $500 million in revenue over the course of its last quarter, Twitter has not exactly established itself as the most stable of social media companies.


Twitter has not exactly been able to impress advertisers. The huge revenues garnered by the company do not automatically indicate major success. Twitter most pay out millions of dollars in overhead and operational costs to stay in business.


To address various fiscal concerns, Twitter is seriously trying to impress and woo advertisers.


Twitter is now instituting a new data and metrics systems in order to provide better measurements to advertisers. This way, advertisers can better figure out whether or not their Twitter advertising is capable of bringing forth the results and sales desired.


Advertisers who are legitimately concerned about the accuracy of conversion and metric stats are not likely to invest more funds. If advertisers are not advertising to the maximum degree at the maximum amount of money, an advertiser-supported endeavor ends up faltering. Twitter understands this. That is why the social media company is taking clear steps to address concerns and build confidence in advertisers.


Why didn’t Twitter do this a long time ago? No one really knows why Twitter did not institute reliable measurement systems. The fact that Twitter took so long to do so reveals a lot about why the company has been plagued with problems. Hopefully, Twitter learned the error of its ways and will be making adjustments.