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Yanni Hufnagel: Chutzpah and Salesmanship

Yanni Hufnagel is a 30-year-old successful Jewish man. He’s an assistant basketball coach at Harvard, where the team’s record is 79-24 in his four years and won the Ivy League, for the first time, last year.
According to the Jewish Coaches Association, about 30 Division I coaches are in its ranks. Hufnagel is one of the most promising.
Hufnagel couldn’t make the high school team, so he called games for public-access television.
Hufnagel’s path to coaching began as a basketball manager at Cornell for one season and continued with an internship with the New Jersey Nets, where his job included laundry pickup. After graduation, Hufnagel’s Nets colleague Ryan Kreuger connected Hufnagel with Jeff Capel, Oklahoma basketball coach, who hired Hufnagel as a graduate assistant.
Yanni Hufnagel moved to Harvard in 2009 on Capel’s recommendation. He started as a volunteer assistant coach, working without pay. Assistant coaches are recruiters. They must be able to schmooze with coaches, know text-messaging, and like spending summer days in gyms.
According to Capel, Hufnagel has two qualities that make him one of the best recruiters: chutzpah, and salesmanship. He doesn’t fear “no,” so he doesn’t refuse to recruit players on the assumption that they won’t be interested. And he is likable, so he can sell Harvard, which does not offer athletic scholarships and has rigorous admissions requirements. Hufnagel’s goal is to recruit high school players who generally would not consider Harvard as a path to the NBA.
According to Wikipedia, Hufnagel will be a head coach, for the first time, in Israel. In the Maccabiah games, he will coach Maccabi USA’s youth team.
Hufnagel soon will have his choice of a head or an assistant coaching position of a basketball powerhouse.

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Social Media Failures

Social media IPOs raise investors’ interest. Facebook now is valued at humongous $400 billion. But not every new IPO in this area succeeds. Failure is typical when it comes to apps related to messaging, whether for text, pictures, or videos. As Techcrunch report shows, venture capital firms invested hundreds of millions in this type of companies, and most of these bets haven’t paid off. Those companies have either closed or haven’t succeeded in expanding their user base.


One example is Tango. This company develops apps for mobile messaging. So far, they have raised $360 million. But, the user growth has stopped. Tango used to be among the top 20 most downloaded apps in the United States, but now has fallen beyond top 150. Another promising app, YikYak, raised $62 billion. The company provides anonymous chat service for users locally. But, when usage decreased, the company had to fire 60 percent of its workers.


There seem to be quite many social media companies nowadays. Some will be bought out by others, a few will grow on their own, while majority will never fulfill their promises. Facebook is the giant when it comes to social media, and this company takes on its competitors successfully. Its Instagram service is going to be a tough competitor of Snapchat, a company which just went public and is presently worth tens of billions.


Even those companies which succeed in the marketplace may not bring rewards to investors. Twitter is down more than 40% off its highs. Microsoft, once a dominant company in the technology sector, hasn’t become a dominant player when it comes to social media. This business is tough, unpredictable, and its landscape changes so quickly that investors take high risks when betting on these companies.


Is Content Marketing Good for Your Business?

Content marketing is when businesses and other organizations create and share online materials such as articles, videos, and posts to attract customers and build brands. In an interesting article, Entrepreneur Magazine gives four reasons as to why it’s a good idea for businesses to invest in content marketing.


The first reason is that content marketing will help support an overall digital marketing strategy. Whether a business is running a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, looking for search engine optimization (SEO), or growing social media presence, content marketing will fit right in.


For example, when seeking to attract customers, publishing blog articles answering questions common in the industry may actually help potential customers, and attract them to do business with the publisher.


Another reason why content marketing can be successful is that it attracts traffic to a website. And often it is a high-quality traffic.


A third reason to pursue content marketing is that there’s little risk involved. Lower risk comes when materials are published on marketers’s own sites, so there are no advertising costs, and associated risks, as with Facebook or Google ads. Content can also be posted on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media for free.


Finally, everyone else is doing it, claims the Entrepreneur article. At this point, it is estimated that 88 percent of business-to-business (B2B) organizations are doing it, and so are 76 percent of business-to-consumer (B2C) establishments. So, doing content marketing is a way not to be left in the dust.


For content marketing to succeed, it must be useful to target audiences, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. It also may not be so time-consuming, depending on what it is.


Overall, a business can prove its expertise with good materials, so good quality is a must is order to gain new customers.


Why Snapchat Looks Very Overpriced

Prior to Snapchat’s initial public offering (IPO), the shares of this popular social media company were priced at $17 each. This valued the company at $20 billion. In the first days of trading, the shares went up more than 20%, bringing the market capitalization to over $30 billion. According to a recent Forbes article, there are several reasons why it may not be a good buy.


First of all, growth is slowing. So Snapchat may not grow enough to justify its hefty market valuation. This company also doesn’t appeal to everyone. While millennials and kids love it, it is not so popular among older generations. Another reason is that this company is losing lots of money. Last year, it has lost over $500 million. And the present valuation is over 21 times Snapchat’s 2017 revenues.


Then, investors get no voting power. The founders control most of it. Yet another reason that should worry investors is that Snapchat’s ideas are copied by other social media giants. Facebook has introduced video-reel on its Instagram product. This is similar to Snap’s stories. Finally, initial investors are locked for six months from selling the shares, so once that period expires, they may rush to unload.


At this point, nothing is set in stone about how Snap’s shares will perform. Its market cap is less than 10% of Facebook’s, but is already more than that of Twitter. Analysts are worried that Snapchat’s stock price is more likely to follow Twitter’s and lose investors money rather than Facebook’s stock, which has been growing steadily. The conclusion is that buying Snapchat shares is very risky.


How Banking Capital Has Become A Top Contender In Banking

Banking is one of those service or services that has it’s place in society. Without banking, the world would be a much dangerous place especially because it deals with money. There are literally hundreds of banks across this great country of ours. Some being national styled banks while others are more of a regional style. NexBank Capital is one of the premier banking institutions in the nation. This Dallas, Texas institution stands at the top of the regional banking industry thanks to it’s myriad of innovative services. NexBank Capital’s ability to evolve with the times has made it into a powerhouse as it’s now able to compete with the much larger national banking institutions and this is why.

Having the ability to host or to provide a broad range of services is crucial for growth. NexBank Capital personifies this best with it’s wide array of services that includes:

  • Treasury Management
  • Public Funds
  • Warehouse Lending
  • Real Estate Investment
  • Credit Services
  • Agency Services
  • Real Estate Advisory
  • Certificate of Deposits
  • And many more

Evolution is the key and since it’s birth as “Heritage Bank” in the beginning, NexBank Capital has become a top regional bank. Any great organization must have great leadership and John Holt epitomizes this notion best. John Holt is the President and CEO here. He’s done a wonderful job with the bank’s growth, the introduction of newer services, as well as implementing advanced technology into the program. Not only does the bank specialize in commercial, investment, and mortgage banking, it offers services for other financial institutions, large corporations, and middle market companies. NexBank Capital has found a winning strategy that many other banks can follow for success.


What Sheryl Underwood Has To Say About The Dherb Vegan Full Body Cleanse


Sheryl Underwood announced on the Steve Harvey Morning Show that she has been using Dherbs Full Body Cleanse and lost five pounds in less than a week. She thanked Steve and the cast for introducing her to the cleanse. Sheryl added that she had been exercising with her trainer and eating healthy. She commented on her active life, including receiving an upcoming award, as she will continue to stay on the cleanse.


The Vegan Full Body Cleanse 20 Day all-natural program is the one that Sheryl decided to try. Dherbs created this cleanse to detoxify, rejuvenate, and strengthen the body. It actively works on improving the immune system and skin complexion while boosting energy levels. The cleanse can also regulate elimination issues.


Sheryl found that the cleanse aided in her losing weight. Additionally, this program can lesson sugar and empty carb cravings such as junk food. The cleanse can help create a more positive day-to-day view on your life and a greater ability to mentally focus on tasks and problem-solving.

According to reviewers, The Full Body Cleanse comes complete with 6 formulas:


Kidneys, Bladder, and Adrenals –

Colon and Digestive Tract –

Lungs & Respiratory –


Blood and Lymphatic

Liver and Gallbladder


This program includes activated charcoal and a 20-page instructional booklet. The booklet outlines a raw food dietary plan and instructions on when to take the capsules. Additional suggestions, in the booklet, relate to exercises and other information that can enhance the effects of the cleanse in your body.

Your Health is Your Wealth! Get Fit With These 5 Practices offers great recipes, support, and additional information on this cleanse such as Full Body Cleanse Companion and Alternative Diet and Lifestyle Manual e-books. Check out this company’s many other all natural health products. is a company committed to your health and a healthy body providing products to help achieve that goal.  Shop them on Amazon, if you just want to dip your toes without committing to a full long cleanse.

Are Political Posts Hurting Facebook?

Facebook is supposed to be a wonderful place where people can socialize. For untold scores of millions of people, it is. Others seem to be fighting more than socializing. Others prefer not to fight and just throw in the towel. Welcome to the world of political feuds on social media. There may be some humor to all this, but Facebook does need to worry about potential business losses. And those losses may pile up one day.


Facebook, the company, is not really doing anything wrong. The members of the social media site are simply sharing their opinions. Personal political opinions and the sharing of political news and commentary links does come with consequences. Satisfaction in Facebook is declining and people are not using the site as much. That is bad news for Facebook.


Now, Facebook is not on the verge of collapse. The company is still successful. People are just using the social media platform less because they are tired of being exposed to political sermons. Someone looking for fun and engagement probably doesn’t want to be exposed to heated conversations. So they use Facebook less.


The trouble for Facebook is the company is advertising supported. Fewer people using the platform put the engagement levels of advertising at risk. Advertisers who fail to see decent returns on their investment probably won’t pay for more ads. That is a formula for declining revenues.


Facebook might wish to consider a filtering option to keep politically-themed posts off of timelines. Someone who “opts out” of politics won’t have to look at displeasing threads. Hopefully, this would keep the person continually using the mostly fun Facebook platform.




Vinny Parascandola Provides Insurance Industry Expertise For AXA Advisors

People have certain things in common. The amount of money, fame, or social status does not take away from people having certain things in common. While there are many things that people do that are different, there are things such as insurance that are common among most people. Insurance is a part of life for most people. Insurance allows people to be able to have a level of comfort in their lives in relation to family, friends, business, and the future.

Many people look at insurance as a necessity. Insurance such as life and health insurance are purchased by millions of people. These types of insurance along with other types of insurance provide people with help in a time of need. If people have a medical situation or an automobile accident, insurance gives people a third party that can help them regarding advice, assistance, and money related to the insurance situation.

In the world today, there are many ways that people can purchase insurance. One of the most traditional ways is purchasing insurance from an insurance agent. In many ways, the insurance agent is an important part of the insurance industry. The insurance agent provides people with someone who understands the insurance industry, insurance, and what insurance is best regarding various situations.

An insurance company that has provided and continues to provide people access to experienced insurance agents is AXA Advisors. The company is recognized as a quality insurance company that offers a wide variety of insurance related products and services. AXA Advisors was founded over a century ago. The company has gone through several name changes over the years. The current name of AXA Advisors was given several decades ago.

Vinny Parascandola is a senior level executive at AXA Advisors. He has shown an outstanding ability to make sound business decisions. Vinny Parascandola serves as a vice president at a North American office of AXA Advisors. The company is a global company with offices in locations around the world.

Vinny Parascandola has numerous responsibilities in his role as a vice president. He is given the responsibility of managing various areas of the insurance company. Vinny has produced excellent results as a senior executive at AXA Advisors.

Twitter Shares Fall Further

Twitter shares fell over 10% after the fourth quarter revenues have disappointed. Growth in sales has fallen for tenth quarter in a row to $717 million. The net loss was $167 million, which stands for 23 cents per share. Without certain expenses, Forbes reports, the company would have earned close to $120 million.


In comparison to Facebook, Twitter monetizes its users at 50 percent the rate. Meanwhile, monthly active user base has grown to 319 million, representing 4% increase. Last quarter, two million new users were added. Twitter also announced first quarter expectations. The earnings before taxes are expected to fall between $75 million and $95 million, which is far less than $190 million expected previously by the analysts covering the company.


According to Twitter’s Chief Operating Officer, Anthony Noto, growth in revenues will lag. One reason is increasing competition for advertising dollars, the other is related to de-emphasis of certain products.


“We’re focusing our investments on revenue products that strengthen our unique value proposition, especially in live and video,” claimed Noto. He added that positive feedback has been received from advertising partners.


In comparison to Facebook, Twitter is losing steam when it comes to attracting a larger user base. For instance, Facebook-owned Instagram has 600 million monthly users. And when users were asked which social media platform they’d choose if they had only one choice, two-thirds said they would choose Facebook, while only six percent would opt for Twitter.


Back in 2014, Twitter shares were trading close to $70, now the price has fallen under $16. After a new social media IPO came from Snapchat, analysts are already comparing the latter company to Twitter rather than Facebook. Presently, Snapchat’s market cap exceeds $30 billion, while Twitter’s is around 40 percent of it. On the other side, the market values Facebook is close to $400 billion.


Snapchat Goes Public

Snapchat is six years old and has become popular among younger generations. It allows users to take pictures and add cartoonish images with this app. This social media company just went public and now trades on NADSAQ under symbol “SNAP.”


Within the first couple of days, the stock price rose substantially, and now the company is worth $30 billion. This makes a Price/Sale ratio of 77, while the company isn’t profitable yet. This worries many analysts who feel the price isn’t warranted by fundamentals. But, speculators love to trade it.


According to CNN Money, Snapchat is now worth more than Delta Airlines or CBS. In fact, its market value is higher than that of nearly 400 companies on the S&P 500 list.


The company lost over $500 million last year, and this is up from over $370 the year earlier.


In the past, investors who bought Facebook and Google have prospered. But Twitter has disappointed investors. What makes Snapchat so special to warrant its valuation? Some believe the company has lots of potential when it comes to monetization. Others don’t think this stock is worth the money.


“It is significantly overvalued…We value Snap at $10 per share,” claimed Brian Wiesel, an analyst at Pivotal Research.


What’s more, Snapchat’s user growth has halted in the last months of 2017 after Facebook launched Instagram feature that copies much of what Snapchat has to offer.


Whether overvalued or not, investors won’t have much to say yet. The majority of the votes are in the hands of Snapchat’s founders.