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Troy McQuagge Gets Rewarded for His Exemplary Work

Troy McQuagge is the CEO of USHEALTH Group. He has been termed as the Gold Winner “CEO of the Year” at the One Planet Awards. The prestigious One Planet Awards is an international premier awards program. It honors both professional and business excellence across all industries in the whole world. The awards program allows organizations from every part of the world to submit their nominations including small or big, private or public, profit or non-profits, and new start-ups. It was in 2010 that Troy began working at USHEALTH where he immediately began the work of transforming the company by re-building the company’s distribution agency first. He successfully managed to re-tool Advisors of the enterprise. This is what led to his election in 2014 as the CEO and President of USHEALTH Group, Inc.

Troy has registered incredible growth, success, and profitability in the health insurance industry while working at USHEALTH Group which is highly competitive. Troy said that it was a tremendous honor for him to be recognized by One Planet Awards and to receive the coveted price and esteemed peer recognition according to the article released by PRNewswire. He added that the award was not for him but for everyone who serves at USHEALTH Group, Inc. Troy said that the award came as a testament to the ongoing commitment by USHEALTH Group to solve the affordability healthcare for customers by offering them new coverage that can grow together with their healthcare needs. The One Planet Awards program currently recognizes categories in sections such as Marketing, Executives, PR, new products and services, corporate communications, teams, and all organizations in the entire world. USHEALTH Group, Inc. is based in Ft. Worth, Texas. It is an insurance holding company that is committed to offering new health coverage for small business owners and individuals who are self-employed.

Troy McQuagge holds a Bachelor’s degree which he earned from the University of Central Florida. He has acquired extensive experience and expertise during the many years he has been in practice. Troy has more than 30 years of work experience. He is termed as a driven and dynamic sales and insurance expert. He is known to achieve exceptional results in environments which are highly competitive including turnarounds, start-ups, and high-growth companies. Troy can offer decisive motivation and leadership to cross-cultural and multi-functional teams. Troy has world-class communication skills. He has been able to put this into practice at USHEALTH Group, Inc. Troy’s hard work and commitment have earned him a reputation as a very reliable and efficient sales and insurance professional with worldwide recognition. He continues to steer USHEALTH Advisors to greater heights by continuing to implement the company’s strategic plans.

The Charity Activities of Jason Halpern and JMH Development

Jason Halpern is a highly experienced expert in the development of real estates. He has been offering his services through his company, JMH Development, which is based in Brooklyn, New York. He currently serves the firm as its managing director. Mr. Halpern’s has a long history in the real estate industry since his family has been involved in the sector for more than five decades. They owned a third generation firm that that has built and owned property in New York. Their record is outstanding in the construction of residential premises in both the Westchester County and New York. JMH Development has significantly large business spaces that it has constructed in the Westchester County. Jason’s long service in the industry has enabled him to acquire sufficient skills in developing revolutionary buildings in various cities. He is a highly focused individual and has strived to make his enterprise successful.

Mr. Halpern is an acknowledged Guru in the real estate business. He has built himself and excellent reputation and a niche in the industry due to the passion that he has developed for his career. Jason has constructed buildings in various regions, and he creates healthy relationships with the people of those areas. This has done his work to be considered as outstanding. JMH appreciates and supports the communities that work with it. JMH Development‘s construction solutions are comprehensive, and they focus on the building of both commercial and residential property in the United States. The firm has been using creativity to construct lavish housing that mainly targets the high-end markets in Miami, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. Jason is knowledgeable about various real estate markets.

Mr. Halpern is not only focused on business, but he has also been giving back to the community in different ways. He has donated significant resources that have been facilitating the operations of the Westchester Medical Center-based Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center. The organization runs a well-equipped Level 1 Trauma Facility that is served by highly trained doctors. The primary services that the hospital offers to the community are complex emergency neurosurgery, fixing dislocated limbs, open-heart surgery, and orthopedic surgery. It also cares for pregnant women, burn victims, children, and individuals who suffer from internal injuries.

Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern’s company, JMH Development, is also involved in charity activities across the world. It recently collaborated with the global water non-profit company to offer clean water to locals in Ethiopia and Nepal. Its project is constructed by the Splash and Relief Society of Tigray. The company committed itself to donating $20,000 for every tender that it wins to build in the Miami’s Three Hundred Collins. The project has currently benefited more than 650 households in the two countries, and its will keep growing.

Social Media Business Etiquette for 2017

Predictions are being made about the significant role that social media will continue to play within the enterprise world in 2017, and many analysts are urging business owners to learn from mistakes made in 2016 to ensure they never happen again.


The most obvious example of the need for proper social media etiquette is the Twitter account of President-elect Donald Trump, who is infamous for being combative, quirky and less than refined when posting new updates. Such was the case on December 17, when he sent an early morning tweet that embarrassingly misspelled “unprecedented” as “unpresidented.”


According to a December article published by, business owners will have to be extra careful about their use of social media in 2017. Proper spelling and grammar is just one of the important rules in this regard; other rules worth mentioning include:


– Establishing social media accounts that are never used. Business owners should not place their companies on social media unless they can commit to being active.


– Using content created by others without their permission. This does not include sharing updates originally posted by those who are in the same social circles; it refers to copyrighted content.


– Treating social media accounts like echo chambers. This means ignoring direct messages and not responding to comments. If a retailer only posts advertisements and promotions, followers will quickly ignore the company.


– Not adhering to a plan or editorial calendar. Social media should be approached with a strategy that has been formulated according to market conditions, industry and consumer profile.



SnapChat In Talks To Make Acquisitions In The Future

The popular social media platform Snapchat is reportedly looking to make a few acquisitions in the hardware department. Specifically, it seems Snapchat is interested in acquiring the latest and greatest in drone technology.


A few sources close to Snapchat’s M&A strategy department told reporters that Snapchat has been scanning various companies over the past year. These potential acquisitions have a wide range of specialties, including drones, virtual reality, augmented reality, and wearable cameras.


One of the most popular companies Snapchat has been in talks with is Lily Robotics. Lily Robotics is a drone company with its headquarters in Berkeley, California. So far there is no official deal between Snapchat and Lily Robotics, but many people in the social media industry believe it’s only a matter of time before a deal happens.


Another company Snapchat is interested in is Narrative, a wearable camera company in Sweden. Unfortunately for Snapchat, it appears talks with Narrative were unsuccessful in the short term.


Of course, Snapchat is no stranger to the acquisition market. Snapchat did acquire the company Vergence Labs in 2014 to help them with their smart sunglasses technology. Snapchat released their special spectacles this November in California. These glasses will allow users to take pictures or videos and send them directly to the social media site directly from the glasses.


Experts believe Snapchat is so interested in drone technology right now because it wants to find different ways for users to take selfies of themselves. Social media analysts think SnapChat wants to use drone technology to track a person while doing action sports and immediately upload videos to SnapChat.


Of course, this is all speculation right now, but drone technology does seem to be in SnapChat’s future. SnapChat is also expected to become a publicly traded company on Wall Street next year. Investors will keep a close eye on SnapChat’s acquisitions as its estimated $25 billion IPO draws nearer.



Could Pinterest Be The Next Big IPO? Investors Sure Hope So

Wall Street investors believe social media giant Pinterest could be one of the hottest IPOs in the near future. Analysts say Pinterest’s greatest advantage right now is that it can expertly monetize non-intrusive advertisements.


Pinterest allows its users to easily see items on various “pins” and connect to websites where they can purchase a wide variety of items. There are no ad intrusions to the overall social media experience on Pinterest.


Just looking at Pinterest’s figures, investors are mightily impressed. Pinterest has over 100 million users, $11 billion valuation, and grew an astonishing 500 percent in 2015.


Pinterest is unabashedly a female dominated platform. 80 percent of Pinterest’s users are women, and 20 percent of all women who use the Internet use Pinterest. This makes Pinterest a perfect place for companies in the fields of jewelry, technology, foodstuffs, design, and fashion.


One interesting feature investors are also interested in is a Pinterest grocery assistant program. This program, which is currently in development stages, will allow users to purchase various items for a “pinned” recipe and add it to their e-shopping cart. Investors see a great future for this program, perhaps even allowing users to do e-grocery shopping from the comfort of their home.


Many high-quality financial studies have been singing Pinterest’s praises as well. A recent study put out by eMarket said that Pinterest was better than SnapChat, LinkedIn, and Instagram in terms of “social advertising effectiveness.” Another study from Wedbush Securities said that Pinterest was on target to garner $500 million in ads by the end of 2016.


Paul Sciarra, Evan Sharp, and Ben Silbermann founded the social media company Pinterest in 2010. Pinterest is currently headquartered in San Francisco and is available in around 20 languages. Pinterest has yet to officially announce any plans for a future IPO.



Tech Experts Reveal Top Tips For Small Businesses On Social Media

Almost every business nowadays has a social media presence. Keeping in touch using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even Pinterest is a great way to expand a business’ consumer base and spread company news. However, as the old adage goes, “with great power comes great responsibility.” Many social media gurus are now sharing the biggest tips small businesses can use online.


The first mistake a business can make is not updating their social media profile often. Some businesses take the time to set up their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page, only to leave it completely blank. Social media experts recommend every business put up fresh content at least every week to retain and attract new customers.


One solution to this issue is to set up a strong posting schedule. There are various tools out there to help businesses schedule posts, including Buffer, Sprout Social, and Hootsuite.


Another strong solution to organically strengthening a business’ social media page is to champion user-generated content (UGC). Using UGC often shows the company is actively concerned and interested in their customers. It’s important, however, for companies to ask the user if it’s OK to share his/her post before re-posting UGC.


One important way to engage with users is to take a look at their comments and respond to them quickly. One of the major problems businesses with social media sites face nowadays is addressing comments in a reasonable timeframe. Even if a business can’t respond fully to a user’s question, it’s important to at least acknowledge that the comment has been read and that the company is actively considering it.


The bottom line is that all businesses should remain vigilant and active if they are tempted to open up a social media website. The wiser businesses use social media, the stronger growth they can expect.



Norman Pattiz Helps Head Up New Show

The world of the paranormal has long been one that people find fascinating. Many people are intrigued by this world that apparently lies just beyond our senses. Thus it is not surprising that a new show takes on this world and tries to explain to viewers ideas they might have not have encountered before. Those who enjoy learning about the spirit world can find out new ideas about how it works from experts who have spent many years studying it in great detail. The podcast aims to explore the world of ghosts, angels, demons, aliens and other kinds of encounters with another world. Listeners of the podcast can expert to hear the words of experts as they explain what the world knows about this subject and what it has yet to discover. The enlightening show will be hosted by Dave Shrader and produced by radio expert Tim Dennis.


Creating A Vision


The podcast is one in a series that is the brainchild of Norman Pattiz. A member of the Radio Hall of Fame, Pattiz has been instrumental in helping to bring the world of radio forward. With his vision, many kinds of radio shows have been created that help showcase this evolving medium and offer programs that both advertisers and listeners have come to love. His work in this field spans over thirty years, allowing him to get a clear viewpoint and offer many varied insights into the world of radio. His career has evolved in many directions during the course of his life, giving his listeners the chance to learn from him as he has learned from his work as well.


Growing A Company


Pattiz started his career in a small studio in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is where his roots today still lie. His early efforts quickly paid off, leading him to a career that has since taken off and expanded in all kinds of new media. As someone who does a syndicated radio show, he is able to reach many people. His company, Westwood One, has grown enormously in the last decades as it has become America’s largest radio network, serving a network of happy listeners and many advertisers. The network supplies all kinds of programming to listeners in the United States on various kinds of topics from sports to news. He and his team of staffers look forward to continuing their work informing the American public.

Learn more:

Norman Pattiz

Social Media Succeeds in Providing a Better Advertising Option to the Small-Scale Entrepreneurs

There has been uproar on the use of social media among the young millennial and the businesspersons. Most of the youths use social media for entertainment while entrepreneurs use it to promote their businesses. The small-scale entrepreneurs who may not have enough capital for advertising and marketing turn to social media as an alternative. Most of them attest to great success in their business by using different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google +, and Pinterest, among others.



Use of social media in business



Internet Retailer’s Social Media 500 gave a report showing that the top 500 social media retailers earned $3.3 million in 2014. In addition to that, the social media driven retails and the traffic sales have registered higher sales compared to other online channels. Entrepreneurs using social media in their business may customize their ads to contain the “buy” button on the posts. The other way of generating money using the social media includes directing traffic to their websites and applications through advertising. Approximately 64% of the small business owners rely on social media for their business advice.



Social Media and Marketing



Small business owners with no experience and capital in business turn to social media for advertising. The variation in the use of the social media depends on one’s budget, the target audience, and the company’s goal. Instagram is ideal for posting the high-quality photos while Twitter works well with multiple posts daily. Artistic and women products perform best on Pinterest while Linked In targets very formal clients or businesses. An entrepreneur intending to spend some capital on paid ads would consider using Facebook.



YouTube Pays $1billion to the music industry



According to a December post on Business Insider, YouTube has paid the music industry more than $1 billion in the past one financial year. The income paid out covers the advertising alone without the inclusion of revenue generated from subscriptions. YouTube intends to increase the number of subscriptions as a way of helping the digital companies increase their average revenue per year. The digital media use the subscriptions to provide an ad-free premium experience to the users and increase their income every year.




White Shark Provides Marketing Solutions to Upcoming Businesses.

White Shark Media is a Search Engine Optimization company that is based in Miami, Florida that helps Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) to manage their advertising campaigns. Currently, the company has a workforce of about 144 full-time employees. According to reputable independent authorities on search engine vendors and client testimonials, the company enjoys positive reviews as a result of its effective business strategies. White Shark has helped many companies meet their business goals. It is in this light that the company has an ever expanding client base that currently stands at over 600 entities. It has an impressive client retention rate of about 10%. This percentage is well within the acceptable industry standard.

White Shark Media provides some services to its clients chief among those being its core services like

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Development
  • Pay Per Click Management
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Web Design
  • Web Analytical Tools

The company compares relatively well with other leading SEO companies when it comes to Pay Per Click Management. It also provides free evaluation services on Adwords Evaluation Risk. Other outstanding services that it provides include offering low monthly cost to relatively new businesses about Local Websites and Adwords. In the area of Local Adwords Management, the company provides services that integrate highly effective features like click to call and call tracking. The company also involves itself in e-commerce Adword Management and has helped many companies achieve their full potential.

White Shark Media is actively involved in the provision of other secondary services like Google Shopping Campaigns and Google Analytics. Its other business activity includes Bing Ads Management where it has been estimated that it has about 29% penetration of the US market. The company also uses Display AdWords Management to target users on relevant websites.

White Shark Media is also a Local SEO Evaluation and Local SEO Management company that is actively involved in designing on the Local Business Website, a creation of hand-drawn logos and Webmaster Services. It offers resources and events at no cost especially concerning its scanner and evaluation services. Some of the most notable services that are offered free of charge include

  • Free Local Listing Scanner
  • Free AdWords Evaluation
  • Free AdWord Book
  • Free SEM Evaluation

White Shark Media is in the industry of making Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) to grow by carrying out effective marketing campaigns to improve their market presence and visibility. It helps its customers concentrate on their core businesses by offering their expertise and experience to manage their marketing campaigns. This is the main reason why White Shark Media is associated with reputable and successful companies

Distance Learning Course Teaches Students How To Successfully Trade On The Stock Market


Jim Hunt is a highly regarded financial strategist and adviser. His Wealth Wave course was popular among people because of his complete accuracy of the stock market trade. Hunt admits that many people fail to make sound financial decisions that cripple their growth earnings. Hunt says that sound decisions about your finances will pioneer your financial growth. Many people listen to their naysayer’s and fail to hand with positive people. Your ability to start a new business and successfully say goodbye to your boss depends on your decisions and your level of confidence.


His VTA Publications course has become very popular and has contributed to the growth and development of several Fortune 500 companies. His course offers over 5,600+ financial strategies with tuition assistance. He also gives his clients CD’s and tutorials that will help them with his online distance learning course. Hunt gives away the secrets the big banks and business corporations don’t want you to know. In fact, he teaches his clients valuable secrets about the stock market. Individuals will learn how to make a real return from a falling stock market. Most people invest their money when the stock market is good, but Hunt, teaches his clients how to earn from a downward spiraling stock market. You can also learn the secrets of biblical wealth, by receiving a hundred fold of your investment each time you trade on the stock market.


Jim Hunt through VTA Publications also offers secrets of the stock market on his YouTube channel. He takes his money and participates in various trades while reporting the actual results to his viewers. His YouTube channel is available to everyone with an internet connection and access to the web. He encourages new traders to interact and ask questions. Experienced investors says he offers additional advice that has helped them receive a huge return. His latest efforts consist of Hunt making a millionaire out of his mum. Hunt plans to do so in under ten trades. This advice is also available through his VTA Publications course and YouTube channel. You’re encouraged to build your wealth today by visiting the official VTA website.