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Trump Demand NBC News Report Fake News

On Saturday, April 1, 2017, President Donald Trump returned to the social media platform Twitter to yet again publicly blast a news media outlet for reporting real news over fake news. This time, NBC News was given the president’s full attention with an 8:43 a.m. tweet where he asked why one of the nation’s news sources was so focused on the recent story about ties between the Trump Administration and Russia instead of his story about the Obama Administration wiretapping Trump Tower. Twitter users were quick to point out that this tweet proves that the the president still believes, or at least wants others to believe, a tall tale that FBI Director James Comey confirmed recently is not in any way true: The Obama Administration was not found to be actively wiretapping Trump Tower.


From a business perspective, tweets like these can have a huge impact on the people and companies involved, but not perhaps in the way that Trump hopes. For example, Trump has repeatedly tried to say that “The New York Times” was losing subscribers for spreading fake news. These statements are also untrue. The NYT claims that Trump’s repeated talking about the newspaper resulted in an uptick in subscribers. Experts believe that NBC News will receive similar benefits in the form of more viewers and higher ratings. In light of recent revelations about the Trump Administration’s ties to Russia and confirmation of those revelations by trusted intelligence analysts, Trump’s tweets actually reinforce in the minds of many people the news outlets are trying to get to the truth and the pass it to the public.


That said, one expert, Clint Watts, pointed out to the Senate Intelligence Committee this past week that uninformed Trump followers might believe what he called “Russian active measures” performed perhaps unintentionally by President Trump. The Russian government has historically tried to destabilize Western governments. In business and politics, fake news can do this in different ways. For example, if Trump tweets negatively about a specific company or person, his supporters might pull their business interests away from that company or individual.


Igor Cornelsen Stresses the Importance of Alternative Forms Of Income

Alternative forms of income such as passive income are often overlooked by people. One thing that a lot of people including Igor Cornelsen have noticed is that there are very few people who are well off while the majority of people are struggling in different ways. One of the reasons behind this is that a lot of people have a narrow view of what they can do to achieve goals. Fortunately, Igor can open the eyes of people to different possibilities when it comes to their career success. One of the ways people start to take major steps to success is by thinking beyond what they have been told about.


One of the advantages of thinking outside of the box is that it allows people to come up with creative solutions to their problems. For one thing, they will have a little less pressure than they would have without the extra income opportunity. One thing that they know is that they have something to fall back on which will make them some extra money. However, it does take time to build it up to where it can bring forth significant income that competes with the full time job. It also helps people make their ends meet.


There are plenty of other advantages to passive income that Igor Cornelsen has experienced. One of the advantages is that the person with the passive form of income has the option of working at anytime. He could take time off and not worry about the income coming to a stop. This is one of the major advantages of passive income. As a matter of fact, given that jobs are no longer secure, it is important to have more than one source of income to live off of. This can help people breathe and look for other things they can do.

Concessions in Brazil – Felipe Montoro Jens Discusses

Mr Felipe Montoro Jens is among the largest investors in Brazil. He is also a businessman and an expert in infrastructure projects. He has been a part of the corporate world for about twenty years and has amassed a lot of experience.


Currently, Mr Felipe Montoro Jens is an integral part of the Energipar Captação S. A. He is at the position of the chief executive officer which allows him to demonstrate his skills a leader. Mr Felipe Montoro Jens works as chairman for Concessionária do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal S. A.


Recently, an announcement was made by the government of Brazil which was about concession. The connections will be established through National Bank of Economics and Social development – both are partners of the government. Mr Edison Carlos and Mr Felipe Montoro Jens has a discussion on the topic. Mr Edison Carlos is the President of Trata Brasil, and Mr Felipe Montoro Jens spoke from his position as an infrastructure expert. The most important points that Mr Felipe Montoro Jens wanted to discuss were water waste and the needs and requirements of the citizens of Brazil.


Mr Edison Carlos talked about the improvements these concessions would prompt to happen. In terms of structure and management of the resource, concessions would make companies more mindful of their usage of water which would lead to them making improvements upon their resource management. Mr Edison Carlos said additionally that businesses and the public had been good partners for a long time in Brazil. Together the public and the corporate sector have been responsible for most of the Brazil’s basic sanitization going up to 90%.


Mr Felipe Montoro Jens talked about a significant amount of water waste in some of the sectors which have inevitably led to a loss of resources as well. Mr Edison Carlos assured that BNBES would be developing action plans that are customised according to the needs of each area. That way, the National Bank of Economics will be able to adapt.

Amazon Debuts New Program for Social Media Influencers

The Amazon Influencer Program has arrived and it could become the next wave in social media income generation. The Amazon Affiliate program has long been used by bloggers and website publishers to generate additional income by facilitating the sale of products on Amazon’s retail site. The internet has changed quite a bit over the past few years as social media is becoming the primary hub for information and interactions. Video sharing sites such as Instagram and YouTube further boost the profiles of people who become celebrities on the internet.


In addition to joining the ranks of celebrityhood, online personalities may become “social media influencers“. Such persons have some sway with their followers. An Instagram or YouTube fitness star likely has a lot of credibility with his or her followers. Few would care about what such a person has to say if he/she did not impart faith in followers.


Would not this fitness star be the perfect person to push and promote fitness products on Amazon?


Amazon sees the potential in all the many social media influencers known for their strong following. Home improvement, beauty, fashion, outdoor life, sporting goods, and more are all popular topics on social media. Numerous personalities discuss these topics on social media every day. Again, Amazon sees all this.


The new Amazon Influencer Program is currently in the Beta testing phase. A larger rollout is sure to occur once the testing is completed and all bugs are worked out. Amazon certainly won’t release the program on a large scale until the endeavor has the greatest chance for success. Amazon surely won’t appreciate bad reports that would diminish interest in signing up for the program. This is why Beta testing exists.


As social media continues to expand the ability for the “average person” to become a celebrity, more and more strategies to monetize an online presence are going to emerge. News of this nature should be met with a lot of praise and enthusiasm. Anything that allows those who truly have something to entertaining or informative to offer on social media should be able to reap the rewards of their talents.



Development Techniques of Investment with Igor Cornelsen

Investment is something which takes time for one to be able to carry out all the process of investing. Being committed and desire is the requirement needed when one wants to invest. The greatest sectors of investment are a foreign exchange and merchandise. Investment is important also to those who have retired because it is an extensive technique you will be able to have your money. Furthermore a lot of adequate expertise is needed when an individual start decides to invest because there are challenges that may lead to losing money. Investment is a significant influence in business and also in life.


Igor Cornelsen is a professional retired investment banker who assisted a lot of organization and people in the investing industry. He is located in Brazil and is well recognized leading investment bankers. He commits his time in helping those upcoming investors through directing them on the accurate way to investing. He as well is the manager at Brainbridge Inc Inv, whereby it is the largest banking company, he has helped the company develop rapidly because of the expertise and skills. Igor Cornelsen also shares his knowledge with other investors through encouraging them to collect enough savings in order handle investment well.


Bainbridge began because Igor had his main goals to achieve including coaching young investors the importance of a business, making a better plan and supervising the encounters of the business industry and also the other main agenda is to making sure that the young entrepreneurs who are educated on the investing in business must accomplish their goals. Lastly with the companies better techniques of investment they ensure that individual learn about them to use for their own benefit and succeed.


In the United States he displays his investment knowledge through assisting many organizations on how to deal with the investment industry. Mostly he always tells people to always concentrate on damaged stocks these is because they are sold at a lower price and they can create more profit. he always put his client’s priority first because it creates better bonding with clients and always makes them come back for more services.


Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Color: The Colors That Will Untame Your Mane

For people that love unicorns and would love to be like them, Lime Crime has created some hair colors for them to get them a step closer to being a unicorn. It is a series of unicorn hair dyes that come in thirteen colors and they are more creative and unique than anyone could think of. During the three-year process of creating these hair colors, they found a way to make them from vegan ingredients, give each color a creative name, and leave out the ammonia and bleach. The great assortment of colors includes gargoyle, sext, bunny, pony, dirty mermaid, chocolate cherry, strawberry jam, anime, blue smoke, neon peach, leeloo, salad, and jello. The leeloo is a tribute to Milla Jovovich’s character and her punchy hair in The Fifth Element. A person gets a jar of one individual hair color for sixteen dollars. There is a lot more benefits of Unicorn Hair Color.


Not only do these hair colors help a person look like a unicorn, it is hyper performance, is of professional quality, is a good enough for a pro and easy enough for a person that is new to hair color. Since these hair colors are only semi-permanent, it is not difficult for a person to be able to try out all of the colors. Doe Deere, the CEO of Lime Crime created these hair colors when she wanted to make a hair dye that she would wear one that is vibrant, lasts for a long time, and fades gracefully. There are also full coverage and tinted formulas.


Another benefit is that these hair colors offer the full coverage and tint formulas. Full coverage is designed to add rich and deep pigment to strands of hair. The tinted formula ought to be used to create a pastel glaze on platinum blonds. Lime Crime does recommend that people use these hair colors on medium blond or lighter colors. Just like all semi-permanent rainbow, how long the color stays in depends on how a person cares for their hair. If a person is really careful, it will last for up to six weeks. Along with all of these excellent benefits, these beautiful unicorn hair colors will help people that use it to untame their mane.

Twitter’s New Business Feature Boosts Customer Service

Twitter has announced a new change in the way the social media platform will work. Those using Twitter for business will be thrilled with an intriguing new feature that integrates location sharing with direct messaging. The idea at work here is customer service can improve dramatically when all these unique features are added into the mix.


The new feature is one of several that target business users. Clearly, Twitter feels the future for its success is boosting the social media site’s value to those involved in commercial enterprises.


It is not exactly a military secret that Twitter has suffered a loss in market share and a drop in popularity. Despite some very high-profile Twitter members, the social media site does not seem to click with the average social media user. Twitter’s brevity makes it great for getting quick messages out there. Likely, the best persons to take advantage of these messages are people in business or in the public eye.


What is amazing here is how long it took Twitter to come to such a realization. Management surely had seen how public figures, celebrities, and entrepreneurs are extremely active on Twitter while people with personal accounts seem to gravitate more towards Facebook.


Adding new features for business is a step in the right direction for Twitter. The pick a location feature may draw in a number of businesses that might not have been so active on Twitter before. The concept is simple and, honestly, not one that is completely original.


A business representative can ask a customer who he/she is conversing with on direct messenger to reveal his/her specific location. Upon providing this information, location-specific information is then provided to the customer. For example, a retail chain could quickly provide information about the store nearest to the customer. Simple information of this nature is always appreciated by customers. Various businesses can use this feature to various beneficial ends. And both the business and the customer should benefit.


Twitter might not live up to its original potential as a social media company, but various new moves performed by Twitter are sure to help improve its fortunes.


Marketing Using Social Media Platforms

Social media is used by millions of people every single day. It’s no wonder that a lot of business owners are seeing the true potential in social media when it comes to their marketing and advertising endeavors. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter allow business owners to open a campaign that targets a certain demographic specific to the product’s potential. For instance, if the company is launching a new line of makeup, it’ll be targeted to women and teen girls.


These campaigns are great for getting thousands of people interested in your brand and selling products like hot cakes. However, they can be quite expensive and burdensome to many people’s budgets. With a typical Facebook campaign, you should expect to pay a few thousand dollars just to reach an audience of about 10,000 to 20,000. You will need to contact Facebook if you’re interested in running a campaign and they can answer any questions that you might have.


Apart from launching a campaign, there are many other ways to market your business using social media sites. For example, you’ll want to bring in a crowd by commenting on other people’s posts and letting people know what you’re offering. Respond to visitors’ messages right away to prevent you from looking as though you have bad customer support. Keep your page as updated as possible and provide reasonable information to those who need it. An example of this would be a store with their own Facebook page and the owner posting the store’s hours so that clients know when they’re open.


In a time when most people use social media to look things up, it’s crucial that business owners have their own pages. For one, it’s free to set up a page for your company and it will only take a few minutes of your time. Along with setting up a page, responding to posts and updating the page is totally free. Facebook does charge a fee for your page to rank higher on search engine results than others, but this is totally optional and does not need to be done in order for your page to be a success.


Pinterest Wants To Revolutionize Digital Marketing

Since 2017, Pinterest has announced new innovative tools, such as its virtual reality reader “Lens”, which analyzes objects in real time just by observing them, and then linking to websites. Now, the company has officially launched “Propel”, a tool to advertise new brands.

Propel is a personalized support program of advertising experts that help brands create smart budgets for digital marketing. They also offer advice to create effective campaigns, get more customers, traffic analysis , among others. The marketing agencies that have used Propel claim that ads receive 3 times more clicks with the new tool.

Pinterest’s logistics program is designed for brands and marketing agencies in the United States and Canada, so that in addition to creating a marketing plan, they are announced at Pinterest. The support consists of 30 days of individual telephone assistance by social networking experts, as well as custom pins, in-house marketing, as well as a guide to ideas and best practices in the marketing industry.

Likewise, Pinterest wants to give personalized advice to three clients per agency. According to the company, its Pinterest Ads Manager area had a 60 percent increase in results with ads.

Weeks before launching, Propel was launched in test mode and yielded some results, as companies that use the tool already have 3 times more clicks and a 38 percent decrease in their CPCs. Among the agencies and brands that note this success include: Agency Within, Beachbody, Chocolate Ghirardelli, Farm Fresh To You, McBeard, ROI Revolution, Resolute and Juice and Too Faced Cosmetics.

Such tools could increase brand value, as Pinterest is currently valued at 11 billion dollars when the company didn’t make any previous announcements for new features, according to 2016 figures. With this change of direction, in addition to its classic red pins, Pinterest might experience faster growth over the next months.

Ubuntu Fund and Andrew Rolfe’s Involvement

Unlike other charity funds that have been set up for public use, Ubuntu Fund strives to make a significant impact in the lives of children in a more innovative way. This is one of the unique structures of this funding since its primary purpose is to make a direct impact, especially in the lives of the children that’s most vulnerable to undue hardships. Utilizing platforms like the World Economic Forum annual gatherings, Andrew Rolfe and the organization works with donors utilizing a unique Unbuntu model.

The Ubuntu model is designed to achieve its goals and objectives through the use of others that donate small and large sums of money to families and communities in need. Therefore, when Andrew Rolfe, chairman on the board of directors of Unbuntu Fund organizes their initiatives, it is important that they work with each donor early on before contributions are being made. Thereby, establishing a favorable match of donations that will give Ubuntu the freedom to use the money in a manner that will best suit and support the children in need.

By using the Model that Andrew Rolfe and others on the board have established in advance, it gives the organization what they need to create individual plans for each child that enters into their program. These programs help to facilitate a comprehensive plan that addresses a wide spectrum of issues and concerns including their health, education and a stable way of escaping poverty. Meaning the Ubuntu Fund goes beyond the traditional charity standards by making the maximum impact that they can in the communities that they support.

Ubuntu Fund and its board of directors like Andrew Rolfe are currently implementing a solid model that has been designed to directly impact the needs of children in communities that need the help. To make sure the organization can operate in a manner that will best support the needs of those who are in their programs, one of the first things that they do is meet with donors to ensure they have the best fit and donation plan in advance. Thereby, giving the organization the freedom to ensure each child that receives the organization’s donations will have an optimum chance of escaping poverty.