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Hike Introduces New Social Media App

Indian social media company Hike has announced that it will be introducing a new app that is very similar to Snapchat. The Hike messaging app will give users the ability to post pictures with live filters and is aimed primarily at the Indian market where Snapchat has not had a major impact. Hike acknowledges that their product is similar to Snapchat’s, but they maintain that there are many important differences. TechCrunch has an excellent article about the situation on its website.


The story shows how once a technology company introduces a marketable concept – in this case Snapchat’s winning combination of images and text – other companies quickly start doing the same thing with only subtle differences. Perhaps the most famous case of this is Microsoft using the basic concept of the Netscape web browser in developing their own Explorer web browser.


Of course, a major factor in who ends up profiting from a good technology concept is who has the money to get it on the marketplace on a massive scale. In this case, Snapchat is doing fine making money from their own concept, but Instagram and other companies are as well. Sadly, as in the case of the Netscape browser, the company that introduces the basic idea sometimes loses out entirely. Of course, patent laws exist to protect intellectual property, but in an increasingly globalized and unregulated marketplace, these laws are not as powerful as they perhaps once were.


Jason Hope Wants Arizona To Have Better Businesses

Jason Hope InvestorJason Hope is a very successful entrepreneur. At a young age, he was able to focus on business principles and the proper way to use and invest money. Hope had great mentors along the way. These mentors were presented to him during his time at Arizona State University. Jason Hope also found mentors during his time at Carey School of Business.

Upon becoming financially successful through start-up businesses and more, Jason Hope wanted to start helping local businesses within his community. He wanted to help businesses that really sought to make a change within his community. He immediately has his eyes set on SENS.

SENS is a company that specializes in the sciences of face cream. This company has hired wonderful scientists and other individuals in this particular field. SENS has developed a cream to make people look younger. They have allowed many people to experiment with it. All of these individuals reported looking young in a speedy amount of time.

Jason Hope financially helped SENS. He wants SENS to make this cream available to all people within the community and eventually in the world. Hope also wants SENS to hire even better scientists and better workers. The reason why Hope chose SENS is because he believes too many people are worried about money today and not enough people know that looking younger will help them feel better.

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Jason Hope has also financially helped several different organizations that are fighting the Alzheimer’s disease. Hope loves the fact that there are still companies that care more about the well-being of people than about profits. He has vowed to help as many companies as possible, as long as these companies vow to make their community a better place.

When Jason Hope is not helping businesses financially, he spends his time helping business owners make their business shine. Hope knows the financial market inside and out, which he writes about extensively on his blog. He knows exactly what products will sell and what products will sit on the shelf. At a very low price, business owners and future business owners can learn what it is to succeed like the best. Hope does both one-on-one sessions and group sessions, too.

Jason Hope plans to expand his business even more. Hope has observed the fact that more and more college students a choosing to study business. He believes this is exciting, and has created a grant program to help the next generation of business people.

Coping with the New with Assistance from the Kabbalah Centre

New things and experiences pop up in life all the time. People may confront issues such as starting a new job, having a new baby and moving to a totally new place. Many people feel really scared when they move to place or have a baby. People at the Kabbalah Centre know that it is important not to shy away from such new experiences. They know that such experiences can be source of growth and ultimately allow people to become better people. They also know that being able to cope well with any sort of new experience is one that allows any person to develop all sorts of important skills along the way, skills that can be applied to many other areas of their lives.


Change For The Better

At the Kabbalah Centre, the ideal is to reach out for such changes and be aware that they are often for the better. When people fail to change, they may find that stagnation awaits them and may cause all kinds of problems. People need to have a real sense of energy in their lives. Energy means that change is welcomed and incorporated into all areas of their lives, allowing for a true sense of growth and a means of moving past old troubles into a new life. When people are open to change, they are open to life itself.


Becoming Comfortable With Change

Becoming comfortable with change means becoming comfortable with the ability to open oneself to the world of god. When people are open to god, they are open to the possibility of having a change in their lives that is all about spirituality. A change that may appear daunting initially is actually a change that can be life affirming and lead to more improves life skills in every possible way. Working with those at the Kabbalah Centre means that it is possible for them to harness their own interior energies for the better and discover how they can use change in their lives to foster tremendous growth. Change is often the first, best step to a far better life.

The Top Qualities And Successes Of White Shark Media

White Shark Media has office in the United States as well as Central America. This firm specializes in search marketing and is able to offer AdWords and Bing Ads to businesses of both small and mid-size capacity.


White Shark focuses their attention on earning money for their clients. Product Listing Ads are supplied for their ecommerce clients. They also provide these clients with plans for management, tracking capabilities for conversion and Google Analytics.


White Shark’s experience is unbelievably extensive when it comes to the Shopify platform. All of their existing clientele are referred to this platform. The very first client they had in 2010 who signed up with the company was in fact a website for ecommerce. This client was so satisfied with the service provided, they still remain with the company. White Shark Media now retains one-hundred-forty-four employees on a full time basis and has more than six-hundred clients.


Full management is offered by White Shark for the AdWords campaign from the start up to optimization to their monthly goals.


The reviews for White Shark Media are phenomenal. Their service has been referred to as outstanding and a terrific experience. Praise for the way they accommodate their client’s is rampant in the way they have updated as well as revised entire marketing campaigns. Their project manager has been referred to as personable, professional and quite thorough. The consensus of opinion is that their services are worth so much more than what they actually cost. Another review proclaims that they have had sales totaling more than $1.5 million dollars because of White Shark. They also specifically commented that a dental office who is new to the market usually needs a minimum of ten years just to hit the $1 million dollar mark in sales.


The reviews for White Shark Media say everything. This company is experienced, knowledgeable and easy to work with. It is obvious they know exactly what they are doing. Their marketing capabilities are on target and their clients are pleased with the results they are receiving.




Snapchat Files Paperwork for Public Offering

Snap, Inc. – the parent company of the massively-popular social messaging app Snapchat – filed paperwork last week to tap stockmarkets in an initial public offering. Markets greeted the news with excitement, as Snap’s Wall Street debut is expected to add pep to American bourses in early 2017.


Paperwork filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, America’s stockmarket regulator, are an essential part of the process by which a company enters the public markets. The information that must be provided to regulators includes detail on who holds stock in the business and on what terms shares will be offered to the public.


Under federal law, a business planning to go public does not have to immediately announce that it has made a submission to the commission. According to the New York Times, Snap actually made its filing with the SEC last Monday, before the presidential election.


Reports have indicated that Snap will float on the market will a valuation of more than $30 billion, making it one of the largest IPOs in recent years. The decision to list comes against a broader downward trend in the IPO market; there have been just 96 public offering of large companies in the United States this year, well below previous marks.


However, some observers believe that a successful IPO for Snap could induce other Silicon Valley giants, like Airbnb and Uber, to tap markets themselves. Those companies, which have more stable revenue streams than Snap, could attract much larger valuations.


OSI Group’s Future Sustainability Objectives

One of the largest meat product suppliers of food service operators in preparing and distributing meat products, such as beef patties and pork, in the United States is OSI Group, LLC. The private corporation not only have offices in Illinois, California, Iowa, Maryland, South Carolina, Utah, and Wisconsin, but also Canada and 16 other countries. OSI Group, also has had a strong, ongoing relationship as a beef supplier with McDonald’s fast-food chain restaurants.

More recently, OSI Group, LLC, entered into acquisition with the Dutch company, Baho Food, manufacturing meat in the food service industry, as well as other food items such as deli meat and snacks in the retail industry. The president and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of OSI Group, LLC says, “Adding Baho Food to our OSI Europe business gives OSI a broader presence in Europe,” to Rebekah Schouten of Business Food Business News, August 8, 2016.

Likewise, the managing director of Baho Food, John Balvers says, “OSI has outstanding relationships with both its customers and suppliers,” as stated on OSI Group, LLC, website. He says that between OSI Group and Baho Food will strengthen support for customers and product portfolio, which is good for each companies future growth in maintaining and meeting business goals in the food service industry.

Furthermore, with OSI Global, LLC top global supply chain managers in raw material sourcing the privately held company is highly effective and known for providing quality control in sourcing raw materials, commercial processing, and abiding by standards in production to ensure in-store destinations across the globe, such as China. For over a half of century, OSI Group, LLC has been supplying both protein and food items across the globe to food service and retail industries.

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Some foods that OSI Group, LLC prepares, produces, and distributes include different types of food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as desserts and snacks. Even cooked beef and pork, raw chicken, along with kettle and smoke products like soups, salsa and stews, among other delicious foods like chili.

In addition to OSI Group, LLC headquarters in Aurora, Ill., the private corporation has also recently purchased a storage warehouse that was formerly operated by Tyson Foods in Chicago, Ill., to expand OSI Group, LLC growth in food processing. In a press release, OSI North America’s senior executive vice president, Kevin Scott says, “This facility enhances our capabilities to meet the rapidly evolving needs of our customers,” as reported by Chicago Tribune reporter Greg Trotter, June 27, 2016.

As a result of quality control and meeting the standards of environmental management, all OSI Group, LLC’s in Europe have successfully obtained an International Organization of Standardization (ISO) 14001 certification for establishing environmental policy and requirements.

“OSI is committed to conducting business in a responsible and sustainable manner,” says David G. McDonald, OSI president and chief operating officer, as reported on The National Provisioner. The company pursues a 10% reduction in energy and water intensity on a baseline four years ago and a zero-waste-to-landfill throughout its operations by 2020.

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Social Media Contracts for Small Businesses

Many small businesses have Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and other social media outreach, but that kind of social media presence is quite limited. As pointed out by Shama Hyder at Forbes, vendor partnerships remain silo-ed. She offers the idea that small businesses and franchises, particularly those without a solid brick-and-mortar presence, require social media promotion in their contracts with larger organizations. Here’s how that works.


In her example, Dippin’ Dots franchisees often work events at stadiums, concerts or other large venues. The franchises promote themselves on social media, but what about the lost opportunity of site promotion? Not all franchises and small businesses can afford to sponsor an organization, but being included in their social media promotion can be a free or inexpensive way to increase a small business’ social media influence.


This type of strategy is considered “cross-pollination.” It’s traditionally used by companies with similar products and services. In other words, a shoe store might partner with, or help promote, a nearby accessory store. This increases the influence and reach of both businesses without undermining their independence.


Downtown business districts band together to create websites and encourage tourism. This can also be done across social media platforms.


Other cross-pollination social media strategies include extending your businesses circle of likes and friendships. Sharing hashtags and other media mentions are strategies. What makes social media promotion so much better for small businesses than traditional marketing, is its low cost and high reach. Make certain to leverage it as much as possible.


Wikipedia Addresses Lack Of Coverage On Native People

There seems to be a dearth of articles when it comes to Native Americans and other native people groups. Wikipedia has finally decided to address the issue and increase its coverage on Native American and tribal groups by encouraging its users to churn our articles about them. The non-profit, is sponsoring editing days where users aim to write as many articles as they can about major Native American and tribal figures. Major events in Native American history and movements are also being planned on covered during the edit marathons.

Wikipedia has said that the lack of coverage stems from the fact, that many Native American and tribal groups have poor access to the internet or no access at all. This is not surprising, when you think of where many of these groups of people live. Still, the fact that notable poets such as Esther Belin have no mention on the online encyclopedia are a concern. Despite being a famous poet and artist, she has no mention in Wikipedia. She is not alone either.

Another interesting thing found by Wikipedia is that most editors are hesitant to take on writing about Native Americans and tribal groups. Most Wikipedia editors are found in wealthy, industrialized countries. Info has shown that they constantly skip over such groups and focus on their own nation or sphere of interest instead. The Native American and tribal group edit marathons should change this, slowly but surely. After all, these groups deserve a place among other major historical figures as well on Wikipedia.

The Benefit Of Having A Wikipedia Article

Wikipedia page creation can be a great way to build up a positive presence on the web. Wikipedia is viewed as a highly trustworthy and credible source. If you are looking to build up credibility to your name or company, than what better way to help you achieve that, than by starting off with a Wikipedia article? You can also use Wikipedia articles in reputation management. It can even be used cleverly as a way to advertise a business or service.

Get Your Own Wikipedia Article

Get Your Wiki is an online company that can get a Wikipedia article about yourself or your company up and running in a matter of days. They have a team of Wikipedia experts for hire that can write Wikipedia articles in multiple languages. This includes Spanish, French and other major languages. Rates are affordable and you won’t have to worry about your article getting rejected.

Google’s CEO Decries Proliferation of Fake News Stories

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, had a recent interview with the BBC. During the interview,  Pichai remarked upon the issue of fake news stories after the election of Donald J. Trump to the American presidency and commented that Google had made some errors they plan to fix. Pichai commented that in the billions of queries Google receives every day, there are bound to be moments where inaccuracies were known but not corrected. He went on to state that such issues are opportunities to learn and refine algorithms.


When asked about false news stories and their effect on the American election, he said that there was much discussion on social media’s influence and that he wasn’t convinced about its effects. Pichai went on to say that when results are as close as they were, many factors become visible as potential influences.


This week saw Google establish a conspiracy blog that questioned who won the election’s popular vote. It also announced that it would omit fake news sites from its ad network, a move that was mirrored by social media giant Facebook. Pichai’s remarks echoed Mark Zuckerberg’s, masters of a major social media platform amazed that fake news broadcast via social media could be so influential.


BBC reporter Kamal Ahmed, attempted to lead Pichai into admitting that fake news could certainly have had an affect on the outcome of America’s presidential election. Pichai responded by stating that fake news stories should be hamstrung and abolished as swiftly and completely as they can.


Maggie Gill’s Rise To The Helm Of Memorial Health Leadership

Maggie Gill is the President and CEO of Memorial Health, an academic medical center with a capacity of 604 beds. Memorial University Medical Centre (MUMC) serves patients in the regions around southern South Carolina and South East Georgia. Maggie joined the hospital in 2004 as the Vice President of managed care and finance, and she was promoted to the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO) about a year later. Gill became the president and CEO of Memorial Health in 2011.

Gill worked at Tenet South Florida Health system as the chief financial officer for five years prior to joining Memorial Health. She worked at Coral Gables Hospital in Coral Gables, North Shore Medical Centre in Miami and Palmetto General Hospital in Hialeah, during her stay at Tenet. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Florida State University and an MBA from Saint Leo University. Gill finished her strategic thinking and management coursework at Wharton School.

At MUMC, Gill is in charge of trauma services, facilities management, corporate communications, financial assistance, perioperative services, the Heart & Vascular Institute, Neuroscience and orthopedic programs, Memorial Health University Physicians (MHUP), internal audit, government relations and physician relations. She also provides leadership for all senior and junior staff at the hospital. Maggie Gill appeared on the 2016 135 Non-profit Hospital and Health System CEOs to Know.

MUMC Eon Health Medicare Advantage Plan Partnership

MUMC and Eon Health have partnered to roll out a new Medicare Advantage Plan for South Carolina low country and Southeast Georgia residents. The new plan comes with lower co-pays on pharmacy benefits and zero-dollar premiums. The program will be available during the 2016 open enrollment period which is currently underway. Patients with chronic illnesses and the dually eligible will be covered in the special needs program of the plan. CEO of Memorial Health Maggie Gill promised to work with the patients and help them lead a healthy lifestyle by providing quality health care services and praised Eon Health’s emphasis on preventive care.

16th Annual Health Care Heroes Awards

The Annual Health Care Heroes Awards acknowledge individuals who have devoted their careers to improving the well-being and physical health of the society. The Memorial Health team received seven awards from Georgia Medical Society for outstanding performance in service to the community. The winners MUMC were in the following categories; Physicians Lifetime Achievement (2 Winners), Institutions/Organizations (MUMC Infectious Disease Response Team), Community Outreach (2 Winners), Health Care Education (The Teen Drivers Program) and Health Care Innovation (The Primary Care Accelerated Course Program).